September 7th, 2010
September Sizzles…


Enter to win your chance at a signed book from the author and a chance to win $150 in book money from the online retailer of your choice…Read on for details…

The Icing On The Cake by Alison Kent

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September Sizzles…

Would you like to win a signed book from Alison’s AVAILABLE BACKLIST? (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CONTEST IS NOT FOR THE EXCERPTED BOOK, BUT FOR A BOOK FROM ALISON’S AVAILABLE BACKLISTED TITLES!) Just leave a comment to enter. Commenting also enters you to win a $150 GC to the online book retailer of your choice (we must be able to purchase a gift certificate from within the US.) If you visit each participating author’s blog and comment, that increases your odds of winning. Visiting/commenting at each participating author blog will get your five entries. However, only one comment per blog.


· Contest runs through 9/17/2010

· One comment/entry per blog

· Winners to be posted by 9/30/2010 on the participating authors’ blogs

· You must check back at the authors’ blogs to send if you have won-if you don’t claim your prize within one week, you forfeit your prize.

· One comment per blog

· Void where prohibited

· Please make sure to abide by hosting author’s standard contest rules.

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  1. I’d love to win this, sounds like a great read :) Great contest idea as well, it’s always great to discover new authors.

  2. This sounds like its going to be a great book!

  3. This looks like a great read, I was seriously hooked by the excerpt.

    And wow, what a contest. Even though I live in Germany, I can order books from with no problem…hehe!!!

    in Germany

  4. I love this contest, count me in.

  5. Yummy excerpt!! This is a great contest! Thank you!!

  6. How exciting for me – another day another new author to add to the list! So glad I stopped in this morning.

  7. This book sounds really good. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. cant wait to read this book. thanks for doing another great contest.

  9. Nice contest… Hope I win this… It looks like it’ll be a great read…

  10. This is fun…I love the blog hopping! Great contest you got running. :ohh:

  11. Sounds like a great read. Thanks for another great contest

  12. Fantastic contest. I like the intro to new authors! I already have Alison’s wonderful book! I’d love to win the GC so I can buy all of the September Sizzles lineup!! I’ve never read any of your books but WOW the woman look extremely confident and all of them covers are amazing!!

  13. Awesome excerpt, will be a ‘must buy’ if I don’t win! What a great contest, I’m always on the lookout for new authors!

  14. Phenomenal contest! Good luck to everyone who enters!


  15. Great excerpt. I’m anxious to read more. Great contest.

  16. This is a great contest i love your books :) thanks

  17. Woo! Hot excerpt and great sexual tension. I haven’t read Alison Kent before, but I really want to now!

  18. Another great excerpt. I now need to add this one to my list.

  19. This looks like a great read.

    Thanks for another great contest.

  20. This looks like an amazing book! I can’t wait to read it!

  21. a new book for my wishlist – thanks for sharing!

  22. Great contest. I would like to enter :)

  23. Looks like my TBR list just got longer.

    Thanks for the great contest!

  24. Can’t wait to read thi!

  25. Great excerpt. Sounds like a good book. Pretty cover.

  26. I’m with the consensus – this was a good excerpt!

  27. Thank you for the excerpt. Love it!

  28. Whew, you woke me up this morning!! Hot start to the day “g”

  29. If the excerpt is anything compared to the book then I definitely want to have a chance to win this book.

    And what a great contest.

  30. Great excerpt and I just love the cover!

  31. I loved this excerpt. Thanks for being part of this great contest!

  32. ooooo, fun read! always looking for new authors (this author is new to me :) )

  33. Sounds like a very intriguing read and I would love to read the book and love the cover as well! Love the contest too!

  34. Have heard alot of great things about the book which is not surprising as the author us Alison Kent!

  35. This book sounds good and the excerpt was steamy.

  36. This is such a cool contest.

  37. WOW, what a great read…I want toe rest of the story…Thanks for waking me up..

  38. WOW, what a great read…I want to read the rest of the story…Thanks for waking me up..
    great contest, also, I’m off to check out the next one..

  39. This book looks reeeeallll good. I probably will buy it even if I don’t win. Great contest!

  40. This sounds great! I loved SG5 by Alison.

  41. What a great idea for a contest…please enter me and have a great day!

  42. This sounds like a great book. I’ve always liked Alison’s Books. This is a great contest.

  43. Sounds like fun! You can count me in.

  44. who needs more incentive to read after that hot excerpt and the contest is def the cherry on top :D

  45. great excerpt. This is a new author to me.Thanks for the chance to win one of her books.

  46. Thanks for the contest! I don’t know if I really want to or really don’t want to meet Todd’s dad!

  47. Fantastic excerpt and I love the cover for The Icing on the Cake.

  48. Very nice excerpt! And a great sizzling contest!!

  49. I am lovin this contest! Great Excerpt… :grin:

  50. Great excerpt and contest!!

  51. Great Contest!!!


  52. Oh no its my last stop. It was fun zipping around the sites.

  53. Woo! Great contest! :)

  54. Great contest. I’d read about this book, but this is the first excerpt I’ve seen. Sounds wonderful.

  55. I always look forward to any of your new releases and the excerpt was great. Thanks for sharing with us. :lol:

    And a great contest as well :grin:

  56. Amazing excerpt–totally made me day :)

  57. great excerpt

  58. I really liked this excerpt. I’ll have to check out her other books as well. Awesome contest.
    Carol L.

  59. Great contest and the excerpt was great!

  60. Great contest. I’m looking forward to reading this reality based romance.

  61. :twisted: SEXY!!! I’m in!!!

  62. Sounds great and I love that title, sounds yummy

  63. Thanks for the opportunity, count me in!

  64. Thank you so much for the giveaway! This looks like a great book!

  65. This book looks interesting. I live discovering new to me authors.

  66. I love the covers, and hope to win! Great contest!

  67. Great contest, I’d love to win.

  68. great contest and great giveaway – you are so great to us readers :mrgreen:

  69. Fun contest. This looks like a great read.

  70. Ok loving this contest it not only has awesome experts. Its bringing me in contact with some authors i havent read and love find new authors to read

  71. Great contest! I love prizes. I also loved the excerpt. They are what usually get me to buy the book; that and the blurb.

  72. Great contest!

  73. This sounds like a book I want to read!

  74. Wow, this books looks awesome. Thanks for having another great contest!

  75. :eek:
    I love contest like this…good luck everbody…hey guyes, ingore everybody else and PICK ME! PICK ME! LOL HEY I HAD TO TRY!


  76. Oh, I loved the excerpt. This book has just been added to my MUST HAVE NOW list.

  77. I want this book!! I want this book!! I want this book!! Thanks so much for this contest!! :razz:

  78. Fabulous contest! Please enter me in the giveaway.

  79. This book looks really intersting. I would love to read more!!!

    I can’t wait until the results!!! :grin:

  80. Wonderful contest and we get to meet new authors too.

  81. Great book!!! I’d love to read it!!!!

  82. Sounds like a good read.

  83. Thanks for all the great contests! I enjoy finding new authors! :grin: I can never have enough books on my Kindle!

  84. Thanks for hosting such a fun contest. Alison’s book is so perfect for me! Would love to win.

  85. Yup! It’s a sizzlin’ fer sure! My must-read list grows. :grin:

  86. This sounds like a great book, I’m going to have to order this one.

  87. The excerpt was great!
    Thanks for the great contest.


  88. What a great contest! I have to say I loved this excerpt – totally has me wishing to read the whole book now!

  89. Good excerpt. I love contests.


  90. Great excerpt. I love the sound and idea of that new book lines its part of.

  91. I would love to win this. Thanks for the great contest

    jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

  92. Very hot sounding, love the blurb. Seems like there is some steamy parts. Can’t wait to read it!

    By the way, great contest!

  93. Loved the excerpt. I would love to win one of Alison’s books.

  94. Great excerpt. Sounds like a good read.

  95. Great contest! I would love to win =)

  96. Oh wow…I love that excerpt!

  97. OOooooo, how lovely! I am always happy to find new books and authors to read. Twist my arm already! LOL!

  98. Oh, I’ve been waiting for this title from Alison! Thanks for the lovely excerpt!

  99. Great contest! Count me in please!

  100. Def sounds very very good! Count me in on this contest! Love it!

  101. Wow! Sounds great! Count me in for sure! :)

  102. Thanks for this fabulous contest! Love that excerpt!

  103. I loved this excerpt! I’d be happy with any of Alison’s books. :grin:

  104. I love Alison’s work!

  105. awesome contest and that excerpt was awesome count in me in please

  106. I really enjoy Alison’s stories and would love to win.

  107. what a great excerpt! looking forward to this….thank you for the awesome contest!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  108. That is a wonderfully hot excerpt! I love the banter between them since it adds to the heat.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  109. Loved the excerpt. I have read several of Alison’s books and have enjoyed them.

    I love this contest. Thanks guys!!!!

  110. This sounds way cool, can’t wait to see what else is in the contest…

  111. Book sounds very good great contest thank you very much for the chance!

  112. wow a new to me author. Sounds like a great read.

  113. Nice Except makes me want more.Looks like a good storie can’t wait to read it.

  114. I haven’t read this author before which is nice if I win. Please enter me of course!

    dancealert at aol dot com

  115. :grin: wow nice contest.,would love to be enter

  116. Love these round of excerpts. Thanks

  117. Waiting for pay day to pick up new book. loved the first one in this series. Never win any thing, but figured what the heck I’ll give it another go.

  118. great excerpt – thanks for sharing

  119. Great excerpt! Awesome contest!

  120. sounds like a hot sexy read, thanks for the excerpt

  121. I’m entering! I love this contest!

  122. Great contest!

  123. thanks for the giveaways !

  124. Count me in please!

  125. Oh wow, I want this book! Sounds great!!!
    I’ve not read any of Alison books yet, but I’m adding this one to my TGL!
    Thanks for having this contest!

  126. That’s a great excerpt!
    I haven’t read anything by Alison, but I’ll have to.

  127. Aww!! That was such a cute excerpt! Loved it!

  128. I would love to read the book! Thanks for having the contest!

  129. Hot excerpt! Got to love it.

  130. Great contest! I would love the chance to win! Thanks so much!!!

  131. Sounds great!

  132. Awesome contest! Please count me in.

  133. Story sounds wonderful, and there is another great excerpt up at Alison’s blog, if anyone wants another little tease.

  134. always looking for new & exciting authors to add to my favs what better way then a contest

  135. Sounds Delicious! Thanks for this great contest! I’m loving the links through some of my favorite authors!

  136. Love the book. I enjoy reading all of Alison’s books

  137. Nice book! Would love to win the contest!

    dancealert at aol dot com

  138. I was lucky enough to get this book at the HCI launch party- and it’s definitely near the top of my [intimidating to me] TBR pile :X
    Didn’t think I’d be so much into “reality romance” type things but the True Vows series and couples are very fascinating based on what I’ve heard!

  139. Great contest!

  140. Love Anya’s books. I can’t wait to read this one.

  141. Great excerpt, and I really like the cover of Icing on the Cake!
    Please enter me in for a chance to win a book from Alison’s backlist.

  142. Can I just say Yummy…… :)

  143. Enter me – this is awesome!

  144. AWESOME! Count me in, please and thank you!

  145. This is fun and love getting to visit different authors.

  146. What a fun contest with such amazing authors! I would love to be entered! Thanks! :grin:

  147. lots of entries here but, giving it a go.

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