July 7th, 2009
Not Always Romance….

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It’s summer. Beach season. Well, okay, maybe not so much for those of us in the middle of the country. For us it’s wish-we-were-at-the-beach-instead-of-the-public-pool season. Nonetheless, we tend to read more in the summer than we do the rest of the year due to vacations, lounging poolside, ect.

My reading habits go through phases. Sometimes all I’m in the mood for are historical romances set in Scotland. Other times all I want to read are paranormal romances, or urban fantasy. I become burned out on one genre or sub-genre and need to switch. My To Be Read pile has books of many different genres/sub-genres in it. Some have been there awhile–just haven’t been in the mood for them yet. (This drives my non-reading husband nuts.)

Right now I’m in a heavy historical fantasy reading phase. I want thick books (700 pages, please) of fantasy novel set in some faraway place in some faraway time. I’m glomming all the historical fantasy I can that sounds good to me. Unfortunately, there’s not tons of it. The market for this sub-genre doesn’t seem to be huge. A pity.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. Most readers, I think, tend to go through phases like these. So, how about you? Are you a dedicated romance reader, or do you stray to other genres sometimes?

10 comments to “Not Always Romance….”

  1. I am trying to boarden my horizon in the genre area. I have read romance, paranormal, histrocial paranormal… and I am seeing where all this takes me next… and with the help of my friends and their reviews and choices… I am taking journeys everywhere!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  2. I love the variety… but my mood does determine what I read at which time. Just started on a Suspense Romance kick…

  3. I read everything but non fiction.

  4. I read pretty much any genre of romance. But I also enjoy reading mysteries, Mary Higgins Clark and James Patterson are two of my favorites there. I read fantasy and action/adventure novels when I get in the mood. I even enjoy reading the classics, Jane Austin, Ovid, Homer, etc. when the time comes.

  5. I go back and forth mainly between paranormal and romantic suspense with some contemporary romance in there. But sometimes I seem to drift to some old reliables just because I need the comfort of an old friend

  6. I’m a dedicated reader. There are just too many talented authors out there for me to discover for me to want to stick to just one genre. 🙂

  7. Best historical fic: Margaret George. Esp. Mary Queen of Scots and Cleopatra.

    Best historical Alt U fic: Jo Walton’s Farthing series. LOVE it.

  8. You should read Jacqueline Carey’s series Kuschiels. What an awesome story. I have read it over and over. I can’t get enough of it. I know that you will enjoy it. Its such a different genre and read. Well written.

  9. I definitely go through phases like that. Of course, I also tend to read across genres at the same time. I really enjoy suspense and thriller novels and will sometimes thrown one in the middle of my romance reading just to read something different.

  10. Hey Anya great job with the Elemental Witches series!I loved Isabelle Novak & Thomas Monahan they were hard to each other and fallen to each other too.I doubt that you can make a storyline for Micah & Stefan too.