January 5th, 2010
A Last Little Giveaway

Scroll down a bit for the grand prize winner of the Nook and the book-of-the-day winner from yesterday.

Not only is WICKED ENCHANTMENT releasing today, but Lauren Dane’s COMING UNDONE is out today and so is Yasmine Galenorn’s BONE MAGIC.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. Comment on this post by 5pm eastern time today and you will win one of the above books. Two prizes, two winners. Sound good? Answer the following question: What one word would you use to sum up 2009?

And the winners are…….

Sue B….., who said her year was challenging, (lots of challengings in the comments) won the copy of COMING UNDONE

Incident, who used the word Chaos to sum up the year, won the copy of BONE MAGIC

Please email me within a week to collect your prize! anyabast (at) gmail.com. Thank you all so much for entering!!!! :)

Whew…had a helluva time getting into my blog. My site is either getting lots of hits or mercury retrograde is screwing with me. :)

72 comments to “A Last Little Giveaway”

  1. 2009 was definitely . . .


  2. One word for 2009?


  3. I’d have to say….


    It opened up a whole new world for me, including those of the awesome authors that I read the books of. It has brought me a lot closer to my favorite authors including you.

    I don’t know if others feel that same way, maybe some are annoyed because of Twitter, but at least that’s what it is for me.

  4. Scandalicious

  5. Busy

  6. Fast since it went by in a blink.

  7. Death

  8. Freeing.

  9. tumultuous

  10. Over!

  11. One word…

    I hope you have a great holiday and a wonderful start to a new year!

  12. Trying. Last year was very trying for me and I’m glad parts of it are over.

  13. Sucked, the place I worked went out of business after being there for 11 years.

  14. Hectic



  16. Peaceful.

  17. Chaos. 2009 was definitely not a tranquil year for me.

  18. Challenging.

  19. Kindleicious


  20. Crappy

  21. Challenging

  22. Dreadful

    Both myself & my mum have had health probs so it wasn’t that good a year for us.

  23. Boring

  24. Depressing!


  25. Relief because I’m gone from my former workplace which I hated.

  26. Rollercoaster

  27. Challanging would be my word. Great contests. Thank you.

  28. I would have to say…whirlwind.

  29. Tiring. I gave birth to my fourth child. My first daughter. She will be 1 tomorrow.

  30. Stressful!

  31. Progress

  32. hectic

  33. FINAL

  34. Surviving.

  35. Uncertain

    There were certainly lots of uncertainties sent our way


  36. Rough

  37. Fun, definitely fun

  38. painful

  39. Different

  40. Horrible

  41. Torment.
    2009 was a very long year. I’m really hoping this year will be at least a little better.

    Congrats on the new release.
    Thanks for the chance to win one of the books. Good luck everyone.

  42. Devastating

  43. Challenging –

    Thanks for the chance to win!



    yeah, it was really exciting.

    Happy Realising Day!! Yay! I’m very curious of your new book :)

  45. Tiring.

  46. Unprecedented. A lot of firsts for me.

  47. OVER!

    But another would be ELECTRONIC.

  48. Exhilirating.

  49. One word for 2009 for me….. DEPLOYMENT.

    Husband has been on deployment for the whole of last year and is still going. I can already tell you that this year’s word will be CHANGE.

  50. Craziness!

  51. 2009: Tiring

  52. intreging

  53. :grin:


  54. Challenging

  55. Fulfilling!
    I got licensed this year! And got into an O.R. program which I really wanted. I’m brimming with joy and gratitude and happy that I can give back.

  56. Surprising

  57. Rough

    It was a scary year that had its major ups and downs, fortunately for the most part everything worked out well!

  58. EROTIC

  59. Sucked.

  60. Astonishing

  61. Unpredictable.
    You never knew what would happen nest and we were all thrown a lot of unexpected and trying things to deal with. But we all made it through. Hoping this year will be better. I have a grandbaby due in July. It’s going to be hectic but fun.

  62. Broken…

    I think that does it for me.


  63. Magic

  64. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  65. lackluster

  66. Junk!

  67. Busy

  68. Work

  69. heart-wrenching……did I make it in time? :lol:

  70. Crazy!

  71. whirlwind

  72. Over!!