July 15th, 2010

I have this lovely stack of ARCs to give away to book bloggers/reviewers. Do you have a blog? Do you review books? Interested in reviewing the second book of the Dark Magick series? If you are, please send me an email to anyabast (at) gmail.com with a link to your blog or where/how you would review the book.

I only have a limited supply of ARCs and I’m looking for maximum eyeball viewage, so blogs with lots of traffic will be weighted heavier in my selection process. Otherwise my decisions will be made on a first come, first serve basis. The only requirement I have is that the review be posted sometime during the first week of September, when the book releases. I will be holding a couple ARCs back for readers who don’t have book blogs/aren’t reviewers, so everyone will still have a shot at getting one. 🙂

In other news, an idea is percolating for a month-long contest here on my blog as a run up to the release of CRUEL ENCHANTMENT, so stay tuned for details.

12 comments to “CRUEL ENCHANTMENT ARCs”

  1. All that I can tell you is that a lot of people have friended me on FB to see what I’m reading – don’t know if that’s of interest – PLUS – I just really enjoy reading what you write!

  2. Nifty! So excited for you…

    I would love one but my blog is not a high traffic one but I do write reviews and I would post everywhere I could think of and I would talk about it to absolutely everyone i.e. twitter and FB.

    Anyway — so excited for you I can only imagine what getting and ARC of a book I wrote would feel like.

  3. I have a blog but I don’t have many followers but does have some traffic. And I would love to read this and review it for you. I have to do the first one in this series first which I have in my tbr stack. Let me know if your interested. Love your books.

  4. lol would help to put my blog down right


  5. me pleaaaaase. i’m on the romance divas, twitter, facebook, i have my own blog i frequently use to post reviews of arcs from authors such as shiloh walker and megan hart. ther blog doesn’t get much traffic but it does when i direct the divas there 😀

    plus i’m great at pimping books i love. i’ll even do some amazin reviews and the like.


  6. Wow, this is great. I sent you an email.

    Sounds like there will be lots of fun in store for us all!!!

  7. Hi Anya,

    I sent you an email 🙂

    We would love to review your book as your very popular in Aust.


  8. You know I’m goin to be one of the first in line to ask. Puhleeze?

  9. I would love a copy of your book. I have a blog but I have am starting to get it all set-up. I would love to review it and this would be a great way to get my blog going!So think real hard and add me to your list! Thx

  10. I would review it for twolips reviews.com
    we have Alot of traffic also I took the first one for review on our site when it came in so I would really love to do the second one

  11. I dont have a blog. which really blows. but i really wish i did! i would defiently put reviews of your books in it. It would most likely be what i always talked about ha. bcuz i absolutely love your books!!
    maybe when i get a job i can start a blog. the thing that sucks is that im not old enough for a good job yet. and i read really slow lol. but other than that i would love to get my hands on one of these arcs!!
    anya you are amazing. i wish i had a great imagination like you! i really hope to meet u someday ;D that would be great, u should definetly visit oklahoma sometime soon. i will be there extra early to meet you first!
    Can’t wait for the new book!! ooo and jeweled looks really good! i started to read the exercpt but i had to stop reading it bcuz it was so good and i dont want to ruin it lol.

  12. :lol:hi well i going to say i have won
    books and i have blog on face book
    and the authors site and will be on
    the blog tonght and will blog about them
    i did put blurb on the books and if you like some one to do that let me now pick me