June 7th, 2010
Summer Fun

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I can’t believe it’s already June. Where has the year gone? It seems like yesterday it was New Year’s Eve. I hope you’re all having a good summer so far.

I’ve been under some pretty tight deadlines, but have managed to squeeze in some fun here and there. We took a trip to the lovely NC beaches recently (may they forever stay lovely) and hit our first Renaissance Festival of the season on Saturday. There’s nothing like dressing up in twenty layers of clothing and walking around in 90 degree heat (it manages to be a blast, anyway).

Mostly I’ve been writing, though.

Right now I’m working on a novel called JADED, it’s the second of a short historical fantasy series I’m writing for Berkley Heat. The first book is entitled JEWELED and it releases in November. jeweled As you may be able to tell by that gorgeous cover, this two-book series is very hot menage a trois romance. You can read the first chapter here.

I turned in DARK ENCHANTMENT at the end of May, the third book of my Dark Magick series. CRUEL ENCHANTMENT (the second book) releases in September. cruel_enchantment_coversm You can read the first chapter of Cruel Enchantment here.

The other morning I woke up and said, “Great Scott! Cruel Enchantment’s release is just around the corner!” (Okay, I actually didn’t say, Great Scott, but you get the picture.) In any case, September will be here before I know it, considering how fast the first six months of 2010 have flown by. So I decided to implement some Summer Fun Contests to get ready for the release.

In June, July, August & September (probably October and November, too), I’ll be holding monthly contests on my two newsletters and my discussion list. If you’re not a member of any of these and you want to participant in the contests, now is the time to subscribe. Just please understand that if you join the discussion list, you’ll get…you know, discussion. Here are the links:

Writerspace newsletter (link is over on the left)
The Sultry Pen (Yahoogroups)
Silverpurr (Yahoogroups discussion loop)

And, just for the heck of it, since I haven’t held a contest over here in ages, leave a comment to this post before 5pm est on Friday, June 11th, and you’ll have a chance at an autographed copy of WICKED ENCHANTMENT. Winner will be chosen by random drawing. I’ll announce the winner after 5pm est on Friday. International entrants are always welcome. This contest is void where prohibited.

So, what are your plans for summer fun this year?

19 comments to “Summer Fun”

  1. This summer, I plan to stay out of the DC humidity, try to get out with my husband ONCE, watch my now 7 1/2 month old grow, and read lots of books while she’s napping. 😮

  2. This summer I will start my first residency for my masters in mental health counseling, scared and excited at the same time. And during my breaks between semesters I will countinue to read your books anya, like always they rock.

  3. Other than visiting out of town family members, no great plans; enjoying the summer and hanging out, that’s about it.

  4. This summer I plan on attending RomCon in Denver. It’s my first bookish conference and my first visit to Denver, so I’m really excited!

  5. No big plans this summer… just hang out by the pool, stay in with the AC and enjoy my TBR pile! 😀

  6. No big plans for summer this year. Just the hope that it ends up better than last summer when I almost lost my husband to two major heart attacks

  7. Thanks for inviting your international readers…so here I am, popping in from Germany.

    I had an early holiday this year, visiting my Mum and some family in London, England. I also went for a weekend up to Scotland to meet with some author friends.

    So, for the summer I will be here, at home and working.

  8. Would love to be in the running, please 😀

    As for summer plans…December’s a long time away; I’ll think about it then 😉

  9. I plan on taking my son on his first beach trip this year!!! Its hard being a single mom, and getting to take trip!! We are going to do it this year!!! And a few day trip in there too

  10. If things work out right I’ll be in the process of moving to a house closer to my parents. They are both at a stage where they need more help, so its nice it’s so close… plus it has a yard at least 4 times the size of my postage stamp one.. the dogs will love it.

  11. Hi Anya,

    No big summer plans, though we are trying to get up to Lake Tahoe for a couple of days. It’s not really summer time up there yet, the late winter and snow fall is keeping it pretty cold.

  12. 💡
    I sometimes get the urge to pick a random book off the shelf by an author I’ve never heard of, just for a little variety. I grabbed a copy of “The Chosen Sin”, mostly by the cover art (a very attractive man in a lot of leather…yum), and spent the next few days reading until the wee hours of the morning. 🙂 It wasn’t until I got to the bio at the back of the book that I decided to check out your blog; it reads like a paragraph out of my own life. Reclusive…yep. Husband, check..cats, dog, rescue animals, wine, movies, music, organics, thrift stores, travel…check check…etc….It reminded me of a novel I started writing a long time ago, that somehow got put on the back burner of my life, and that it’s not impossible for someone like me to make it out there. Thank you for the inspiration, and I’ll likely be spending much of my summer reconnecting with a few old characters, and finally seeing where their paths will lead them!

  13. honestly i have no plans this summer I plan on just reading all my to be read pile which is alot and enjoy the sunshine

  14. Jeweled sounds fun. I can’t wait to read the cover is scorching.

  15. I am babysitting my wonderful granddaughter TuesDae’ now. She’s with me four days a week. I need a vacation!!!

  16. Summer….hmmm…not much really. I will get to the beach at least once this year, I’ll try anyway. Between my 6 year old being off for the summer and my summer classes, hopefully I’ll get some time to catch up on reading. My TBR pile is getting out of control! Witch Fury is next on my list, I’ve been so behind I didn’t even know you had a new series released. I really like the Elemental Witches, and I can’t wait to get started on the Dark Magic series!

  17. I am on a. road trip to San Antonio with friends & my sister is coming to visit me with her family. RAW will round out my summer!

  18. I have no plans for traveling this summer. I’ll probably spend most of my time readng or on my computer. Hope I win your book.

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