May 20th, 2009
T-minus 14 days

…until Witch Fury releases and I’m still totally calm. This is not a normal emotional state for me right before a release, but I like it. I really do.

My daughter goes to day care one day a week. Mostly it’s so she can run around and play with other little kids her age, but I admit the day off once a week for me is pretty nice too. The thing is, day care is like germ lollapalooza, and she’s been bringing stuff home to me and my husband. I have been sick literally every other week for the last three months.

This is of the suck.

However, as I am told by mothers wiser than I am and many doctors, too, that this has an upside. My daughter is building up her immune system (I guess I’m building up mine too, huh? Or maybe I’m too old for that now. *g*) and this will make her transition to school easier. If we didn’t go through this period of germ exposure now, she’d be doing it later–in pre-school or, worse, in Kindergarten, when it would be detrimental for her to miss school. And, so, we soldier through the germ fest that is day care. I’m just getting over a bug now that my daughter was down with all last week. My husband has it now. I have a martial death rattle in my chest right now. It’s so very attractive.

Anyway, I actually wasn’t posting to whine about germs, although I could do that for a while. I wanted to let you know that the amazing Yasmine Galenorn and I will be doing another blog exchange–like the one we did when Witch Heart released–on Monday, May 25th. We interviewed each other and will have our respective answers up on our blog that day. We’re both also going to be holding contests. So stop by and check it out.

Also, if you’re in Minnesota, I’ll be signing Witch Fury at Uncle Hugo’s bookstore on June 6th 1-2pm. Mary Janice-Davidson will also be there signing Undead and Unwelcome. So stop on by if you’re in the area. I would love to meet you. I don’t get up to Minnesota very often.

5 comments to “T-minus 14 days”

  1. Ugh about the germ factory of daycare. My brother and SIL have been suffering through that for the past few years, too. I keep threatening to start making a “Plague House” line of doormats – they’d be the first recipients!

  2. A few years!!! Someone shoot me now….

  3. While going to college I worked as a cook in a daycare with about 60 kids from 1 to 5 years old. I swear, a germ that gave them a little brightness to the eyes, a little pink to the cheek and nose, had me on my knees praying for death. Kids are strong and maybe those little bugs make them stronger. But their little germs just about killed me!!

  4. When we first put our twins in a regular daycare they were around 2 yrs old. From the time they started at the beginning of October till the end of May (when I quit teaching) they were sick every other week. They were missing upwards to four days a month. Now they are seldom sick even though they have been in preschool this year.

  5. Oh yay! Congratulations on the upcoming release!!!

    As for germs… you know I never got sick as a kid. I wouldn’t miss a day for like 5 years – then be laid low for a week. Then I became sickly and sad in… high school? College? 😛 Going by that, I should blame book learning. lol