July 3rd, 2010
Winners of the New Release Heaven contest

Selected by random by my husband. Wow, you all had some great comments, btw!

Here are the lucky winners….

Heidi S. for TRACKING THE TEMPEST who wrote: “Why do I deserve to win???
The first 1/2 of the summer I spent 5 wks w/ cast on left ankle, then my son gets sick and he has to use nebulizer for breathing/ (all this happens on Sun,Father’s day) he kicks the table and knocks us backwards on to the floor,where my 60 lb son lands on my chest, go to hospital to have xrays , find I have 2 cracked ribs, before I leave they said my labs came back my potassium is very low and want me to take 3 pills before I leave, horse pills that is, I get them down but within 5mins, I was back in the room again vomiting continues, nonstop for 3 days, 8 IV’s, and Monday morning the decide to use the scope to check my stomach and throat. During the procedure, they crack one of my teeth w/ the scope… Burn throat, burnd stomach, I still have trouble eating , I can drink anything but eating is still hard.”

(OMG, Heidi, feel better soon!)

Janece S. for NIGHT MYST who wrote, “Why should I win? Wellll, let’s see…my birthday is on the 13th, and either would make an awesome gift, but even more so, because I have been on a weight loss journey since the first of the year and I have lost 59lbs so far!! Hoping to lose a total of 100 lbs within the next year. I NEED a new book to read while I ride the stationary bikes, right??” (Great job, Janece)

Sue A. for INSATIABLE who wrote: “INSATIABLE is what I am and what I want! It is not easy being away from home, taking care of a sick family member for months on end. I’m homesick, I need to forget my troubles and release some stress and escape into a book for a while.” (Sue – I hope your family member feels better soon and you can get some relief.)

Pat C. for BONDS OF JUSTICE who wrote: ”I’ve never read any of her works and for this I don’t deserve to win! But this would be an excellent opportunity for me to begin to know her books. A win would also give me a chance to read my first paranormal!” (I’m sure you’ll love it, Pat)

Winners, please email me at anyabast(at)gmail.com with your mailing address and I’ll get your prize in the mail. 🙂

Everyone, thank you for entering and (if you celebrate) have a FANTASTIC Fourth of July weekend filled with fun, family & fireworks and friends!

10 comments to “Winners of the New Release Heaven contest”

  1. Congratulations Heidi, Janece, Sue and Pat. Happy Reading!

  2. Congrats ladies enjoy! 😀

  3. Congrats all!

    Thanks Anya for giving us the opportunity!

  4. congrats ladies!

  5. Heidi really deserved the book.


  6. Congratulations to all the winners!
    Anya, thanks again – I’ve sent you an email!

    Happy 4th of July!

  7. I think Heidi really deserves a book, Yikes!

  8. Heidi has had a horrible summer so far she needs a pick me up books will do it!

  9. Congratulations!!! That was a great contest.

    in Germany

  10. Grats to all the winners!

    Poor Heidi! Feel better soon! Kudos to Sue for taking care of a loved one and coping with home sickness, and I hope you love your first paranormal, Pat!

    Thank you again, Anya, for a GREAT contest!

    Janece S.
    (who lost another 2 lbs this past week, woot!)