October 18th, 2010
Another Gorgeous Cover!

I just received the final cover for JADED, sequel to JEWELED. I think I can live with it. 😉

One woman who’s sworn never to love again.

Two men who can’t help but desire her.

And the magic and passion that binds them together…

Haunted by a traumatic attack when she was eighteen, Lilya Orensdaughter has become a courtesan in the Temple of Dreams, determined to never again lose control. But she will do anything for Byron Andropov, the man who nursed her back to health all those years ago—and who now wants her to help his friend Alek Chaikoveii come to terms with the powerful magick he possesses.

In Alek, Lilya finds a kindred spirit. The attraction between them is immediate, and soon Lilya surrenders to nights of unimaginable ecstasy. But she can’t forget Byron, who’s concealed his feelings for Lilya because he believed she would never love again. As tensions escalate between the two men who are vying for Lilya’s heart, Lilya finds herself torn between her desire for the man who saved her, and the man whose soul resembles her own—only to discover that in the world of unrestrained passion there are no boundaries. If only you’re willing to give up control…

10 comments to “Another Gorgeous Cover!”

  1. Love it! <3

  2. Heh – also have to add – she looks so happy.

  3. Beautiful cover! I LOVE it!!

  4. Love the cover very Hot!!

  5. awesoem cover!

  6. I love this cover better. Any chance this will be the American bookcover?

  7. I’d want to read this book just from looking at the cover!

  8. Dang- Can I some how switch bodies with the “Lady in Red”? I would be soooooo hot to be stuck in the middle of the two hunks and have the body that Lilya does. Here’s to dreaming and drooling! 😉

  9. I love this cover. It is so sensual and so hot. Makes me want to go buy the book and read it right now.

  10. Jeweled was better. BUT I would NOT turn down being in her place!!!! Holy cow that is a HOT COVER!! YUM!