April 10th, 2009
Book of the Day: What Happens in Vegas….


Also known as Vegas I. :)


Winning it big.

That’s the name of the game at Las Vegas’s Liege Hotel and Casino, where the hottest fantasies hinge on the roll of the dice and the tantalizing knowledge that anything could happen before sunrise.

Cocktail waitress Carinna wants a man to tie her up, not tie her down. Little does she know that her most willing partner yet has something else planned for this fiery Latina bombshell.

Dahlia is a burlesque dancer with a brain for business and a bod for sin. Her latest admirer may be a sweet talking Casanova, but despite what he thinks she’s not giving anything away for free.

Meanwhile Amy has the perfect plan to rob the Liege Casino blind…until the intimidating owner catches her red-handed. Now she knows she’s going to pay with both pleasure and pain.

Professional shill Cassidy is ready to experience a breathless rendezvous with her “friend with benefits.” But when he proposes five delicious nights of sexy blackjack, the stakes have never been so high.

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For a shot at winning this book, answer the following question in the comments:

What subgenres/types of romance do you like best to read (contemporary, paranormal, historical, ect)? Do your preferred subgenres/types shift and change? Do you go through phases?

This contest is open to non-US entrants.

80 comments to “Book of the Day: What Happens in Vegas….”

  1. I mostly like to read paranormal. But sometimes I will go though a phase where I only want to read contemporary. I have never really gotten into historicals but I havent read that many yet either.

  2. My favorite genre or sub gebre is Vampire/Romance…at least that’s what I call it. Sometimes I also like Werewolf/ Romance.

  3. I like Vampire/Romance. That’s my favorite right now.

  4. like contemp please dont enter me love this book thanks

  5. Good Morning, I am a phase person. I enjoy all genres but paranormal and historical are my favorite. I like the shifts also.

  6. I love paranormal romance and horror i do go threw phases tho and i read everything para normal and historicla r awesome and i love a good funny romantic comidy sometimes when i read depends on my mood if i need a pick me up or a thrill or a slight scare as long as it ahs the romance in it i will read it

  7. When I looked at my shelves the other day, the paranormal/contemporary fantasy section is the one bulging at the seams (Witch Heart is in my TBR section there :wink:). I do still like historicals, but other than a few choice authors, I haven’t loved them lately. On the paranormal side, though, there are still excellent series going and a ton of new authors to discover.

  8. Contemporary and paranormal. But almost anything romance :D

  9. I love paranormal and contemporary books. I go through periods of what type of paranormal I like best…vampires or witches or shapeshifters. I do, however, like to read series of novels so that I can not only continue a story I enjoy, but learn more about various characters and keep up with past heroes/heroines. I find I also like to read paranormal books about unique characters such as those that develop special traits thru various types of accidents and then use their ability to help others. There are so many wonderful authors out there now that we, as readers, have such a terrific choice of books to read I am thrilled and discovering new authors to try quite often.

  10. I like historicals and paranormals equally, so I switch back and forth between them, and depending on mood, alternate between stories lighter or darker in tone to mix it all up.

  11. First off, love the music on this trailer…”just breathe….” Very Sexy!

    Secondly, the question of the day…

    oh, I definitely go through sub-genre phases and it all has to do with my mood. Typically though it is either paranormal or suspense!


  12. I’ve been really into paranormals for the past couple years, although I took a detour last spring to read all of Nora Roberts’ books… So far the only paranormal subgenre I haven’t liked has been the zombie thing.

  13. My fave genre is paranormal romance. I am fiercely loyal to it!

  14. I’m all about the paranormal romances! I do enjoy urban fantasy as well. They tend to have more story/mystery than romance but it’s still there and an author that can truly write good urban fantasy is a winner in my book!

  15. I’m a phase person. At times I want contemporary or suspense or romantic suspense. It really depends on my mood. Have a great day.

  16. Not a phase person at all. I read all types at all times. I can be reading historical, parnormals, vampires, contempories, mysteries, etc at same time. I can’t limit myself to one type

  17. Ohmygosh! I would love to win this book!
    Right now I’m going through a paranormal, horror, and suspense phase. I do love Historical and Contemp. and Erotica though. If it’s a book, I love it! :grin:

  18. Morning!
    Mine have shifted over time, and even based on my mood on a given day. Right now I’m mostly reading the paranormals, both light hearted and the more dark. If I am upset and need something to calm my mind I go to humor, sometimes ones I’ve read before, sometimes new ones if the cover looks interesting. :grin:

  19. I love love love paranormal romance and I’m a big time shifter fan I read witches, demons and vamps as well, but it’s just something about shifter Alpha males that gets me hot!

  20. My favorite subgenre is paranormal. I love to read it in any setting – historical, contemporary, or futuristic. I don’t usually change my preferred subgenre. However, I might phase what type of paranomral that I read. I might go through a vampire phase or a witch phase, or a were creature phase.

  21. Sorry, but I am a little hyper and can’t stand reading the same thing day after day – so, I read almost everything -including Twilight, Harry Potter, Madelein L’Engle and Caridad. I do really enjoy reading books that take place in places I have visited or plan to like Nevava Barr’s series on National Parks and anything on Vegas!

  22. Where do I start?

    I love paranormal romance involving witches and I don’t find enough of those. I’ll always love vampires, but werewolves or other shapeshifters are more interesting to me right now.

    I’ve been in the mood for contemporary romance lately instead of historical (which is my first love). I’m normally not a contemporary girl, so this is a phase. I’m having difficulty finding contemporaries I like.

    Urban fantasy with a shot of romance is my favorite right now.

  23. Good Morning Anya:

    My favorite sub-genres are erotic contemporary and dark erotic PNR. I really enjoy vamp and demon stories, but am pretty flexible as long as the book is well written.

    Best Regards

  24. I always go for paranormal romance. Usually its werewolf stories, but i’ve read most of them so i head toward the witches and vampires. I really can read any romance. I love them all. Mystery is ok, and so is romantic comedies. But i usually stick with paranormal. They are the most fun to read, in my opinion.

  25. I normally read paranormal romance but I will pick up a contemporary at least once a month. I like historical romances too but read those less often. Right now, I’m a little “off” urban paranormal romance and wanting a something a bit more fantasy… think Anne Bishop’s “The Black Jewel Trilogy.” Maybe I should just scratch my itch and re-read that trilogy for about the 20th time. Hey, a girl has comfort books and Daemon, Lucifer, and Saetan are definitely comfort for me! (Sounds like I’m going to hell! I am going to Las Vegas this weekend… Easter. Definitely going to hell.)

  26. I love all romance novels. I first started with paranormal, then I started branching out to historicals and contemporaries and the like. As long as it’s a good story, it doesn’t matter what genre it falls under.

  27. I love reading the paranormal. But historical romances have a soft place in my heart.

  28. Fav is paranormal but then I’ll read a ton of science fiction.

  29. I think overall I go for contemporary but it can be a genre within that too like vampire or shape-shifter. I go through phases which keeps it all fresh.

  30. I love my paranormal and time travel romances. I also shift thru horror, mystery and SF, it just depend on what mood I’m in . :mrgreen:

  31. I read all genres if it is romance. My reading taste keep changing from historical to paranormal to contemporary depending on my mood.

  32. No need to enter me in the drawing for this book – but whoever wins it is a lucky reader! I wanted to say – I don’t think I’ve seen this book trailer before! Love the background music.

    As for romance genres – I like pretty much all of them, though recently I’ve been craving straight contemporay or straight historicals.

  33. Mel K told me about this contest. This book sounds good! Right now I’m into reading suspense.

  34. Historicals have always been my favorite, but lately I have been reading a ton of paranormals. I guess it depends on my mood. My shelves are mixed with tons of historicals, paranormals, and contemporary romances. I enjoy reading them all.

  35. I love anything paranormal. Most of my TBR pile (over 200 books) are paranormals but I also like books from Ellora’s Cave because they are a little spicier. But basically I read romance of all types except historicals.


  36. I enjoy contemporary, some historical and modern western romances but only if the characters are believable. I just started reading paranormal and have enjoyed it so far.

  37. My favorite scifi romance but they are sort of hard to come by lol. Love all things paranormal. Please don’t enter me in this contest. I have two copies of this book already

  38. My favorites are paranormal and historicals, but I enjoy a great contemporary now and then too!

  39. My favorite subgenre of romance is paranormal. I mostly like to read about vampires and werewolves/shapeshifters, but I also enjoy demons, magic, and most other paranormal ideas. I occasionally go through phases in which I will burnout on a certain type, such as vampires, and have to stay away from them for a month or two. But other than that, I don’t go through many phases.

    I have only recently made the move from teen books to adult books, so I have not really noticed much change within the subgenre.

  40. This is easy. I write paranormal romance because I can’t get enough of it.

  41. My favorite genre is paranormal (pretty consistent with that) I do go through phases when I read futuristic, UF and contemporary. Maybe once a year I read hard-core sci-fi. I always find myself back with paranormal.

  42. Paranormal is probably my current favorite, but I read just about anything. Except women’s fiction. :grin: But basically, anything fiction!

  43. I lean more towards mysteries in all formats: paranormal, suspense, thriller, cozy….I think I read more paranormal than anything, but I keep three books going at a time, so I get a chance to mix it up.
    I am a mood reader, so it helps to have those three books going at once and to have a very very full Mt Git’r’Read.

  44. Paranormal is my favorite. There are so many different paranormal genres to choose from it doesn’t get boring. :mrgreen:

  45. Good afternoon Anya
    I go through phases. I started when I was very young getting my hands on any Harlequin romance: contemporary ( lots of nurses & doctors books then) to historical regencies. went on to vampires, went back to romantic suspense contemporaries and then about 10 years ago to paranormals. Now I read whatever the mood tells me: romance, paranormal or mysteries, historicals and erotica; so long as I am reading

  46. I like historical, but I read anything I can get my hands on! I’ve discovered some great authors and super reads that way.

  47. I like all genres. I switch between them. I’ll read Paranormal, then the next day I’ll pick up Erotic, then the next day historical. I keep switching that way I don’t get tired of one genre. I’ll stick with one if I’m into a series or trilogy, but mostly I switch day to day.

  48. I will read a lot of different genres of romance but my favorite is paranormal.

  49. I like just about everything except inspirational, but I read paranormals and historicals the most. I like a lot of variety and usually switch around, so I’ll read an English historical, then an erotic paranormal, then a romantic suspense, etc.

    Sometimes if I find an author I really love I’ll read all of her books I can find, back to back, which I don’t really recommend because it can lead to burnout. But I can’t help myself….

  50. I enjoy the paranormal world. But if I had to pick one of my favorites I would say that I would stuck between two worlds. I love the vampire world. The control they can have over people if they choose. The power they hold in the hand is incredible. But my other world is the shap-shifter world. I love how when they mate, it is for life. And the fact that they shift… into an awesome creature of the night is just beyond my imagination! So, if my world would combine,it would be filled with vampires and shape-shifters. Because then I could be the Omega of my world and live forever (well… actually just a couple of thousand years!!)
    Thanks for the great contests Anya!!! You are the best!

  51. I am a historical junkie at heart so I guess that is my genre, but ever since I found paranormal, oh how I love them :)
    I guess i want more historical paranormals :wink:

  52. I go thru phases, but for the most part I like contemporary romances, either romatic suspense, or erotic romance. I do sometimes like paranormals, but what I call paranormal lite (Lora Leigh’s breeds series), some shapeshifters, but not fantasy type.
    I will still ocassionally read a historical from one of my favorite authors, but rarely pick up one from an author I have never read before.
    Would love to read What Happens in Vegas, and Have the new Vegas book on my wish list :)

  53. To be honest, my moods vary… Some days I want spicy romances, others Historical, then others Paranormal… I am big on any genre as long as I get my romance! :grin:

  54. I don’t really have a particular genre I like, I read them all, I suppose I tend more to the historical, then the paranormal. I really enjoy the books with shifters in them

  55. Read paranormals with lots of hot sauce. Do pick up contemporaries when following a favorite author. Used to read a lot of Regency but not so much anymore except Christmas themed.

  56. I’d have to say my favorite genres are historical and paranormal. These days there’s such a huge variety of paranormal stories….vampires, shape-shifters, fairies, deagons, science fiction, etc.
    And historical novels span a huge range of times and places and characters. I love it all!

    God Bless,
    Rhonda :confused:

  57. My favorite is historical, but I’ll cross over into other genre. It all depends on how I feel and if the book sounds good.

  58. My favorite is romantic suspense, followed by historical and paranormal. I do go through phases. Before my current obsession with romantic suspense, I was reading only paranormals.

  59. I recently started reading paranormal and love it. I also really enjoy contemporary romance. Thanks!

  60. I’m promiscuous. I read it all as long as it is well written. It just depends on my mood. I have everything from inspirational romance, to historical, to paranormal, to erotic on my shelves.

  61. I read all sub genres, but am partial to paranormal.

  62. I don’t have a favorite b/c they are all my favorites! I always have a mix of contemporary, paranormal, and historical books in my tbr pile. Wait, I do have a favorite, because if you add “erotic” before any of those sub-genres, I’ll want it more! So, erotic romance is my favorite. I also particularly love erotic westerns both contemporary and historical and erotic romances set in the late Victorian era.
    I definitely get on kicks where I only want to read a certain type of book. That’s how I found Nalini Singh and Lora Leigh a couple years ago, because after I read Fever by Christine Feehan, I wanted more books like that!

  63. I’d have to say that paranormal ones are my absolute favorites. Sure I go through phases (first, just vampires, then demons and werewolves…), but I’ve never fallen out of love with paranormal romance.

    I like deviation in times though. Sometimes modern tales are better than ancient ones, but I’d have to read a good few chapters before making a decision.

  64. My favorite genre is Paranormal with vampires being my favorite!

  65. I tend to last about a year in a subgenre before I move on to the next. I’m in the middle of a paranormal/urban fantasy phase right now. Before that, it was historicals. Of course, it is a big circle and I make it around to the beginning again and again! I also stray from my main focus for my favorite authors….

  66. My favorite is historical, but I also enjoy suspense, contemporary and paranormal. What I’m reading all depends on my mood that day.

  67. My favorite is paranormal romance, mystery/thriller and romantic suspense.

  68. I like contempury but it changes!


  69. My favorite is paranormal. Vampires, werewolves, fallen angels, and demons yumm yumm. I love them all!!

  70. I’m very much a phase reader. Mood, time of year, different times will have me glooming everything I can find in a certain subgenre. I noticed recently I’ve read very few historicals, where I used to read way more of them.
    But the top ones I reach for are shifters, romantic suspense, and smokin hot romances!!

  71. My current favorite sub-genre is paranormal. It does change, however. It has taken turns as contemporary, romantic suspense, and historical (with many sub-genres in historical). Yes, I definitely go through phases.

  72. Hello, I enjoy paranormal and romance. Like Twilight!

  73. paranormal romance!!! or vampire :) thanks for the chance to win!

  74. I definitely go through phases. Right now I seem to be reading a lot of contemporaries.

    It also depends on what books are coming out. If a bunch of my favorite PNR authors have books out around the same time then I go on a PNR binge. :grin:

  75. i go through phases of whatever mood i am in. sometimes i like comtemporary, sometimes paranormal, or regency/historical. most of the time i jump from one kind to the other, that way i don’t get too numbed out from one type of genre.

  76. My all time favorite is paranormal and Science Fiction and Fantasy. My preferences due shift with my moods. There are times when I really addicted to contemporary, historical romance and mystery thriller.

  77. I’m new to romance – I generally read Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Biographies. You can all thank Ann Aguirre for corrupting me. Her Sirantha Jax series hooked me, and Blue Diablo is turning me to the dark side :)

    I do go through phases – but it kind of depends on my moods (as well as the amount of time I have to read).

  78. My favorite Sub-genre to read is paranormal. I love vampires, shifters, witches and demons. I am on a Demon kick right now and I am reading anything with Demons I can get my hands on.

  79. I can’t really choose a preference. I like to mix them up as long as it is a good ‘n sexy relationship-centred story!

  80. I rotate between paranormals, historicals (regency), harlequin presents, and erotica. By rotate I mean one or two books, maybe a series, then switch. Sometimes I’m not really ready to switch genres but trick myself into doing so. I’ll either pick up an erotica that’s a polar opposite from what I just read (Always ready for erotica!) or I pick up a reread. I deliberatly switch because otherwise I start mixing up books in my head. I read about a book a day.

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