October 28th, 2010
Book of the Day: Inside Out


The winner of yesterday book, an autographed copy of Witch Blood, is Kelly, who said, “I like the tough and fiesty ones the best. I don’t like it when they whine all the time and can’t do anything for themselves. I was my chick strong but lovable. :)” Congrats, Kelly! Please drop me an email within two weeks of this post date to collect your prize, anyabast(at)gmail.com

My friend Lauren Dane also has a book releasing on November 2nd, Inside Out. Love that tattoo and love Lauren’s writing!! Answer the question below for a chance to win a copy!


Ella Tipton is a survivor. In the wake of an attack that left her nearly dead, she’s spent each day putting her life back together. Once vibrant and outgoing, she’s needed to reclaim the best parts of who she was while retaining the hard won lessons. There hasn’t been room for any romantic entanglements, even if she were ready. Still, it didn’t mean she had to stop sneaking looks at Mister Tall, Dark and Tattooed himself.

Security professional Andrew Copeland isn’t quite sure when his jones for the lovely and decidedly skittish Ella developed. He’s known her for years, has watched her triumph over the pain she’d been dealt. Cope is no stranger to women, but he knows the nervous flush he gets every time he talks to her is different than any attraction he’s had in the past. Determined to get Ella to let him in, Andy does the one thing he can think of to get close: he offers her hands-on training in self-defense.

While Ella’s sure he’s just being nice, the prospect of being able to touch him and gain the tools to push away the last vestiges of her fear is more than she can resist. Soon enough, Cope shows Ella his feelings are far more than friendly and re-ignites something deep inside her. Before long desire and love turn them both inside out.

Let’s talk about covers. I love the colors in this one, love the guy (yum), love the heroine’s hair. This cover has unique qualities you don’t always see and I like that a lot. What sort of book covers do you like the best? Do you find yourself drawn to any particular elements? (It’s always the colors for me.)


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  1. I like covers with color in them. I also like covers that are either drawn pictures, or that feature real people without showing their full face. I like to create faces in my head, and so when a full frontal picture is on the cover I sometimes find it distracting. Of course I love covers with hott men featured on them to – the cover for Kiss of Snow (Hawke’s book) from Nalini Singh is off the chain!

  2. for me its a few things the colors for sure but if it has ppl in them they need to be full people not half chested mean and nly part of a body part of a woman

    some covers iprefer something quirky and different no people at all on them im weird tho

  3. definitely the color but if you throw in a hot guy it never hurts (love his tat)

  4. I like covers that are unique! I don’t care about colors or whatever else as long as the cover makes me notice it! It’s really up to the cover if I will pick up the book to read the synopsis on the back!

  5. I vary on the covers. I do like seeing the models (and yes the male ones too, lol) but I also like the ones that might just have a scene or something that goes along with the book.

  6. I like Unique covers. I find that if a cover doesnt stick out to me that I dont even read the description. I have had several books that I passed up because of the covers and only read them after I got a few recommendations to do so. Inside Out looks awesome and I cant wait to read it.

  7. It is always the colors first then poses i love lauren dane and cant wait to read her next book.

  8. I love colour. I love uniqueness. I hate to criticize, but EC….there are so many that have almost the exact same cover :(
    I am loving the Tattoo themes on books lately, they are absolutely gorgeous!

  9. I always like a cover which looks like the characters. There are so many that don’t match the characters and that bugs me. I like to picture them and when the cover doesn’t mesh with the description — aahh!!!

  10. I really like dark, gothic type covers- especially for a paranormal. Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series has awesome covers-they really convey the feel of the books. Also covers with scenery instead of people-like Anne Stuart’s ICE series. However, since I buy a lot of digital books now, I don’t pay as much attention to covers anymore :smile:

  11. I love covers that you can tell have taken a lot of time and effort. Nothing generic. I love the covers for Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings books. They are striking and colorful. I love many of Megan Hart’s Spice covers. They need to convey something about the story not just bare skin.

  12. Love the hot guys and unique colors. I love to see landscapes in the backgrounds, rolling hills, ancient places.

  13. I like colorful covers, and I especially like tattoos on the covers. I know lots of people don’t like the headless torsos but I do. I also like when they add something extra like sparklies or texture.

  14. I love color but it has to have an emotion behind it. It can have people or not but it has to evoke “feeling”. If the cover is beautiful but “dead”, even if I like the description, I might hesitate to purchase it. If a book is part of a series, the covers need to work together. I just hate it when one cover is completely different from the rest.

  15. I like the cover to have color, but I also like the ones that are kind of shadowy, you can see images behind the main figure. Lets your imagination work.

  16. I like covers that have vivid crisp colors and that are a good representation of the characters. I always love a hot guy on the cover. ;)

  17. The colors in the cover need to be right and the characters or the pictures need to work. It needs to grab me as I walk by the table in the book store or as I am looking at an author’s blog page or at amazon ad for the book. B/c then I am going to pick it up read the back or it’s the internet I am going to click on it and read about the book. It needs to peak my interest.

  18. This cover is gorgeous! I love bright, vibrant colors on the covers – not muted or faded out. Always love seeing a half-naked hunk on the cover too :-)

  19. The colors, and then the scene draws me in. I find I am drawn to covers with bright colors. I can only be one color but if it bright and shiny i’ll pick it up. Wonder if I have valkriie in me. lol.

  20. I love covers that have a lot of color or have a striking pose.

  21. I love covers with bright, vivid colors on them and if there are cover models, then I’d like to see a fairly close resemblance to the characters in the story.

  22. I’m drawn to colors, too, and studly men don’t hurt the appeal either.

  23. I’m usually drawn to the picture on the front. If it looks interesting, has something that really interests me then I pick it up to read the back.

  24. Yes, I love the colors. I also like the covers where people are 1/2 or more of the space. Too much background makes it look busy and less of a personal experience to me.

  25. Its always the colors for me and the vividness/contrast of them. I love details too.

  26. Definitly the colours too. And I like a good looking man on the cover, with or without a shirt.

    I also kinda like those manga type covers too.

    in Germany

  27. I love colors but I also love darkness in order to show the shadows of a book. I love seeing a cover and wanting to know what is going to happen in the pages. I also like when the covers of a series are related to each other.

  28. I too love the vibrant colors but I also like the covers that show only partial faces – I like imagining them after hearing the authors description. Normally I do like the models but every once in a while one turns me off so it’s safer with the partials lol.

  29. I tend to like covers with partially hidden faces. I prefer to imagine the h/H in my own mind. I also love the new trend of man-back covers! sexy! :grin:

  30. I am drawn to the colors too. I like the purples and blues the best. I also like no heads on the cover, lol. I like to imagine what the characters look like.

  31. The cover definitely needs to match the genre of the story, and I would prefer it if the models were similar to the hero or heroine.

    The two things that catch my attention are the colors(dark with lighter contrasts) and the image(generally a strong, independent female character or something that invokes mystery and curiosity).

  32. I’m not certain exactly what it is that makes me just want to stare at a cover for hours on end. I know I prefer covers without the characters on them, or that are not too detailed, because if it doesn’t line up with my mental image it is too distracting. Some of the best covers I have ever seen though are the covers for the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Ironically all of the covers detail a different tattoo that the heroine does not have! My personal favorite is the cover for Bone Crossed. But the artwork is sooo amazing, and at this point all the fans expect it. I can just stare and drool at those books.

  33. A sexy man on a book cover will get my attention. Also, if there is a great landscape or painting. Darker colors catch my eye.

  34. I think colors are a very important, but it also has to be in harmony.
    I also like plain covers. For example a black background and a meaningful flower (or something like that) :-)

  35. Love that dragon… for me it is the cover as a whole… how it all stands out and says “look at me”. The colors, what is being shown, the writing, all together to make a sight to be seen!

  36. I am love it when I can get a feel for the book just by looking at the cover (but I am wont judge a book just by it’s cover though). I also love it when a series has similar covers so I know when there are books belonging together just by a glance! And a hot half naked hunk on the cover darn sure doesn’t hinder anything either!

  37. I love torso shots more than full body shots. Leaves more to the imagination, plus it totally bugs me if the cover models don’t match the author’s description. Lauren has definitely been blessed by the cover Goddess, her covers are works of art, and I love them.

  38. I like bright colors on the cover to get my attention. I don’t mind clench covers, as long as they’re not cheesy with heaving bosoms. The clench that this couple is doing is quite fine with me. I also very much like just the hero on the cover with his abs out there for all to see.

  39. It’s the colors for me, as well. I’m like a kid when I’m in a bookstore: bright things catch my eye :mrgreen:

  40. Colors do it for me as well. I also go for the dramatic pictures as well like seascapes for mountain ranges. Stuff that makes you take a second look is always a winner for me.

  41. The older I get the more I’m drawn to those six-packs, sans clothing, of course!

  42. I don’t really have anything that I look for on a cover but I do agree that the colors will definitely catch your eye and draw you to a book. One thing that I know I don’t like for a cover is when they make it all blurry and obscure so you can’t even really tell what your looking at

  43. I agree about the colors. With this cover in particular I think the illumination and lighting from the side is so beautiful. Tattoos don’t hurt either. I am such a fan of tattoos!
    I like so many covers for different reasons, but I do like it when you get extra details on the cover from the story. So when you finish the book, you can look at the cover again and see it with a new light.

  44. The first thing I notice is the colors too. When I’m in a bookstore I am quickly looking at what is out since I never have enough time so as I’m scanning it’s the splash of color that first catches my eye.

  45. for me in a book cover i look for colors, also and maybe im weird for saying this, but when i look at a book cover i want to be able to FEEL the emotion going on. like on the book cover to “the chosen sin” i could see not only the sexy body, but i could feel there was strenth, desire, and pain. the pain i could feel with the black clothing. im probably just weird though :grin:

  46. As weird as it sounds, I prefer not to see faces on my covers because I like imagining or seeing the faces in my head. So, as you might have concluded, I’m quite a fan of the funny torso covers where they heads are chopped off! :grin:

  47. I’m not a cover person per se. I usually go by excerpts and blurbs and recommendations from friends and authors. But I do like to see a manly chest!

  48. To be honest I love the colors AND the models. The most eye attracting thing is the position of the models bodies. I don’t think they always have to touch, but I am doubly enchanted when their poses are seductive and/or intertwined. I want the chemistry between the characters (models) to jump out at me from the picture. The cover is the prime reason I have become a fan of a lot of authors, AB included (Wicked Enchantment pulled me right in).

  49. I love the covers with intricate designs or tattoos, especially on the body.

  50. I like colours and shinies.

    This year I bought a non-fiction hardcover, named FROZEN. The art looks like shattered ice, and when you tilt the cover back and forth, the shattered ice has colours. It’s so awesome! :grin:

  51. I like colour but I also like contrast that draws the eye. I like them to be distinctive. In series I like when they follow a theme – which Lauren’s do.

  52. The colors for me will catch my eye first. I like alot of different eye catching items on the cover, not just one. I love how the colors on some covers just meld together.

    I am a cover person!!!


  53. Colors are a big part, but I love something unique…like artwork instead of models. Tattoos always draw me in as well, but that’s because I have one of my own. I always want to check out other people’s artwork.

  54. I do notice the color, but I like the silhouetted covers seen on many romantic suspense books.

  55. I’m a big fan of colors. Also, I really enjoy things that look artsy. While I’m not opposed to half nekkid men on my covers, I also like when there is a little more thought to it. :)

  56. Covers aren’t a real big thing for me. When I buy a book, it’s usually because it’s from an author I like. However, color definitely plays a part in catching the eye. I like moody covers with models and atmospheric scenery in the background. Also, the models have to look like the characters. I hate when the artist has no clue what they’re supposed to look like. Nothing shiny or sparkly, and nothing that looks unrealistic, like a cartoon or something, though. It’s also good when covers are done in a series and they all fit together. Not a big fan of objects on the cover, like a flower, etc.

  57. First things first…I love Lauren Dane!!! :) I also like the colorful covers. I’m a fan of tattoos so I like those on a hot guy too or woman for that matter. I like covers that draw the eye. A single person infront of a striking scene or a nice bright sunset or something like that. It doesn’t even have to be a half naked guy on the cover…but that never hurts :lol:

  58. The colors and images have to popped out at me. There are so many books in the bookstore and if the cover doesn’t have a nice background that focus object, I would walk by them. There are a few books I bought because they stand out with great shades of colors and images.

  59. It’s all about the colors! They draw your attention before you see the symbols or people. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have an idea of what the main characters should look like. :grin:…especially if the guy’s hot…yummy

  60. Oh I am a cover hussy! I absolutely love covers… With hot guys on them, beautiful colors, attention to details…. but… most of all… I love when the cover tells me the story of the book with one look! And eyes… I love eyes on the cover!
    Thank you for such a great contest!

  61. Strong women and/or men also tattoos are a big draw on bookcover for me. I love Lauren Danes covers especially for this series.

  62. That cover is HOT! love tattoos. I like covers that are sensual, not showing too much just showing enough to catch the readers eye. Just tonight I saw a cover where the women was being carried by a man over his shoulder but the chick was really really skinny you saw every rib and vertebrae on her back and completely turned me off I didn’t even want to read the blurb and that is not good. I saw another cover the other day were it was just the name of the book and in the name you saw incredible green eyes that look like they could see into your soul that was a good cover. :wink:

  63. I know a lot of people complain about the current (over) use of tattoos, but personally I love them. They draw my eye every time. Aside from that, the one thing I don’t like is when only half a face or just a body is shown. What’s up with that? If you are going to put a person on the cover, please include their whole head!

  64. I love colors. I love when the covers play with shadows or water/wind-things that flow. I actually really enjoy the ones that focus on nature/atmosphere rather than the characters. I will totally pick up a book and read the back if the cover catches my eye. If I don’t like the cover, unless I know the author and the author’s work, I probably won’t be buying it.

  65. i’m not into colors. as long as the cover has their unique and has spooky feeling when i see it. it will win :)