April 13th, 2009
Book of the Day: Stolen Fury, by Elizabeth Naughton



To unearth a centuries-old secret, an archaeologist must team up with the rakish thief who’s stolen both an ancient relic and her heart…

Oh, is he handsome. And charming. And sexy as all get out. Dr. Lisa Maxwell isn’t the type to go home with a guy she barely knows. But, hey, this is Italy and the red-blooded Rafe Sullivan seems much more enticing than cataloging a bunch of dusty artifacts.

After being fully seduced, Lisa wakes to an empty bed and, worse yet, an empty safe. She’s staked her career as an archaeologist on collecting the three Furies, a priceless set of ancient Greek reliefs. Now the one she had is gone. But Lisa won’t just get mad. She’ll get even.

She tracks Rafe to Florida, and finds the sparks between them blaze hotter than the Miami sun. He may still have her relic, but he’ll never find all three without her. And they’re not the only ones on the hunt. To beat the other treasure seekers, they’ll have to partner up—because suddenly Lisa and Rafe are in a race just to stay alive.

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Author bio: Elisabeth Naughton writes both sexy romantic adventures and paranormals for Dorchester. Her debut, STOLEN FURY, was a January 2009 release and a 2007 Golden Heart Finalist in Romantic Suspense. The next two books in her Stolen Trilogy are scheduled to release in August 2009 and January 2010, respectively, followed by an all new paranormal adventure series which will hit store shelves May 2010. A former junior high science teacher, Elisabeth loves to travel and is always on the lookout for the next great adventure.

Interview Questions:

1.) How did you get started in writing and how long have you been doing it? I started writing in early 2003 after leaving my teaching job and have been writing now for just over six years.

2.) What genres/subgenres are your favorites to write within and do you have any aspirations to write outside your current genres/subgenres. Try something new? A year ago I would have answered simply – Romantic Suspense – my first and only genre love. But that has changed. While I never had any intention of writing anything else, an idea for a new paranormal series hit me out of the blue last year and it was one of those books I couldn’t *not* write. Luckily, my editor loved the new idea as much as she loves my suspense novels. I’m now writing in both genres, with books scheduled to release in both RS and paranormal in the next two years. While both series have similarities, they’re different enough to tax two different parts of my creative mind, which is always fun. At this point I can’t name any other genre I’m planning to delve into, but as I learned last year…never say never.

3.) What are you working on now and what releases do you have coming up? Right now I’m putting together a new adventure proposal for my agent, and when that’s finished I’m diving into the second Eternal Guardians book (the new paranormal series). The first Eternal Guardians book – MARKED – is scheduled to release in May 2010, with the second to follow shortly thereafter. Other releases I have coming up: The second Stolen book – STOLEN HEAT – releases July 28, 2009. This is Pete’s book, and I’m very excited about it. It’s a reunion story, and I absolutely love reunion books. The third and final Stolen book – STOLEN SEDUCTION – hits shelves January 2010. This last book is Shane’s book, but the characters from the first two books show up as well, so it’s very fun and a little bittersweet.

4.) Anything else you’d like to share?

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What’s the most recent movie you’ve seen? Did you like it?:

Elizabeth writes: The last movie I saw was Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. I thought it was very cute. And I loved the Greek scene!!

Okay, blog readers, now you tell us the most recent movie you’ve seen.

87 comments to “Book of the Day: Stolen Fury, by Elizabeth Naughton”

  1. Yesterday I saw Mine, Yours and Ours..think that was the title. Woman with 10 kids meets man with 8 kids..and i was just horrified how they misbehaved, oh I am getting old ;)

  2. I saw The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on Saturday. What an emotional film!

  3. Sadly, have not had a chance to get to the movies lately, so the last movie I saw was ‘Marley & Me’. I definitely enjoyed it.

  4. Tha last movie i saw was Mansfield Park, two days ago. I love the book and tried the movie too. But the book was far better.

  5. I watch numerous movies often the most recent new release was fast n the furious i loved it i also watched a lot of japanese movies im a horror fan so i enjoy those types of movies more often

  6. The Most movie i saw was Coraline in 3-d with my son. It was a very good movie even though some parts in it didn’t seem like it was kid friendly. My son definitely scared.

  7. I watched the adaptation of Nora Roberts’s Tribute on Lifetime on Saturday. Saying it was excrement is an understatement. :evil:

    As for mainstream films, gosh, I can’t remember the last one I watched — the mister and I never go to the movies. We did watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull through On Demand a few months back, and about the best thing I can say about that is at least we didn’t pay cinema prices to see it… :roll:

  8. I took my daughter to see the Hannah Montana movie as part of her birthday package. It was better than I expected and I liked it. I was a bit bummed when I saw on the news that Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray showed up at the movie theater we almost went too! :cry:

  9. The Bridge on the River Kwai because the DH was watching it while I was finishing up the Easter dinner.

  10. We just watched Waterworld last night. It’s one of my hubby’s favorite movies. I stayed on the computer through the majority of the movie. Have a great day.

  11. One of the last movies I saw that I loved was Imagine Me & You, a lesbian romance. It was a wonderful story. You can get it from Netflix.

  12. The most recent movie that I saw with Mirrors starring Keifer Sutherland. He’s the reason I rented it…well along with the fact that it looked cool and my hubby loves horror movies.

    I have to say that I was very disappointed in it! I just felt like they could have done so much more with it.

    I loved the concept of an alternate dimension inside the mirrors but hated the bathtub scene. Ugh! I could barely watch!

  13. The last movie I watched was “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and I didn’t like it. The cast got on my nerves.

  14. I saw Seven Pounds with Will Smith. Very different from his usual but a very intense and emotional movie. Kept me thinking for a while after the movie ended.

  15. The last movie I saw was Race to Witch Mountain. It was a fun movie.

  16. The last movie I watched was Nora Roberts Midnight Bayou and Carolina Moon. I loved the movies and now I’m off to read the books. :razz:

  17. The last movie I saw was Beverly Hills Chihuahua. But the last I saw in the movies was My Bloody Valentine 3D. They were both cool movies :)

  18. I have to say, the last move I saw was Quantum of Solice. I don’t get out much * LOL *

  19. I can’t remember the last time I wen to a theater but the last movie I saw at home was The Rocker. I liked it and had a few good laughs.

  20. Good Morning Anya!

    Don’t enter me in today’s contest, I’ve already read and LOVED “Stolen Fury”. Wonderful read. :grin:

    The last movie I saw was “Twilight”, and no I didn’t like it.

    Best Regards

  21. Monsters vs. Aliens………I liked it. It wasn’t Pixars best film, but B.O.B. was riot!!

  22. I rented Yes Man a few days ago. I enjoyed it. It was a nice comedy and I like Jim Carrey.

  23. Twilight. I did like it, but haven’t read any of the books.

  24. last movie i saw was marley and me… very good, but terribly sad at the end. i was bawling like a baby!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Humm, last 2 movies were:

    Twilight, which me and my daughter Loved! Can’t wait till November for the new one!

    Seven Pounds was the other and it was definetly different and a little disturbing I thought.

    Great question & a Fun one!
    Have a Great Day!

  26. The last movie we went to see was Watchmen. It was more of a guy film, but since my husband chose it, that’s no surprise! lol! I didn’t mind, having a date night with him was more important than what we saw! =D

  27. I went and kidnapped my 21 year old daughter from the hospital last Friday and took her to see Fast and Furious.

    My granddaughter (2 mo old) has an infection and my daughter has been there with her at the hospital for 2 weeks straight. She needed a break and it was a great movie, but we love Vin Disel and Paul Walker.

  28. Hey all. Happy Monday!! :grin: I hope you all had a fabulous Easter. I’m currently in recovery mode…way too many eggs. Way too much chocolate and since I gave up Diet Coke for Lent, waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too much Diet Coke yesterday to celebrate my reintroduction to carbonated beverages. (I actually think I OD’d if that’s even possible.)

    Big thanks to Anya for having me here today! Fun to log on and see so many comments! I’m paying close attention to all the movie deets because I rarely get a chance to watch a movie all the way through, so I need some good suggestions.

    blodeuedd – eeek! The idea of that many kids makes my eyes cross. I have three…and some days I think that’s too many!

    Shari – haven’t seen Marley & Me yet, though my daughter got it in her basket yesterday so I plan to watch it soon.

    Li – I haven’t even heard of Mansfield Park. I’ll have to check it out!

    Beverly….ooooooooooohhhh. Fast & Furious. I have a HUGE crush on Paul Walker. Car movies don’t realy do it for me, but I’m very tempted to go tlo that one just to see Paul. (Though if I even suggest it the DH is going to know I just want to drool over Paul Walker for a few hours. LOL)

    Tanisha – my kids haven’t asked to see Coraline. I’ve had mixed feelings about it. It does look a little spooky.

    JP – Tribute wasn’t good, huh? I missed it. I heard High Noon was the best of the four.

  29. Leigh Ann – my daughter went to the Hannah Montana movie on Sat. night with a friend. I was SO happy she got the invite as I was dreading sitting through that one with her. I sat through the concert movie last year and it was enough. The only part of the concert I wanted to see was the duet she sang with her dad, but they didn’t show it!

    Diane – sounds like a guy movie. LOL

    Roberta – I haven’t watched Waterworld all the way through. Only bits and pieces.

    Suzanne & Kerri – I haven’t heard of either of those either. It’s great to get mini reviews, though, so the next time I’m in the movie store I don’t have that deer-in-the-headlights look.

    Mel – LOL about the cast comment. Those ensemble casts do that to me too.

    Amy – good to know about Seven Pounds. I need to check that one out.

  30. The last movie I saw was actually High Noon on Lifetime. It was better than I expected, and made me want to go back and re-read the book =)
    I wouldn’t mind having a date with Paul Walker for a few hours either, but I didn’t get a chance to actually go out for a movie this past weekend.

  31. Carol – Ooooh. How was the Rock?

    Ann Marie – I missed both of those on Lifetime. Glad to hear they were good. I enjoyed both the books.

    Ashley – my kids are DYING to see Beverly Hills Chihauhau.

    Barb – me too. Saw Quantum of Solace a few weeks ago. Daniel Craig was nice to look at, and I liked how heroic he was in the end with the girl. But not how he let her walk off. (I need more romance, James!!!)

    Brandy – Who’s in the Rocker?

    Hey Lea – thanks for the comment on STOLEN FURY!!! I saw Twilight recently as well. And since I hadn’t read the book yet, I spent most of the movie saying, “huh?” Everyone tells me the book is a thousand times better.

  32. The last movie I saw was Aliens, about 10 years ago. I’m not much of a movie fan. I’d rather be reading. :wink:

  33. Melissa – another cartoon my kids are dying to see. ;)

    Stacy – are you planning to read the books now after watching the movie?

    Tina – Marley & Me came out right after our 13 yr old dog passed. My daughter bawled her eyes out when she saw it, but still loves the movie.

    Chris – you’re the second person to mention Seven Pounds. Definitely going to watch that one.

    Janece – I have no idea what Watchmen is even about, but the lines at my local theatre when it opened were huge.

    Heather – oh, so sorry to hear about your granddaughter. I hope she’s on the mend soon. And you’re a GREAT mom! I think Vin and Paul could cheer anyone up!!

    Eshani…I liked High Noon – the book, too. Now I’m sorry I missed the movie. I’ll have to watch for it to run again.

    Ann – LOL. 10 yrs? Really???? I admit to being a reader way more than a movie person, myself. There’s just so much MORE in a book, isn’t there?

  34. I haven’t been out to watch any new movies lately, but I did stay home Friday night and have my own little movie night in with a few of my girlfriends– and, of course, the movie choice was Twilight. Love the books, loved the movie, though I loved it in a different way. I won’t get into the specifics, I could go on forever about what I liked and didn’t like about the movie. Howevere, I can’t wait for the next movie, I hope they do a good job on it…

  35. Book Queen – my running partner feels the same way. She read the book and saw the movie and enjoyed both for different reasons. So after I watched it I called her and her fill in all the gaps for me. LOL

  36. Resident Evil: Extinction. It was great but the end left me WTF? Is that ALL?! Ugh.

  37. The last movie I saw was Fast and Furious, and I liked it, both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are hot!

  38. The last movie I watched was National Treasure. I had never seen the whole movie together before.

  39. Vicky Christina Barcelona which turned out to be a typical Woody Allen movie. It was enjoyable enough but I was glad we saw it at home and didn’t spend the the usual money you do spend to go to the theatre.

  40. The latest movie I saw was Babylon A.D. I didn’t really care for it. The was a couple good scenes but for the most part it wasn’t very good.

  41. The last movie I saw was “Hancock” on dvd. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t great.

  42. It has been quite awhile since I went to the theaters for a movie… the last one I saw out was IRON MAN, which I enjoyed and look forward to the sequel… but as for recent, I watched the Nora Roberts movies on LIfetime… they were lovely to watch, but I do enjoy the books more! :wink:

  43. Elisabeth,

    I can wholeheartedly recommend the book. It’s by Jane Austen. Not as a page turner like Pride and Prejudice, but it’s really sweet and romantic, about an unrequited love being fulfilled in the end. :)

    (There are two more movie version, sorrily they are not that good.)

  44. The last movie I saw was Yes Man with Jim Carrey. It was okay, but not as funny as some of his other movies.

  45. The last movie I wanted was Flirting With Forty on Lifetime Movie Network. It is based on Jane Porter’s novel. I really enjoyed it.

  46. The last movie I saw was Mamma Mia
    I enjoyed it.

  47. Uh, embarrassingly, I can’t remember the last movie I saw (you’d think that with so few, it’d be easy to keep track)… We ARE planning on taking the kids to Monsters vs. Aliens tonight though, so that’ll be the *next* movie I see :)

  48. The last movie I saw was Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I love this movie and I watch it over and over!

  49. After Easter dinner last night, we all sat around and watched The Mexican, with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. It was hysterically funny, and I loved it.

  50. Saw “Watchmen” loved it!!!!

  51. I watched Twilight for the first time with my daughter. She’s 17 and loved the movie as much as I did. Then this morning I watched babylon A.D. Not quite as good as I thought it was going to be. We get alot of movies from Netflix.

  52. Last movie I sat and watched was Bedtime Stories. Very cute movie.

  53. The last movie I saw was “Transporter 3.”

  54. Hi Anya, I watched the new Fast and the furious. IReally liked it just as much as I liked all the others. And I watched Twilight, biy that was an awesome movie as well.

  55. my husband and I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas last night – a Great Movie!

  56. I haven’t watched a movie for years. I think the last one was 8 Seconds, the story of Lane Frost. I enjoyed it, but it was so sad

  57. I just watched Doubt last night with my mom. Meryl Streep was terrific playing a nun who is a principal at a catholic school in the 60’s. Great performances by all including Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams.

  58. Well, the last movie I saw in theaters was… uhhhhhh…. ummm…. eerrrrr… Wall E? And the last movie I saw on DVD was 3:10 to Yuma.
    Liked Wall E, and 3:10… eh. :X I wasn’t really paying attention.

  59. We took my two daughters (8 and 12) to see Coraline. It was crowded, so we had to split up. I sat with the 8 year old. Near the end she turned to me and said, “THAT WAS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!!” I told her it wasn’t finished yet. She waited a few minutes and the credits started to roll. “Is it over yet?” I nodded. “THAT WAS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!!”

    I’m going to see Gaiman speak at Washington College the end of the month.

  60. Oh wow, what was the most recent movie I watched? I’ve been reading so much that I can’t even remember! Ha! I think the most recent movie was probably Twilight.

  61. The last movie I saw was Fast and Furious. Suprisingly it was a pretty good movie. Lots of action but a good plot too.

  62. Oooh, Stolen Fury sounds good!

    The last movie I saw in theatres was Stone of Destiny. I liked it well enough. Got in some pretty good laughs. I’m not quite sure how much of it was based on real events, though.

  63. I am definitely not into movies, but my kids like to watch them on DVD. So I guess the last movie I saw was Cars. As far as kid’s movies go, it was pretty good.

  64. Beverly Hills Chihauhau awesome moive, but i love dogs lol

  65. Monsters Vs. Aliens! OMG! It was so cute and awesome! I need a stuffed insectasaurous!! :D

    And yet another book to add to my to buy list!!

  66. Hi all,
    The last movie I saw was Twilight. I loved it !
    I had already read all four books in the series and enjoyed those as well. Then when Twilight came out at the stores I bought it and have watched twice since then.

  67. I watched Twilight and loved it

  68. :idea:the last movie i saw was Night watch it was a sci fi.not so good of a ending i like petter endings in my movies even if i like strang movies. :roll:

  69. I do not get to see very many movies. I think the last one I saw was the Abba one. I really enjoyed it. I wanted to see Twilight, but have not as yet

  70. We did a movie thon and I saw 4 movies in one day and enjoyed them all but I’d put them in this order: Taken; Grand Torino; Knowing and The Haunting in Connecticut. They were all different genres but I’d recommend all of them.

  71. The last movie I saw was Duplicity. The best part about it was Clive Owen. He’s so hot! I’d recommend watching it on DVD when it comes out, but I didn’t think it was worth the movie price.

  72. The most recent movie I’ve seen was Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. I really enjoyed it and was glad to get the backstory to the other two Underworld movies.

  73. I recently saw the new “Fast and Furious” movie and totally enjoyed it. Oh, I also recently watched the movie “Knowing” and enjoyed that as well.

  74. I just saw Quantum of Solace and really enjoyed. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. :mrgreen:

  75. The most recent movie I watched was “Marley & Me”. I read the book and I don’t know why I even subjected myself to the movie. I bawled my eyes out and I KNEW it was coming! Why did I do it? Because it was a very good book and I’m a dog lover. We have 2 yellow labs. It hits close to home.

  76. The last movie I remember seeing in the theater was Twilight. It was okay. The book was better.

  77. Such great comments! And so many awesome movies for me to check out!

    We just finished watching Marley & Me as a family. 3/4 of the way through, the DH said, “OMG…this is my life!” The funny part? Um…it totally is. I mean. IT TOTALLY IS. From the 3 kids to the crazy dog to the dog dying. Freaky when that happens.

    I cried too at the end. But it was a good cry. At dinner tonight we all told stories about our 13 yr old Dalmatian we lost last fall. It was nice to reminisce.

  78. Actually not a big movie fan so I think it was Marley & Me

  79. I cannot remember the last movie I watched. *red faced* I guess it couldn’t have been all that great, or maybe it’s just been a long time. I’d rather read.

  80. I think this book was with the monthly book club at Dorchester? If so I have it and must pull it out!

    I don’t watch many movies at all! And most I watch have been some historical and favorites of mine. One was OUTSIDER based on a historical romance by Penelope Williamson with Tim Daly and Naomi Watts. Gosh it was so beautiful! Really recommend this one! It came out through Showtime and is on DVD.

  81. The last movie I watched in the theatre was Brideshead Revisited. It was free so I went.

  82. The last movie I watched was The Haunting in Connecticut. I enjoyed it despite the screams. It actually made sense. It was a scary movie with a plot and it made the movie more believable; thus, scarier than usual spookfest.

  83. First I wanted to say what an awesome interview that was :)!

    The last movies I watched were Nick Knight rented from netflix.com, it is the movie that the series Forever Knight came about from – a vampire cop (Rick Springfield) I believe was late 80s early 90s. That rental was inspired by Moonlight currently running again on Sci-Fi. I did enjoy it I am a sucker for vamps and paranormal :).

    Today it was Flirting wit Forty a LMN movie I caught on tv with Heather Locklear. It was a really well done tv movie with Heather’s love interest being only 27.

    I hope you enjoyed your latest movies as much as I did mine :)!!!

  84. Dragonball only because my seven year old is a big fan of the anime. I had promised when it came out that I’d take him. And well since I was at one time a fan, I was happy that they kept the original characters.

  85. You convinced me!! Have this preordered, and bought the first one. Don’t know how the heck I missed it……..sounds awesome!!

  86. I just watched Ichi Killer a japanese gory horror flick awesome!

  87. taken, with liam neelson , good movie, love his accent :)