December 22nd, 2009
Book of the Day: Holiday Heat


Every day from today until January 4th, 2010, (except for December 24th and 25th), I’ll be giving away one of Lauren Dane’s fabulous novels. In turn, she will be giving one of mine away. Head on over to her blog to see which one.

By random drawing, the winner of yesterday’s book-of-the-day contest for LAID BARE is Deirdre, who said “Absolutely! How dull would it be if we were only attracted to people almost exactly like ourselves. That’s what keeps life and marriage interesting.”

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Holiday Heat 72 WEB

HOLIDAY HEAT featuring SWEET CHARITY by Lauren Dane and UNRAVELED by Jaci Burton

Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane. Eight years after a horrible one night stand,Charity and Gabriel finally find themselves in bed again. Trouble is, he thinks she’s too nice a girl to accept his darker sexual urges, so he’ll only agree to a short term fling. Gabriel’s about to find out that even sweet girls have their limits.

Unraveled by Jaci Burton. Entrepreneur Mitch Magruder wants to buy old friend Greta Mason’s rundown motel. Greta loves the motel and intends to hang tight, despite the feelings between her and Mitch. Can a man afraid to commit and a woman bruised by the past find a love worth building a future on?

Want a shot at winning this book? Answer the following question in the comments:

What’s one of your best holiday memories?

107 comments to “Book of the Day: Holiday Heat”

  1. I was only 6 or 7. Mom and dad were wrapping gifts late on Christmas Eve. I was too excited to sleep, but stuck in my room. suddenly I heard sleigh bells. You know the jingle bells kind of sound. It was up in the sky over our neighborhood and moved around some while I could here it. Needless to say, after seeing nothing up there from my window, as the sound drifted around I dived back into bed and pulled the covers up. Didn’t want to miss out on those gifts.

  2. my best recent holiday memory was last year (my last year in college). we were had a secret santa going on and i still had to buy my secret santa her gift. of course me being me waited the last minute and when i announced i’m going to the mall my friends (one was my secret santa) wanted to come. it was just fun trying to be sneaky and asking her for her opinion without her knowing that i was buying her her gift.

  3. My family being all in one place.

  4. One year, when I was little, everyone except me got a serious attack of the ‘flu.
    The adults had just enough energy to cook the meal but nothing else. Mostly we just lazed around the house listening to my mother’s Burt Bacharah record.
    Nearly 40 years later I still feel a wash of contentment when I hear Burt Bacharah.

  5. My Favorite holiday memorie has to be the christmas my oldest son was 3, not because of how he responded to his new toys or anything like that but because that was the first year he was able to enjoy all that goes into the sprit of christmas the baking and all the decorating, he loved decorating the cookies the best. And he is now 18 but he still enjoys the baking and the decorating with me and I have a 8 year old so I have double the memories and even more fun every year.

  6. My family gathers for a reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve every year. I always go back for this event as it is the only time where I can get to see all my family together. These annual visits are my best holiday memories.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. I will always remember waking up to the smell of my mother’s cooking on the morning of Christmas Eve. I would wait hungrily for dinner so we could open up our presents then go to church. The day took soooo long. The meal was surprisingly done quick! Then presents to open. Mom is no longer with us. Now I make my own traditions with my kids. We make cookies to leave for Santa. We track Santa on the computer. We wake up and video the entire opening up of gifts! Then we toss all the shredded wrapping paper in the air to fall on us. Life changes and goes on. Love remains the same.