December 22nd, 2009
Book of the Day: Holiday Heat


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HOLIDAY HEAT featuring SWEET CHARITY by Lauren Dane and UNRAVELED by Jaci Burton

Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane. Eight years after a horrible one night stand,Charity and Gabriel finally find themselves in bed again. Trouble is, he thinks she’s too nice a girl to accept his darker sexual urges, so he’ll only agree to a short term fling. Gabriel’s about to find out that even sweet girls have their limits.

Unraveled by Jaci Burton. Entrepreneur Mitch Magruder wants to buy old friend Greta Mason’s rundown motel. Greta loves the motel and intends to hang tight, despite the feelings between her and Mitch. Can a man afraid to commit and a woman bruised by the past find a love worth building a future on?

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What’s one of your best holiday memories?

107 comments to “Book of the Day: Holiday Heat”

  1. One year our neighbor dressed up as Santa and came to our house to give us each a present.

  2. my Brothers & Sister are spread to the four winds and one year the stars were aligned we all met up. Had a fantastic dinner a couple of drinks and a ton of Laughs. The best!

  3. OK this is going to sound absolutely horrible, but one of my fav holiday memories is the year we opened up all of my mothers gifts from my step father (my mom was there) They were such odd sizes and we just couldn’t figure out what some of them were. So my brother, sister and I were all up late one night and my mom got up to keep us company and our curiosity go the best of us.

    The two gifts that I remember were the gift that looked like a tennis racket was in fact a splatter shield, and the clothing box contained a hunter green sweat shirt with a hunting picture of a deer on it. While it doesn’t sound very funny writing about it we laughed so hard that we were silent laughing….do you ever laugh so hard that you no longer make sound. We were. Maybe it was because it was so late, or because the gifts were so outrageous and not my Mom at all but we had a great time…and it was just as funny the next morning when she had to open up the gifts in front of everyone and try to contain our laughter. I think my stepfather though we were completely deranged. Why else would a splatter shield send us into fits of laughter….
    anyways we all remember sharing the laughter and the time together with fond memories :)

  4. When our daughter was 2 years old, she crawled out of her toddler bed very early one Christmas morning. She opened every present under the tree, her own as well as family gifts. Then she woke us up, munching on one of the Christmas cookies we had made and wrapped for family gifts. Imagine our surprise when we found our living room filled with shredded Christmas wrap and scattered Christmas cookies! We spent that Christmas morning rewrapping gifts!

    God Bless,

  5. My best holiday memory is when my now husband of 8 yrs proposed to me. It was so surrea, especially because I always said I would never get married. But the funny thing was he said the same thing, until he met me. I still love him like the first day. :lol:

  6. One of my best holiday memories is playing cards with my family. One year all my family got together and we played for hours, and at the end I won most of the games, which means a lot of money . I was fun seeing the face of my grandfather as I won his money. :grin:

  7. I’ll never forget the Christmas morning I woke up to find my Mother and Uncle taking tequila shots (they rarely ever drank). I think I may have been sixteen at the time. My mom told me she was nervous about cooking a big dinner (we had several family members coming) and she’d decided to drink something to take the edge off. It turned out to be one of the tastiest Christmas dinners to date. It sticks in my memory because it’s one of the very few times I ever saw my mother have a drink and get a little tipsy. :lol:

  8. My mother always set a formal table on Christmas day, special china, candles the works. I miss that now that they have moved away.

  9. This may sound trite, but my best Christmas memory changes every year with the new season. As my children grow and slowly move out (two grown up, two still at home) and grandchildren enter the picture (up to 4 now), the memories become more cherished. I feel blessed to be a mother whose grown daughters still love her, call her every day and don’t feel “obligated” to spend Christmas Eve with me, but WANT to spend it here. Still having a young 9-year-old at home and a trouble-free teen also gives me blessings. I’m blessed that even though I’ve been mostly unemployed for over two years now, Christmas and it’s joy have not been diminished.

  10. one of my favorite memories is playing in all the snow with my siblings and cousins when we went over to our grandparents for the xmas.

  11. Since I was a bit of a loner as a kid I liked things I could do alone so one of my favorite Christmas’s was with a special gift. I remember getting these activity packs as a kid, I loved them! there was so much to do and I would spend days playing with it.

  12. Hi :D
    it isn’t actually my favorite one, but I will never ever forget it…here we go: a holiday memory I will never forget is when I had to go to the hospital because I touched a candle at the graveyard on Christmas Eve – it wasn’t so bad, but I really love the idea behind – my whole family went there to spend time together and after that we celebrated…
    wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  13. When I was about 4, I snuck out to the hallway where I could just barely see the XMas tree. (We weren’t allowed to peak until the camera was firmly in place.) I was so excited that I actually thought I saw Santa, but since I didn’t want to get caught peeking, it was just a quick glance. I really believed I saw the big guy for several years after that. Definately a big believer here!

  14. I was in kindergarten and my sister and I were fighting like cats and dogs on Christmas Eve. No matter what my mother said, we would not give it up. The phone rang and my mother put us on. It was Santa and he told us that if we didn’t stop fighting and get to bed he would pass us up. If we didn’t believe him just look out the window to see the lights from his sleigh. We looked and the window and sure enough, there were lights! We ran to our room, shut off the light and closed our eyes immediately!!! I found out much later that it was our neighbor on the phone and the lights were from a plane. LOL

  15. my favorite christmas memories are spending christmas morning at my grandparents with our entire family. As our family grows we now spill out of the living room, down the hall and up the stairs. It is a loud mess with with gifts out about 5 feet around the tree, it is a wonder we can all get into the room.

  16. I don’t know that I have one favorite memory. The holidays have always been my favorite time of year and I love our Christmas traditions.

    One of my most memorable Christmases was when I was 4 going on 5. My Dad was in the Army at the time (he retired the year after this) and was actually gone from November until February for Operation Just Cause (Invasion of Panama). Mom and I kept the Christmas tree up until he came home and we had his present sitting under it with a big red bow on it – that was the year we got our first computer. He was so happy!

  17. My favorite holiday memory…I do not know I have a favorite, but I do know the one that stands out the most in my mind.

    A few years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. When they found it he was already stage 4. My parents had not been together in quite a few years, but one of my sisters asked that we all get together for Thanksgiving since there was a good chance it would be the last one we would all have together. So my mother allowed my father to come up to her house. We all actually got along pretty well which we had not done in years.

    It was the last Thanksgiving for my father he died the following May. My baby sister and her family moved away the day after Thanksgiving. My middle sister has not been up here to truly visit since. So even though it is also a sad memory it is still a good one.

  18. spending it w/ my girls, since 1 is no longer here, those memories are there more often.

  19. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when it snowed over a foot, transforming outside to a winter wonderland. After the presents and breakfast were done the neighbors joined us and we made an awesome sledding run/luge. We all had a blast and nursed aches and pains by the fire afterwards w/hot chocolate.

  20. Realizing my kids are old enough to open each and every ornament that I’ve taken time over the years to collect. They now pour over each one and remembering the stories behind each!!! Our memories are now traditions! That’s how it all starts.

  21. This wasn’t my favorite but one that made our family know a deep and loving feeling about Christmas. The four kids and me all had the mumps for Christmas morning. Needless to say there was no dinner made as we could not swallow and my husband was just glad we were altogether and he ate a tv dinner for his Christmas meal. It’s a Christmas that has never been forgotten and a time when we sure were the closest we could be. susan L.

  22. This year–Christmas shopping with DH! What a guy!

  23. My favorite memories are the Christmases I spent with my maternal grandmother. All the family would gather at her house. the garage was equipped with heat and all my cousins and I got to sleep on the beds in the garage. It was an adventure! She passed away when I was eighteen.

  24. One of my favorite is when my daughter (who is 14 now) was 2. Santa visits our house on Christmas Eve, the kiddies go to bed early and when they hear Santa’s sleigh bells that means he has left the building. Well, when my 2 year old heard Santa’s sleigh bells, she came racing down the hall after Santa. She’s yelling “Santa wait! Please Santa come back. Wait Santa!” and goes chasing after him outside hollering for him to wait. It was a truly special and funny momment in our house. What made it even funnier is we had a foot of snow on the ground and my daughter was in her PJs and socks. She now watches that particular memory every year at Christmas on the video her Daddy shot that night. We still laugh at her cute little voice yelling at Santa to “Wait!”

  25. My best holiday memory would have to be this year… Dec 14th… After years of trying and being told we couldn’t have another child our second son was born. My 6 yearold David loves his brother Jonathan and I feel like my family is finally complete. I can’t wait till christmas because it will make it real. After 4 miscarriages and tons of heart ache our family is complete. Me, My husband and our two boys. I will never forget this year or this holiday season. :grin:

  26. My fave holiday memories are of helping my mother with the holiday meal.

  27. When I was a pre-teen, my bedroom was in the front of the house. My fondest Christmas memories are of me laying in bed, seeing the Christmas lights twinkle out my bedroom window (they made soft rainbow patterns on my walls) and listening to the radio track Santa’s progress across the world.

  28. One of my favorite Christmas memories was from when I was little…about seven or eight. We lived in Wyoming then and we were going back to Iowa for Christmas, so we had to have Christmas at our house early that year. We were all worried about if Santa wouls remember to come to our house early that year…our parents reassured us but we still weren’t sure. So, on the last night before we had to leave…we had to go pick my Dad up from work. My Mom loaded us all into the car and by the time we got home…Santa had come to visit. It was so fun and we were all so excited.

  29. One happy Christmas memory is from one of the
    first years my husband and I were married. I’d taken a second job doing seasonal retail stuff, ostensibly for fun (and the discount ;)), and I’d often come home cranky and exhausted. One evening I came home to a fresh tree *and* a
    freshly made chicken pot pie. That was such a treat :) I’ll have to see if I can convince him to make another one someday!

  30. My dad dressing up as santa with one hand attached to his chin to keep the make-shift woolen beard there whilst prowling up the stairs. I couldn’t keep myself from laughing.

  31. When my kids were little and the stars in their eyes when they saw their presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

  32. The first Christmas my Mum & I spent after she ended a twenty-four & a half year abusive marriage. I was so proud of her courage and strength…

    Merry Christmas

  33. One of my favorite memories is driving home from my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve and staring out the window the whole time trying to see Santa flying in the sky.

  34. Mine just happened Sunday Night!

    My brother showed up at my back door (in NY) for a surprise christmas visit – He lives in JAPAN!!!!

  35. :grin:
    My favorites were of going to my Grannie’s and Pop’s in Hayfork, Ca. They always had snow and lots of treats laying around to eat and my grannie always had ribbon candy in a special glass dish and she would let me have a piece or two. The tree was beautiful and there were lots of gifts(inportant to a kid) but the best was all the love .

  36. What’s one of your best holiday memories?

    i dont recall a favorite one or best. bcuz i luv them all! the holidays are always great bcuz its a time when i get to catch up and be with all relatives and jsut have fun and talk!

  37. My son’s were young and we lived 8 hours from my parents home. We traveled during a terrible ice and snow storm home to my parents (their grandparents) for Christmas. We began the day before Christmas eve and arrived on Christmas Eve. The time we spent traveling made us so glad to be together and made Christmas even better that year.

  38. I live in Ohio and last year my brother who lives in New Mexico and I haven’t seen in 7 years came home for the holidays!

  39. When I was little we always would come visit my grandparents for Christmas and open all of the presents from our family on Christmas Eve. We would also sit around and listen to Christmas music and eat cookies and fudge.

  40. I have many holiday memories but my favorite has to be one where I’m playing with my sisters and brother.

    kalynnick AT yahoo DOT com

  41. Christmas two years ago when we went to see my parents after the DH got back from Iraq. The DH was home 20 days in 15 months he was gone.

    The weather was nasty and cold but on Christmas Day it was 32 degrees and ice fog, absolutely everything was covered in frost. We got some of the most beautiful pictures of the area around where I grew up.

  42. The year Santa came down our chimney because we found his footprints the next morning was great. The only thing that confused us was why mom was vaccuming up the footprints the next morning. Turns out my dad had dipped his boots in baby powder and left a path through the house.

  43. One of my best Christmas memories was when my eldest son was about 6. Every year my dad would dress up as Santa and come to my grandparent’s house for Christmas Eve and bring one present that each of the kids had asked for. This particular year he came and my son, Kenny, was on his lap. My dad had just given him the Batman car my son had been begging for all season, when Kenny looks down and says “Santa, you have the exact same shoes as my grandpa!” My dad just answered, “Your grandpa is a smart guy!” and Kenny looked at Santa and said “Yep!”

  44. One of my best Christmas was 5 years ago when all my family were together, these days everyone is off doing there own thing.

  45. My daughter’s first Christmas is a warm fuzzy memory that will live on forever in my mine ;) She was such a trooper trying to rip paper off of presents! then she liked the bows more than the actual toys!

  46. My best holiday memories always were seeing my grandparents, whether waiting at our windows looking out for them or if my parents drove us 3 hours to see them. Knowing we would see them soon were the happiest moments of the holidays for me!

  47. My favorite holiday memory is going to my grandpa’s farm for Christmas. I would get to see all my aunt’s, uncles, & cousins.

  48. Since my mom’s birthday is on Christmas Day, we manage to see both sides of the family and most family friends together on one day. It always makes for great memories!

  49. When I was five my Mom told me Santa had left my presents on the porch. I opened the door and on the porch was a shiny blue pedal car filled with presents. I was so excited I screamed.

  50. My best memory is my mother visiting us for christmas dinner and getting to meet all five of my children for her last ever christmas.

    We had moved her nearer to us as she was very ill and needed special care, she spent the day at our house and enjoyed herself a lot even though she was sick.

    It gave my childen a chance to get to know their grandmother who had always lived to far away to visit before that.

  51. Best Holiday memory. We were newlyweds and we could only afford one gift. Well, we just moved into our new home days before Christmas and did not even have window coverings. But DH and I were so in love and it was the happiest feeling. We ended buying each other leather slippers because the floors were so cold. LOL Ah, young love. We often laugh about it.

  52. My favorite memory of Christmas was when my oldest daughter and I got the the flu, I know how can anybody have a fond memory of the flu right. But there we were sick as a dog, opening Christmas presents. Instead of rushing around going to all the grandparents houses and Aunts and Uncles, we stayed home. And it brought our family closer I think. We didn’t have to worry about rushing around and seeing everybody we just sat around and played with the new toys and enjoyed our time together.

  53. My best Holiday Memory is when my nephew was 3 he heard the diamond comercial where ity talks about that something special for the girl you love he spend over a week lookingf or shiny “rocks” for his girls as he called us me his mom and granma he found us rocks had hisgrnapa help hiim wrap them and told us heres somethin special for the girls he loves best christmas ever

  54. My best holiday memory is having the whole family over for brunch. Usually we’d get dim sum, or I’d make pancakes and open presents up together while watching the parade on tv. Family time is the best :)

  55. Best and favorite Holiday memory is 1981, got married 12/11/09 and first christmas spent with new Husband was my happiest. Woke up Christmas morning with the best present ever my best friend and still feel that way all these years later (28 and counting this year…)

    Jackie B Central Texas

  56. The Reveillon at my grandparent’s house where every family member always showed up. to about 45 people including aunts uncles nephews and nieces, grandchildren and any in laws. There would be home made tourtieres, ragout and multiple pies all delicious and finally after eating the opening of presents. It would last till 3am and then all would go to their respective houses to get a few hours of sleep before starting over with their own little families.

  57. I would have to say it was many years ago my husband now (then boyfriend) surprised me while at his aunt’s house with an engagement ring!!!

  58. My favorite memory is the one my premature girls were able to leave their beds and see Santa and get a whole family picture. Very nice since one didn’t get out until 4 months later!

  59. The year I was three and burnt my tush on a space heater, but my sister gave me a stuffed animal that I had been coveting, so it was all good. lol


  60. Our former neighbors always dressed up as Mr.& Mrs. Claus. For $2 gas money they’d come to your house & visit your children. Jake was 3 and Mikie 4. Jake was soooo quiet & serious & Mikie, you could see the devil dance in that boys eyes. When they came to the door, Mikies eyes got huge and he never uttered a sound. Jake on the other hand was so excited he chatted like nobody’s business & hasn’t shut up since! He’s now 19….that reversal was just so amazing and funny.

  61. I was spending Christmas with my cousin, but then she had to go to work and she bought me a ticket so that I could travel with her and wouldn’t have to be alone for the holiday.

  62. When I was a child, I loved getting up first thing in the morning with my younger brother and sister, and trying to keep them in bed till a decent hour of the morning.

  63. It is not quite a Christmas memory but I always think about it at this time of the year.

    Here in South Africa we are in summer not winter at the moment but 10 years ago we had a freak snowstorm in Late September. It was the first snow in our area in 30 years !My son and daughter were quite young at the time and neither has seen snow in their lives.

    Great celebrations, we rolled bals for a snowman, made snow angels and wondered if the kids were going to come down with hypothermia as we could not get them indoors!

    They are both not living at home now but I still remember that day every year, probably because of all the snow in shop windows and on Chrisatmas cards even over here!

  64. When I was younger, I wanted to play the bagpipes. For Christmas, my father promised me a set of bagpipes. He was a plumber, so he took a plumber’s bag and some pipes and wrapped my “bagpipes” up in a big box. We still chuckle over it today.

    Another time, my brother picked up a card for my mother without looking at it. My family speaks no Spanish, and the card said “mi esposa”. We all laughed very hard, with my father saying since he and my brother have the same name, he would save it and “recycle” it next year. He wouldn’t even have to sign it. Sure enough, my mother got the same card next year!

  65. It was the first Christmas after my grandmother had passed away. We were feeling blue but we went through the motions, anyway.

    After dinner, we played board games, Clue, Trivia Pursuit, etc. and we had a blast! And though we brought up my grandmother throughout the day, we did so with laughter and love and not sadness.

  66. The year our neighbor dressed up as Santa – and my little girl (age 2-1/2) would not go near him! She cried and cried! At 33 she sort of remembers that day!

  67. In 1958 I ask for only 1 thing. The new small, portable battery operated radio with carrying case. As i opened my gifts Christmas morning, I did not see anything the size of my radio. I Rcved girly things, clothes etc. and finally i was handed a box, bigger than a bread box, but to large for my radio. I opened the box and was another box inside. opened that box and there was my yellow portable radio with carring case. I was so excited I started crying. I really did not expect to get this gift as I had been in hospital and money was tight. I was one happy teenager., Of course I have other Christmas memories of my children that I will always remember.

  68. My best holiday memories are going to be this year having my daughter back home! She has been living with her father for the past 9 years. It’s going to be heaven having her here with us this year.


  69. Not sure if I could pick a fav, I have some great memories as a child, but just seeing the joy on my childrens faces each Christmas morning as they still believe at 11,7,6 is enough to keep the Christmas magic alive.

  70. Saying I would eat a potato and got a pineapple instead lol It’s a long story but it was one of the funniest!

  71. As children my sisters and I used to dress up for every dinner so christmas was extra special, there were always parties at our grandmothers house but I liked it when everything was over and it was just us as a family of 5 since it was rare my parents were even home.

  72. This one Christmas that my sister and I got everything Barbie! It was a pink explosion lol

    As in, there was a whole LOT of barbie merchandise and I think we were about 8 and 9 (still ridiculously hooked on the iconic toy) and we were in heaven, then the entire family had a wonderful brunch cooked by mom.

  73. Seven Christmas Seasons ago, I finally got through to my parents and got permittion to get a puppy. I was calling around the local shelters and one of the them had a pregnant mother dropped on there door step. Because the mother was so weak, the puppy were only 5 weeks but could be picked up.

    When I got to the shelter I picked the first puppy to come up to me since that was the one I felt connected too. She was the smallest, shyest one in the puppy pen. I feel in love with her one brown eye and one brown/blue eye.

    Since I was not expecting to actually get a puppy that day when I went looking. I had to drive right to PetsMart to get supplies. When I got there Santa was there. My first picture of my puppy was with Santa and now it hangs in a ornantment.

  74. My very favorite holiday memory happened Christmas of 1993. My miracle baby was due Christmas Day but came 1 week early! We tried for years to have a second baby and were told it wouldn’t happen but we never gave up and I did get pregnant and how neat that he would be due Christmas Day! He has been the very best Christmas gift I ever got!!

  75. I love all the decorations and how nice people are….. and then there is the food.

  76. One of my best holiday memories is when my sisters and I were much younger, our parent used to take us to My Aunt & Uncles home for “Christmas on Boxing Day” Unfortunately, this get together was just about the only time of year we were able to see this branch of the family, so it was neat to see how everyone had grown and changed over the year! We’d play board games, go sledding or skating, enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner and finally we’d all gather around the tree and fire place to sing carols while my cousin played along with his guitar! It was awesome! Of course, as all families go, we all grew up and now have kids of our own and that tradition just sort of fell by the wayside. Pooh! I really liked those parties!

  77. One of my favorite Holiday memories is sitting on the couch and getting to spend time with my Uncle Mickey. I mostly only saw him on Christmas so it was a special time.


  78. One of my favorite holiday memories is just being with my mom and brother. There’s just something about being with them that just puts me in the Christmas spirit!


  79. Christmas dinner,when the whole family would get together and and just be together.

  80. Several years ago when my son was on Christmas break, we had a ton of snow. He was 8 but he just kept saying this was the best week of his whole life. He had so much fun that year.

  81. My best Christmas gift was my daughter. I went into labor with her late Christmas night, but I thought it was just indigestion from too much turkey, LOL. She was born early in the morning on December 27 by c-section after a really long and awful battle to get her to come out. Although I never want to do THAT again, she was worth all the pain, and then some!

  82. One of my best holiday memories was getting up and finding that Santa had left me a corduroy Eeyore. This is only odd because I was 16 at the time. Now 10 years later I still have that stuffed animal. I still get Santa every year. This was a good reminder of keeping the mystical part of Christmas alive for me.

  83. My favorite holiday memory is of my son’s first Christmas, I loved watching him try to open his presents and the joy that he expressed was something that I will never forget.

    Chris M

  84. the time that I got furbees for my niece’s it was the year that they where big and no one could find them in the store but I order them early for my niece’s and got them for the girls thay where so surprised.

  85. My best holiday memories are when we are all done with our meal and sitting around laughing and sharing stories.

  86. I have many memories but this one takes first place. One year when my oldest was 12 she had been really bad so I found some coal and put it in a red velvet bag and then in a big box and wrapped it. I hid all of her other presents so that was the only one under the tree. We had told her that if she didn’t start being better Santa was going to bring her coal. When she opened the present and saw the coal she gave a deep sigh and said, “Well, I guess I had that coming.” And she didn’t say another word. She didn’t cry or get upset or anything. She actually was really good. About an hour later I brought out all the rest of her gifts and she started crying and saying she didn’t deserve them. I told her the gifts weren’t because she deserved them but because I loved her.

  87. My most memorable Christmas would be about 30 years ago I was invited to Christmas Dinner at my now DH parents house where I met my husbands Grandfather who became my most cherished relative I was given the job of helping him fix his plate sit beside him hat became my Job up until he was called home. T Now My Husband sits in his Grandfathers seat at the Family Table.
    Have a good one….

  88. Best holiday memory? One Christmas Eve, my brother and I stayed up all night playing with our new toys. I was ten. It was the one of the only times we played without fighting. I look back at it now and cherish that time.

  89. Every Christmas is my favorite, because the family gets together for Christmas dinner.

  90. Most of my family don’t speak to each now. But my favorite holiday memory is being at my grandmother’s house when everybody was there. Just having a good time and enjoying family. I miss that.

  91. The times when my brother and I were little kids and all our cousins came over was the best memories. It’s sad but we’ve all gone our separate ways now.

  92. I was about 7 or 8 years old and I got to have the Christmas tree in my room. I was so excited! I decorated the tree with my toys and yarn.

  93. One of the best Holiday memories was the year I was in 10th grade. My best friend was in town visiting and got to spend xmas eve with us. We finally went to bed and sometime after I went to sleep mom put my class ring on my finger. I woke up to go to the bathroom around 4:00am and saw it. We ended up waking my brother up and sitting up the rest of the night playing Ms. Pacman on the atari.

    All of my xmas growing up were special because my grandparents were always there xmas morning when we got up.

  94. My most memoriable memory of a special holiday is me in Jamaica on a boat trip. I had such a woderful time. Lol

  95. Being reared in Virginia we were quite used to snow. Our Florida family however wasn’t. They had arrived safetly for the Holidays and Christmas morning a heavy snowstorm arrived.

    They were awed. We went sledding, had snowball fights and snow ice cream after opening our gifts.

    I could have cared less about the gifts…I had too much fun (was about 11 I think) playing in the snow.

    Happy Holidays ~

  96. My favorite holiday memory is of my dad lifting me onto his shoulders so I could put the star on the tree. It was the biggest honor in my house.

  97. My best holiday memory is the first time we were solid enough to do a real christmas for my little brother and sister. We’ve tried our best to keep the spirit for my sister but it was hard to save up for my brother and they were both amazingly surprised to get what they wanted for christmas. :)

  98. Each Christmas with my nieces and nephews has tons of great memories, but my favorite has to be when my sister-in-law found out she was pregnant with twins, who are now 5. The way she let my parents and grandparents know (all on Christmas Eve) was to wrap a preemie diaper with a note inside telling them that she was pregnant with twins. It was so cute, and such a great way to celebrate Christmas.

  99. Christmas when my kids were all small when the price of gifts didn’t matter. All that matter was that there were alot to open :!:

  100. I have many great holiday memories. We were engaged Christmas Eve many years ago. My absolute favorite memory is when my oldest son was born 21 years ago today!

  101. I was only 6 or 7. Mom and dad were wrapping gifts late on Christmas Eve. I was too excited to sleep, but stuck in my room. suddenly I heard sleigh bells. You know the jingle bells kind of sound. It was up in the sky over our neighborhood and moved around some while I could here it. Needless to say, after seeing nothing up there from my window, as the sound drifted around I dived back into bed and pulled the covers up. Didn’t want to miss out on those gifts.

  102. my best recent holiday memory was last year (my last year in college). we were had a secret santa going on and i still had to buy my secret santa her gift. of course me being me waited the last minute and when i announced i’m going to the mall my friends (one was my secret santa) wanted to come. it was just fun trying to be sneaky and asking her for her opinion without her knowing that i was buying her her gift.

  103. My family being all in one place.

  104. One year, when I was little, everyone except me got a serious attack of the ‘flu.
    The adults had just enough energy to cook the meal but nothing else. Mostly we just lazed around the house listening to my mother’s Burt Bacharah record.
    Nearly 40 years later I still feel a wash of contentment when I hear Burt Bacharah.

  105. My Favorite holiday memorie has to be the christmas my oldest son was 3, not because of how he responded to his new toys or anything like that but because that was the first year he was able to enjoy all that goes into the sprit of christmas the baking and all the decorating, he loved decorating the cookies the best. And he is now 18 but he still enjoys the baking and the decorating with me and I have a 8 year old so I have double the memories and even more fun every year.

  106. My family gathers for a reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve every year. I always go back for this event as it is the only time where I can get to see all my family together. These annual visits are my best holiday memories.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  107. I will always remember waking up to the smell of my mother’s cooking on the morning of Christmas Eve. I would wait hungrily for dinner so we could open up our presents then go to church. The day took soooo long. The meal was surprisingly done quick! Then presents to open. Mom is no longer with us. Now I make my own traditions with my kids. We make cookies to leave for Santa. We track Santa on the computer. We wake up and video the entire opening up of gifts! Then we toss all the shredded wrapping paper in the air to fall on us. Life changes and goes on. Love remains the same.