April 15th, 2009
Book of the Day: Blue Diablo, by Ann Aguirre



Right now, I’m a redhead. I’ve been blonde and brunette as the situation requires, though an unscheduled color change usually means relocating in the middle of the night. So far, I’m doing well here. Nobody knows what I’m running from. And I’d like to keep it that way…

Eighteen months ago, Corine Solomon crossed the border to Mexico City, fleeing her past, her lover, and her “gift”. Corine, a handler, can touch something and know its history—and sometimes, its future. Using her ability, she can find the missing—and that’s why people never stop trying to find her. People like her ex, Chance…

Chance, whose uncanny luck has led him to her doorstep, needs her help. Someone dear to them both has gone missing in Laredo, Texas, and the only hope of finding her is through Corine’s gift. But their search may prove dangerous as the trail leads them into a strange dark world of demons and sorcerers, ghosts and witchcraft, zombies—and black magic…

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Author bio: Ann is a national bestselling author with three ongoing series. She has a degree in English Literature and a seriously spotty resume. Before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, two children, two cats, and one very lazy dog. She likes books with too much sex and violence, emo music, action movies and Dr. Who. Under her own name, she publishes romantic science fiction and urban fantasy. As Ava Gray, she writes high-octane romances.

Interview Questions:

1.) How did you get started in writing and how long have you been doing it? I’ve wanted to write ever since I learned people could put words together to make stories. At age nine, I wrote my first “book” and I’ve been working at it ever since. That’s nearly 30 years now.

2.) What genres/subgenres are your favorites to write within and do you have any aspirations to write outside your current genres/subgenres. Try something new? I write fantasy, science fiction, and romance, and I’m perfectly content with that.

3.) What are you working on now and what releases do you have coming up?I just finished up SKIN TIGHT, a romance. BLUE DIABLO, an urban fantasy, came out this month. My next release will be DOUBLEBLIND, the third Jax novel, and that comes out September 29.

4.) Anything else you’d like to share? I love hearing from readers! I invite them to get in touch with me via email. Nothing pleases me more than getting a note from someone who liked my book, while I’m working on the next one.

Readers, here is the contest part. Answer this question in the comments to be entered in a drawing for a copy of BLUE DIABLO. Check back to tomorrow for the announcement of the winner. The winner will have until May 5th (that’s the last day of the contest) to contact me in order to collect the prize. This contest IS open to non-US entrants.

Thus far in your life, what do you think is your greatest accomplishment?:

Ann says: Achieving my dream to become a published author.

Okay, blog readers, now you tell YOUR greatest accomplishment.

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  1. Sold one of paintings for the first time last year

  2. Cheesy answer alert~ My two beautiful daughters are my greatest accomplishment.

  3. Wow this book sounds amazing!! I guess my greatest achievement would be when I became a mother. I never really dreamed of having kids until I got pregnant with my 1st. Now I wouldn’t take anything in the world for it.

  4. hum my greatest accomplishment i could list so many things i have to say my greatest acomplishment is truelly finding out who i am and embracing that i could sit here and say oh it was my high school education being a wife and mommy sure those r awesome acomplishments but honestly my greatest one is finding out who i am and striving to be the best me i can be

  5. Learning to be a good wife, mother and friend. It seems a never ending process that keeps adding to your life’s achievements and education each and every day.

  6. my greatest accomplishment has been raising my two girls.

  7. My greatest accomplishment is raising two wonderful children who are now happily married. I see them all the time and I’m now enjoying my seven wonderful grandchildren.

  8. My children are mine. When my daughter writes notes and says how much she loves me, and that she can hope to be like me. It just make me feel so wonderful.

  9. Discovering that I’m pretty good with kids and becoming an important part of my nieces’ lives.

  10. By far it is becoming a mother and watching as they grow and become adults themselves. Of course, I’m also learning how much I don’t know now that they are teenagers!

  11. I believe it was when I paid off the mortgage on my apartment. I am now the proud owner of my own place! Yeah! Tamsyn

  12. My greatest accomplishment was realizing I didn’t want to be anything but a housewife. I was making myself crazy going from one job to the next. When all I really wanted to do was stay home and take care of my family. Have a great day.

  13. I think my greatest accomplishment was earning my college degree.

  14. Being a wife and a mother, there’s never a dull day.

  15. not biting my husband head off every time he leave his socks on the floor (when the basket is probably 30 cm away) ,it might sound easy to you but i swear the more i tell him off the more i feel like i’m edging on the dark side

  16. Finishing my 1/2 Marathon in Miami this last January 2009…

  17. Having healthy children is my greatest accomplishment. I went through very difficult pregnancies so each child is a blessing.

  18. Thus far in your life, what do you think is your greatest accomplishment?

    This is probably the easiest thing for me to answer. My greatest accomplishment has to be being a mom, and then letting my children go when I could no longer take care of them the way they deserved. It was also the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

  19. My greatest accomplishment – wow, I would say after deciding to go back to school at the age of 30 and obtaining my Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and actually landing a job in my degree field.

    the other greatest accomplishment would have to be my daughter.

  20. Paying off our house!! Ate spaghetti until it was coming out our ears, but it was worth it!

  21. My two wonderful daughters, now I’m waiting for grandchildren!

  22. Living a life I’m very contented with. There are no major things in my life that I would change if I could.

  23. Just wanted to say that I finished this one last night and really enjoyed it. So don’t include me in the draw and to whomever wins they’ll love it.

  24. Wow, what great, uplifting accomplishments! This was a pleasure to read.

    And Teresa, I am so happy to hear this!

  25. My greatest accomplishment to date is that I’m the first person in the entire history of my family to attend college, getting accepted at every college I applied to.

  26. Surviving my teen years XD I don’t have too many others great accomplishments (yet).

  27. I see it’s been posted already, but being a mother. I do have to say raising my 6 year old daughter is the best thing I’ve yet to accomplish. I never thought of getting married or having kids ever, then met now DH and we have Lady K. She is the ornery light of my life.

  28. My greatest accomplishment was when I finally landed a job in the field I had the degree in. It took a number of years but I finally managed to do it about 2 years ago. It required a move and a paycut but I am finally doing something I like.

  29. Hmmm… I guess I would say my garden. The beautiful colors, the homegrown veggies, and the wonderful little creatures that come to visit… I did not know I had a green thumb until last year! :grin:

  30. My daughter. It constantly amazes me that I could have made this….person, and that she could turn out so wonderful inside and out. Even when we argue and fight, and she’s 16 so we do that ALOT, lol, I am so proud of the young woman she’s grown to be.

  31. Staying sane while moving around due to my husband’s Coast Guard career and raising two daughters.

  32. My greatest accomplishment would have to be how wonderful my daughter is. Or that could be luck.

  33. Home educating my children for the past 9 years has certainly been my greatest accomplishment equaled only by motherhood itself!

  34. Okay it may sound corny but my biggest accomplishment I think has definitely been my daughter! She was over 2 years in the making – no joke! :D I’m just amazed that I created a little person and got her to grow up into a nice strong toddler.

  35. Learning Braille as an adult. For me it’s learning to read all over again, one letter at a time.

  36. Hands down, my greatest accomplishment is being a good mother and successfully raising two amazing sons.

  37. My greatest accomplishment? That’s a hard one. It could be making my love of reading and sharing it kind of successful in regards to Literary Escapism. At the same time, I would so totally consider my son a huge accomplishment.

  38. My greatest accomplishment is graduating from college and finding my first real job.

  39. Finishing nursing school. :grin:

  40. I love your Jax series can’t wailt until the last one :)!

    My greatest accompliment is learning to forgive and let go of the past and be hopeful for present and future. It takes so muc more energy to harbor grudges and negative feelings than it does to hold on to positive ones.

  41. My greatest accomplishment was still finishing Nursing school after having my son at a young age.

  42. My greatest accomplishment thus far was getting my PhD. And my marriage survived it. He is definitely a keeper!

  43. Raising two wonderful daughters who are really nice people :) Blue Diablo sounds like an exciting read!

  44. My greatest accomplishment was getting my BA after 10 years of hard work. Also raising my 2 daughters and 1 son. SUCH a fan of Ann Aguirre!! *crossing my fingers for this one!*

  45. I love first person stories and both the blurb and the excerpt sound very intriguing.

    My greatest achievement is giving birth to my 2 beautiful daughters!

    God Bless,
    Rhonda :lol:

  46. I feel like this is such an unoriginal answer but it would have to be my marriage and my son. I hold my marriage dear to my heart. We will be married for 14 years in June and let me tell you it was definitly been a trying one. But with both of us being stubborn we have make it through the storm and couldn’t be happier.
    My son is the best part of my husband and me. :cool:

  47. […] Dark over at the Bradford Bunch.  No word on when it ends, so head over now.  She is also giving away a copy of Blue Diablo by Ann Aguirre at her own blog.  She’s announcing the winner […]

  48. Always being there to help and support when family is need, whether financially or at the ER, usually the first who gets called.

  49. Moving from the small town I grew up in to start my life over in California.

  50. my 3 children who are wonderful young men and I also have 3 grandchildren, that are the love of my life

  51. Hi Anya! I know that you’ve heard this a few times already, but my greatest accomplishment is my son! He has Asberger Syndrome and things were tough for a while. He is now a straping 17 year old with a 4.0 G.P.A and he has 2 parents that are so proud we could burst. Things will never be easy for him, but I know he can handle it. He’s my greatest accomplishment

  52. my greatest accomplishment would have to be successfully moving by myself to a foreign country!

  53. i’m the only one to finish my college in my family and i did it with A’s wooohooo but that was years ago but it meant something to me

  54. My greatest accomplishment… It’s probably a toss-up between being accepted into college (Thank God, step one is over.), and finishing my first short story. What can I say? I’m easily distracted. Now one to finishing my first full-length novel… :grin:

  55. The first thing that came to mind is being happily married for 28 years, but that’s really more my husband’s accomplishment. LOL

    So I’ll have to go with graduating from college with a 4.0 GPA. Which I must admit has never helped me in the slightest in the “real world.” :smile:

  56. So far? I don’t think I’ve had my greatest accomplishment yet, but so far, I’d say my semester in Spain. I learned so much about myself, and because I had the opportunity to clear my head, got myself out of a negative situation I had been heading towards. The situation itself is personal though, so, sorry.

  57. To date I would probably say having my son, writing and defending my thesis, and getting my MA within a calendar year. Not easy, that. But supremely satisfying. And the memory of it reminds me I can do most anything.

  58. My children are definitely my greatest accomplishments. I even had the second one without any painkillers. Now THAT was an accomplishment I never thought I’d be able to achieve.

  59. My greatest accomplishment is raising my two children.

  60. greatest accomplishment? Getting my master’s degree. I always swore I was going to get it, so the day I walked across the stage and accepted it was one of the proudest moments of my life.

  61. Without getting too deep, marriage to my husband for 28 years, and my two wonderful sons. I am very happy and wouldn’t change anything.

  62. I seriously *heart* Ann Aguirre. She is amazing!

    My greatest accomplishment so far would have to be my children!

  63. Definitely my 2 teenage sons – both are nice kids and quality people who I’m very proud of.

  64. Accomplishing almost all of the goals I have set for myself so far, and doing so within the timeline I set.

  65. I’ve heard raves about Ann and her new book. Looks great!

    My greatest accomplishment was an internship at CNN in college. I’m a career girl – that’s where my hopes and dreams lie, and it was such a phenomenal opportunity, and I had the time of my life.

  66. Hi Ann! What genre is your romance SKIN TIGHT? Can you tell us more about that one?

    My greatest achievement was to be able to get to learn sign language to communicate because I was told that it was now my decision. It opened the world for me! I learned when I was 20, so it was a long time coming!

  67. I think my greatest accomplishment was raising my daughter who is almost 18 to be a nice woman and not a spolied brat, like some of her friends.

  68. My greatest accomplishment is learning to depend on myself.

  69. I guest it would have to be getting my bachelor’s degree.

  70. I have to echo what so many have said already…….being happily married for 24 years and our 2 children!!!

  71. I would have to say that my greatest accomplishment so far has been completing my Master of Arts in English Literature.

  72. Don’t enter me in this drawing please – I’ve got my copy of Blue Diablo coming to me :D
    But wow – lots of great accomplishments here!

    :P I guess mine would be boring and academic – and I’m too scared/superstitious (?) to count the ones that haven’t happened yet – so all I’ve got is 2 bachelors degrees thus far. Going along with some other comments, let’s hope I haven’t peaked yet!

  73. Oh golly, I’ve got a list of stuff I’m proud of from making a loaf of bread that didn’t taste like cardboard to being able to fold fitted sheets. But my greatest would have to be finding the most perfect man and having the most beautiful child with him!!