January 1st, 2010
Book-of-the-Day: Cascadia Wolves: Standoff


Every day from today until January 4th, 2010, I’ll be giving away one of Lauren Dane’s fabulous novels. In turn, she will be giving one of mine away. Head on over to her blog to see which one.

By random drawing, the winner of yesterday’s book-of-the-day contest for CHASED is LaRonda, who said, “Happy New Year all! Here’s to health, happiness and good books.”

Congratulations! You have a week from today to contact me and collect your prize. anyabast (at) gmail.com

Cascadia Wolves: STANDOFF: Cade Warden has put his Pack first for most of his life and now Warren Pellini and his thugs threaten everything he holds dear. Into that life of intense focus and increasing loneliness walks the woman he’s been waiting for.

Grace Pellini isn’t just Cade’s mate, she’s the sister of his greatest enemy and she’s been putting herself in grave danger to gather information to aid the Nationally Allied Packs. Cade is everything she could have hoped for in a man even if he is overprotective and pushy at times.

Against the backdrop of their increasing passion and deepening bond, they race against time to find a key to stop Pellini’s biological weapon. And then the stakes rise again when Pellini calls an ancient Challenge. It’s up to Grace to stand by and let her mate risk everything for his people. And his life is in her hands.

Want a shot at winning this book? Answer the following question in the comments:

Happy New Year? So, did you make any resolutions?

77 comments to “Book-of-the-Day: Cascadia Wolves: Standoff”

  1. Yes, to relax more and read more. To keep my home neat..lol .. not sure about this one.

    But I am thankful for my health and family.

  2. To quilt, knit and READ more!

  3. My resolution is to get my house clean and attempt to keep it that way, despite the efforts of my 7 y/o to prevent that.

  4. I have got to become more organized…I waste an amazing amount of time looking for misplaced items!

  5. I’m hoping it will be a happy new year. I have not made any resolutions and I don’t have any plans to make any.

  6. Resolutions per se never seem to work, but I have promised my self to clean out one closet (or room) per month and unclutter my life. 😀

  7. My resolution is to study and do better in school.

  8. to get into nursing school

  9. I WILL make time for a personal life. LOL I must remember that there is more than college and work.

  10. I always seem to get more discouraged after making resolutions and then breaking them so I decided not to make any; I will simply give myself some encouragement in what I would like to achieve.

  11. I stopped making resolutions many years ago; I never keep them after a month anyway. I’ve been working on trying to become a more spiritual, Godly person for some time now -obviously a lifelong process that I would like to continue.

  12. I don’t make resolutions, but I an planning on trying to eat better this coming year.

  13. This year I didn’t make any resolutions since I never seem to keep them.


  14. I never keep my resolutions so I did make one this year.

  15. Happy New Year to all!
    My new year resolution is to see more of my family and be a better person.

  16. Mine are goals- read more, write more, get healthier, love more and laugh more ❗ 😆

  17. Since I tend to forget I even made them…not really. :X

  18. No resolutions. Just to enjoy myself more and do more of the things I want to do to make myself happy. 😉

  19. I Never make a Resolution.I’m Just happy to get true the Year in one piece each Year whit out lousing my Mind. 🙄

  20. No resolution, but every winter around this time my husband and I always tell ourselves that this will be the year we finish all those little projects around the house… notice how I say, “every year around this time…” Let’s see if we can make it stick this year!

  21. No resolutions I do better with well thought out plans. I am working on one now to loose weight.

  22. I dont make them becausemaking them means I have to keep them and im bad at keeping them Happy New year

  23. I did not make any resolutions this year. I made some last year and I didn’t really keep them , so none for this year.

  24. my new years resolution is to be more outgoing and not let fear or laziness stop me 🙂

  25. I made the resolution to read the books I have before buying new ones…. I failed already! ooops.

  26. i’m not going to make any resolutions this year because i forget them after about… a few days. i hope everyone had a good new year! 🙂

  27. To be determined !
    It covers quite a few areas in my life
    I have promised myself to persevere in.