August 28th, 2010
Book of the Day: Primordial, by Denise Agnew


Some forces are too primal to contain… Some attractions too hazardous to acknowledge…

When archaeologist Keira Jessop and her grandfather are accused of stealing an artifact with paranormal powers, the Special Investigations Agency demands she trek into a remote rainforest to locate the strange object. When she learns cocky, handsome special agent Zane Spinella will be her protector on this perilous assignment, she can’t help but be wary of him even if he is heart-stopping sexy and once saved her life. Zane doesn’t trust easily, least of all a woman who may be a criminal and makes his most primitive cravings boil. She has never encountered a more enticing or maddening male in her life. As they encounter a mysterious people and battle a twisted enemy who also wants the artifact for his own, they will discover sexual ecstasy and dark secrets are not the only dangers hidden in the dark and dangerous jungle.


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Okay, let’s continue with the travel theme. If you could travel to any destination and money was no object, where would you go and why?

38 comments to “Book of the Day: Primordial, by Denise Agnew”

  1. Oh, New Zealand. I want to visit Hobbiton and any other LOTR’s locations.

    in Germany

  2. Oh. Sooo hard to decide! There’s so many places I’ve wanted to travel to for different reasons. But if I had to decide on one place, I’d go to Scotland first. I’ve always wanted to visit and it would be intersting to see a place that’s connected to my own history.

  3. Well, my first choice would be Italy. My major bloodline is Italian and I’ve always wanted to see Rome. But, if money was no object, I think I’d take about a year and travel the world to all the palces that I want to see.

  4. I would like to travel the Silk Road to China and visit all the places and stops on it. I would love to take the time to explore all the different destinations and countries on this historical trail.

  5. Since this is fantasy, I would take a world wide cruise. I’ve never been to so many places – South America, the Orient, Alaska, Italy, Scotland, Australia and oh so many more.

  6. I would go to Greece. I took an art history class in college and I loved all the histrorical art, statues, and architecture. I love seeing things from the past. It is interesting to see things preserved from the past and sad to see how events in time have also damaged some really great pieces of art.

  7. oh i would love to go to Italy.

  8. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland.

  9. I think I would want to travel around Europe. My hubby has never been there, and would love a long trip all around England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece. It would be fabulous!!

  10. Traveling to China and Europe would be a personnel odyssey to me. It would be a trip to discover my ancestry. My Asian and Filipino friends have told me that I look Spanish and my Caucasian and African-American friends said I look Asian. Since my parents and grandparents originated from the Southern part of China, I would like to research the any birth Records to discover my Asian ancestry. I already know that the Spanish, Portuguese, and English had occupied these areas. If the dots are connected, I know I will be traveling to Europe to discover my European heritage.

  11. I really want to see Prague, Eastern Europe, Scotland as well as Imperial Russia. Any one of those destinations would make me happy. I briefly saw Prague on my way to the train station but didn’t get to explore the city like I wanted. As for the rest, I just love history and would love to actually be in some of the places that draw me.

  12. It would depend on my mood at the time xD If I wanted something romantic I would go to France. If I wanted something historical and romantic I would go to Italy or Scotland. If I wanted to be awed by nature I would go to New Zealand. Etc. etc. etc.

  13. I would travel all over Japan and Scotland because I’ve been really wanting to see the countries’ landscapes.

  14. I would go to Hawaii because I love beaches and fun in the sun!

  15. I think I’d have to stay around Europe. I have never been and there are sooo many sights that I want to see over there.

  16. Bora Bora … I have dreamed of this place forever as my number one dream destination.

  17. Ancient Egypt, to witness the building of the pyramids.

    China, to witness the building of its Great Wall.

    Around 600 BC Babylon to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

  18. Definitely Ireland & Scotland… would love to visit the castles and see all of the beautiful sights up close and personally!

  19. I want to visit Egypt and see the Great Pyramid and the other archaeological sites and take a cruise down the Nile. I definitely also want to visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo.

  20. I think I would go to Turkey. Turkey is absolutely loaded with history and there is so much amazing architecture and culture in that country.

  21. I have been fascinated with New Zealand since I was a kid. I would love to visit there someday.

  22. I have such a long list of places I would like to visit. I would really like to visit Europe. I love the history and the beauty of it.

  23. I would go take a tour of Ireland/Scotland/England… It is soo beautiful there…


  24. I’d love to visit the South Pacific again with lots of time to see more than the typical tourist places!! With the cruise I’d been on, we only got one day or less at each island we stopped at. I’d love to stop and see some of their local specialties – food, jewelry , …

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. If money were no object I loved to cruise around visiting islands in the south pacific including Tonga, Borneo and a stay at the private House in the Clouds at the Wakaya Club in Fiji.

  26. A round-the-world trip, please–there are SO many places to see and go–how could I possibly choose only one?

  27. I have always wanted to go to China or Japan. I love the architecture of the buildings.

  28. hand s down id go to Ireland and its my real time heros heritage its beatiful there and would love to be there as aposed to here honestly and if moneyw a sno object then id have to say colorado moving with my family lol no for real id love to go to Ireland and explore for a few months and bask in its beauty

  29. I would love to go to England and Scotland just for the history if for nothing else. There is so much history to see there that it would be amazing. :mrgreen:

  30. I was hoping for a cruise for my 25th wedding anniversary but funds were not available; I still hope for this cruise and we would love to see Alaska.

  31. I’d go to Greece. So much history and lore I’d love to see.

  32. I’d like to have a whole summer (and maybe even part of late spring and early fall!) to explore Europe in. It’d be great to have a nice ‘home base’ in some central area like France with at apartment rented, and then day trip and weekend-trip out of there over several months! There’s many other places around the world I’d like to visit, too, but we could start in Europe! 🙂 Thanks for the daydream opportunity!

  33. Scotland because I want to find myself a Highlander! Haha

  34. Definitely to Scotland. I’d love to tour all the places written about in those Highlander stories. 😀 And I can’t forget about those Castles.
    Carol L.

  35. Since money is no object I want to see the world. Hawaii, Greece, Spain, Germany (never wanted to go till I saw the Horseman a Dresden on the smart bitches site), Italy, Scotland, Ireland. Since money is no object why stop at just one destination. The rest of my life could be a destination. Close your eyes and put a pin in the map and there you go.

  36. As this is fantasy and money is no object I would travel to the future to see what happens to mankind and the planet Earth 😀

  37. If money were no hinderence, I would love to go on a cruise with my Husband to the Caribbean where we would get catered and have walks on the beach at sunset and to fall asleep in each others arms. God I miss him so much!

  38. Ew, so hard….If $ was no object I’d go everywhere. Greece, Italy, Egypt, England, Scotland, all that history….give a girl palpitations. Heaven is what that would be!