August 30th, 2010
Book of the Day: Wicked Enchantment



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When you’re a half incubus, your reputation precedes you…

All eyes are on Gabriel Mac Braire the day he makes his first appearance in the Seelie Court, including those of Aislinn Finvarra. Despite deep bitterness over her last failed relationship, Aislinn cannot help but be curious about the half incubus who is known to possess dark magick, both lethal and sexual in nature. Rumors abound of the women who have become enslaved to his irresistible charms.

So when the Summer Queen of the fae orders Aislinn herself to act as his guide in the court, she is understandably on guard. She’s fallen under the spell of far less persuasive men before. In addition, Gabriel might be more than he seems and his true mission is far from innocent.

This time, Aislinn must protect not only her heart, but her very life…

“Wicked Enchantment will draw the reader in from the very start and I absolutely can’t wait to read the next installment
in this great new series.” —The Book Lush

“I love Anya Bast’s books. Her imagination is incredible and her ability to share the worlds she develops is out of
this world . . . This book was excellent.” —Night Owl Reviews

To enter for a chance at an autographed copy of this novel, reply with your answer to the following question. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won!

I’m giving away a few copies of this book during the contest because it’s the first book in my Dark Magick series. How do you feel about series? Love them? Hate them? Do you enjoy the occasional stand alone story too? If you’re dedicated to any series right now, which ones?

Excerpt from Wicked Enchantment

“It’s inside you, just like the power of the Wild Hunt is inside me,” he said, staring hard at her as though his gaze alone could instill the belief into her head. “Can’t you feel them talking to you sometimes? Murmuring in your head? Can’t you sense the lost ones out there calling for you—for anyone—to pay attention to them? I may not be a necromancer. I may only be Lord of the Wild Hunt, but I can hear them. I can sense them. You must able to feel them too.”

He spoke with such passion. Clearly he loved being Lord of the Wild Hunt. She never would have guessed he loved anything more than women and sex. He put on the façade of jaded courtier so well that he’d never given her a hint of the man who lay beneath the shallow pretense. There was much more to Gabriel than what he displayed.

And that made him even more deadly attractive to her.

Remember how arrogant he is. Remember his self-centeredness. Remember that he lied to you in the Rose.

Remember he risked his life to save you.

She cleared her throat and schooled her expression—not to mention the beating of her heart. “I can feel them.”

“Good. That’s the seed. It’s already planted and, I’m sure, already budding. Now all we have to do is follow the stem and make it blossom.”

He was looking at her lips again. He was also making birds and bees references. Her gaze found his lips. This was not going to work.

“Turn off the charm,” she whispered, gripping the arm rests.


“Turn off whatever magick you use on women to make them sexually attracted to you.”

His luscious lips curved in a cocky smile. Yes, there was the arrogance. “That’s not how it works, Aislinn, and you know it. You’re just looking for things to blame your feelings on.”

He dipped his head before she could respond and caught her lips against his. She jerked back, but he followed her, pressing her head back against the cushion and slanting his mouth over hers with a groan in his throat. That groan made her think of naked bodies and silky skin, made her think of twisted sheets and fusing bodies. It made her wonder what it would be like if he kneed her thighs apart and slid inside her. To what heights could a man like Gabriel take her in bed? A man like him for whom sex was like breathing and with whom erotic promise was almost certainly fulfilled?

“Give it up. Stop fighting so hard,” he whispered against her lips. “Give it up to me. Just give me, Aislinn.” He nipped her lower lip and she shuddered with lust.

“Gabriel.” She’d meant his name to come out strong and clear, meant for it to act as a warning and make him stop. Because she wasn’t sure she could make him stop—wasn’t sure she wanted him to stop. His name came out breathy instead.

He yanked her up in one smooth movement, flush against him. The breath hissed out of her and she knew she was well and truly lost to him. One more kiss and she’d be his. He dropped his head and rubbed his mouth over hers as though savoring the taste of her lips.

It sealed the deal.

Her nipples stabbed through the material of her sweater and her breathing began to come quicker. She’d come so close to death in the dungeons of the Black Tower and now she tasted life—vibrant and erotic—on Gabriel’s lips. He could make her feel flush with blood and vitality and chase away the death that had clung to her for the last week.

She went up on her toes and pushed her mouth against his, spearing her tongue into the hot recesses of his mouth. Pulling back a little she murmured, “Yes,” against his lips.

47 comments to “Book of the Day: Wicked Enchantment”

  1. Hi Anya,
    I love the excerpts I’ve read on this book and it’s on my TRL.
    I enjoy series books because as attached as we can get to characters we know there will at least be a reminder of these loved characters in the other books. And I love that after a character has grown on me and I hate to see the story end. 🙁 The series I’m dedicated to is JR Ward’s BBD, Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and Kresley Cole and Sherilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters. There is also Pamela Palmer’s Feral Warriors. lol lol I didn’t think I was into so many series.
    Carol L.

  2. If there’s the same lead character throughout an entire series, it helps to read those books one immediately after another.

    But if the lead characters differ from book to book (even if they’re still classified as a series), I prefer to read other stuff in between.

    I recently glommed Books 2 and 3 in Alexander Gordon Smith’s “Escape from Furnace” series, and I had to because of the cliff-hanger endings 😉 Nervously awaiting Book 4 in October…

  3. I love series because usually I have a lot of questions still unanswered with stand alone novels. Series alllow more character development and allows me to really get to know the author and characters without having to rush to a finish.

    I also like stand alone novels because some books only have one ending and there is no need to continue the story. I also do not have to wait a long period for the sequel.

    Some of my favorite series include Kate Daniels and The Edge by Ilona Andrews, Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs, Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan, Lords of Darkness by Gena Showalter, and Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris.

  4. I read a lot of mystery series. Generally I like them, but one particular series has had the main character trying to decide between two men for about 6 books. It is frustrating more readers than myself and I don’t understand why the author is doing it.

  5. I enjoy reading series, some of my favorites are: The Dark-Hunters, The Morganville Vampires and Riley Jensen! My all time fav is Stephanie Plum!

  6. i love all time fav. are the dark hunters by sherrilyn kenyon

  7. I love series, especially ones that read well as stand alones! That way I can love a book and explore the lives of various characters within the world without dedicating myself to a 1000 page tome! 😀
    Right now I am sucked into the Anita Blake Series.

  8. I love both series and stand alone books. I prefer a series with a different pair of hero and heroine though rather than the same pair throughout.

  9. I love both series and stand alone books. What I love about series is that when I love a book and I reach the end I hate that the book is over but with series even if they have other characters that are the focus I still get to read more the series that drew me to it in the first place. Kind of like visiting a favorite place. :mrgreen:

  10. I love love series!! I do read stand alones too, but series are more fun, cause there are great secondary characters out there and I love to read about them!

  11. I really enjoy series and going back to meet those characters that have found a way into my heart.

    I follow a few series, one of my favs is Ms. Frosts, Grave series, her hero, Bones is one hunk of lovin’ vampire, and he’s British, like me! Hehe!!

    in Germany

  12. I LOVE series! *Some* of my favorites are:
    Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole
    Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter
    Destiny by Toni Blake
    Night Huntress Novel by Jeaniene Frost
    and of course
    Dark Magick by Anya Bast

  13. I absolutely love series. They are my favorite to read though I have no problem with stand alones. I just like to get to know the characters and then to be able to see them again.

  14. I love series!!! One book or story never seems to be enough to fully learn about a character and their background. A few of my favorites are: Kim Harrison’s Hollows, LKH’s Anita Blake, and Angie Fox’s Demon Hunter

  15. I’m a big fan of series. I like being able to revisit with characters from the previous books. Some of my favorite series right now are Barbara Freethy’s Angel’s Bay series and Stephanie Laurens’ Black Cobra Quartet.

  16. I love series. I love the continuation of stories. I especially have a love for series where the main characters continue. I love Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series, J.D. Robb’s In Death series….I could go on and on!

  17. I enjoy series, but hate when I actually miss one. Occasionally I miss a few books and try to get them at a later date! Love JD Robb’s IN DEATH, Catherine Coutler’s FBI books, been reading some Suzanne Brockmann, etc.

  18. I love series mainlybecause i get sometimes alil sad when i close a book and i wana know more but its a stand alone . I love stand alones too tho but for me series really get it if its in a serie si buy it faster then not

    id have to say im still reading ur witch serie pertty dedicated to that one

    im dedicated to Rachele vincents soul screamer series as well as meads vampire acadamy series

  19. I hesitate to read books in a series, but I have enjoyed the excerpts you’ve put on your blog. So maybe I should re-think and start reading them, series or not!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Hi Anya,
    I love series…Its fine to read a stand alone book to but I really enjoy when a writer continue’s the story. You find out lots more about the characters,where they came from, where their going and it also makes me feel that I finished the books. I don’t seem to have all those questions after a series like I do on a stand alone. You know like,did they get married, stay together, did they live in that town or etc.
    I’m reading about 4 or 5 different series right now. Kim Harrison’s , Hollows series, Kerrelyn Sparks, vamp series, Lynsay Sands, vamps series,Carrie Vaughn, Kitty werewolf series, and everyone loves Sookie Stackhouse. There are so many series right now. I’m even reading one in mystery by Nancy Atherton, Aunt Dimity series, there is 15 books in the series so far. I’m on the 2nd book.
    Thanks Anya I love your series as well, the elemental witches. I read them and I’m waiting for the next and Jennifer Estep has elemental series out, Spider bites, I’m waiting for the 3rd on there.
    So I would say I really love read ing series.

  21. I love series although I rather read a series that has 3-6 books rather than 10-20. I think because I get bored reading the same theme over and over. I love standalones just as much as I do series. Right now I’m reading the Elemental Witches series and I only need to read Witch Fury to finish. I absolutely love this series the books are hot and filled with action. I can’t wait to read some more of Anya Bast’s work and that’s why I would love to win Wicked Enchantment.

  22. Hi. I have you on my author list and the books on my BL.

    I personally love series, the only thing I do hate about them is when the end, lol I read alot of books that are stand alone books as well but there’s nothing like a good series. I like THe Riley Jenson series by KA and Darkhunter series by SK. Currently I am reading a series by Gena Showalter, Lords of the Underworld and a series by Tabitha Shay’s Winslow Witches of Salem series too. reat contest and I love the sounds of your books!!!


  23. I love series, but I, also, enjoy stand alone books. Right now, my favorite series are the Dark-hunter series, the Immortals After Dark series, the Guardians series, and the Psy-changeling series.

  24. I haven’t read this series yet but it is on my “to read” list. I read the excerpt for it in your last series and it really caught my attention. I really enjoyed your last series. I read quite a few series, but I do like stand alones also. I like whatever catches my attention. Right now I’m reading BDB by JR Ward, Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Demonica by Larissa Ione and quite a few more.

  25. I love them when I know I have all of them or I can at least get all of them and not have to wait a year at a time or more but that doesn’t always happen and books languish in my tbr pile. I probably read more stand alones.

  26. I like a good series, more to love, I love stand alone, since I am bad at waiting 🙂 If I could have it my way I would get the whole series at once 😉

  27. I love a good series, but like others, hate to wait in between books. If I can, I like to wait until I’ve gotten all the books and then have a spree, but I’m also not big on self-control, so I usually end up reading and then waiting and waiting 🙂

  28. I have lots of book series that I love:

    Joey W Hill’s Vampire Queen
    Lora Leigh’s Breeds
    Sookie Stackhouse
    Eve Dallas
    Eileen Wilks
    Anita Blake

    These are just a few of my favorites. Stand-alones are fine too. For a favorite author, I tend to read anything and everthing they write.

  29. Yes. I only recently started reading series but now I think I might be an addict. I used to preferred stand alone or short stories, and I still enjoy them, but I started with IAD by Cole and the Anita by Hamilton and my obsession just went from there.

    I am also reading:
    RR series by Loralei James
    Fever series by KMM
    BDB series by Ward
    Alpha and Omega series by Briggs
    Mercy series by Briggs
    Game series by Feehan
    Breed series by Leigh
    Elite Ops by Leigh
    Sweet series by Banks (looking forward to her next series)
    Wild Riders by Burton
    Pride series by Laurenston

    I also just picked up Witch Fury yesterday so I guess you could say I am starting the Elemental Witch series by Bast too.

    The only thing I don’t like is devouring the current installments knowing I will be waiting for 3-6 months for the next installment and when a series ends – heartbreaking.

  30. I don’t mind series when they’re done well, but often it seems like authors do a series just to get more money and promotions in the literary world when they could have made a far better quality stand alone book.
    That being said, I do have some series that just suck me in and are done very well. I agree with other posters that it’s refreshing when each book is done focused on a different main character.

  31. I love series! I love how you get to see that world continue to grow and sometimes go back and visit old characters. Of course, I also love stand-alone books too =)

  32. I love series but more so the ones who don’t last for too as in 30 books, limiting it so we don’t get tired of the series. I also enjoy stand alone books, so long as the stories are well written with believable plots and great characters and of course a good ending.

  33. I love the Dark Magick seris, I always enjoy reading series that inorporate not just say humans and Fae, but several species. I’m not picky about series or stand-alones, I read both indiscriminately. And I rarely find a series in any genre I read that I’m not willing to be dedicated to, though Vampires series’ tend to get first priority with me.

  34. There is something to be said for being able to pick up a book without having to wonder if you’re missing info from another book in the series.
    But that being said, I do love a series. It all has to do with my greed for always wanting to know more of the story. If the story is good I can never get enough!
    I’d be here forever naming all the series that I enjoy. But a few are (besides Anya Bast):

    Lora Leighs’ Breed Series
    J.R. Wards’ BDB
    Rachel Caines Morganville Series
    Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson
    Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels and Edge
    Nicole Peelers’ Tempest Series
    Gerry Bartletts’ Real Vampires…

    You get the idea, So I’ll stop now!

  35. I do like series and stand alone books. I love the Brenda Novak series books. White Heat it the one I am starting. Just finishing up book 1 in a new series by J.K. Beck. Love the Excerpt from Wicked Enchantment.

  36. I love reading a series that follows the same heroine on her many adventures. I love being able to jump right back in with characters I already know and feel there’s more room for growth with multiples books. I do like series that change heroines, sometimes. But sometimes I get so invested in a certain heroine, it saddens me to find the next book in a series will not center around her.

  37. I like series, and am currently reading Dark Hunters and Lords of Darkness series. I also like stand alone. If it is well written, and each book is complete within itself, I like it.

  38. Addicted to Lords of the Underworld series!! And I haven’t started this series so it’d be perfect for me to win the first book!

  39. When there’s a character I love, or a whole cast of compelling characer, I always love reading a whole series about them just to see what happens to them! There’s many series I’ve followed, both ones that are completed and ones that who know how many (if any more) are to come, but one that I DO know is continuing and I love is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. The Wicked Enchantment excerpt you have in today’s blog entry sounds pretty enticing too, and I’d love to read it and the rest of its series! 😀

  40. I love series, and i love stand alone books.

    some of the series that i’m following right now, Demonica series by Larissa Ione, WVMP Radio series by Jeri Smith-Ready. The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost.

    I would love to have the chance to start reading your books, coz you are a new for me author !

  41. I love series. I love the investment in the character that the series gives you. I actually look for series when going to a book store.
    As for series I currently read:
    Dark Hunters – Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Breeds – Lora Leigh
    Atlantis – Allysa Day
    Children of the Sea – Virginia Kantra
    Black Dagger Brotherhood – J.R. Ward
    Demonica – Larissa Ione

    Those are just a few.


  42. I love to catch up with “old friends” in series reading, and it is fun to see how they grow or progress. But I also enjoy stand alones if the story is good.

    Fever series by KMM
    BDB series by Ward
    Alpha and Omega series by Briggs
    Mercy series by Briggs
    Breed series by Leigh
    Wild Riders by Burton
    Pride series by Laurenston
    Anita Blake and Merry Genrty series’ by LKH
    Dark Hunters by Kenyon

  43. I love book series. It’s nice to see secondary characters develop while still seeing prior hero and heroines in the action. My favorite book series at the moment is Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling Series. It’s amazing!

  44. I love reading series. The first few series I started reading were the Nancy Drew

  45. I love reading series. The first few series I started reading when I was little were the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and the Black Stallion. Now I follow Eve Dallas series by J.D. Robbs, The Doomsday Brethren series by Shayla Black, Demonica series by larissa Ione and others. When I read series, it like I am taking a journey with the characters in the book.

  46. Anya loved the premise and excerpts on this – can’t wait to get started on this series. I really enjoyed the Witch books :)!

    Currently hooked on Nancy Gideon’s Moon series, J.K. Beck’s latest, and Larissa Ione’s Demonica series.

  47. Love series and enjoy following the story through multiple books.