May 1st, 2009


What Happens in Vegas…After Dark releases today!


Harlequin Spice
ISBN-10: 0373605315
ISBN-13: 978-0373605316
Release Date: May 1, 2009

My story in this anthology is called THE PROMISE. It’s a prequel to THE DEAL, (WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS… the first anthology, released in 2008), and tells Damian’s story and how/why he came to jilt Cassidy at the altar on their wedding day.

Blurb for The Promise:

Damian has always felt out of step with his people. His people, as in, humanity. There’s a good reason why he’s never fit in and he’s about to discover it.

On the morning of his wedding, he’s greeted by two brainless thugs bent on preventing him from getting to the chapel. Instead they drag him to a seedy nightclub on the strip, a place Damian mysteriously has never noticed.

There he meets Elena, who is not his fiancée but is the woman of his dreams. His soul mate. His perfect fit. Together they find the kind of love that most people only ever dream of. She reveals to him a whole new world and shows him his true self. Suddenly all the stars are aligned and the universe is singing.

But along with Elena comes a mess of problems. Not only is Damian engaged to be married, but so is Elena. Damian knows he must let his fiancée go for her own good—so she can also find true love. However, breaking Elena’s betrothal could mean death for them both.
True love might not be in the cards for either of them.

Here’s the whole official blurb for the book:

Las Vegas… it’s the town that lives up to the promise of its nickname, Sin City. A gamblers’ paradise for innocent tourists, it conceals a darker, sexual world where the ethereal and wraithlike meet to play a different game….

If there’s one thing succubus Deitre understands it’s revenge. That, and enticing men into arousing, exciting and, okay, perilous sex (for him). Beautiful on the outside, demon on the inside, she’s going to get back at the naughty firefighter in Darkness…unless he plays his cards right…

Bounty hunter Nell is a hell of a tracker. Now she’s in Vegas on the tail of the witch who dared to steal from her clan. She’s going to get to the unsavory harlot through the woman’s ex-fiancé, and nothing about their charged encounters will be shallow, quick or friendly.

When the half-blood fae male comes to club Darkness, Elena can’t resist acting on the mind-blowing heat coursing between them. She might be betrothed to another, but fae culture says sex with other men until marriage is most definitely foretold.

Tattoo artist Devi is the latent vampire the warlocks need to heal all wounds. But taking her power is a sexually exhausting and dangerous task requiring dark deception…and gambling on her life.

Want to win a copy of the book? Today it’s easy to enter. Just leave a comment and you’re in. You can comment on the cover, on the first Vegas anthology, if you read it. You can comment on any of my books. You can ask me any burning questions you may have and I’ll answer them in a separate post.

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  1. The first Vegas collection’s on my keeper shelf, too! Thanks for the chance to win the second 🙂

  2. I absolutely loved the first one What Happens in Vegas. Also I loved your Chosen Sin book that was so good. Hated to see it end. :confused:

  3. Thanks for the great contest! Love the cover, this book is on my wishlist!

  4. I actually won this book on another blog, but OMG, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. It sounds SO good………and what a smokin’ hot cover!!

  5. these contests are so much fun, thank you for hosting them!

    i have been looking forward to this release ever since i read the first anthology because it was so good! and that cover is hot!

  6. LOL, Between this cover and the one on the first anthology, my oh my…hawt doesn’t do it justice.

  7. Thank you so much for the contests and having a chance to win free books!

    Love the cover and I would love to win a copy of this book!


  8. The paranormal twist in this anthology sounds promising. What can I say, l’m a sucker for paranormals…

    Thanks for the giveaways and have a great weekend!

  9. I have to say, I do love that cover– it really draws your attention to the book, and I know if I saw that in the store, and had no idea what the book was about, or how good the authors are, I’d still pick it up! Can’t wait to read it!


  10. Great cover!! Looking forward to reading it.

  11. I didn’t really hear of the first Vegas book until I caught wind of this contest. But now, I’ll be checking it out! 😀

  12. What Happens In Vegas, After Dark, has a very sexy looking cover!

  13. I love the covers and like how they are so close but different from each other and stuck with the theme.

  14. I haven’t read the other Vegas anthology yet, but it’s in my TBR stack.

  15. I love these contests, just great
    I read the first Vegas book and enjoyed it tremendously. So I know the second will be just as great.
    A question: any clues you can give us about your next series? your next series

  16. Congrats on the new release! Sounds great!

  17. I haven’t read the first one but Vegas and erotic stories seem perfect for each other. I can’t wait to read both. Thanks for all the great giveaways.

  18. Hi Anya!! Yep this is so on my wishlist!!!

    I loved your recent book TAKEN. You have plans for more books in that world? I thought it was so neat, so different that I’ve read! I’d love to read more set there!

  19. Happy Release Day Anya!

    I’d love to have What Happens In Vegas After Dark on my bookshelf!!!!


    Hugs, Danette

  20. I loved the first Vegas book and I can’t wait to get the second Vegas book. Thank you for holding such an awesome contest.

  21. Hiya Anya, Happy Friday! 🙂 Really enjoyed What Happens in Vegas (the first book), so I am excited about reading this second one!

  22. Hi Anya, I really enjoy your books! I just wish that all of your titles were available on the Sony E Book reader!! However, I think that then my bank account would be sobbing…

  23. Hi Anya,
    Will you be doing anymore stories with Spice? Cover is hot. 😆

  24. Triple love the cover..the first one was fabulous, the second one is a can’t miss! 🙂 So excited to read it!!

    lyoness2009 AT

  25. Great book cover and the story blurb was awesome! 😉

  26. Congrats on your new release! What Happens In Vegas… After Dark sounds great.

  27. I loved my one trip to Vegas but I dropped a lot on the tables and slots. I think I’m better off reading a book with Vegas as a setting than actually going there.

  28. Ooooo … the cover is very, very sexy!

  29. I love the cover! The one for What Happens In Vegas… does nothing for me but this one? Very nice.

  30. Great Prize!! I loved “What happens in Vegas”. Great authors, unique stories, and a fantastic setting. I’m even more excited for the sequel simply because of the extra special paranormal ingredient 😉

  31. The teaser has got me drooling ….

  32. I haven’t read What Happens in Vegas but it looks great! I really enjoyed your Nordan series. I have the Elemental Witches books (that are out) but still need to read them. Thanks for the interview!

  33. I just got this book, (thank you Anya, waiting when I got home from work) and I cannot wait to read it. Have to go dig out the first book so I can refresh my memory of the first story.

  34. I would really love to win this book because I have no money to buy any more books this month (JR Ward’s new book is a hardcover – expensive!).
    I love your books and can’t wait for Witch Fury (which has been worked into that month’s budget!)!

  35. how funa nd easy lol
    loved the first one would love to win this one
    coongrats ont eh sencond one.

    such hot covers

  36. I have enjoyed the Elemental Witches books that I have gotten a chance to read so far, and am so looking forward to reading the rest as soon as I can. Thanks so much for your contests.