December 23rd, 2009
Book-of-the-Day: Cascadia Wolves: Enforcer


Every day from today until January 4th, 2010, (except for December 24th and 25th), I’ll be giving away one of Lauren Dane’s fabulous novels. In turn, she will be giving one of mine away. Head on over to her blog to see which one.

By random drawing, the winner of yesterday’s book-of-the-day contest for HOLIDAY HEAT is Miranda, who said, “My brother showed up at my back door (in NY) for a surprise christmas visit – He lives in JAPAN!!!!”

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Cascadia Wolves: ENFORCER: Nina Reyes is a just barely reformed grifter who has left her past and her criminal record behind. That is until her brother shows up on her doorstep with some rogue werewolves out to kill him.

Nina gets drawn into the web of intrigue further when Lex Warden, Cascadia Pack’s Enforcer, comes to her for help and she ends up needing his protection.

There’s missing viral agents, the werewolf mafia, death threats, arson and a whole lot of scorching sex and acerbic wit between them.

Welcome to the Northwest and Casadia Pack.

Want a shot at winning this book? Answer the following question in the comments:

If werewolves were real, would you want to become one? Why or why not?

91 comments to “Book-of-the-Day: Cascadia Wolves: Enforcer”

  1. I would not want to be a werewolf. Lost of any time with my family or loved is not acceptable just because the moon is out. LOL. Would not want my life ruled by anything or anyone but me. Been there done that.

    Great giveaway. Thanks for opportunity to enter.

  2. I would like to become a werewolf just for the experience and solidarity. I would like to know what it is to just let go everymonth, and escape the pressures of our world a day or two! What a wish.
    The wildness and nature-connection are just bonuses, I promise.


  3. It would really depend on what werewolves were really like. Different authors portray them differently, and some I would like and others I would not.

  4. I’d love to be a werewolf. To be able to shift and have all that scorching sex. *grinning*

    Oops, my inner hussy let loose…I had nothing to do with it. *sly smile* 😉

  5. I don’t think so—-my husband is allergic to pet dander.

  6. I would not mind being a were but I think I would prefer to be like a wereleopard than a werewolf. If I could choose. If wolf was my only choice then oh ya I would so not mind being one.

  7. No, I definitely would not want to be a werewolf. I’m on enough medications now trying to stop mood swings and out-of-control situations — adding werewolf to my daily routine would just send me over the edge!:-) Is there a medication for “werewolf”? What are the side effects? Just wondering….

  8. Sure! Strong, fast, eats rabbits, what’s not to like??

  9. If werewolves were real, I’d turn to one. Cause umm.. I have a major crush on Jacob from Twilight 🙂

  10. If werewolves were real, yes I would like to be one. I would love the opportunity to change shape.

  11. I would not like to be a werewolf. I would hate the full moon and not being able to control myself.

    Plus, I already have issues with unwanted hair growth as a human, I don’t need to be all furry, too!

  12. Omgosh yes I would love to be a werewolf for the strength alone plus the being part of a pack .
    oh and yeah the alpha males whoo-hoo
    Have a good day.

  13. Well it depends, if the werewolves are bad or good. I like werewolves in most books, & i like that they stay in packs and care for each other. SO i guess i would like it. There is more to like i just cant say it on the comments page 😉 .

  14. I posted this contest on my FB.

    Cool Contest Check it out!!
    ^CloseTag a friend

    Thirteen chances

  15. :confused:
    Not sure, I don’t think so, all the ones I see in movies aren’t all there in the head. It’s like they have left thier body and a vicious animal has taken over and they are slobbery and just so wicked looking. But if they are like the ones in stories they retain thier brain functions and are sexy and not slobbery. So it would depend on which version.

  16. I’m pretty sure that I would. Can’t see why I wouldn’t as long as I turn into a classy looking animal and not something gross. Plus, it would be cool to run the woods and fields as a predator at the top of the food chain.


  17. I’d have to say no. Because of all the tv/movies I’ve seen, wolves have not had a sexy transformation. And if I’m gonna be supernatural, I wanna be sexay!!

  18. Not sure if I would want to be at the mercy of the moon’s cycles or anything else for that matter. And I am not into red meat -ugh!
    Now, the whole alpha male aspect? Umm, that changes everything, doesn’t it! Werewolve males can be tall, dark and handsome.

  19. I think I would want to; I think there’s a lot to experience as a ware that humans can’t.

  20. Alpha males??? I am so there… tall… taut… tasty… tantalizing…

  21. Absolutely!

    I’m already an avid camper & hiker. I love the wilderness and would welcome the opportunity to see it wtihout the worry of unshaved hairy legs!

  22. I don”t think it would be for me personally, but if there was a way to just try it on for fun without it being a permanent change I would be up for the experience

  23. I think it would be fun and interesting to be a where animal. Love the alpha males for sure

  24. Yes I would; the freedom of running through the woods, the air whistling around you, enjoying the hunt. Then changing back to have yet another kind of freedom, to love. Yes I would.

  25. There could be advantages of being a werewolf but I would not want fleas. Do you think I would have to wear a flew collar?

  26. I don’t think I would, now being mated to one might be another story 🙂

  27. If werewolves were real, I’m not sure I’d want to become one. It all depends on which of the rules regarding werewolves would actually apply in reality. If it’s an uncontrollable change on every full moon, no thank you. However, if it’s a change that can be controlled and occurs when I would want it to, I might enjoy it.

  28. If werewolves were real, would you want to become one? Why or why not?

    Hmmm. Very hard question. While I definitely like the idea of a fierce protector, I’m note so sure that as a modern woman, I’d deal very well taking orders from the alpha male.

    Oh, the brute masculinity, trustworthiness and protection of the alpha male would be wonderful, for a while. After that, I fear my independace would rear its ugly head! lol

  29. I Would only want to become one if the one that I loved was one two.then we could run to getter in the wild. 🙂

  30. I have much love for furry alpha males but i don’t think i would want to join their ranks.

    I have no objection to dating one though.

  31. No, I really have no desire to become a werewolf. Too much fur and too many “animal” instincts to have to follow.

  32. Hmmm If werewolves were real then I’d have to say yes, I wouldn’t mind being a werewolf but on one condition…I get to mate with a sexy alpha male 😉

  33. sure iw ould the whole matingf or life would be awesome i already have the alpha male would be pretty ok id be down with it mainlybecause of the strenth and the mates

  34. Yes! It would be interesting and fun!

  35. No thanks! I’d much rather read about them! There are too many good stories out there to miss.

  36. I love this book. I believe its one of my favorite of Lauren’s I’d love to have this in paperback. Nina is one of my favorite heroines. I need to reread this one.

  37. Do you mean to tell me that they are not real??? I would love to become one just for the healing factor when injured or the strength and agility. Add to it the possiability of longer life and who wouldn’t want to be a werewolf.

  38. Only way I’d like it is if I had a hunky werewolf hero at home and I still got to be human part of the time:)

  39. Yes I would love to become one because I’m a alot more active at night, run freely at night, be able to heal quickly, strength and agility.

  40. I’d love to be a shapeshifter. Wolf is good if it’s all that’s available. The strength and healing ability, the joy of running free. although if I had a choice, I’d prefer either a tiger, bear or dragon as my second form. Or to be able to shift to any animal I wished would be the ultimate.

    Happy Holidays!!

  41. A thousand times, yes. Even just once, I’d love to experience running through the woods surrounded by pack and singing.