April 24th, 2009
Book of the Day: SECRETS 22: Dark Whispers, featuring “Heat,” by Ellie Marvel


“Heat” by Ellie Marvel in Secrets 22: Dark Whispers

What’s a mild-mannered alien guy to do when he goes into heat far from
his home–and women of his species–and the only compatible female
around is a rough and tumble Terran mining specialist who’s a friend
of his but, well, not exactly one to hop into bed with anybody, much
less him? Answer: he courts her. The old fashioned Terran way, at
least insofar as his research about the backwater planet can
determine. Because if he can’t seduce the tomboyish Sarai before his
cycle ends, he won’t get a second chance at love.

Find out of Sarai responds to that age-old pick-up line, “If you don’t
have sex with me, my weenie will fall off!” (Okay, he doesn’t say
that, but it’s funny to think about.)

You can find Ellie:

Web Site

Author Bio: Jody Wallace writes romance fiction as herself and erotic romance as Ellie Marvel. She went to school a long time because she couldn’t find a job and ended up with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Her resume includes college English instructor, technical documents editor, market analyst, web designer, and general all around pain in the butt. One of her many alter egos is “The Grammar Wench”, which should give you an indication of her character. She has always lived with cats, and they have always been mean. You can find out more about her at www.jodywallace.com or the cat’s site at www.meankitty.com

Interview Questions:

1.) How did you get started in writing and how long have you been doing it? This is a convoluted answer. I started writing for publication in grad school when I was getting my MFA. But I was writing poetry, which you typically submit to literary journals first. I had some poems
published, won some contests, but it fell by the wayside. I worked an office job for several years, got married, got pregnant, and in 2001
started writing fiction with the intent to publish. My first short fiction was released from a small press in 2005, and my first novel
was released from a small press in 2008. That novel was the first novel I completed, although it went through multiple drafts. My agent
has several other novels and proposals, so any day now I hope to add a mainstream publication credit to my resume.

2.) What genres/subgenres are your favorites to write within and
do you have any aspirations to write outside your current
genres/subgenres. Try something new?
My favorite genres are paranormal women’s fiction and romance. The particular book I’ve got up for grabs is an erotic science fiction romance and I really loved doing the worldbuilding for that. I loved it so much my Red Sage interactive ebook, Megan’s Choice, is set in the same “world” (would that be universe?). Some day I’d like to try some young adult or children’s fiction.

3.) What are you working on now and what releases do you have coming up? I’m working on a book involving werewolves and witches (no relation to Anya’s witches!), and my upcoming release is the print version of Survival of the Fairest from Samhain Publishing (May 2009).

4.) Anything else you’d like to share? Writers are often voracious readers. I thought I’d share the titles of a couple of the great books I’ve read this year.

GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen. This was a fabulous work of magic realism set in the contemporary South. I adored it and can’t
wait to read more work by this author!

IRON KISSED by Patricia Briggs. The 3rd Mercedes Thompson novel, one of my favorite series. The heroine becomes deeply entwined with the
fae community in this one, as opposed to the werewolves or the vamps from previous books. She also has to make up her mind about which dude
she’s going to hook up with, so the romance thread is a little stronger.

GETTING RID OF BRADLEY by Jennifer Crusie. This book has been out forever, I know, but I just now got around to it! Very funny book with
funny dogs and funny characters. Crusie’s heroines and heroes aren’t always the most admirable of folks but they’re convincing and readable

BEWARE OF DOUG by Elaine Fox. An adorable contemporary romance, again with dogs, that was refreshing to my palate because it didn’t have a
huge action-adventure or high stakes kind of plot.

MIDNIGHT SINS by Cynthia Eden. A hot paranormal romance which I especially liked because the cop hero actually did cop things and — I
hope this isn’t a spoiler — I loved the fact that he put his job before his sex life in several spots! Admirable characterization.

Readers, here is the contest part. Answer this question in the comments to be entered in a drawing for a copy of SECRETS 22. Check back to tomorrow for the announcement of the winner. The winner will have until May 5th (that’s the last day of the contest) to contact me in order to collect the prize. This contest IS open to non-US entrants.

You have just been granted three wishes. What do you wish for? (No wishing for more wishes):

Ellie says: Healthy family (sounds like a Chinese take-out dish!) Diet sodas that taste as good, if not better, than regular sodas. I would order it with the Healthy Family stir fry. Humans all over the world to get more serious about preserving the environment (I figured World Peace was too big of a request….)

Okay, blog readers, what would you wish for?

70 comments to “Book of the Day: SECRETS 22: Dark Whispers, featuring “Heat,” by Ellie Marvel”

  1. Organized life, perfect chocolate desserts every night and be able to travel.

  2. To watch my kids grow up, to have a long and happy marriage and to travel all over the world~

  3. finanancial secuirty, healthy family, and a RV!

  4. 1) good health for my family
    2) that I could eat all I want and not have to worry about gaining weight
    3) financial security so my husband and I would not have to worry about college costs for our children, we could travel when and wherever we wanted plus be able to retire with no worries

  5. Long and healthy lives for my family.
    Financial security.
    Having my “BC” (before children) body back!

  6. Cure for cancer ( my mother in law was just diagnosed)

    A safe world for my children to grow up in.

    Financial security.

  7. Financial stability! But more so I can enjoy life to it’s fullest.

    Great health for myself, friends, and family.

    A private island w/ all the commodities ever imagined, FREE, near Australia/Hawaii.

  8. Peace on earth, no illness to worry about and a black cherry Mazda 6, with the bose speakers :wink:

  9. 1. Financial Independence – to never have to worry about money again for me or my family

    2. A love that will last for all times

    3. Enough books to keep me in heaven until I actually go to Heaven.

  10. 1. Financial security for life. Which means I don’t run out of money until I die.

    2. A long, long life. I want to get my money’s worth.

    3. A never ending supply of chocolate. The kind that doesn’t add inches around my waist line just tastes like it will.

    Have a great day.

  11. financial security is a good one!
    i’d love to be able to travel with my family around the world and not have to worry about work… blech!
    i’d also wish for good health.

  12. 1. firgure out how to get paid to read books
    2. solve all the family’s problems.
    3. win the mega millions jackpot

  13. Financial security
    long and healty lives for me and mine
    the ablity to travel where I wanted without fear of anything.

  14. Yep, got to get on the Healthy Family train–one for me, too, please!

    And ditto Blanche–I’d love my “BC” body, but I’d totally appreciate it this time ;)

    Finally, I’d love for people to actually listen and pay attention to each other–good communication might solve a lot of problems!

  15. a good job-more money
    good health & happy life for my children
    more grandchildren!

  16. I would wish for long life, the health to enjoy it and the wealth to enjoy it! :o) Tamsyn

  17. Good health throughout my life, for me and those I love (does that count as more than one?)
    My parents to move back from Idaho
    My home to be paid for

  18. 1. To have a child
    2. for all my family to have good health
    3. financial security

  19. 1. for my 2 month granddaughter that was diagnosed with CF to have a happy full life.

    2. happy healthy family and friends

    3. never ending supply of books.


  20. 1. My family to lead full, healty happy lilves
    2. Financial indepdence…..okay, damnit, to win the lottery!! The BIG one!!
    3. For the world to begin to take care of the eldery and the children who have noone out there to do it for them.

  21. * for my sons to grow up to be like their dad – kind, responsible, humorous, strong and committed to his family
    * good health for my family
    * a maid service for life so I can have more reading time

  22. My three Wishs:

    1. My family to heathy and happy
    2. My husband to have very good job that pays VERY well.
    3. To have unlimited access to any book I want..LOL

  23. 1) For my boys to have a happy life

    2.) Financial security – I have three lil boys, and I am tired of stressing myself out over it.

    3.) To be able to see all of my on-line friends because they have been the rock and stability for me. They are always there to boost up my confidence when it’s flagging

  24. OK, selfish me, I would wish for:

    1.) My bf’s ex to become “normal”!
    2.) Enough money where I wouldn’t have to work and could read books and crochet for a living.
    3.) My health back!

    That’s all! LOL

  25. 3 wishes:
    – To visit Ireland
    – To win the lotto
    – To find my Mr. Right :wink:

  26. 3 Wishes would be .

    1. To win Mega Bucks
    2. To be healthy.
    3. For my family to stop being crazy.

  27. My three wishes:

    – Health and success for my family
    -a job that pays well
    -to graduate top of my class

  28. Okay, here are my three selfish wishes:
    – Good Health
    – Financial Security
    – A long, happy life

  29. 1. Good health for my family and travel together.
    2. Lots of money and be able to travel anywhere.
    3. Lots of love and sex

  30. Healthy family, happiness for everyone and money enough to buy books so that I can read one a day for the rest of my life.

  31. 1) Good health for me and my family.

    2) Spend the rest of my life with the love of my life.

    3) Be more happy than sad.

  32. - I wish that my children will find their knack early in life so they’ll be happy doing something they love.
    -I wish that my long term memory kicks in when finals come around next month.
    -I wish that gas would go back to $1.oo a gallon again, so I can travel more. :grin:

  33. 1. Health
    2. Happiness
    3. Never have to worry about money.

  34. -Good health for me and my family
    -Lots of money

  35. 1. I wish I weighed 100 lbs.
    2. I wish I could see dead people.
    3. I wish I was independently wealthy.

    :eek: <~ me seeing my first dead person

  36. I am going to be selfish and go with Financial Independence, My Soul Mate, Perfect Health for me and mine.

  37. Good health for my family and loved ones.

    Financial security (don’t need a lot, just enough not to have to worry about paying the bills)

    Deep and abiding love that will last through the hard times

  38. Good health for my family
    an ability to live joyfully in the moment
    be as good a friend as my friends are to me.

  39. 1. World Peace
    2. A cure for cancer
    3. To live somewhere that the growing season is longer than 2 or 3 months

  40. health
    financial security
    to live long enough to see my grandchildren be productive adults

  41. 1. Financial security

    2. For my family and I to be healthy

    3.To live a long and happy life

  42. A cure for paralysis
    A long and healthy life for my family
    An unlimited amount of books to read

  43. My credit card to be paid off. Vacation to Hawaii. A new car.

  44. 1. I wish that other planes of existence was proven fact.

    2. I wish I knew the secrets of life and our purpose for this life.

    3. I wish I could see the past and future on demand.

    Yeah, I know, but it’s pretend, right?

  45. 1. Long Lives and Prosperity for my family &
    2. To win the Mega Lottery at over $100+
    million–so that my family and I can be
    financially secure and out of any debts
    for the rest of our lives and be able to
    make our dreams/goals come true.
    3. A lasting, loving, joyous marriage
    between my soul mate and I, that is
    blessed with wonderful, healthy children.

  46. My three wishes are:
    1. Continued improvement in my Dad’s health and for Mom to stay healthy
    2. Financial Security
    3. My Soul Mate or the right man for me

  47. I’d love to be creative, but I just don’t see it happening.

    Money – enough to pay off mine, my husband’s and my mom’s student loans and all my loved ones’ bills.

    Health for my family.

    An unending supply of Girl Scout Samoas.

  48. Wishes:
    1. My health
    2. My DH has a safe deploment if he’s called up by the Reserves.
    3. My kids grow up happy and healthy.

  49. Three wishes, huh? How about… A chance for everyone to find real love. To hold a book in my hands with my name on the cover. (Yeah!) And to never stop growing in faith and love. Yeah, that could work. :wink:

  50. I am with everyone else. I would wish for good health for my kids, including a nice leg for my daughter. Then some money for college and then some happiness

  51. Wow 3 wishes…

    For all of my family to live a LONG and HEALTHY life

    For both my husband and I to be able to retire early to enjoy our years with our children

    Would love to own the new Dodge Challenger, have to be black with chrome wheels. Yeaaaaa :cool:

  52. Looks like that Healthy Family is a popular new dish! Thanks everyone for dropping by today…I just got back into town from, ironically, a family funeral in another state. I look forward to reading more wishes!

  53. 1.Great Health for me and my family

    2.To find ever lasting love.

    3.Financial Security

  54. Mmmmm
    Health for me and mine
    no money problems
    my own library room like in the old movies

  55. For my entire family (that includes me!) I would with for great health, happiness, and good luck.

  56. my guy find another job
    would love to have a twin of my cat
    have our own place

  57. Don’t put me in this one, I have it but still love to play over here!!!

    My health and strength back
    A secure future for my children in working
    My hubby to be secure with job

  58. Financial freedom, continued good health and inner happiness.

  59. 3 wishes

    !: Id wish for my better half and our family to have everything we could ever need to survive with out a huge struggle to get it

    2: id wish for mild weather not to hot not to cold just right so all the flowers were in bloom where it rained when it needed but not to much

    3:the ability to teach everyone how to read and plenty of books and space to keep them

  60. 1. Health
    2. Financial security
    3. Fulfillment in life

  61. Financial security
    Good health for myself and my family
    Universal health care in the U.S.

    Decided to go with the practical rather than things like immortality and superpowers, tempting as they are, but I really struggled with not including the milk chocolate fountain. :)

  62. Long and healthy lives for my lovedones.
    Financial security
    Great looks (for myself) :blush:

  63. 1. health, wealth, and happiness for friends and family

    2. the ability to teleport like on Star Trek etc. – would so come in handy when wanting to travel (which I’d love to do lots)

    3. The ability to eat, drink, etc. anything I wanted while still maintaining perfect health and body

  64. 1. health
    2. A lot of money!!!
    3. Travel in time ;)

  65. 1. health
    2. happiness
    3. peace

    for everyone :mrgreen:

  66. 1. Better health
    2. Husband job security/Financial improvement
    3. College education for my children.

  67. health

  68. The three things I would wish for are:
    1. Good health for me and my family.
    2. The ability to travel to all the places I haven’t had a chance to get to yet.
    3. A wonderful man to share my life with. :wink:

  69. 1. Good health for my family
    2. To be able to live comfortably and not have to worry.
    3. Happiness for my loved ones.

  70. Three wishes I would wish for:

    1. Good health for my family
    2. All my student loans paid off
    3. An ebook reader