December 21st, 2009
Book-of-the-Day: Laid Bare

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Every day from today until January 4th, 2010, (except for December 24th and 25th), I’ll be giving away one of Lauren Dane’s fabulous novels. In turn, she will be giving one of mine away. Head on over to her blog to see which one.


Unexpected Desire…

It’s been ten years since clean-cut, sexy-as-hell police officer Todd Keenan had a white-hot fling with Erin Brown, the provocative, wild rocker chick next door. Their power exchange in the bedroom got under his skin. But love wasn’t in the cards just yet…

Now, life has thrown the pair back together. But picking up where they left off is tough, in light of a painful event from Erin’s past. As Todd struggles to earn her trust, their relationship takes an unexpected and exciting turn when Todd’s best friend, Ben, ends up in their bed—and all three are quite satisfied in this relationship without a name. As the passion they share transforms Erin, will it be enough to help her face the evil she thought she had left behind?

To enter for a chance to win this novel, answer the following question in the comment section. The winner will be announced tomorrow. All winners have a week to contact me to collect their prize.

Do you believe that opposites attract?

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  1. Do you believe that opposites attract? – Absolutely!

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  2. They may attract, but staying together is going to be one helluva challenge!

  3. Definitely! I’ve been attracted to my opposite for about 13 years now :)

  4. I most definitely believe that opposites attract, but I think the real question is can they make it work long term….that is not always easy, but no relationship is.

  5. Yes I do – for some. But I also think that sometimes with opposites there are fundamental beliefs that are the same.

  6. Most definitely opposites attract (married to him for about 7 years now) and when said opposites don’t agree or have an argument the making up is fireworks. :mrgreen:

    Merry Christmas y’all :wink:

  7. Yes, I do believe it. My husband and I are complete opposites. I’m very shy and would rather stay home curled up with a book. He is a completely outgoing and loves to be out with people. I help him slow down and he helps me have fun.

    (Please don’t enter me for the book – I already have a copy!)

  8. I do believe that opposites can attract. It’s the differences in us that make life more interesting and intriguing.

    Merry Christmas

  9. Most definitely! My parents are on completely different ends of the spectrum with only a couple of similarities and they’ve just celebrated 26 years! In my own experiences, I think opposites do tend to attract one another, but that they will only last if there are at least a couple of commonalities (preferably their core beliefs).

  10. Yes, I believe that opposites attract. You may have to work at your relationship a little harder, but you have to work at a relationship no matter how compatible you are or not!!

  11. I believe that opposites attract as well. When it doesn’t always work, there are some where the opposites attract like a moth to a flame.
    Work at your relationship just a little harder, horoscopes have nothing to do about it!

    If you truly believe it will work, go for it!

  12. Yes, I do.

  13. Absolutely! How dull would it be if we were only attracted to people almost exactly like ourselves. That’s what keeps life and marriage interesting.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  14. Yes opposites attract Great Uncle’s 2nd wife. Uncle got his ear pierced twice.

  15. Oh yes, I do believe that opposites attract ! I find the person opposite of me very unpredictable and annoying and want to always know more about him ! I am pulled towards a person who has different views and interests than mine !!

  16. I do think opposites attract! I think that’s kinda how it is for me and my bf but where if really counts we have similar attitudes!

  17. Yes, I believe opposites attract. Case and point, me and my husband.

  18. Yes I do… and my grandparents were my first experience that it is true… :grin:

  19. Yes, opposites definitely attract, for better or worse.

  20. They *can*, but not always. I think sometimes the opposite effect makes someone seem more appealing to you right up front, but I think you need a combination of sames and differents to stay sticky :)

  21. Yes I believe opposites attract but can they make their relationship work for all time!

  22. I would have to say for myself no, I’m more attracted to someone that I have things in common with!

  23. Yes, I think that opposites attract but they probably have to work more to make the relantionship work.

  24. I do believe that opposites attract. The differing personalities have a way of complementing each other.

  25. I think opposites attract but also think it lasts (not for all but for some) no longer than a New York minute!

  26. I think opposites can attract but it takes a while for the spark to come on though.

  27. Absolutely—-I have been married to him for 20 years.

  28. I do beleive that opposites attract. They compliment each other,

  29. Definitely since the DH and I didn’t like each other. We’ll be married 22 years in January.

  30. I believe opposites attract but I also believe where your heart is concerned that so long as you are willing to put work in a relationship you have a good chance at succeeding with this relationship.

  31. I beleive they sure do!

  32. Definitely, I think opposites attract!!

  33. I am married to my opposite, so yes, they do attract.

  34. Yes, opposites attract!!

  35. No, not really … my husband and I are very much alike in most parts

  36. Of course opposites attract since one person can’t be perfect at everything. The other completes the picture and has what the first wants, kindof complimentary.

  37. I do think opposites can attract. However, I think the best relationships are built between people who have similar values and morals but aren’t clones of each other. The little differences make us interesting but too different and there’s no common ground. I think it works well when our strengths and weaknesses complement each other. I’ve been married for 25 years and this theory has worked well for me so far lol.

  38. I certainly do believe that opposites attract. My DH and I are similar in some ways but also different as well.

  39. Definitely! Who wants the same old thing all the time?

  40. They sure do, sometimes to their detriment.

  41. Yes, they really do attract. My husband is a spend thrift and I am a saver. I am not a neat freak by any means but I am not messy like my husband. They newspaper just picks itself up off the couch and the clothes off the floor all by themselves. He loves every sport except rodeo. Guess which sport is the only one I like. I can go on and on after 30 years but you get the picture. We are happy and still work with each every day. Yes, opposites do attract.

  42. I believe that they attract. Most of the people that I have been attracted to have been my opposite in some way or another. There is always a need for balance and finding someone who is your opposite can balance out something you are missing.

  43. Based off of my own experiences I would have to say no,. The men that I have been attracted to all have qualities that mirror my own.

  44. Do you think opposite attact? Yes they attact because they complete each other. As they get to knowing their opposite they become a part of a whole. Over time they become one and tend to suffer when apart for long periods..

  45. Definitely!! I’ve been married to my opposite for 32 years!!


  46. Absolutely! My hubby of 34 yrs & I are total opposites, but we have complemented one another & had a great attraction & still going strong! Friends & strangers alike say we are great for each other–keep each other balanced.

  47. Opposites definitely attracted in my case. My husband is a definite extrovert and was elected the most-popular boy in our high school. He took part in everything and was elected to offices repeatedly. I was so shy, yet he somehow fell for me. I credit him with getting me out of some of my shyness.

  48. I do believe that opposites attract, but that not all opposites should be together. I was attracted to my ex, but he was too attached to mom and dad to be a husband and father, so the attraction just wasn’t enough.

  49. Oh absolutly….thats what makes romance go round.

  50. Yes I do. I have many friends and relatives that are opposites but have wonderful marriages and relationships that did not seem possible but they made it work. Of course making up is the best part…

  51. I think that opposites do attract, but it is necessary to have some aspects in common to have a strong relationship. If you are too opposite you have no common ground to deal with life.

  52. Definitely! For example, my hubby and me are SO different!:)

  53. yes i believe opposites attract the whole in and yang effect its special when it does happen but it can

  54. Can someone explain the convoluted workings of this contest on this site to me… despite my history of website design- I took a class a few years back in it- I’m having some trouble figuring it out. Sorry to bother you all, and thanks for responding. =)

  55. I do believe that opposites can attract for some people. It would have to depend on which traits the couple had that were opposites but if they can learn the art of compromise, they can make a relationship work.

  56. yep I absolutely do believe that oppisites attract.

  57. Most definitely…as twenty plus years of marriage to my husband will prove.

  58. OMGosh yes My DH and I are so not alike he is a wizard with the computer me I am so challenged it funny….
    He’s a neat freak I’m not sloppy but possessed with neatness,
    good contest Have a good one…….

  59. Yes, I think opposites attract. But I think the key to making it work is continuing to value the differences that give strength to the relationship rather than trying to change the other person.

  60. yes, not always good, but yes. :wink:

  61. Oh ya opposites to attract. With out differences between two people then there is nothing to keep you interested in that person for any length of time much less for the rest of your life.

  62. Yes opposites attract. I wouldn’t still be married for 21 years if that wasn’t true!

  63. I do believe that opposites attract to a point, but there also have to be enough commonalities to allow a couple to overcome their differences. If one partner is a couch potato and the other is a go-go-go type of person and they have nothing in common, they’ll never spend enough time together to remember how much they love each other.

  64. Absolutely! I’ve always ended up with some one totally the opposite from me!

  65. Hi Anya! Oh I do believe they attract! I believe too that those that have alot in common do too. I guess with those that are opposites, they can look at it in the positive way of a bunch of fun challenges learning about each other and their joys. Then too, they can know too that there will be times they will share these interests with others, their friends, that make them really whole.

  66. I think some opposites may attract. That can be fun, but some can be plain dull or irritating lol.

  67. Definitely! I have been attracted to my opposite on many occasions!

  68. yes, they attract, but I’ve found that those that are more alike stay together longer after the sex ends-like friends :eek:

  69. Do opposites attract? Oh yeah, just like a magnet! :wink:

  70. I believe opposites attract in some cases but I don’t necessarily believe it’s a good thing. I think too many differences are bad.

  71. Yes, I do believe opposites attract. Not always, but part of the time.

  72. I think they do, but sticking together as long as the major traits are similar.. lilke morals & ethics.. I have a hard time seeing where 2 people who were opposites on those could last long.

  73. I think opposites attract and work when they complement each other in such a way that they meet somewhere in the middle through compromise. Whereas polar opposites who are unwilling to bend are likely to breakup.

  74. I think they can attract and as long as their differences do not drive each other crazy they can stay together too.

  75. Opposites totally attract. They have a way of balancing each other out that can be good for a couple.

  76. Yes opposites totally attract. Good girls always want bad boys and bad boys want to corrupt good girls.

  77. Opposites have to attract. Who wants to fall in love with an exact copy of yourself. You need someone who challenges you in all the positive ways.

  78. Absolutely! Opposites are intriguing and exciting because they’re not like us.

  79. Yes I do believe that opposites attract – and work when they complement each other.

  80. Yes, I do believe that opposites attract, but there needs to be a few common threads to hold you together as well.

  81. Sure, opposites attract, because it is fun and interesting to try new things together. It stimulates all those neat-o endorphins in the brain. But you have to have some things in common to maintain a relationship, and the important things (finances, religion, fidelity) have to match too!

  82. yes, I believe opposites can attract and even be friends

  83. Yes i do think opposites attract.I’m shy and I looking for a out going guy to off set my shyness.and stuff like that but there should be some thing thay both like movies or books… :wink:

  84. No I don’t believe opposites attract. I think alot of people look for someone similar to themselves.

  85. Great giveaway!! I believe opposites attract as long as you have some things in common and enjoy being together.

  86. Yes, definitely. It’s like ying and yang, there needs to a balance. :)

  87. I definitely believe opposites attract. I am a huge reader and am content with a book if the power goes out – as long as I have a radio for noise and a light to read by.

    Hubby goes crazy if he can’t play on his computer. He is a total techy.

  88. Hi Anya~

    Yes, I do believe that opposites attract. There is just such an appeal to that person who seems so very different from you, and if you are very luck then you are able to find the connections that make your relationship work.

  89. Yes I do think that oppisites attract. I believe that, depending on the situation and the people that oppisites or similars attract each other.

  90. I believe opposites do attract, but it’s hard to stay together long term without something in common.

    jessicacapelle at gmail dot com

  91. Yes, I do believe! As long as you have something in common…

  92. I do believe that opposites attract and help to balance each other out.

  93. I do think opposites attract. It keeps things interesting when you aren’t the same people.

  94. Well, it has worked between my husband and I for the last 30 years! :) We make a good team. So, I think it can work really well but on the other hand, if two people are too different and just constantly rub each other the wrong way, it could be a disaster. It depends on the individual people and how they work as a couple.

  95. Yes, me and my husband are complete opposites and we were attracted to each other right away.

  96. I think opposites attract, but the attraction doesn’t always last and the relationship falls apart. Thanks for the contest

  97. Yes, I believe opposites attract. It is finding common ground after that keeps a relationship lasting.

  98. Opposites attract as long as some core values overlap.

  99. I do believe that opposites attract. There is usually something about them that you don’t have that draws your interest(and I don’t mean sexually). but if they are too opposite the attraction won’t last very long. They have to have some things in common also to have a long lasting relationship. At least I would think so.

  100. I do believe in opposites attract (you can’t find more different that I and my DH). I even think it makes the most interesting stories.
    Thanks for the great contest !!

  101. Opposites both attract and repel. The trick is to find complementary opposites, rather than the little ones that will drive two people crazy if they are confined in the same space for more than 3 days!

  102. Yes, definitely can happen!! :smile:

  103. I think that those are the first ones we fall in lust with. Then it is all about finding out if there is more than just lust. :roll:

  104. Being attracted to your opposite keeps you from getting bored with them.