August 6th, 2010
Are you ready?

….I’m planning a big blow out contest on my blog to celebrate the upcoming release of CRUEL ENCHANTMENT and JEWELED. Stay tuned for details!!

7 comments to “Are you ready?”

  1. Hope we get some excerpts too!

  2. Whoohoo!!!!!

    in Germany

  3. Ooooh Goody!!!! 😀

  4. oh yeah, I’m ready to read on 😀

  5. So ready, already have preordered cruel enchantment :mrgreen:

  6. Sounds wonderful!

  7. Didn’t see the post in time. Our site is YouGottaReadReviews. I reviewed a couple of your books before – Taken was the last one. If there’s still time, send it to me, I’ll have the book read and the review posted by or prior to its release date!
    It’s on my list to read regardless, this just moves the date up (smile.)