January 4th, 2010
Book-of-the-Day: No Reservations


The last book giveaway of the contest! Head on over to Lauren’s blog to see which one of mine she’s giving away. Today you get not only a novella by Lauren Dane, but one by Megan Hart too. Not bad!

By random drawing, the winner of yesterday’s book-of-the-day contest for UNDERCOVER is Amelia, who said, “I like all genres. I do like to read the new twists that authors give to the traditional paranormals.”

Congratulations! You have a week from today to contact me and collect your prize. anyabast (at) gmail.com

NO RESERVATIONS: Four days in Vegas. Two sexy and determined men. One penthouse suite… And No Reservations.

Christmas isn’t so merry for Kate and Leah. Kate’s romantic winter holiday is destroyed by the sudden and uninvited presence of Dix’s annoying ex-wife while Brandon’s super-perfect family and a diamond ring sends Leah running for the refuge of a girl’s holiday in Sin City with Kate in tow.

Dix and Brandon both know what they want. Hopping a plane in hot pursuit, the men show up in Vegas, ready to use every sensual trick they have to convince Kate and Leah to take a gamble on forever.

Want a shot at winning this book? Answer the following question in the comments:

Name one new author you’ve discovered lately and want to share with other readers. If you haven’t discovered a new author recently, what author are you thinking of taking a chance on?

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  1. I’ve recently discovered Mari Mancusi and her blood coven series. I finished up the third in the series , Girls that Growl, last night and am waiting for the fourth Bad Blood (comes out tomorrow). I really like the series and Sunny and Rayne are hilarious.

  2. Hum New?

    Well, I am reading one right now thats an anthologies and the 1st story in is by a Loreigh leigh? (Book is at home I am at work)

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the story…so she will be a def add to my preferred Author list.

  3. I recently discovered the writing duo that makes up Ashleigh Raine and can’t get enough, I’m currently re-reading Driven to Distraction and just loving it :lol:

  4. Nina Bruhns and Lara Adrian

    I don’t think they are new authors but they are new for me since I had never read anything by either of them.

    I highly recommend them both.

  5. Erica Hayes! She just came out with her first novel, Shadowfae and I really really enjoyed it!

    My review is HERE and she has the next book in series coming out soon.

  6. My new author would be Donna Grant! I have fallen in love with her highlanders!

  7. Shannon K. Butcher – she’s a great author and I can recommend every single one of them!

  8. new authors I’ve recently discovered Lauren Dane Joey W. Hill

  9. No Reservations was an awesome book.

    Just had to pop on here and say that. I LOVED it.

    As for the question I just don’t know. I haven’t been in reading mood lately.

  10. Actually I’ve discovered 2, Marilyn Brant & Erin Quinn & I’ve told everyone about them….great books!

  11. I have recently been introduced to the author J.R. Ward, infact his book arrived today & i can’t wait to read it. Although i haven’t read his work yet i have read about it and he sounds like an amazing writer.

    I am planning to take a chance on both you & Anya as i love what i have been reading about your books. Which is why i have been trying to win one LOL

    Thanks for running this amazing giveaway

    Good Luck all who enter xxx

  12. The above should read you & Lauren.

    The cold is playing havoc with my brain LOL

  13. I discovered two, actually. Marilyn Brant, who wrote According to Jane, and Libby Malin, who wrote Fire Me. Both are great fun.

  14. Julie Kenner is one. There are so many new ones I have found this past year.

  15. I discovered Patricia Briggs through her Alpha and Omega series a couple months ago. Highly, highly recommended! I hope she’s continuing it soon, I can’t get enough of Charles and Anna.

  16. I recently discovered Lorelei James. Love her books. :grin:

  17. Anna J. Evans book Skin Deep was a great pleasure to read.

  18. I just discovered Kathryn Smith. She has a new series called “Nightmare Chronicles”…love the character, Dawn, who is the daughter of Morpheus the king of dreams…can’t wait to get the next one in the series.

  19. Scott A. Johnson writes horror and is a paranormal investigator. I met him when he lived in the Pittsburgh area for a while (he’s still shelved at Borders with local authors). Some of you may enjoy his work:

  20. Libba Bray. A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY, REBEL ANGELS, and THE SWEET FAR THING are excellent! She has a cool website too.


    It’s a young adult series but trust me, folks. The books are very appealing to adults too.

  21. I recently read Ruined by Paula Morris and really enjoyed it!

  22. Ok, this is going to sound nuts, but it is Laruen Dane! I have been on her blog before, but honest to goodness, for whatever crazy reason never read anything of hers until…well, right now! Reading Laid Bare and thinking that I must have been insane to just start reading her stuff now! So, so good, I can barely put it down! I canot wait to get my hands on more.

  23. I just finished WHAT WOULD JANE AUSTIN DO? by Laurie Brown. I really enjoyed it… a bit of paranormal/time travel… Happy reading all! :grin:

  24. A great new author I found to read is Lex Valentine.


  25. In the past few months i discovered author Linda Lael Miller. I’ve been slowing reading all her books since then. I actually read a excerpt to one of her books in the back of another authors books and decided to check her out. This is one of my fav ways to find new authors.


  26. The last author I discovered was Diana Rowland. She only has one book published but the next in her series gets out on february.

  27. New author for 2009 for me is Leah Braemel
    HOT !

  28. I just finished Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series and loved it!

  29. I received a ton of books for Christmas. One I just finished reading and thoroughly enjoying was Todd Strasser “Wish You Were Dead”. Although it’s a thriller ostensibly directed at the teen set, those of us who were and weren’t part of the ‘popular clique’ at school will enjoy the read as we empathize with the characters and follow the twists and turns.

  30. I cannot think of an author that I have recently come across…nor are there any new authors that I have found recently that I am interested it. My tbr pile is so big, along with my book reviews I do that I have not gone shopping for books in a while.

  31. I recently discovered Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. One of the best series I have read

  32. Do you know the Tairen Soul Series by C.L. Wilson? I discovered the books in 2009 and they are all fantastic! can’t wait to read more of them :smile:

  33. Through blog land I got hooked on Suzanne Collins and The Hunger Games series. I’ve pimped it out to everyone I can and am dying for the finale. I absolutely adore Peeta!

  34. I found 2 new authors, each with the first name Kelly. One is Kelly Gay, and the other is Kelly Meding. Both authors are listed as fantasy at my local book store.

  35. I’ve just discovered Marilyn Lee. She has many books out, but she’s new to me and her books are great. :wink:

  36. I will give P.C. Cast a chance – I’ve heard a lot of good things about her books, but haven’t had a chance to read them…

  37. A new, great author for me 2009 was Beth Kery, I enjoy her books and will read more of them.

  38. I’ve discovered several new authors recently but I think Leanna Renee Hieber is the top of my list for 2010

  39. I discovered Kylie Brant a few months ago and would recommend her books to readers who love romantic suspense.

  40. Shannon K. Butcher is a new discovery for me.

  41. Nalini Singh! I love her Guild Hunter series.

  42. I discovered STEPHANIE TYLER last month when she was doing her blog tour for “Hard To Hold.” I actually won a copy and loved it, she now has a fan for life. I hope folks will give her a try.

  43. Shayla Black is the newest Author I have.
    I had a secret Santa send me 3 of the doomday series Shayla had a free download of Fated I enjoyed that I’m not big on E-Books like to hold it in my hand but I read outside in the summer a few e-book great way to spend an evening .
    Have a good one Anya.

  44. I have a few books by Lara Adrian that I really need to read. Everyone tells me that they are good. It’s just that I have so many on my TBR pile. LOL

  45. I just read my first book by Susan Wiggs. It was a nice departure from my norm. I would def. read her again.

  46. Charlaine Harris’ The Southern Vampire Mysteries-fun, fast & interesting books. Again, the books are better than the “movie”. In this case, the True Blood HBO series.

  47. I’ve discovered Megan Hart. She writes smart and intriguing situations and her characters are so intense.

  48. The House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast

    Tairen Soul Series by C.L. Wilson

    Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

  49. I recently found Ilona Andrews and I’ve been hooked! I love the way she writes and Kate Daniels and Curran is HOT together!

  50. I’ve come accross quite a few new (to me) writers recently. Lori Handeland, Jayne Ann Krentz, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jim Butcher and a couple of others whose name I can’t come up with :confused:

  51. I love me some Lorelei James cowboys. She also writes really good mysteries under Lori Armstrong.

  52. I hadn’t read any of Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series until this year, and it was so fun to be able to read them all back to back. Another couple of new authors were Elisabeth Naughton and Sierra Cartwright, who are now on my auto-buy list.

  53. Ann Aguirre and her alter ego, Ava Gray, were recent discoveries for me–she’s fabulous, and I’m looking forward to more!

  54. I have recently discovered Tabitha Shay/Jaydyn Chelcee. Tabitha write paranormal and Jaydyn write western romances.


  55. That would be Lily Graison, great books.

  56. Of course, I recently discovered Anya Bast and Lauren Dane, so now, I want to read your books.
    But I also discovered some historical romance writers that I really like and have started to spread the word about too. Courtney Milan, Tessa Dare, and Elizabeth Hoyt. All great writers, that write with amazing wit and plots.

  57. Actually I was thinking of giving your Witch’s series a try. Looks like some kick ass woman and I love that.

  58. Caridad Pineiro is new and exciting, her book “Sins of the Flesh” uses genetic alteration to create a unique paranormal experience. :wink:
    Sharon Ashwood is another new author I have just discovered too! Another good one :!: :!:

  59. A new author I’ve discovered this year is Larissa Ione!

  60. Name one new author you’ve discovered lately and want to share with other readers. If you haven’t discovered a new author recently, what author are you thinking of taking a chance on?

    I second Ava Gray. I recently won her book, Skin Game, and I’m enthralled! I’m looking forward to the next book and picking up some Ann Aguirre, whom I’ve never read before.

  61. Leah Braemel.

  62. Name one new author you’ve discovered lately and want to share with other readers. If you haven’t discovered a new author recently, what author are you thinking of taking a chance on?

    –well idk of any new ones…

  63. If you havent tried Sandy Sullivans work you should its awesome and of course Jaye Wells most of the authors now i read r new to me including anya and lauren so all of them

  64. Most definitely an established author, but very new to this reader, is Sherilyn Kenyon. I’ve just about finished Fantasy Lover and can’t wait to begin reading more of the series!

  65. Elisabeth Naughton and Lara Adrian are new to me. I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve read by them.

  66. You and Lauren are 2 of my new finds. I am dipping my toes into another genre and will start with one of you. Maybe I can win this book and yours on Lauren’s blog. That would be great..LOL
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great contest.,

  67. I just recently discovered Lorelei James. I am thoroughly enjoying her Rough Riders series. Gotta love those cowboys!

    Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  68. My newest author is Crystal Jordan. I loved her On The Prowl book. I was amazed by the leopards she wrote about. Sexy and Strong OH My what more could you ask for.

  69. Karen Rose is an author I tried a couple of months ago, it is romantic suspense and quite enjoyable.

  70. Lora Leigh is awesome, just discovered her right be fore christmas, already have about 7 of her books, haven’t been disappointed yet.

  71. Bethy Kery is awesome!

  72. A new author to me is Delilah Devlin. A couple weeks ago, I just finished reading her Texas Men book and really enjoyed it.

  73. I’ ve really been wanting to start the House of Night series by P.C. Cast.


  74. I jusr found Victor Banis. I am really enjoying his work

  75. I’m another reader who’s discovered Lorelei James this past year.

  76. :grin:
    I have discovered many new writers this year.
    Nikki Duncan and her first book Sounds to Die By in her new Sensory Ops series. Melissa Schoerder and her Harmless series. Karin Tabke and her Brotherhood of the Sword series. Shayla Black AKA Shelly Bradley and both her Wicked and Doomsday Brotherhood series. KMM and her Highlander and Fever series and Brenda Joyce and her Masters of Time series. Then there is Amanda Scott, Nina Bangs, Maya Banks, You of course Anya, Janet Chapman andher Highlander series, Lauren Dane, Sylvia Day, Christine Feehan, Lori Foster, Catheryne Fox, Heather Grothaus, Karen Hawkins and her Highland series. Lisa HendrixAlexandra Ivy, Lorelei James, Sabrina Jefferies and her Heiress series, Angela Knight, Marjorie M Lui, Julia LondonAllie McKay aka Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Linda Lael Miller and her Mcketterick – Stonecreek and Creed series, Caradad Pineiro and The Calling series, Lyndsey Sands, Kathryn Smith and her Brotherhood of the Blood series, Sasha White, Veronica Wolff and her Highlander series, Dana Marie Bell, Cat Johnson. MacKenzie McKade and Beth Williamson and her Rough Riders series.
    In case you didn’t notice I have just started reading again after a 15 year dry spell. In fact your story Taken was the first E Book I have bought. I love that story , I wish you would/could make it longer.

  77. Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games Series! She’s awesome!

  78. My latest discovery is Anne Marsh. The book is called The Hunt. It’s the start of a series I believe.

  79. I just Finish Reading a set of Books By Lynn Viehl called the Novels of the Darkyn Thay were Great Books and I ran out and got the new book by this author called Shadowlight it kind of goes whit the Darkyn Set of books.

  80. Vivian Arend: Granite Lake Wolves Series

  81. I recently discovered Charlie Cochrane. I’m really enjoying the Cambridge Fellows series.

  82. I recently won a book by Joan Johnston and really enjoyed reading The Next Mrs. Blackthorne. I plan to look into more of her books.

  83. Well she’s not a new author, but a new to me author. I’ve decided that this year I was going to try Nalini Singh. I see so many people rave about her books, but I’ve never picked them up…this year I will.

  84. I just started reading Jeanne C. Stein. I am really enjoying her Anna Strong Series

  85. Recently, I have discovered Victoria Dahl. I have only read her contemporary stuff, but I love her!

  86. Maggie Stiefvater and Cindy Pon. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome they both are.