October 25th, 2010
Book of the Day: Beyond the Dark


The winner of Saturday’s book, an autographed copy of Witch Heart, Julie, who said, “I love a combination of the rough and ready exterior, sense of humor, and soft marshmellow heart. Both hot and adorable!” Congrats, Julie! Please email me at anyabast(at)gmail within two weeks of this post date to collect your prize!

I wish I could find a better, bigger picture of the cover of today’s book. It’s gorgeous in person. All these authors were at RAW and I had a copy of this anthology signed by ALL of them. So, today’s book is a special treat — an autographed copy of Beyond the Dark.

Lora Leigh does it… in the lair of a strange breed, part man, part wolf, on the hunt for the woman he craves-and needs-to fulfill a hunger clawing at him from within

Angela Knight does it… in the psychic realm of a woman attuned to the touch of strangers-and the powerful temptations of a seductive and mysterious protector.

Emma Holly does it… in the fantastic Demon World where a powerful Queen rules-until she commits the sin of falling in love with the handsome son of her worst enemy.

Diane Whiteside does it… in an alternate universe of Regency magic where two lovers are threatened by a vicious mage, and swept up in a turbulent war off the Cornish cliffs.

Everything I write is paranormal and all the stories in this anthology are paranormal, too. As a reader, what do you enjoy most about paranormal stories?


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  1. I enjoy the mystery of the unknown I think it’s amazing when an author can make you believe the unbelievable. I think that’s the best kind of escape and isn’t that why most of us read.

  2. I love the fantasy of it all. I love the mystery and make believe. It would be awesome to live in some of the worlds that authors make.

  3. I love the idea of paranormal since it is so far from anything normal, bringing more excitement to the storyline, and isn’t even possible! I do have a tendancy to read more paranormal romance- it just seems to bring more to the storyline by either making the charectors life/ soul- mates that have special traits to protect the ones they love! (Always nice to fantasize about a life mate that will do anything to win your heart over and then fight anyone to keep you out of harms way!)

  4. What I love about the paranormal is the fact you can use your imagination. Sure you have to certain facts straight but you can always add your own twist. It also takes you away from the real world for awhile.

  5. I love the way you put words together that put a complete picture in my mind of things that really don’t exist. You make unbelievable things come to life.

  6. I love the fact that I can suddenly believe anything is real!

  7. I like that in the story I’m transfered in a world different from reality where everything is possible!

  8. I love how a writer can throw out the rule book when writing paranormals. You characters can get away with behavior and experience situations that would be unacceptable in a contemporary story. Basically, you get to make your own rules!

  9. What I like is that I’m reading about our world only filled with magic and/or special abilities.

  10. I love the different worlds authors can create in paranormals. Anything can happen in a paranormal. Paranormals is my fave genre.

  11. I enjoy how so many different things are categorized as paranormal. Paranormal is limitless and even with familiar characters such as vampires and werewolves, each author creates their own spin to make them original.

  12. I like the fact that I can use my imagination.

  13. I love the paranormal. Literally. The legendary creatures, magic, different worlds and laws. The creativity of it brings out my creativity and then I want to create my own characters. Its an amazing thing to have so much inspiration from paranormal novels.

  14. I like the idea that I can imagine anything, that it appears to be believable. That you can immerse yourself into a whole different world.

  15. I love what authors come up with and when reading it it actually is believable. We all know shifters don’t exist but when you’re reading Lora’s books you’re sure the next guy you meet on the street will be one.

  16. This book is soooooo going onto my wishlist….unless….

    Anyways, I love paranormal ‘cos it is just pure escapism. And the authors do a marvellous job of making the unbelievable believable.

    in Germany

  17. The edge of difference, of that factor of “more” that beats down the ordinary, taints it or shapes it into an entirely new world with fresh or familiar settings. To me, paranormal is what offers that up – which can encompass everything from world building to characters.

  18. I enjoy paranormal reading because it lets get lost in a fantasy away from my reality. Sometimes you just need a break from life.

  19. I absolutely LOVE the way Anya makes me believe in the stories she writes! For me, it is the best way to escape the ‘real’ world with all that entails and before I read Anya’s first book I had no idea I would actually enjoy it as I’d never read fantasy/paranormal books before. Anya’s books are totally addictive and can’t wait for the new books to be released in the UK!! :) hurry! :)

  20. What I really enjoy about paranormal stories is the fascinating world building and the twists authors have to our accepted ideas of various paranormal creatures. So creative.

  21. I enjoy going to another place and time and seeing it come alive in the story.

  22. I love paranormals! They’re probably my absolute favorite to read. There are so many possiblities for different and new stories. It brings a level of escapism from our own world. But there’s still that bit of realism to the stories that make you want to believe.

  23. Paranormal fiction gives me a chance to escape from real life for awhile and enjoy an exciting adventure!

  24. What do I like best about paranormal books? Well I like everything about them. Most of all, it is a much needed escape from my life. Reading about such fascinating worlds excites me and the supernatural creatures are beyond intriguing. I can’t seem to get enough of them nor can I walk into a bookstore without buying something.

  25. As a generality, when it comes the paranormal romance novels or urban fantasy, I love the fact that many authors make the mythological plausible. The creepy old guy down the block, he’s only creepy because he’s a troll who use to guard the old bridge down the way. That one teacher who seems to know everything about roman history, yeah he was there because he’s been cursed with immortality. Your friend who always goes a little crazy near the full moon, well that big dog that bit them as a kid was actually a werewolf and things got a little hairy from there.

  26. I love paranormals becaue anything imaginable can be real – like vampires, werewolves etc.

    I also love paranormals because they give me adventure withb my romance :D

  27. What I like best about paranormal stories is the fact that anything can happen, you can go anywhere with the story. That’s why I read to get a break from the everyday

  28. This is my favorite genre to read. It introduces me to characters and places I normally wouldn’t know about!

  29. I love how similar it is to our world but yet has that amazing element that cant possibly really happen. It really lets you escape from everyday life and live a fantasy for just a little while.

  30. I love the world that the author is able to create. I know it’s not real, but it feels real and I would love to be in it. Also, I love the males. They are always such strong alpha males.

  31. I love the mystical, the magic, the otherworldly things… all of the wonderful and interesting things outside of the norm!

  32. I enjoy reading about a world where anything and everything is possible and where magic is the norm.

  33. I like to escape into another world,using your imagination and being able to go on these adventures with the characters.

  34. I love the magic of entering a new world. So very different from the one I’m living in. Where everything is possible as long as you believe (in love).

  35. I like everything about paranormal stories. The romance is spicier, the action is more intense, the mystery is more suspenseful, the adventures are more exciting, and the people and places are more captivating.

  36. honestly id haveto say what i enjoy most is the excape the way they wisk you awayto anothertime and or place sometimes it make sur heatr pound other times it makes u wanan revisit which what i love mosta bout paranormal books

  37. I love paranormal books because there is not a boundary you can’t go to. The creatures are not real, but you love them and can’t get enough of them. I think it is a way to forget about the everyday problems and duties.

    This is a great giveaway. Four great authors, and I read everyone of them.

  38. I like the idea of paranormal folks, activity, and actions taking place in and interacting with normal every day locations and folks.

  39. What I like about paranormal is that just about anything is possible.

  40. Since I read as my escape, my relaxing time, what I like about paranormal is that it’s not normal. I love the fact that most of the stuff written in paranormal takes place in the normal but deals with the stuff so beyond the normal. It works for me, I don’t have an issue with it, I get that it’s fiction but I enjoy it nonetheless.

  41. I love paranormal because it takes the reader away from the normal mundane world.

  42. I enjoy the worlds, and how they are so different then our own. And the creatures, of course :grin:

  43. It’s that dip into pure fantasy that I love combined with the creatures that make up the paranormal world, imaginative storylines and sexy romances. Definitely my favorite escape.

  44. Paranormal stories always leave me questioning certain things and they are are good way to get lost in a book.

  45. I like that just about anything goes when it is paranormal. Anything could happen.

  46. I really enjoy the shapeshifters and the fact that the impossible can happen.

  47. I love paranormal stories, because of the hot men and the imaginative worlds.

  48. There are no limits in the paranormal genre and a talented writer can take on a common paranormal theme (werewolves, vampires, etc.) and tweak it into something wholly original – which keeps the reader interested and hungry for more!

  49. I guess it goes back to the willing suspension of disbelief. Since paranormal stories have a weak frame of reference (if any) an author can create whatever their heart desires.

  50. I love that the impossible can happen the mystery behind it and the sexy alpha male’s
    This book is filled with such amazing authors i cant wait to read this one

    Sandy B.

  51. Easy question! I read paranormal because it is an escape from everyday life. I love to be transported to someplace, sometime, somewhere that is fantastical!!

  52. I love that in paranormal stories, absolutely anything is possible.

  53. I like the mystery and exoticness of the paranormal. I love things outside the norm to open my mind to the possibilities.

  54. I love the mystery and the new worlds that are built. There can be so much imagination and I just find it amazing that someone can create all that.

    Kelly :)

  55. The reason I love fantasy/sci-fi and paranormal is so much is that rules can be made and they don’t have to conform to the real world. It’s escapism at its best and I for one, need that break from real life!

  56. I think what draws me most to the paranormal genre is the danger of it. It’s dark and mysterious, and occasionally dark and humorous, and you can never truly know everything that could happen when people so outside the norm are involved.

  57. I have always been a fan of paranormal. What I like about it, is the possibility of the unknown existing. In this world of science, we are taught that everything can be explain with science. What can’t be explain by science does not exist. I just refuse to believe that. There are things that can never be or has an scientific explanation.

  58. I’ve always liked paranormal because I love the worlds that authors created. Also I love how each author adds their own little spin on paranormal lore.

  59. What I like best about paranormal stories is the encouragement to use your imagination to take yourself away from the stresses of reality. The impossible is possible.

  60. I love the feeling that I’m peeking into worlds we’re not meant to see or experience. Truly, anything can happen, and many amazing authors have written amazing stories.

  61. I love that anything can happen and happens and you don’t know what kind of world you will visit the next time…