November 25th, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I’ve been quiet lately, but for good reason! I finished JEWELED yesterday. Whew. Just in time for Thanksgiving, and I’m giving THANKS for that.

I have lots to give thanks for this year (as I do every year). I’m an incredibly lucky person and I don’t take my blessings for granted. One thing I’m thankful for is YOU, my reader. Thank you so much for supporting me, buying my books, sending me emails, and talking me up. I can’t even say how grateful I am to ALL of you!

To show my appreciation, I would like to hold a Thanksgiving Contest. Reply to this post with something you’re thankful for and I’ll give you the choice of a book from my stock (I’ll tell you the titles I have on my shelf and you can pick one). I’ll draw a winner on Monday, November 30th. This contest is open to all entrants, but is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.

As for the ARCs of Wicked Enchantment…I had so many wonderful blogger/reviewers contact me that I wish I had about twenty more ARCs to give away than I do. In order to make it fair, I had to draw names at random. I have contacted some of you to let you know to expect ARCs, but I have NOT contacted all of you yet (my book deadline made me put everything on hold for about a week).

I also plan to dig into the twenty five million emails that have been piling up now that I have some free time. So if you’ve sent me an email lately, I’ll be getting back to you soon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, all of you!!! If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, here’s to a wonderful Thursday. 🙂

45 comments to “Happy Thanksgiving!!!”

  1. I am thankful for my eyes so i can read, all the books i have, my family and friends for keeping me sane, and my nice warm bed. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Hi Anya!
    You’ve been very productive. Congratulations on finishing JEWELED!
    I’m thankful that my children are healthy and are good kids.
    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving & a wonderful weekend.
    Love & Best Wishes to you & yours,

  3. Congrats on finishing Jeweled!

    I’m thankful for my family, friends, and all the great books I’ve read this year.

  4. Winner is announced on my birthday, eh? LOL.

    I am thankful for the television show creators of V for bringing us such an awesome series!

    Congratulations on finishing Jeweled!!


  5. I have always thought that Thanksgiving was such a wonderful holiday. We all know that we are blessed in various ways, but to bring notice to some of those blessings is a great thing. I am most thankful for the moments I have every day. Be it moments with my husband, dog, family, friends, alone – just the fact that I can see the sunset & sunrise is worth being thankful. We are not promised anything in this life and to be able to enjoy/find something exciting every day is a personal goal. My house is full of friends right now sharing in the holiday festivities. The moments we get to spend together are so precious.
    Thanks for the opportunity Anya; Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Congrats on finishing ur book. I am thankful
    for my sight so I can watch my kids grow…and read!

  7. I am Thankful for everyday that I get to have with my husband and kids. I am thankful for all the opportunities I have to meet new people and experiance new things. And I am grateful for the country that I live in and the people protecting it who are away from thier families this Holiday season. God bless all of you!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    I’m thankful for my pets, which are like my children. I just got a puppy about 5 weeks ago and while he drives me crazy, I’m thankful for his dragging me out of my house and funks every single day. Currently, he’s watching the dogs on Animal Planet at the end of the bed, completely lounged like a 1930s vamp. And I’m thankful my cats will be getting new food to eat later and won’t get sick from it.

  9. I am thankful for my three handsome boys, my puppy dogs, and the on-line friends that are like family, much more than my actual family, and there for me whenever I need a shoulder to lean on, I know I can depend on them.

  10. What am I thankful for? Well, I hate to get heavy/maudlin… but I’ve been whining about my kids [students] recently…
    But after teaching yesterday, and their “Miss L, can I share something with you” horror stories… I’m really grateful in the three years as a Street Law instructor, I’ve never had any actual bad experiences. My students don’t steal my things (cell phone, wallet, etc.). Nobody has pulled a weapon out on me, or used physical force. Nobody has vandalized or broken into my car. *knocks on wood.*
    Some quick reflection yesterday reminded me of how lucky and blessed I am for that.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone – and thanks for having the contest, Anya!

  11. Hi Anya,

    What I’m thankful for is that I have a good and steady job, my own house, my Diva kitty and lots of friends and family to be there when I need to lean on them – just like they can lean on me if needed. Also that I live in a place where all four season are apparent and I can just go and lose myself in nature whenever I want.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Weekend.


  12. I Am Thankful For My Two Boys. Especially For The Fact That My Three Year Old Is Finally Talking And Putting Together Sentences. For A Long Time We Were Not Sure If That Would Ever Happen. Also I AM Thankful For My Six Year Old Who Loves To Read Story Books To His Brother. Those Are The Things I Am Most Grateful For. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…. 😀

  13. I am thankful for all things things in my life. Most of my wonderful son. He is three and has autism. He does not talk much, although he is smart. I was able to get him in a program that will help. After two weeks we are seeing an inprovement. I am so proud and thankful. This thanksgiving we are thankful for the little things in life.


  14. I’m most thankful for being able to get my Mom on Alzheimer’s medication, and it having an effect. I really missed hearing my Mom when I talked to her.
    That’s the top of a long list..

    Thanks for including us in your celebration for Thanksgiving… hope you have a great one..
    good luck everyone..

  15. I’m still jobless and about to run out of Unemployment Comp but I’m thankful that hubby has a good job. 🙂

    I’m also thankful for TREES! and AUTHORS! because without those two very important pieces to a great book. Then again, I also love digital books. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving Anya!

  16. I am thankful for all the talented authors out there who share with me a piece of their “world.” I always know that in times of loneliness, I can always grab a book and be transported through time and experience a new adventure.

    Thank you for sharing you talent with us – it is truly extraordinary.

  17. I am thankful for my Grandmother who raised me. She is amazing & I love her. She took me in when I needed it

    Happy Thanksgiving Anya. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

    Also Congrats on finishing JEWELED yesterday.


  18. I am thankful for family, friends, and all the authors that write the books I read.

  19. Congrats on finishing Jeweled and Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’m thankful for my family and friends.

  20. I’ve had my Thanksgiving already, it’s in october for us, but I was thankful for my family and friends but also for the great authors we have now. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ❗
    Enjoy your day, stuff yourselves and most
    all …Have a safe holiday ❗

  22. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Congrats, Anya, on finishing JEWELED!

    I’m thankful for family. Tomorrow my family and sister’s family will be celebrating, along with our mom and step-dad. We realized a few weeks ago that I haven’t had Thanksgiving with Mom in about 24 years and Papa has never had an American Thansgiving. We just wish we could have gotten the other siblings here, too.



  23. Congrats on finishing the book. I’m thankful for the support from my family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

  24. I’m thankful for my family *and* for all those authors who contribute to the world and to my gigantic TBR 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Anya!

  25. I’m thankful for having a nice house, nice car, decent job, wonderful son, the invention of the DVR and lots and lots of books to read. Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. I’m thankful that my uncle survived his heart attack. I am thankful that the EMT techs on the ambulance are such awesome people. I’m thankful for my family who even in dire situations like above, find ways to keep spirits up with laughter and jokes. They would rather laugh than cry.

    I am thankful for my husband and kids for being the patient people they are and who love me. I am thankful to the authors for writing such entertaining books to give us all a break from reality every now and then. I am thankful for what we have and what the future has in store for us. I am thankful for all the friends I have who are willing to let me convince them to try this book or that. >:)

  27. Happy Thanksgiving, Anya. I’m thankful for family and close friends there for each other in times of need.

  28. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for my 2 wonderful daughters.

  29. I’m thankful for all the family coming over to my mom’s today and getting together! Congrats on finishing your read and have a great day!

  30. Hi Anya, Congrats on finishing Jeweled, definitely something to be thankful for!
    I am thankful for my husband and his wicked sense of humor! He makes me laugh and think deeper than I want to sometimes but always (mostly) gives me joy! I am thankful that both of my kids are alive and healthy (near miss this year) and that I get to watch them grow up! I am thankful for authors who write great books!

  31. It’s hard to believe another year is about to pass us by but I have a lot to be thankful for – my family is healthy and happy, there’s plenty of food and clean water, and a warm place to sleep at night.

  32. I am thankful for my pain doc who has made it possible for me to be able to make Thanksgiving dinner this year with minimal pain!

  33. I will add my congrats on your finishing JEWELED!!! 😀
    I am thankful for my family always being there for me!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  34. I’m thankful for my mother who understands me so well and stands by me no matter what I’m going through. I’m also thankful to all the writers I love so much for making every day better by giving me a place to escape to.

  35. 😀 😆 😆 😆 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Anya, Congratulations on finishing Jeweled…
    I am thankful for my wonderful family and loving spouse most of all. I am also thankful for all the wonderful books you have written that have entertained me over the years and hope for many more to come….

    Sorry to say that yes am checking all the blogs today as nothing open to shop and our “family” is small so since everyone else is napping off the Turkey and fixings I play on my Mac looking for neat things to read before going outside to rake Pine Needles out of my yard to cover and mulch all my yard plants before the first freeze hits us here in Central Texas.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, be safe….

    Jackie B Central Texas

  36. I am grateful for people that open up their homes to individuals who have no family nearby to spend the holiday with, after only meeting them three times.

  37. I’m thankful that my family was able to all get together to celebrate the holiday. It was the first time in many many years, and was tons of fun despite all of the work that went into it. Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on finishing Jeweled!

  38. Hi Anya!

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!
    I’m thankful for the best husband I could ever ask for, my awesome (non related) family, & for the bestest bffs in my life!


  39. I am thankful for all the blessings that have touched my family. The my dh got to retire, that my son made it home safely from his stint in the Navy, and that my other son found an amazing job that allows him to save up for his dream house.

  40. I am thankful for my health and the wonderful doctors that quickly figured out my rare illness.

  41. I’m thankful that my family is healthy and happy.

  42. Congrats on finishing “Jewel” and Happy belated Thanksgiving!

    I’m thankful my family is healthy and all the authors who help me escape the real world when I’m feeling sick or sad!

  43. I am thankful for the chance to further my education, stressful though it is.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  44. I’m thankful that my family members can get along now.

  45. I am thankful for my family and my health. I also love that new books are available online every week and I always have something new to look forward to.