April 11th, 2009
Winner of What Happens in Vegas…

…is Melissa! She wrote (just to avoid confusion in case there’s more than one Melissa): “I’m very much a phase reader. Mood, time of year, different times will have me glooming everything I can find in a certain subgenre. I noticed recently I’ve read very few historicals, where I used to read way more of them. But the top ones I reach for are shifters, romantic suspense, and smokin hot romances!!”

Drop me an email via the contact form on my web site, Melissa. You have until May 5th to claim your prize.

Good luck in today’s contest for Immortal Danger, all!

Oh….and, what the hey, I’ll give away a bonus book today too. Everyone who comments to this post will be entered in a drawing for a copy of What Happens in Vegas…After Dark.

No contest tomorrow because it’s Sunday (and Easter!). I’ll announce the winner of Immortal Danger and the winner of What Happens in Vegas…After Dark on Monday. Good luck!

53 comments to “Winner of What Happens in Vegas…”

  1. Would love to be in the running for What Happens in Vegas…After Dark, please :smile:

  2. Congratulations, Melissa!

    Wow! An extra drawing today for ‘What Happens in Vegas… After Dark’….THANKS!

    Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter week-end.

  3. Congrats Melissa, and enter me in the extra drawing today. Thanks!

  4. Happy Easter! And congrats, Melissa!

  5. Congrats Melissa!!!!

    Please enter me for another chance to win “What Happens in Vegas…After Dark”. Thanks for the extra contest.

    Happy Easter.

  6. Oh, i just realized that it’s not for non-US entries. So please don’t count my entry. Sorry for the bother! :)

  7. Congratulations Melissa!

    You enjoy your wonderful book. :)


    I would love to be entered for a chance to win “What Happens In Vegas…After Dark”, thank you for your generosity!

    Best Regards

  8. Happy Easter! Count me in for the drawing please! Thanks!

  9. Congrats Melissa!!

    @Li – Where did you see that it wasn’t open to non-US residents? I think I am blind….

    If it isn’t open to non-US, then please don’t enter me as well….

  10. Congrats to the winner! :)

  11. Today is my birthday so maybe I will get lucky!!

  12. Congrats to Melissa! *crosses fingers that I will be the lucky one this time*

  13. Congrats to Melissa…and thanks for a second chance at the book!

  14. Congrats Melissa.

    Immortal Danger sounds hot! Vampires are just my cup of tea!


  15. Congratulations Melissa!

    And Happy Easter to everyone else!

  16. Congrats to Melissa! Enjoy… you are envied! I am dropping a line to enter into the contest!!! Happy Easter to all!! Hope your baskets are filled with extra paranormal goodies!!!

  17. Congrats, Melissa! I’ve got this book right at the top of my TBR and plan to dive in next before the new release, what Happens in Vegas… After Dark, which I’d be thrilled to have an opportunity to win!

    Thanks for the great contest, Anya! You authors are so good to us. Happy Easter!!!

  18. Congratulations Melissa!

    Great book giveaways Anya ~ I think my TBR pile is going to grow. :smile:

  19. Congrats Melissa! :grin:
    Enjoy the weekend all!

  20. Congrats Melissa. And happy holiday to everyone who is celebrating this weekend.

  21. Have a great Easter. Would love to get a copy of this book.

  22. Congrats Melissa.

  23. Two terrific books! Count me in. :grin:

  24. Happy Easter. :)

  25. Enter me into today’s contest, but don’t enter me in the extra contest! (I already got one!)


  26. Woohoo! Happy reading, Melissa! Thanks for the extra chance for awesome reading today, Anya!

  27. congrats melissa and happy easter everyone

  28. Have a great weekend everyone! Any luck and it won’t snow!

  29. Congrats Melissa!

    Happy easter Everyone

    Plese enter me in the contest

  30. Have a Happy Easter! I hope the bunny brings you lots of chocolate!

  31. Congratulations, Melissa! I hope everyone has a fantstic Easter! :wink:

    God Bless,
    Rhonda :ohh:

  32. Please say I won What Happens in Vegas, After Dark :)

  33. Congrats Melissa.
    I too would like to enter in the extra book giveaway. I already have Immortal Danger.

  34. Thanks, everyone!! YEAH….I’ve been dying to read this.

  35. Congrats, Melissa! I like smokin’ hot romances, too. :)

    Happy Easter to all those who celebrate. We’re not Christians but we do Easter baskets so I need to get those ready. I’m hoping for books and chocolate in mine!

  36. Happy Easter, everyone!

  37. Jamie, today’s my birthday too. Nice to meet a “birthday buddy.” :)

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  38. Congrats Melissa! Please enter me in the bonus drawing for what Happens in Vegas… After Dark.

    Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful one. Thanks so much for your awesome stories and the contests you put together!

  39. Yes, please (count me in)! Gorgeous cover.

  40. Happy Easter to you and yours! Am getting ready to cook for my mini feast in cold Chicago.

  41. I checked yesterday, and somehow missed this post! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!!

  42. Congrats Melissa!
    Happy Easter everyone!

  43. Happy Easter! Congrats Melissa.

  44. Congratulations, Melissa!

  45. Congrats Melissa! Happy Easter everyone! :mrgreen:

  46. Happy Easter to all and Congrats to Melissa

  47. Would love to win this book! Thanks for the drawing!

  48. Happy Easter.

  49. Hi Anya,

    Please enter me to win What Happens in Vegas…After Dark. Thanks so much for the bonus contest!

  50. very cool
    wtg melissa

    please count me in
    hot obook and cover congrats ladies

  51. Congrats melissa :D

  52. Congrats, Melissa!

  53. I am so enjoying Cynthia’s books! I have IMMORTAL DANGER here to read! Love to be in for the VEGAS book!

    Happy Easter!!!