September 1st, 2010
Book of the Day: Witch Blood, by Anya Bast


A water witch, Isabelle Novak has always led a chaotic, nomadic existence. But her life spins out of control when her sister—her only friend and emotional anchor—is killed by a demon. Driven by grief and a desire for revenge, she turns her back on the Coven and the rede they hold sacred: Harm thee none…

When Isabelle first encounters Thomas Monahan, she’s running on pure rage and sorrow, channeling her pain into power—and trying to freeze the life out of a warlock she holds responsible for her sister’s death. Together, they form an uneasy alliance to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power. As head of the Coven, earth witch Thomas must thwart Isabelle’s dark impulses, but his very presence stirs deeper desires she never knew she had…

You can read the first chapter here.


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Want a chance to win an autographed copy of this book? Reply to the following question. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won!

I’m inclined to go fluffy again. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

51 comments to “Book of the Day: Witch Blood, by Anya Bast”

  1. I just bought Witch Blood, so don’t enter me for the contest, but I have to ring in as a CAT person. I love my ragdolls and rescues to bits!

  2. i have a dog but i have several cats so im a cat person more.

  3. Definately a cat person.

  4. Definitely a dog person. I have an 2 year old Akita right now, he is my 5th Akita over the years.

  5. I am a dog person.

  6. I’m a dog person.I hate cats.
    My neighbors love to leave their cats outside and they tend to come to my gardens and use it as a litterbox.

  7. I’m more of a dog person. :smile:

  8. I am a both person and a fish — since I have 1 of each. I can’t possibly choose.

  9. I’m a cat person, but I love dogs, too.

  10. def a dog person :)

  11. Dog, in part because I’m definitely allergic to some cats.

  12. Dog person

  13. Dog person hands down. Lol

  14. I’m definitely a dog person. Used to have dogs at our family home but I stay in an apartment now so no pets.

  15. I consider myself a cat person but since one of my cats is actually a puppy-cat I guess you could argue I am a dog person. :mrgreen: Max acts like a dog in the fact he loves to play fetch and comes when you call him just like a dog. :mrgreen:

  16. I have to say both but if made to choose, I would be dogs.

  17. I’m a dog person, I had a poodle and cocker spaniel growing up!

  18. I have three dogs and three cats… I love them all, but if you twist my arm I would say cat… They are like the sour patch kid commercial, you just never know what you are going to get out of them! A little sour then a little sweet… :grin:

  19. If they have a funny personality I like both. It’s really a toss up for me.

  20. Definitely a dog person. Fluffy, lovey Golden Retriever person, to be exact. :lol:

  21. I love cats and dogs….how can I choose???

    Actually, I prefer dragons and unicorns.

    in Germany

  22. Ooh, I love both dogs and cats, but I’m more of a dog person. Unconditional love is the best.


  23. I am an animal person… all are welcome, cats, dogs, rats, mice, birds, lizards, fish, hamsters, etc! :grin:

  24. That’s kind of tough. I don’t want to choose because I’m more of an animal person. I have a bunch of cats and a dog right now. But I’ve had different animals over time. So pretty much anything is welcome.! Except spiders and insects. I do have a line!

  25. I love both, but honestly I’m more a dog person…altough cats are cute too…

  26. I’m both! Love cats and dogs.

  27. Well If I have to pick between the two then I’m a dog person but if I get my choice of animals then I would have a goat!!!


  28. I’m more of a cat person, but I do think dogs are cute, too.

  29. I am an animal person first lol. But at the moment I am a cat person. I have had two dogs and loved them dearly but then I started taking care of strays/ferals and was lost lol. 7 inside has been my max at once (plus 3 permanent outside with many others that have come and gone or homes were found). At the moment I only have 4 – not enough lol.

  30. I’m a dog person :-)

  31. I’m a dog person. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats!

  32. I’m a cat person, but I love dogs too as long as they are well-trained!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Comments will be closed on September 1, 2011? really?

  33. I’m a rabbit person. :grin: They are quiet, cuddlely and litter trainable. Plus as vegetarians – they don’t bring home any dead presents for their owners.

    But I do love the independence of cats and the loyalty of dogs too.

  34. Definintely a cat person. We have four.

  35. honestly im more of a dog person i find cats adorable askittens but way to much work as to a dog who fi you love them they loveyou back and have mor epersonality then most would think

  36. I’m a dog person (you can tell by all the dog hair that always covers my clothes :D )

  37. Astrologically speaking, my sun sign is Leo and my lunar year is the Dog. So I’m cog/dat hybrid! But don’t tell my beloved cat that – although she too exhibits very canine tendencies!

  38. I own neither, but if I did, I would get a dog.

  39. I am a cat person. Everyting in my house it cats. LOL.

  40. I am a dog person. I have a cat and a dog but I’m more attached to the dog.

  41. I am an animal lover in general.. but I’m allergic to cats and son has asthma so we have to go with dogs here.

  42. I am deathly afraid of cats-even the little cute ones, so I will have to go with dogs.

  43. I have two dogs and and a cat.I also work at a doggie daycare where I usually have at least 50 dogs to play with each day .I have to say IM definately a dog person
    wanda f

  44. I’m a cat person. I always have cats as pets since I was little. There was never a moment of time that I have been without them.

  45. Oh wow… Well…. This is funny! I am a cat person, but own two puppies!!!
    I love cats… but my two puppies make me laugh too… but I do miss my kitties!

  46. Dog person all the way! They are just too cute! :mrgreen:

  47. I am definitely a dog person.

  48. i’m a cat person ! i had had 12 cats at once !

  49. Always gravitated toward cats.

  50. I love dogs, but unfortunately I’m allergic to them… therefore I’ve a cat!

  51. Cats all the way, dogs are so big, sharp teeth and scary looking, while cats are fluffy and sweet