November 1st, 2010
Book of the Day: Jeweled


The winner of a copy of Witch Fury, from Saturday’s contest, is Colleen, who said, “I like bad boys to have depth… many layers to dig through…be dark and dangerous with secrets…” Me, too, Colleen! Please email me at anyabast(at) within two weeks of this post date to collect your prize!

Last chance to win a copy of Jeweled before it releases tomorrow!

Defined by magic. Ruled by desire.

In the Court of Edaeii, magic-imbued Evangeline is rewarded for her gift in manipulating emotion with a sapphire stone set into the perfect curve of her lower back. Her greatest rival in the royal court is the enigmatic Anatol, instilled with the power of illusion. He may better her in magic, but he is her absolute equal in passion.

They share something else—they’re both targets of low-born revolutionaries bent on overthrowing the palace of the privileged few. Rescued from the mobs by Gregorio, the brilliant revolutionary mastermind, they’re given sanctuary. But in this warm refuge, Evangeline soon finds herself torn between the magic of one man she has always desired, and the excitingly new and radical moves of another. For her, there is only one choice.

Evangeline, Anatol and Gregorio come together as one to explore the possibilities of love beyond reason, and to indulge in pleasure without limits.

“All I’ve ever had in my life to use was my looks and my willingness to have sex.” She swallowed hard. “Honestly, Anatol, I should go to the Temple of Dreams. It’s all I’m really suited for.”

His jaw locked and something dangerous flashed in his eyes. “We’ve had this conversation before.”

“Why are you so against the idea of it, Anatol? We could both go there to work. I know you say you’re in love with me, but that’s just silly—”

He rounded on her, arresting the end of the sentence in her throat. Fire jumped in his eyes. “Not silly, Evangeline, true. I don’t want to make love to any woman but you. I couldn’t do it. So you go, if you think that’s what you want.” He turned away. “I won’t stop you.”

She chewed her lower lip and let emotion rise up to swamp her for a moment in punishment. She deserved it; she’d hurt him. Wrapping the blanket around herself, she stood and walked to him. “I don’t want to leave you,” she murmured at his back.

He turned and pulled her into his arms. “Good. That’s a good thing to hear, Evangeline, because I don’t want you to leave me.”

She wrapped her arms around him, letting the blanket fall to the floor and his body heat warm her. Nuzzling her nose into his chest, she inhaled the scent of him. “I want you to . . . make love to me, Anatol. I want to know what it feels like.” The words came out as a whisper, like she was afraid to say them too loudly. She wasn’t sure why.

His body tensed against hers. “Don’t tempt me.”

She gave a soft laugh. “Haven’t you noticed that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do?”

“Yes, I’ve noticed.” He made a tortured sound in his throat. “The scent of you tempts me. The sound of your breath tempts me. You tempt me even when you’re not trying.” He turned her and she saw that the cracked head -to -toe mirror was directly in front of them. “Look at yourself, Evangeline. You’re beautiful.”

She smiled. “Like I said, it’s been my currency in life.”

He moved her closer to the mirror. “I don’t just mean your face, hair, and body. Look into your eyes, hold your own gaze in the reflection.”

She met her eyes, blinked, and looked away. Staring into her own eyes was uncomfortable.

He gripped her shoulders. “No, look, Evangeline. See what I see.”

Her face flushing, she raised her gaze to her eyes again. They were gray, the color of metal. That’s what she noticed first. But if she went deeper, which felt a little like diving into her own soul, she saw . . . vulnerability. Honesty. Emotion. Joshui, so much of it. Her eyes seemed to swim with it. She saw strength, too.

Anatol dropped his mouth near her ear. “Your eyes have always been this way, even when you were at your worst. There was always beauty in you, complexity, empathy, caring, and I always saw that beauty. Always. No matter what you did or what you said to me, it was there.”

Her lips parted as she stared into her own reflection in a way she’d never done before. Anatol was helping her see herself in a way she never had.
His hands rested on her hips as he took a slow sweep of her body. “You are, of course, also beautiful in the more traditional sense.”

“Touch me,” she murmured, meeting his gaze in the reflection.

In Jeweled, Evangeline is learning how to feel and deal with emotion after years of complete numbness as a backlash of her magickal gift. As a consequence, Jeweled is a highly emotional book. Do you consider yourself a very emotional person? Do you cry at that
Humane Society commercial on TV (I do!) Answer for a chance to win an autographed copy of this book.


52 comments to “Book of the Day: Jeweled”

  1. Emotional? Yes, I think of myself as quite sensitive. Even things that aren’t supposed to make you cry make me cry. I guess it’s because I don’t cry over things in my own personal life all that much, but I can be very empathetic towards others.

  2. I’m not overly emotional according to me, my husband probably thinks differently. LOL I am more likely to cry over something in my life than someone else’s or tv.

  3. I didn’t used to be an overly emotional person. I have become a little more weepy as I have gotten older. There are a few TV commercials and TV shows that choke me up. Don’t get me started on the series finale of LOST. I was a blubbering mess with that last shot of Jack and Vincent.

  4. I believe I am quite emotional but I never let it show in front of others. I just don’t like being vulnerable in front of people.

  5. I am quite emotional, I try not to let it show though and yes the Humane Society commerical I can’t watch it anymore, it makes me too sad. Sometimes I just need to cry and let it out.

  6. I am pretty emotional, but typically keep it too myself.
    Usually I dive for the remote before I see too much of the commercial. That way I don’t see to much, get sad and get suckered into adding another animal to the bunch I have!

  7. I used to be tough in my early 20’s, hardly ever shed a tear about anything. Now that I’m older I’ve turned rather weepy, but thankfully not overly so!

  8. Not really emotional, soft hearted, but not so much emotional.

  9. I am emotional – but only usually with certain things. For instance, I ALWAYS cry when an animal is being hurt (I sobbed throughout Free Will, haha). I also hate seeing kids get hurt. I usually cry happy tears when characters I love in books reach their HEA’s. If I do not like a character though, or if they are evil I am not upset when or if they get whats coming to them.

  10. Oh yes. I am an extrememly emotional person. But I treasure that about myself. And it’s not limited to “crying.” I get mad more quickly than others, and I probably smile a lot more too.

  11. I don’t consider myself a highly emotional person although, oddly, I will tear up at commercials – so silly!

  12. I think I’m an emotional person. I don’t cry to the commercials but I do cry when I watch Bambi and Lion King lol

  13. I am not an emotional person at all but I will say every couple of months or so I will be watching a movie or tv show & will just start crying I think just because I need it

  14. Call me “waterworks!” I get teary and emotional at family events, especially Thanksgiving. That’s when I miss my grandma & dad the most.

  15. Yes, I am very emotional. When I was a kid, I was taff. Now I´m all weepy :-D When a person dies in a movie…I´m crying a river. I cried like a bitch when I watched the movie P.S. I love you :-D

  16. Yes, I can be very emotional. I could only watch West Side Story one time cos I bawled my eyes out at the end….;)

    in Germany

  17. I tend to be slightly over emotional, but I’m training myself not to be. I get hurt at the slightest things, then I get yelled at by my husband… Oof.

  18. I do not think I am a really emotional person. It is only when someone I know and love has something happen to them or when I am majorly stressed out that I am extremely emotional.

  19. I’m too emotional sometimes. I don’t read books with sad stories even if they do have a good ending; I won’t read any books that involve murder and kids or animal. I died for a month after my Sacha, my cat, died and she was 17 years old. I miss her still and even when I talk of her tears come to my eyes. The reason I won’t get a cat again.

  20. I’m definitely not an emotional person, only when the stress and other complications in life get too much do I ever burst out crying like a baby.

  21. Privately – a definite hell yes. Out in the world? I’ve been known as “hard-faced.” Something I view as an advantage many a day.

  22. In some ways I’m very emotional (Toy Story 3, anyone?), but in other ways, I’m not. I haven’t quite figured out the trigger for me, so it sometimes makes life…interesting. ;)

  23. yes, I’m very emotional during reading and i often I cry when a book is very sad… out in the world I don’t show that much emotion, because it isn’t easy for me to show them to others…

  24. I don’t consider myself a very emotional person, though I do cry over anti-animal cruelty commercials, or the end of Titanic. I also cried watching the final episode of Lost.

  25. I am such a ninny. My boyfriend makes fun of my all of the time because I cry at the drop of a hat. I don’t know why? It’s weird though, I don’t really cry at books. TV or movies is a whole different story. Bring on the waterworks.

  26. I keep a lot inside. I can be an emotional person but I’m not overly emotion. I am a private person and so do not share with many people my emotiona dn what I am feeling.

  27. I can be emotional, but I never let it show in front of others, instead I tend to be practical and logical.
    Certain things get to me – (omg that Humane Society commercial) something in a book or movie, but when that happens I am usually alone, so I let myself cry if I need to.

  28. I do not show my emotions too often, but I will admit that sad commercials and movies make me cry… love a book that can pull me in and make me feel!

  29. Im definitely emotional. If Im not able to get emotional with a book then its something that Isnt very good. Some of my favorite books had me bawling threw out the whole thing.

  30. I hold things in when it’s my hurts, but I can’t seem to hold back when it’s someone elses. And animals and little children in pain gets to me the most since they are so defenseless and depend on the wellfare of others that doesn’t always come or may be the cause. We have a tradition at Christmas of me reading “The Littlest Angel” even though my children are grown. The first thing they do is get the kleenex because I end up sobbing every time.

  31. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten more emotional. I blame it on pre-menopause, but I’ve become a big weeper. Life too has gotten more stressful so that definitely contributes. But whatever the cause, it’s very annoying.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  32. I am an emotional person. I cry every time I see the ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan. There are days when I’m so sensitive that any little thing will set me off and other times I’m quite nonchalant.

  33. I think I’m very emotional person. I always cry when I’m watching something sad.

  34. I can be emotional, definitely. I had to stop watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because I was sick of crying during each show.

  35. I cry at the silliest things! I cry at ads and my kids laugh at me! I even cry at really happy stuff. It is so embarrassing!!!!

  36. OMG – I cry at phone commericals how sad is that. My husband and kids tease me all the time about it.

  37. I am a very emotional person. I cry at every sad event: either on tv, movies, things going on around me, I mean everything. I do not know why.

    I have always said I needed to be an actress. I can cry at the drop of a hat!!

  38. I get weepy over some tv shows, books & commercials. I don’t like sad endings – especially if someone/something is lost or dies. I’ve even cried at a few children’s movies.

  39. I cry reading books, I cry during the emotional scenes of a movie, I even cried during a poignant moment in a horror flick. I also tend to laugh out loud when I’m reading. Yes, I consider myself a very emotional person. Sometimes I let my emotions out too much.

  40. I’m very emotional when I watch something sad on TV or read a book. Earlier this year, I cried when I read an author’s book dedication. She stated how she had received a lot of hate mail because of her books’ subject matter (male-male romances). The whole time I thought, “how can anyone be so mean to her; she’s so nice and patient (she chatted with me every day when I read her first book).

    I cry whenever I watch Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph, the Red-Nose Reindeer. I’ve been watching those shows for over 30 years and I still cry like a baby!

  41. I don’t get emotional very much myself (or at least I don’t show it!) but do have a strong sense of empathy, meaning I pick up on other’s emotions very easily and feel what they’re feeling. This can get a bit frustrating depending on the circumstances – such as getting incredibly stressed out, angry or sad for no apparent reason. Until, that is, I realize it’s not me feeling that way but someone near me.

  42. I’m not an overly emotional person. I tend to be more go with the flow, and try not to let things upset me.

  43. I’ve always been emotional, and for me it’s those touching Hallmark commercials that used to make me tear up.

  44. I am not usually an emotional person but as I got older, I have been getting quite emotional over small things like a television advertisement or a small scene from a movie or television show. I even cry at work when I get so frustrated (and that’s something I have never, ever done before).

  45. I’m EXTREMELY emotional!

    Don’t enter me in today’s contest, I’ve already won the book on Juliana Stone’s blog contest <3

  46. depends on the days ive had some things make me cry ratehr easily whiel otehr thinsg have no effect i cry at tv shows more then comercials

  47. In high school I used to not be an emotional person, but since I’ve been married and have children of my own I have become a very emotional person. I try to avoid things I know that will make me cry. Like watching “UP”, because even though its an animation, it still hits my heart. I’d like to think of myself as a strong female who doesn’t cry about everything but rather bite back. However, thats just a delusion. Somtimes I cry about the smallest and dumbmest things, because I look back and ask myself “why?”

  48. I’m on medication that keeps me from crying :wink: Do have a lot of suppressed emotions, though.

  49. I know I’m an emotional person. I have been all of my life. At one point in my life I tried to suppress that aspect of my personality and ended up being unemotional about everything and lacking in compassion. Now I accept that I am going to cry at the Humane Society commercial and I don’t care who sees me.

  50. I’m very emotional, but at the same time, I’m very pragmatic and not at all sentimental. I think my problem is that I keep my emotions so bottled up that the only way they come out is in tears – not a good thing.

  51. I have trouble reading the stories in Chicken Soup et al without tearing up. Went and saw Waiting for Superman and kept having to rub the dust from my eyes through the entire movie. sniffle

  52. Yeah, I am a very emotional person. (Been through a lot and it made me empathetic towards others. ) I think it’s also one of the reasons why I love reading romance so much. Getting to feel all those emotions and falling (more than a bit) in love with the story. :grin: