April 25th, 2009
Book of the Day: Asking For It, Featuring Ablaze by Kit Tunstall


In these steamy stories, sexy women really turn up the heat….

When the unbelievably gorgeous firefighter who saved Miri’s life convinces her there’s nothing wrong with a naughty fling, she relaxes her routine and surrenders her supple body to his strong, capable hands….

Be Careful What You Wish For
Frightened for her life, Sandra will do anything to please the sexy, muscle-bound man who kidnapped her to the South American jungle — until she realizes that not all criminals are bad guys, and she invites him to give her steamy satisfaction.

Drop Dead Sexy
After quiet Joy asks her flirtatious playboy neighbor to reveal his sexy fantasies, he entices her to indulge his kinky desires…and she surprises him with an exotic appetite of her own.

You can find Kit

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Author Bio: Kit Tunstall lives in Idaho with her husband, son, and two spoiled dog-children. She enjoys writing erotic romance because it allows for full exploration of the developing relationship of the main characters. In her free time, she attends college, reads, gardens, travels, plays golf (badly), goes bowling with her family, and cooks.

Interview Questions:

1.) How did you get started in writing and how long have you been doing it? I’ve always been a scribbler and had several teachers in school tell me I had a gift. I didn’t consider it as a real career option until after I got married. My husband encouraged me to quit my day job and try writing full-time. I’ve been writing seriously since 2000.

2.) What genres/subgenres are your favorites to write within and do you have any aspirations to write outside your current genres/subgenres. Try something new? I enjoy all forms for romance, and erotic romance is probably the most fun to write. I also write horror and children’s novels, but probably won’t be crossing genres any time soon.

3.) What are you working on now and what releases do you have coming up? I’m working on a contemporary for Ellora’s Cave. Aside from the Vegas 2 release, I anticipate having another in the Hunters series out at Loose Id later in 2009 or early 2010.

4.) Anything else you’d like to share? Nope.

Readers, here is the contest part. Answer this question in the comments to be entered in a drawing for a copy of ASKING FOR IT. Check back to tomorrow for the announcement of the winner. The winner will have until May 5th (that’s the last day of the contest) to contact me in order to collect the prize. This contest IS open to non-US entrants.

You’re confronted in a dark alley by a gang of rabid, blood-thirsty vampires bent on bringing you over to the dark side. What do you do?:

Kit says: I’d rip open the collar of my shirt to help them along with the task. LOL.

Okay, blog readers, what would YOU do?

69 comments to “Book of the Day: Asking For It, Featuring Ablaze by Kit Tunstall”

  1. Wow! Probably ask if there was anything I could do to help things along.

  2. I would inform them that I just came from a delicious meal at my favorite Italian restaurant, where I ate spicy spaghetti and lots and lots of garlic bread! :wink:

  3. Start coughing like I had tuberculosis and hope that they’d go find a more sanitary prey :-)

  4. With no chance to run away, I’d probably fight hard enough that to force them to kill me. If that didn’t work, I’d go along until I got strong enough to kill them all later.

  5. Somehow these don’t sound like very nice vampires…. I doubt I could fight them off, so I agree with Cybercliper, let ‘em at me, and then rip their hearts out later!

  6. I wouldn’t stand a chance against a gang of rabid vampires……So dark side here I come.

  7. Don’t think I could get away from them so I say enjoy it as much as I could. Of course in my imagination they are Feehan’s Carpathian’s so I’m in for a great time!

  8. Probably change to the Dark Side…I mean, who can fight off a band of rabid vampires…LOL

  9. OOhhh this sounds like way to much fun lol. If they were of the handsome, sexy kind like Lynsay Sands vamps I’d ask to do it as soon as possible. if they were the not so hot/nice vamps I’d pray they changed their minds/go down with a fight.

  10. Being a witch, I would probably cast my most awesome chant, bring on the bright lights and fight to the death!

  11. Well I know I couldn’t escape so..well scream, scream, scream and scream a bit more

  12. I’m all about vampires so I’d join them!

  13. I have to agree with some of the others. Rabid vampires don’t sound like the kind to happily change me over. I’d have to scream and fight. If they did change me instead of kill me, I’d take Cyberclips tack. Play along until i could kill them.

  14. You know, it would kind of depend on what they look like! *** LOL *** Thanks for the contest.

  15. I’d probably play along til I could find someone willing to help me out by killing me. Have a great day.

  16. I would probably run screaming and hoping that a handsome sexy hero would come along to save me! :wink:

  17. lemme at ‘em! wouldn’t mind bein’ a vamp at all :twisted:

  18. No matter how handsome or sexy they are, they would still be strangers to me so I would scream and try to run away…LOL

  19. I’d say thank you and show my neck!!

  20. I would have to hope that if I didn’t fight they wouldn’t want to make it as painful as possible and no one ripped out my throat. I wouldn’t have a problem with them turning me because as soon as I was a Vampire if these guys were bad…I would just jump on them and kill them and go off to find myself one of Feehan’s Carpathians.

  21. Identify the one with the toothiest grin and run up yelling “Sweetheart where have you been?”

  22. I would try to escape, but it that doesn’t work I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.

  23. I would ask if they preferred the right or left side of my neck. :cool:

  24. I’d say, “Have at it!”

  25. I’d probably fight it on the outside….(I am a respectable lady and all)….and on the inside I would be all excited and going, “DO IT!”

  26. I’d let them have their wicked way with me!! :mrgreen:

  27. Scream. Loudly.

    I mean, they’re rabid vampires, so in my mind they’re chasing me like hellhounds. I wouldn’t be able to fight them off either, because I’d be paralyzed with fear. Maybe being a vamp wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if there were nice, sexy vamps somewhere in my future. *licks lips*

  28. Hmmm, this is a good one… you say they are rabid. Not so sure their bite will be nice. I would have to say that I would fight and scream and hope I’m saved my a different kind of vampire :mrgreen:

  29. I’d probably just stand there, frightened to the point of being unable to move or scream, yikes!

  30. Now are these hot vampires or the creepy kind, my answer kind of depends on what they look like. I’m going to go with they’re the creepy kind, if so, then I would probably stand there screaming my head off, no use running because they’re faster and stronger than me. While I’m screaming, I also hope to be rescued by the good/hot vampire or maybe a shifter (love my shifters).

  31. Odds aren’t looking too good for me. I would have to let nature runs it course and I would keep in mind that pay back is a b*tch!

  32. Considering that I’m already in the dark alley maybe they should be afraid of me since I MUST already be on the dark side. :twisted:

  33. I’d bare my neck, of course!! :razz:

  34. hmm ;et me see i would start my fighting by praying for a hero, whipping out my silver cross, my mini stakes, and throwing the holy water i just picked up. take that

  35. rabid, blood-thirsty vampires doesn’t sound too nice-are they handsome? I think I’d have to fight them

  36. Umm, that would depend. Are they nasty looking and disgusting or smoking hot and sexy?

  37. Ask them which vein they prefer…the jugular or the femoral artery :lol:

  38. Wouldn’t mind being a vamp so i’d just tilt my head and say have at it boys.

  39. Well….if I got with the romanticized version of a vampire. bend my neck and tell him to have at it.

    If they are they bad evil scary vampires, I pull out my trusty stake and I have at em! :D

  40. I would take my shirt

  41. I would take my shirt off, so as to not ruin it.

  42. If they were cute, I would offer to be their snack. :mrgreen:

  43. I will say, “I will gladly offer you my blood unfortunately, I have AIDS.” Then, sigh loudly.

  44. bare my neck and hope for the best. :mrgreen:

  45. I don’t know, a lot of the vampires I’ve met in books have been pretty sexy, so I don’t think I’d put up too much of a fight. ;)

  46. First of all I would probably pee in my pants, secondly I would hope that they are sexy vampires who want to ravish me more then rip me limb from limb.

  47. I would pick out a sexy one and bare my neck.

  48. I’d take off my stilettos heeled shoes and use them as stakes on all of them but the cutest one, saving him to be the one to turn me.

  49. Id smirk and inform them im already there so dead blood i guess is just as good as alive

  50. Stand there with my mouth open and eyes blinking in disbelief.

  51. Faint dead away. :blush:

  52. I would ask if I could have one last meal before I become undead. :mrgreen:

  53. What would I do? First I would be mentally kicking myself over my stupidity. Then I would be calling one of my Minion friends to tell them the bad news and hope that the lot of them would avenge me..

  54. I figure that even if they’re the ugly, rabid type, I’d be the same person I was before–just immortal, and on a liquid diet. LOL.

  55. i probably run fast as i can or fin d a steak and stab them

  56. well, I’ll just call my dragon shapeshifter mates, yes, you read right! mates! and they will just fry them all to hell, after which, of course, we will made mad, passionate love! :o) Tamsyn

  57. I’d probably be frozen on the spot, mouth open for a scream and drooling from fear, so I hope they would just laugh at me and leave

  58. Probably freeze, lose my voice and be thinking what the …..

  59. I would ask them do they know Edward (Twillight) and then rip my shirt open :razz:

  60. Fight em off as long as I can – who wants to go down without a fight?

  61. They don’t want to bite me because I’m already a vampire… :(
    Otherwise I would offer my neck to the handsomest of them…. :)


  62. I would immediately start praying to God :grin:

  63. accept my fate ;)

  64. Well if they are sexy take my shirt off for them to bite. ( Don’t want to get blood on my shirt.lol )

  65. If they were ugly, I would try to get away. If they were cute, I would give in.

  66. I’d probably freeze and start to panic. Most likely I’d end up having an asthma attack while trying to pray. lol

  67. Hi Kit!!! Awesome on the print release! I just put a book of yours I missed reading into my reader recently! (HEART OF MIDNIGHT).

    Oh what a fun question! I’d go with “TAKE(N) me, here’s my ‘blood line’ (I couldn’t resist Kit and Anya).

  68. Looks like I am going to lose so go for it

  69. Rabid vamps, probably not going to escape them. So, I’m going to hope that they are a group of Feehan’s Carpathians as well and that one of them is my lifemate so I won’t be killed. If not, well, revenge is sweet when you take your time to complete it.