May 5th, 2009
Book of the Day: Making Mischief, by Leila Brown

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Soundwave had always assumed that she was an only child, but she was wrong. Her two sisters have found out about her existence and they are searching the galaxy to find her.

For Mischief, growing up with the power to move objects with her mind has been both a blessing and a curse. Although she’s always been able to take care of herself, she’s never been able to let her guard down. But when the twin beasts from Yarthax break through her defenses she’ll learn that handing over control could be her most thrilling adventure yet.

Rothe and Ritor have known since birth that they would share the same wifemate. They just didn’t count on her being a smart-assed spitfire, strong enough that it would take both of them to get her to submit.

Where you can find Leila:

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Author Bio: Leila has been an avid reader since the fifth grade. As she got older she read everything she could get her hands on, from horror to mystery and finally stopping in romance. Currently, she works a normal 9 to 5 in the IT world. She writes during her lunch hour and at home after nine pm when everyone in her house is asleep. Is it easy? Yes and no. Coming up with the stories is easy. Getting the words out of her head and onto paper is hard! But she couldn’t live without it. To see what she’s up to, visit her website at or

Interview Questions:

1.) How did you get started in writing and how long have you been doing it? I read so much that my husband challenged me. He said that I should write and so I started. My first attempts were horrible but as I learned and practiced I got better. I started writing in 2001, and I sold my first book in 2007. And I am still learning how to do this.

2.) What genres/subgenres are your favorites to write within and do you have any aspirations to write outside your current genres/subgenres. Try something new? I love my erotic paranormal romances. Throw in a little BDSM or ménage…hey I’ll even take both and I am in heaven. As far as writing outside my comfort zone goes I have come up with a YA idea that may go places. I will have to see how it comes together. Until then I am all about the erotic paranormal, sci-fi fantasies.

3.) What are you working on now and what releases do you have coming up? Well, I just released Super Sex 4: Dominating Domino with Changeling Press. Coming in the next few months I will release The Pearl Heartstone, a sequel to The Diamond Heartstone, a Fictionwise Bestseller.

4.) Anything else you’d like to share? I love to hear from readers so contact me with your thoughts.

And I’m giving away another copy of What Happens in Vegas…After Dark too!
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Readers, here is the contest part. Answer this question in the comments to be entered in a drawing for a copy of MAKING MISCHIEF (and What Happens in Vegas…After Dark). Check back to tomorrow for the announcement of the winner. The winner will have until May 5th (that’s the last day of the contest) to contact me in order to collect the prize. This contest IS open to non-US entrants.

What was the most interesting trip you have ever taken? Why?

74 comments to “Book of the Day: Making Mischief, by Leila Brown”

  1. My trip to Egypt has been the best one. Seeing the magnificent ancient culture in it’s glory! I would like to visit there again, because now I have studied egyptology and would know more about the sights…

  2. My trip to Ireland for my honeymoon. Biggest thrills…like living inside a real historical romance novel there with the fields of green, the breathtaking castles, and the adorable accents. Biggest surprises…how fast everyone drives on the way too narrow streets, the bumpy roads, and the number of times that they offer you tea or coffee! LOL

  3. me and my friend went to meet my boyfriend from online was a um interesting trip we went on the hotest day of the year in a car that only two windows rolled down in it was a fun time when we made it to his house had fun sat around chatted a bit then was time to begin the rest of our lil trip where we went on to kentucky should of only taken us an eextra 4 hours except we pulled over to catch some sleep at a rest stop cops came cause its against the um law lol so we make it to her moms house in kentucky they were worried sick thought my boyfriend at the time was umm a seriel killer or something the trips adventure didnt end there im not from the south so i didnt have the accent i had a yanky accent sooo ppl stoped and stared every time i talked was embarassing the country side is beautiful but i deff wasnt expecting all the adventure including tryin to drive up the mountain with a car on alane thats maybe big enough for 2 of teh 4 wheels i was scared to death yet was have the time of my life i was home sick after a week tho so we went home with one hell of a story to tell

  4. Several years ago, I had the good fortune to take a trip to Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bears and Artic fox in their natural habitat…it was awesome! The polar bears are such huge and beautiful creatures and the Artic fox were so much fun to watch from the safety of our vehcle. I will always remember those exciting and wonderful days.

  5. It would either have to be my trip to Chicago or Pittsburg

  6. man reading that back mine was rather embarassing lol i have to tell ya liven at someoens house in a holalr for a week with only enough water to take one shower was ummm an experiance

  7. Love the cover of this book!

    Most interesting trip was our first road trip with our newborn daughter, 4 years ago. Breastfeeding stops every 1.5-2 hours was interesting! Never knew a trip could last so long! It was a great time though.

  8. What was the most interesting trip you have ever taken? Why?
    When we went to Maui for my brother’s wedding, we were there for 2 weeks, I got to tour and lay on the beach for 1 day. The rest of the time was spent going from one family member’s house to another, I don’t think I ate so much food in my life.
    (I had to buy a body girdle to fit into my dress) :lol:

  9. The most interesting trip I have ever taken is the semester I spent abroad in Italy. The college that I attended had a campus there, and I have to say it was the best time of my life.

    We only had classes Tuesday thru Thursday, because they believed that travel was part of the educational experience, and urged you to travel Friday-Monday, and I took every trip that I could :)

  10. I haven’ taken many trips but the one I remember well is going to Florida when I was 20 years old and bringing my mother who was 50 then and my grandmother who was 80; it was a first time for all three of us; we had never flown or been away from our homes. That made the trip wonderful.

  11. Hi Leila and Anya!

    Fun interview today. Congratulations for sticking with the writing and selling your first book! :) For just starting in 2001, I think your doing pretty darn awesome!

    Good luck in the future!

  12. I’ve been to a number of places but I would have to say that the most interesting trip was when my mom and I took a cruise and stopped in Aruba. She was born there and lived most of her childhood there and in Venezuela. It was just cool getting to see a little bit about my mom’s past and hear her talk about things that she remembered. Gave me warm fuzzies.

  13. My most interesting trip was when I went to Oklahoma with my boyfriend’s dad and his girlfriend. I didn’t know his dad too well so I was afraid it would be awkward but it really wasn’t. It was just weird. I’m so glad I went with them. My man’s graduation from Basic Training wasn’t something I would miss.

  14. I have to say seeing Niagara Falls for the first time was a very impressive moment. I also remember taking my kids back about 10 years later and watching their faces as we got “rained” on in the mist.

  15. Iceland during the endless night. Very bizzare when its 2 a.m. and it is still light outside.

  16. Opps I meant endless day.. not night. I haven’t had enough coffee!!!

  17. i went to england as a teen, it was part of the drama club. i got to see the artsy side of london and avon and the dover cliffs best trip EVER

  18. I went to Bangladesh and it was interesting because it was SOOO different from US. There were literally people every where in the street and the traffic is so bad because nobody follows the stoplight or anything like that.

  19. China because it was so radically different…language written and spoken, customs, food, architecture. Loved every minute of it…except maybe eating the steamed duck feet.

  20. The most interesting trip I have ever taken was when I was a little girl. My grandparents took my sister and me to Florida. On the way down I of course slept, like I always do in a car. My sister sat on the floor peeling of all the wrappers of a box of 108 crayons. Then, while we were there I didn’t want to take a bath so I hid underneath a bed, my grandma thought I had wandered off, so had everyone looking for me even the neighbors. She was worried I might have gotten into the pool and drowned. When I came out…lets just say BIG TROUBLE. Then the next day the four of us went out into the pool. Only my grandpa and me got into the water, my grandma is terrified of water and so was my sister. While he was swimming, I walked along the edge of the three foot part, which was taller than me. Suddenly I lost my footing a went under and couldn’t get back up, I knew what was happening but wasn’t scared. My grandma was shouting for grandpa and pointing at me. He suddenly came swimming over and hoisted me up and my grandma kept saying, “Wow Danielle that was so good!.” because she didn’t want me scared. On the trip we went to Bush Gardens and of course my grandpa and I were the only ones that did anything dangerous. The part I remember most about the whole thing is my sister and I catching those little green lizards, they were so cute!

  21. I went to Pittsburgh in 2008 for the RT Convention. It was the first time that I have ever went someplace by myself, to a city that I’ve never been to, and I knew absolutely no one there. It was a great experience though and I made several friends, who I still talk to today.

  22. Sadly I haven’t been to many places, but the one that will always stay with me is Prague, our class trip. The city was a mix of new and old. And I saw real mountains, which i hadn’t before coming from a flat country.

  23. I spent a summer in Germany over ten years ago–it was a study trip, staying in a college’s dorm and spending literally every waking hour immersed in German culture and language.

    We had six to eight hours of class work, but the evenings were devoted to activities such as scavenging hunts through town, visits to biergartens or the movies–without subtitles!

    We also had day trips all over, from Roman ruins to Medieval castles to the new Parliament.

    It was amazing–and to this day I hope to go back and spend more time wandering the streets and talking to the people there.

  24. My most interesting trip was when I was 17. I went on a trip with my French class. We visited France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium (just to catch the ferries), and England. We spent a little over 2 weeks there and I’ll never forget it. Have a great day.

  25. Our most interesting trip is yet to come…..actually we are going to Disney World next month to celebrate our daughter’s college graduation. It will be the first time that my entire family will be on an airplane together! Should be very interesting and hopefully a lot of fun!! :mrgreen:

  26. My most interesting trip was to Andorra,to visit my sister who lives there. Andorra is such a small country between Spain and France , and I saw some real castles in France.

  27. My most interesting trip was driving from the East coast of Canada all the way to the West coast. It took over a week, but we stopped in every province and took the time to really appreciate everything there was to see, from Signal Hill in Newfoundland, the Cabot trail in Cape Breton, N.S, to the Canadian Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Ontario, to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and watching the killer whales in British Columbia. It made me love my country so much more, and I’d love to do it again with my kids-but maybe when they’re a little older and don’t need quite as many potty breaks :wink:

  28. i went on a cruise and it was amazing!!! st. thomas, aruba, curacau, bahamas, dominica… wow! i’d do it again in a heartbeat!

  29. When I was a child my family went to British Columbia. I have very good memories of it. It was like going to a different country altogether. I’ve done a fair amount of traveling since then, but that stands out clearly.

  30. The most interesting trip I had ever made was a road trip with my grandparents down the east coast of Malaysia. I have never been on holiday with my grandparents before so it was great to see them as people who are out to have fun!

  31. Hi Leila,

    I love your character names :)

    The most interesting trip I took was to Kauai for a wedding a few years ago. We went on a double kayak ride to see a waterfall. Me and my mom took the longest because my arms kept tiring out and we’d have to hold up the group.

    The waterfall was beautiful though :)

    Hugs, Danette

  32. Our family’s last trip to Michigan to visit with my husband’s family and friends was the most interesting trip I have ever taken. We did many tourist-y things, which despite being together for 13 years, we had never done before. The Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, Frankenmuth, etc. We saw so many things that I never knew were there to explore! It was wonderful!

  33. I haven’t been on many trips-not outside the US. So my most interesting was to Yellowstone National Park-it’s beautiful we watched elk outside our dining room and lots of buffalo

  34. my most interesting trip would have to be when i went to san diego the first time it was when my husband was there at camp pendleton for marine corps training i love it there it is beautiful and there is so much to do i cant wait for a chance to go back.

  35. No need to enter me into these drawings – but I like this question.
    Um, I recently had a HORRIBLE trip to Boston, and yes, that was most interesting…
    Otherwise – maybe my trip to Taiwan; either. The second was a research trip so I learned a lot but the fun factor was lacking. I’d say… Seattle. I went to a convention/conference and got to meet a lot of people. And, I really liked the city. :D Wait- no. Most interesting? Hands down my stint in DC working for the Senate. (Since it was only for a summer does that count as a “trip”?)

  36. My boyfriend took me to the Bahamas one year and went went snorkeling and parasailing, had great fun!

  37. I traveled to Paris in ’84. Why was it the most interesting? I met Cyndi Lauper!
    I love Cyndi Lauper! :grin:

  38. I am an army brat who has travelled a lot but my most interesting trip was a short one.

    It was a five day trip from Cardiff to St. Andrews and was to see my eldest son be the first of my children to graduate from University.

  39. Won a lottery to visit a wildlife sanctuary in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. There were only 8 people allowed along with our guides on this remote area for the one week, where we lived in tents and ate our meals in a cook shack, and took “baths” in a steam hut. Pretty basic, but the most wonderful was watching bald eagles, brown bears, and huge salmon swimming along the streams. And best of all we only had 3 hours of darkness each day!!

  40. New Orleans on halloween weekend. i love that city. Went on a vampire tour and it was fantastic. Loved the music, the food, the history, and the beauty of the city.

  41. The most interesting trip I have ever taken would have to have been when I went to Greece. I majored in Classics when I was in undergrad, so I just found every little artifact to be amazing!

  42. The most interesting trip I took was many years ago as a kid. We went on a Disney cruise during a hurricane… the rain and the ship rocking were something memorable. So many of the passengers were ill… everyone in my family was ill except for my father and I! As a kid, it was the most exciting thing to see and experience! :mrgreen:

  43. The most interesting trip I have ever taken is to Roswell, New Mexico. We stopped there in the middle of a road trip and I found the little town to be full of character! Roswell is the location where aliens supposedly landed 50 years ago, and the town has certainly capitalized on this event. Kitschy souvenirs are a must!

  44. 5100 hundred mile road trip to the grand canyon in a van with a 6 yr old, a 13 yr old both boys mind you. and me and hubby and my 60 something year old auntie lol.
    needless to say it was an experience but not as bad as fullly expected. Could be due to me threatening to push them off the canyon it they got out of line too bad rolf but probably went good cause of the new portable dvd player and the 2 new games a piece. and my 6 yr old just loved looking at all the different scenery.

  45. I haven’t really been anywhere outside of my home state, except for one time. And out of the trips I’ve taken to other places within my state and that one, it’s not the most interesting. I’d have to say that so far, the most interesting place I’ve been is Dayton, Ohio. I went in 8th grade to Dayton because I was a part of the Young Astronauts program in my school. We went to space camp and the Air Force Museum. It was really interesting and very fun. And yes, I was a nerd!

  46. The most interesting trip I made was to Newfoundland. There are mountains, flatlands, coastline, fjords and more, all in a relatively small area! The people are great too.

  47. The second time i was in England. Especially when we went to Warwick Castle and Canterbiry. It was amazing.

  48. A trip to Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland a couple of years ago. The younger son got to see where he was born.
    We all want to go back to the DC area soon before both kids graduate from school.

  49. that would be my trip to Lori Forster’s first get together, because i traveled with my friend from indiana that i meet on the internet so that trip was a first .
    First time i ever traveled with out hubby and kids, First time i meet my friend from the internet and The Very First time i have ever meet the authors of some of the books i love to read.
    It was awesome and i will never forget that trip it was a blast.

  50. The most interesting trip I had ever taken was when I went backpacking alone in Holland. I took the bus to this flower garden which is in the remote outskirts. They don’t speak English and I only speak about 2 sentences of Dutch. On my way back it was getting dark and I was having trouble getting to the correct bus stop to get me back to Amsterdam. I was lucky and caught the last bus as it was pulling over the bus stop. That scared me so much!! I didn’t want to spend the night walking the streets in a strange country which doesn’t speak English and no hotel whatsoever in sight!!

  51. My most interesting trip was to Maui. Everything was interesting about the Island, and it was my first and only trip to Hawaii.

  52. The most interesting has got to be my visit to the Pearl Harbor site on Oahu. Such an emotional story told in photographs and movies that everyone tears up.

  53. When I was a child, my parents took us to Virginia to explore some underground caverns. I’m really not sure where we were, but I’ve always remembered the beauty and mystery of those underground caves. Now that I’m an adult, I picture those caves as hangouts for vampires and otherworldly creatures I read about.

    God Bless,
    Rhonda :lol:

  54. My best trip ever was two summers ago. I went to Poland and Germany for a month. Amazing! A bunch of teens doing dance and drama in the streets and talking to people? A recipe for chaos, friends and fun. Until homesickness strikes, of course! :lol:

  55. :) Glad you stuck with the writing! :D I know it’s hard when you do something and its terrible the first time…and to continue to do it takes guts!

  56. My most interesting trip was to the Big Island in Hawaii. I’ve never seen such beautiful beaches and we attended a luau and had some Kahlua pig.

  57. The most interesting trip I made was driving down the Gold Coast of Australia with a friend from school. It’s been ages since we left school but it’s our first ever road trip together. We’ve always talked about doing it and we finally did!

  58. The most interesting trip I’ve taken was to the Phoenix International Raceway to watch a NASCAR race. It was so much fun and we had pit passes. I got to talk to a few crew members and even got an autograph from my favorite driver Jeff Gordon.

  59. When I was a kid one of our vacations was a cover wagon trip. It was interesting in the fact that it was so different.

  60. My best trip was to Greece. I fell in love with Delphi and the feeling you get when you are there.

  61. Holy Smokes….it must be the one I’m on right now!!! I’m at an obscure Army post in the southwest on the Mexican/US border. I’ve never seen so much flat, dry land in my life. Oh and a lot of it is on fire….

  62. The trip to Myrtle Beach. It was the first and only time I’ve seen the ocean. I love the ocean, I could have stayed at Myrtle Beach forever. lol It was so fun.

  63. My most interesting trip was the two weeks I spent in Krakow, Poland. Being Polish myself, I enjoyed living the culture and following the Easter traditions that my family observes at home. It was a special experience that I’ll probably never have again. I loved it and the people I met.

  64. My most interesting trip was one that was supposed to only last for 2 days. It ended up taking over a week and a half to get done. I went on my friends 18 wheeler on a trip and it ended up that I went through I think 8-9 states, and I can no longer say that I have never been off the east coast. We were evacuated at one of the truck stops into the bathroom because of tornadoes, and driving down the road through a tornado zone. I had a blast and would do it again if I had the chance. Had I not fallen for my boyfriend I probably would have sold all of my stuff and ended up going to truck driving school. It was that much fun!


  65. I would say Boston. It was my first trip totally on my own with no one to meet me there.

  66. One of the interesting trips I took was to 1000 Islands NY. You go on a boat to an island that has Bodt’s Castle on it. Its a 100 room castle that the man had started for his wife and she died and he stopped building it. For years you could go and see it as it was undone. Then I heard that because of it being undone that they had to close down and then ended up finishing the castle!! I so want to go back and hope to some day on a vacation (its about a six hour drive) and get to see it again! I think its a beautiful but sad love story! I’d love to be in for the VEGAS book! Thanks

  67. The most interesting trip I’ve ever taken has to be a tie between the treasure hunt I went on in 2007 and the trip I took to Russia last August.

    The treasure hunt was interesting because of what it was all about. It took me to a different city each night and clues took me throughout each city to find the answers and then plug them into a cipher to tell me the location in the next city. It started in Washington DC and went through Richmond, VA; Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Savannah, GA; Panama City, FL; and New Orleans, LA. It was a great time.

    As for Russia, it was Russia. Need I say more? :wink:

  68. Most interesting, and most fun, but not for the reason that it’s interesting, was my trip to Portugal with friends. My one friend got sick with a lung infection, and we didn’t know what it was. We ended up in the hospital, where they spoke limited English, and almost no Spanish, for 12 hours, while I tried to play interpreter between English to Spanish to a dictionary in Portuguese. And Thundercats was on the TV in the lounge – in Portuguese. Not the way we had imagined spending our day…. The rest of the trip was beautiful, I highly recommend visiting Lisbon and Sintra!

  69. I travel a lot both within and outside the country, so it is a bit difficult to pick one trip. However, I guess the most interesting may be my trip to Durban, South Africa for the World Conference Against Racism and Xenophobia–where I was one of the few selected to work on the redrafting of the Youth Declaration of Rights. The conference was three prong–the Youth Conference, the NGO portion, and finally the UN portion. It was great to be able to be a part of all three as a delegate from an NGO organization. Moreover, it gave me an opportunity to interact with so many diverse groups from all over the world who share my passion for equality. To make it even better, I got to share that experience with my mother, who is a human rights activist. Of course, it also didn’t hurt that we got to stay in Durban after the world conference to really visit all parts of Durban and that I got to meet Danny Glover! So, overall, very interesting trip!

  70. I got to go to Ireland with a friend and stay with her family. I found out that their history is considered something that could have occurred yesterday. Spent time in Dublin and Galway and points in between. I did get to kiss the Blarney Stone and enter a cairn. Would love to go back.

  71. I never really go anywhere. The most interesting trip that I took was right after I graduated from high school and had just had my oldest daughter. I had a very close friend (who later became my husband) who was going to move to Nevada. My best friend, him, one of his friends, my daughter, and I all packed into my best friend’s car and headed off on a road trip. We were short on funds and were traveling with a new baby. It was lots of fun, but my parents were so worried and angry with me for just taking off. It was fun though.

  72. i loved tornoto and nigara falls
    cognats on the book

  73. I’ve hardly ever been anywhere but I did once go to Las Vegas when I was 12. All the lights were soo cool at night. I never imagined I would some day live there, but when I turned 18 I moved to las vegas and have stayed here ever since.

  74. I went on a trip to Israel in college, it was awesome (literally). It was amazing to see a place with so much history and it was inspiring to be where Jesus actually walked. very cool trip.