September 5th, 2009
Snippet Saturday: Fight Scenes

Snippet Saturday: Fight Scene (emotional)

Welcome to another installment of Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is emotional fight scenes. I picked one of the tense, emotional scenes from The Chosen Sin. Daria and Alejandro have a tumultuous relationship to say the least.



He glanced at her. Damn it. She hadn’t been feeding. “You’re pale and shaking.”

She turned away. “I’m fine.”

“Fine, my ass.” He took her by the upper arm and spun her around to face him. “You haven’t fed. Fuck, Daria. I knew you weren’t feeding from me, but I thought you’d have sense enough to feed from someone.”

She yanked her arm away from him. “Leave off, I’ll find a donor today.”

Overwhelming possessiveness swamped his brain and shut everything else off for a second, including logic. “The hell you will. I don’t want your fangs in anyone but me.”

Daria glared up at him. “You just said you thought I’d been feeding elsewhere these past couple days.”

“That was then. Now that I know you haven’t been, your sweet ass is mine.”

“I’m not sleeping with you, Alejandro.”

He hitched one side of his mouth up in a wry smile. “Isn’t it a little late for that? That deed’s been done.” He paused and his grin widened. “Several times.”
She turned away from him. “I can’t.”

The rejection stung. “Afraid you can’t resist me?” He tried to sound cocky.

“Yes, actually. My libido has had a good taste of you, Alejandro, and now it wants more.”

And, for whatever broken reason, she didn’t want to indulge it. Daria didn’t want a longer taste of him.

Alejandro went silent for a long time, processing her words. In a way, maybe he should be flattered. She considered him a threat to the walls she’d built around herself. That meant he’d done a good job with his original intention–tearing them down.

It hadn’t been enough, though. Alejandro was beginning to understand that Daria was too damaged to accept his love.
Then he finally said, “I promise not to push you, okay? Take my blood, and I won’t touch you in any way not related to the feeding.”

She turned and looked at him.

“I’ll be a perfect gentleman.” He raised his hands, palms out. “Swear.” He’d do his best, anyway.

“I would rather feed from you than a stranger.”

“That’s a point we can both agree on.” He moved to sit on the plush, overstuffed burgundy couch. He stretched his large frame and groaned. “Better hurry up, though, it’s almost time for us to head back over to Sante’s.”

They’d agreed to watch over Ari Templeton ever since the explosion. Tonight they would sit with her and watch the asteroid shower, a magnificent yearly event.

She glanced at him, hesitating.

“Daria, you’re going to do the biting, not me.”

She took a moment longer and then walked to the couch.

“It’s not flattering to my ego be treated like I’m an executioner.”

She only lowered her gaze and straddled him tentatively, not meeting his eyes.

His breath rushed out of him at the sensation of her pressed against him, the warmth of it bleeding through his pants and touching his hard length.
Alejandro knew she fought herself over him. Obscenely, that made him want to push her even though he’d promised not to.

Daria rested her hands on his shoulders and stared into his eyes. Shadows and uncertainty lurked in their depths. He’d vowed that if there wasn’t a way into her heart, he’d find another way to get under her skin. Apparently he’d succeeded. But it wasn’t enough. Alejandro wanted her love.

“Come on, querida,” he said softly. “Bite me.”

Her eyelids lowered a little as the invitation settled over her, likely the result of the acute hunger she must have been feeling. She leaned in toward him and he tipped his head to the side, offering her his throat. Daria hesitated, her gaze flicking to his eyes and then focusing on his jugular. She dipped her head and her fangs scraped his skin, making pleasure flare throughout his body. Two sharp punctures, a stab of sweet pain, and her veil unfurled over him, making his body tense with sexual need.

Was it wrong that he wanted to ease her pants off and tease her until she yielded to him? The urge was strong. To keep his fingers from straying, he fisted her shirt in his hands and held on tight as she took what she needed from him.

Alejandro would always let her take what she needed from him.

The suction on his throat intensified. Her body trembled. She shifted her hips against him, rubbing herself like a cat along his body. Her hands fluttered from their place on his upper arms and eased downward.

“Don’t,” he growled. The one word ripped through his throat.

He couldn’t handle it if she touched him. He would strip her and take her right here on this couch for sure and break the promise he’d made.
She halted and a shudder ran through her body. Her hands gripped his waist and didn’t move again.

Finally the suction at his throat eased, but not until he began to feel the strain of the blood loss in his body. Daria had waited far too long to feed.
She eased away from him, still not meeting his gaze. He grabbed her wrist before she could pull away.

Alejandro really didn’t know why he did it, other than that he hated what lay between them right now. He wished he could force it to be another way, that he could erase parts of Daria’s past and make her heart fit to love and trust again. He could feel her slipping away from him more and more.

Daria stilled, looked down where he’d trapped her wrist and then up at his face. Her color looked better now. She was flushed from the rush of his blood through her veins.

They remained that way for several moments, holding each other’s gaze–his jaw locked and fear flickering through her eyes.
Finally he released her and she snatched her arm away as if he’d burned her.

And that was that.

Daria was lost to him. Maybe she’d been lost from the beginning and he’d been stupid to try and make her see he loved her.

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  1. Anya,
    The Chonsen Sin is my favorite book that you have written. I love Alejandro and Daria chemistry. Thanks for Snippet 🙂

  2. Oh man! that was a great scene wasn’t it?

  3. Thanks for the snippet, it was good.