May 4th, 2009
Winner of Anticipation and Seduction…..

…is Mari! She said, “I like cleaning if it involves my swiffer and swiffer duster. I also enjoy deep cleaning my house. For some reason I get a perverse sense of satisfaction from getting dirt out of cracks and crevices that most people miss. I blame this on my Virgo Moon….”

Me too, Mari! Okay, please email me at anyabast (at) or use the contact form on my site. You have until May 11th to collect your prize, a week from today.

Tomorrow is the last day for the Book-of-the-day contests. I will announce the winners of the main contest on WEDNESDAY! Good luck in today’s contest for Relentless, all!

6 comments to “Winner of Anticipation and Seduction…..”

  1. Congratulations Mari!

  2. Congrats Mari! 😀

  3. Thank you so much!!! Anya I will be sending you an email right away!!

  4. Wtg, Mari!

  5. Congrats Mary!!

  6. Congratulations, Mari!