December 26th, 2009
Book-of-the-Day: Coming Undone


Every day from today until January 4th, 2010, (except for December 24th and 25th), I’ll be giving away one of Lauren Dane’s fabulous novels. In turn, she will be giving one of mine away. Head on over to her blog to see which one.

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COMING UNDONE: Brody Brown has always been responsible for others. After his parents’ death, he gave up a promising artistic career to care for his younger brother and sister. Now, with his siblings grown, Brody owns his own business, has a nice house, makes a nice living, and for the first time in years he’s on his own.

Elise Sorenson has come to Seattle with her young daughter to find peace. After years as a world-famous ballerina—(and just as many years in a marriage-gone-bad)—she’s looking for neither love nor attention. But she finds both in the handsome, honest man who befriends her with no strings attached.

More than friends, Brody and Elise discover in each other what they need—wild, physical passion without commitment. But it’ll take a shadow from Elise’s past to make them look beyond what they need—to what they truly desire.

Want a shot at winning this book? Answer the following question in the comments:

The holidays are something most of us look forward to during the year. Now that they’re almost over, what special event or holiday are you looking forward to now?

111 comments to “Book-of-the-Day: Coming Undone”

  1. I look forward for the First Day of Spring and also my Birthday since it is the day after the First Day of Spring.

  2. i would say spring and spring break whoooo
    hope u had a great merry christmas

  3. After New Year’s I look forward to my kid’s birthdays. I am past the point of being excited about my own, but I do look forward to theirs and my grandbabies.

    I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday and have a great New Years!

  4. Straight No Chaser concert in May! \o/

  5. Now I am looking forward of my daughters 4th birthday 🙂

  6. I’m looking forward to New year. A get together with friends celebrate the coming New Year where a niece will tie the knot in Jamaica…
    Happy New Year.

  7. Not having to stop somewhere after work everyday.

  8. I think my next favorite holiday is 4th of July. I absolutely love fireworks, and we always make homemade ice cream. Right now with all of the snow and cold weather July warmth sounds like a dream come true….as would winning Coming Undone 🙂

  9. My hysterectomy on Jan 7th. It’s my vacation.


  10. I am looking forward to Easter and decorating eggs.

  11. I’m a federal government worker, so I’m looking forward to Marting Luther King Day. I’ll have a 3 day weekend!

    Tracey D