December 27th, 2009
Book-of-the-Day: What Happens in Vegas…After Dark


Every day from today until January 4th, 2010, (except for December 24th and 25th), I’ll be giving away one of Lauren Dane’s fabulous novels. In turn, she will be giving one of mine away. Head on over to her blog to see which one.

By random drawing, the winner of yesterday’s book-of-the-day contest for COMING UNDONE is Lisa F, who said, “My daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday because we are taking her on a cruise.”

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WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS…AFTER DARK: Sensual Magic – Two years ago, William Emery believed in love. Deciding to make his permanent home in Boston and start a nightclub there, he was locking down funding and approving the font on wedding invitations.
Until he found out his fiancée was little more than a faithless gold digger.

Emotionally devastated, he moved to Las Vegas where his younger brother lived and began work to create the kind of club he’d always wanted to run. And to drown the memories of his idealism in a sea of female flesh. If you didn’t involve your heart, it never got broken.

Nell Hunter is a witch on the trail of a human who’s stolen from her people. This human is working with a group of mages stealing money and power from the clans and cabals, relying on the need for secrecy to keep their victims quiet and from going to the police. But they hadn’t banked on Nell. She’s a bonded hunter to the court of the Owen clan.

In Vegas, Nell seeks William out, his ex-fiance is the woman she’s looking for. The sparks between them fly immediately and while Nell knows they’re meant to be, William has a harder time with it. They come together as bullets and magic fly – nothing worth having is ever easy.

Want a shot at winning this book? Answer the following question in the comments:

Ever been to Vegas? Love it? Hate it? If you’ve never been, do you want to go?

81 comments to “Book-of-the-Day: What Happens in Vegas…After Dark”

  1. Never been in Vegas before. Hell, never been in the US before but I definitely can’t wait for visit both of it!!! Hopefully soooon! LOL :)

  2. I would love to visit Las Vegas one day *sigh* I heard a lot of great things about it – it seems it has a magical flair :smile:

  3. Never been, but it sounds and looks like it would be a fun place to visit.

  4. Alas, I have never been but hope to one day. I hear its a place unlike any in the world.

  5. No, I’ve never been, but yes, I wanna go! Want to watch the Cirque de Soleil shows, especially, and maybe soak up the atmosphere.

  6. Never been, and not really keen to go. I don’t drink, don’t gamble and I hate shopping, :wink:
    On the other hand, I’d love to visit Boston…lots of history, culture and a really great hockey team!

  7. Would like to visit at some point

  8. I have never been but i would love to go!

  9. I have been to vegas but not to play…I went to deliver a load. So no real opinion on it all.

  10. I’ve never been to Vrgas but I would love to go!


  11. The only time I went I was 13. I was watching my daddy play the slots and 2 big bouncers came to take me away. I wasn’t even playing I was terrified. Now I can gamble so I am ready to go back.

  12. I’ve nevre been to Vegas, but I really want to go soon. My husband’s never been on a plane, so I’ve been saving my pennies for a second honeymoon.

  13. I have never been to Vegas but would love to go, my aunt & uncle were there a few years ago and i watched there home movies and i have wanted to go since. I can’t get over how in one hotel it looked like they were having a storm with rain & thunder, i have never seen anything like it, utterly amazing.

    Thanks for running this giveaway.

    Good luck all who enter. xx

  14. I have never been to vegas… I would like to go and visit all the neat hotels… I am not one for gambling but i hear they have wonderful shows and I would love to see Holly Madison’s show. I loved her on the girls next door. That and The pirate ship at treasure Island.

  15. Haven’t been yet but I have a list of things I want to do and see there!

  16. Never been to Vegas but it is the next on our list of things to do! We’ve taken a cruise or two and love the casino’s, Broadway type Shows, and Rockin’ night life. We figured Vegas would be the best place to go to experience all of this in a grand scale!

  17. I have never been to Vegas but really want to some day! It sounds like such a fun place with so much to do.

  18. :grin:
    Been to Vegas Twice!!! Loved it both times. If you havent been it is absolutely something stunning to see. When they say anything goes in Vegas they so mean it. Funny true story: There are people on the streets of the strip that make the weirdest noise with cards that look like baseball cards but are actually call girls on them…my husband thought this was sooooo awesome he wanted to try it, so…he asked one of the guys how they made that noise and the goofball started flipping cards at people. This was so hilarious but what was even funnier was the lady that called him all sorts of bad names and a sinner. LOL…hullo…your in SIN CITY. I just laughed my butt off. We had a blast!

  19. I’ve never been but I would love to go..
    My boyfriend goes there often he has family there so maybe I will be able to go with him sometime… I’d luv to see Holli Madison she’s awesome

  20. I’ve never been before, but would love to go once. It seems like it would be a fun place to visit, with plenty of different things to do.

  21. I’ve never been to Vegas but would love to go! My brother and his wife went and had a great time. I think I’d definitely leave the kids at home though.

  22. I basically only go to watch the shows. Guess I’m not much for vice. ;)

  23. I would love to go, but I want to see the stuff off the strip. The really cool local flavor.

  24. I would love to go to see the shows! I’d also like to do a little gambling to try to get rich, but I don’t have the best of luck, so maybe that’s not a good idea.

  25. I’ve never been to Vegas but I’d like to go once just to experience it. I’d really like to see some of the shows but I wouldn’t mind trying out some gambling as well.

  26. I’ve never been to Vegas.
    I would like to go for one night for the experience to see the extreme architecture and maybe take in a show.

    But all that conspicuous consumption and opulence is not really my style so I wouldn’t want to be there a long time

  27. i’ve never been to vegas and i’m not planning to go, but if the opportunity presents itself i’ll take it just to look at the architecture and i hear the shopping is really good. other than that, i’m not really into the whole gambling, drinking, clubbing thing

  28. No, we have never made it there. Always wanted to go and still wanting to go. Most of our friends and relatives have been and love it. I am not going to give up hope, we will get there one day!!!

  29. I’ve never been, but I’d jump at the opportunity to go!

  30. Vegas… never went… but if I did, I would go for the sights! :grin:

  31. Never been there but we have a honorary nephew who lives there.

  32. never been but would like to go.

  33. I’ve been to Vegas once. Loved it…..there was so much to see. Didn’t really gamble just did a lot of walking and sightseeing.

  34. Never been to Vegas and don’t plan on going anytime soon.

  35. I was in Vegas for a wedding. I like Vegas. There’s so much to see and do. I would like to visit again someday soon.

  36. I’ve never been to Vegas, but I would love to go.

  37. Have been to Las Vegas and love it! While I enjoy gambling a little bit, I mainly love the entertainment, food and the sights at night when all lighted. Also just walking thru the various casinos is unbelievable!

  38. I’ve never been in Vegas, but I think it would be interesting to go one day.

  39. I lived in Southern California for years. It was easy enough to go to Vegas. I loved going there for the shows and the nightlife.

  40. Have been to Vegas a couple of times, and loved it. Would go again in a heartbeat!

  41. Even though my husband and I don’t really get a thrill out of gambling, we would love to go to Vegas. We have never been but the floor shows are supposed to be spectacular – I would love it.. so much glitter and dazzle in my eyes… :D

  42. I have not been to Vegas. I would not want to go to gamble…not into that but would be curious to check out the clubs there.

  43. I have never been off the east coast but I think I might like to go see the shows in Vegas but more than likely I never will because it is so far to drive and I can not see anything getting me to fly.

  44. Went in 2002 with Sister & Cuz but they tried to show me to much and Not sure what I did see..LOL They go every yr. Hope that I can go with them 2010, if I can just stay well enough..
    It was a fantastic place to visit. Not sure if I would want to live there but want to vist again.

  45. Nope, never been to Vegas and not really interested in going. I do not really like cities. Small town girl at heart.

  46. I’ve never been to Vegas, but I would really love to go. I have a friend who’s getting married in Vegas coming up this spring. I plan on going.

  47. Never been. Would like to see what it is like. I’m sure it’s much differant being there than seeing it in a movie.

  48. I’ve never been to Vegas. Not really sure if I want to either. Too Big. I like small towns better and if I travel it’s preferably to quiet places.

  49. I’ve never been to Vegas, but I want to. I have plans to go with my sisters in about two weeks :) I can’t wait to check out the strip and find great food places nearby–ya decadence!

  50. I’ve been to Vegas. Pretty much lost every dollar I had on me. Next time I’ll stick to going to the shows and stay away from the slots and tables in the casinos.

  51. Never been but would love to go!


  52. Ihve been ot Vegas and the temperature was 110 degrees. We were all miseralbe. I may go back but I doubt it. I am not fond of gambling.

  53. I would love to go to Vegas. I bet the nightlife is out of this world.

  54. I have never been to Vegas but definitely want to go. One of my girlfriends thought about getting married there but then to make her family happy ended up staying in town to marry so relatives could go. I would love to see some shows.

  55. I have never been! But, it is on my list of places to go!

  56. I would love to go to Vegas and see all the bright lights, shows, and check out that outrageous $1.99 all you can eat buffet!

  57. I have been to Vegas a few times, though only once after I turned 21. My cousin and I went to celebrate being 21 and had a wonderful time there!

  58. Hi :)
    I’ve never been to Vegas but I want to visit.
    I want to see Cirque de Soliel very much.
    Happy Holidays,

  59. I have never been to Vegas, but my best friend and I have our birthdays 3 days apart and plan to go for our 30th birthdays.

  60. I was there w/ hubby during a kbiz…I have to admit to being a tad disappointed. In all honesty I think I need to to w/ friends & leave dh @ home..*G*

  61. Could never afford to go there, but if anyone wants to offer me an all-expenses-paid trip…:wink:

  62. I Have Been to Vegas and I did love it. :cool:
    I love Reno Better it’s smaller and easyer to get around it. :wink:
    Happy New Year

  63. Been there and didn’t enjoy it too much. Seems like a town for people who party more than we do lol. We got up early one morning around 7:30 eastern time and went to play slots. Waitress came around and asked what we like to have to drink I said I’d love a coke and she asked didn’t I want some kind of liquor in it lol. I said it was way too early in the morning for that.

  64. I’ve never been, but I do want to go! My best friend and I were planning to go in February to celebrate our birthdays, but flights out there are really expensive, so we’re looking into other locations for a trip.

  65. I have never been to Vegas but would love to go. I’d love the weather and I would hit up the casinos! I’m not much of a player but I’d still love to see the sights!
    cnhand84 at yahoo dot com

  66. I went in 2001 and loved it. I wasn’t that crazy for the gambling, but my husband was. I enjoyed the entertainment and the sights. I really enjoyed going to the different casinos and seeing how they were designed. I also loved a trip to the Grand Canyon while we were out there.

  67. I’ve never been to Vegas, and I’m not sure I would want to go, I’m not much of a gambler.

    Chris M

  68. I have driven through Vegas many times on coast to coast trips but have never stopped. I would like to see all the themed attractions at the big casinos.


  69. I’ve never been to Vegas. I’ve wanted to go, but not much of a gambler. I know that there are lots of show now and then just casino hopping, but it all takes moolah…which I am desperately short on right now.

  70. I’ve never been to Vegas, but if I ever get the chance to visit my youngest where he’s stationed (29 Palms, CA), I want to go. Well, there or the Grand Canyon.

  71. I’ve been to Reno many times but never Vegas. I would love to go someday.

  72. I’ve never been to Vegas but I would love to on e day.

  73. yes I have been to vegas lived there for a time and I hated it and I will never go back there even for a visit LOLO

  74. I’ve been to Vegas twice and I’d go back. I’m a people-watcher and it is the best place to go to do that. Besides, there are other things the casinos to do there. You just have to be brave enough to find it :!: :wink:

  75. Id love to go cause well id like to see what all the talks about im courious really tho i dont like crowds

  76. I’ve never been but would love to visit. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Thanks for the offer!

  77. I have lived in Las Vegas now for 25 years. I think everyone should come here and go to the “strip” too see all the Casinos lit up with the lights, at least once.

  78. Have been to Vegas and love all the lights and the shows. It is always fun to combine a conference and vacation so the trip is a tax deduction.

  79. I’ve never been to Las Vegas and never really wanted to go. But if the opportunity is given, I would go and stay at the Luxor which is an Egyptian themed hotel. I love things Egyptian.

    Tracey D

  80. I’ve been to Vegas a few times for work and play – I love it! So much to do and see. It’s like Disneyland for adults, never a dull moment.

  81. CASINO

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