March 7th, 2011
Can you help?

I didn’t know Tena McNeely, but her story has really touched my heart. A friend of mine told me about these unhappy circumstances over the weekend and the moment I heard about these cats, I knew I needed to do whatever I could to help them find homes.

Forty nine year old McNeely was beaten to death in her home on January 3rd. She was an animal rescuer, who had taken in a dog and a group of cats that no one else would care for. In times like we’re having right now in this country, with so many pet abandonments, these people are gold. In every news article I’ve read about McNeely, it’s mentioned how much she loved her pets.

As a cat rescuer myself, it’s hard for me to imagine McNeely resting easily, knowing that some of her beloved pets have not yet found homes. They’d probably be euthanized by now, but McNeely’s vet graciously took the animals in, knowing how much McNeely loved them. It’s been two months and ten of those cats still do not have homes.

They were beloved pets once and they deserve to be beloved pets again. The vet who is keeping them is growing desperate to place them.

For more information about these cats, call Dr. Kathy Belcher of East Shelbyville (Kentucky) Animal Clinic at 502-633-2061.

Here are their pictures and names:


Pity Poo





Little Girl

Furry Murray

Pumpkin Puss


If you live in Kentucky or in a neighboring state, or if you know someone who does, will you please consider these beautiful cats? If you can’t take any of them in, maybe you know someone who might? Please pass the story on.

Anything you can do to turn this very sad story around for these cats would be appreciated. They lost all the love in their lives because of a cruel and brutal act and are now at the whim of harsh reality. They need your help.

If one of you does adopt one of these cats, let me know. I’ll send you a happy kitty adoption gift. Even better, you will have a wonderful new friend who will return all the love you give with interest.

6 comments to “Can you help?”

  1. Anya,

    I would love to take a cat if my dog wouldn’t be so aggressive towards cat (she even stalks the tv when she hears meowing its bad). I will post a link to your blog on my FB page and let friends know about this. 😀

  2. I WISH I could help, but I’m a bit far to road trip down for a kitty, unfortunately (now, if they were Devon Rex cats, I’d be in the car).

    However, do I get brownie points for getting involved with a local no-kill shelter to be a Foster Mom?

  3. Where in Kentucky are they located? I can’t take one right now but after we have moved I would definitely see what I could do to get one

  4. Anya: Unfortunately I can not take any of these beautiful animals home with me but I will post the link to here on my Facebook page. I hope they will all get good homes soon. Both of our cats are rescue cats and we appreciate greatly what people like Ms McNeely has done!

  5. It is so great that you are sharing this with your readers. I am not in the Kentucky area and I am deathly allergic but I truly hope all of the lovely cats find permanent homes. I’ll keep them in my prayers.

  6. Stephanie — They’re in Shelbyville, which is near Louisville. It’s not all that far from Lexington, either.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, all. I really hope these cats find homes. 🙁