September 29th, 2009
Hot for the Holidays

Wow, I dropped my daughter at preschool this morning and headed over to an obliging coffee shop to get some work done and immediately tripped on a curb and went sprawling. Haven’t felt like this since I was six and I went over the handlebars of my dirt bike (I was a tom boy). Ouch!

Anyway, in non-bloodied and bruised news, Hot for the Holidays releases today! My novella, Sweet Enchantment will give readers a first taste of my new Dark Magick series. The novella is stand alone, so it’s not necessary to read it in order to understand the plot of Wicked Enchantment, the first full length novel of the series that releases in January….but you know you want to read it anyway, right? (I’m so shameless.)

You can go here to read an excerpt of Sweet Enchantment.

I just returned from RAW, Lora Leigh’s reader appreciation con that she puts on every year. It was my second time attending it and I love it. She’s keeping it small and informal with a loose schedule during the day and fun parties at night. All of this is great because it provides a place for authors to meet with readers, sit around and talk in a comfortable, low-key environment. Honestly, it’s probably my fav con going right now.

Today I’m getting back to work on Jeweled, my historical fantasy (steampunkish) menage a trois romance for Berkley Heat. I need to write a lot on it today, which is good since it will keep my mind off the new release. Before I start to write, though, I need to go home and pick all the gravel out of my palms. *whimper*

Have a great day, all!

5 comments to “Hot for the Holidays”

  1. *wipes drool off chin from gawking at cover*

    Hope you’re ok! I hate tripping like that, but I’m such a klutz that… yeah.

  2. Niice cover. I haven’t tripped like that in a while, but I know the feeling. Hope your hands are better soon.

  3. Hope your day only went better from there on;
    I’ve read Hot for the Holidays, the store had it in already and I enjoyed all four stories.

  4. Hi Anya 🙂
    Congratulations on HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS release day.
    Very hawt cover 🙂
    Thanks for the great post,
    Love & Best Wishes,

  5. I already picked mine up!!! I grabbed that hottie up weekend before last!!!
    He will be mine for the holidays!! Can not wait to settle my hands on that cover and read your story!!

    Don’t you just hate it when the curb decides to jump up and trip you. I mean, those things are viscous. Glad to hear that you did not get bloody… Sorry to hear about the bruises though.
    I do hope your day gets better!