March 23rd, 2011
Book of the Day: Dark Enchantment


Let’s kick off the Book a Day giveaways with an autographed copy of Dark Enchantment.

To enter, answer this questions in the comments: Why do you want to win/read this book?

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won!

70 comments to “Book of the Day: Dark Enchantment”

  1. That’s easy…I’ve read some of your books and every once that I’ve read has been great. So I know just from the description and the author that I will love it. I want it bad! lol

  2. Because I have been a fan from the beginning and own every book you have written. I can’t wait to get this book and already have it pre-ordered.

  3. I’ve read all of your witch books, and they never once bored me but instead transported me into the story to make the story more intense. You practically feel the magic.

  4. Because I love great world-building and humor in books. Of course, spiciness in stories also add to the appeal of a read in which I can lose myself.

  5. Well its simple really, you paint an very vivid image of a place that I could never dream up, and you transport me to that time and place; it’s real, the people and real and the situations are real. I simply enjoy your writting style, and your books.

  6. Hi Anya, My reasons are simple.

    First, I have seen your name pop up in some of the yahoo groups I have joined and surfed on over here to your website. Your books sound very good.

    Second, I am almost completely homebound, other then taking care of the house, my hubby and son, and some pets….I read. Reading is my escape from my world of pain. I don’t want to come across as whining…sorry if i do…I think I deal pretty good, but reading helps. At least I get to have the fun of cracking the whip with my boys! LOL

    Just like a lot of others, it is hard to come up with the money to buy books right now. Once I find an author I like, by winning a contest or a someone giving me a book. I save so I can get more of that authors books.

    Here is an early “Congratulations!” to the person who does win.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  7. I cant wait to read this book because the first two Enchantment books and the short story were amazing.
    I love the idea of having Kieran seduce and bind Charlotte in a dream, then compel her to come to Piefferburg to help him. I mean how much would it suck to have a really sexy dream and then wake up to find yourself in a real life nightmare…

  8. Hi

    I have read several of your stories including the first in this series – need to continue so would love this book.


  9. This cover is amazing and goes terrific with the rest of the series! So eye-catching! But I have to say the concept you’ve come up with has thoroughly captured my imagination. I can’t wait to get to know Keiran and Charlotte!

  10. I love your books. Dark Enchantment sound wonderful and I would love to read this great book. Love the beautiful cover.

  11. I need to add to my collection of your books… the ones I have read so far have really drawn me into them and I want to enjoy more… meet some more of your interesting and wonderful characters.

  12. I would like to win because my budget has tightened up quite a bit recently and so I don’t have the extra money anymore to buy all the new books I would like. The book sounds really interesting, so if I won it then I could read and not have to worry about coming up with the extra money to buy it.

  13. I want to read Dark Enchantment because I read the excerpt from one of your Sultry Pen group notices and want to see how Charlotte is developed.

  14. I happened upon Anya quite by accident; not sure anymore just how. OH OH, you had a short story in an anthology.

    I’ve read all the Witch books, and have gotten a couple of friends hooked on them. I have both Wicked and Cruel Enchantments at home, ready to be devoured. I want to read all three together, well, you know what I mean, and Dark is on pre-order.

    Anya, you always keep me enthralled, riveted, mesmerized, and up way too long into the night to finish each book.

    I don’t know if I’ll win, doesn’t really matter as long as I have your books to read. You are amazing!

  15. I absolutely love the series and your other books. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next.

  16. From just the synopsis and little glimpses into the characters, I am so curious about Charlotte and Kieran. First, I absolutely LOVE the name Kieran! Charlotte sounds so intriguing, I can’t to read more. I have been a fan of your books since I read Witch Fire, and I have read them all since. Cannot wait to get my hands on Dark Enchantment!

  17. I stumbled upon your series, and fell in love with your writing and your charming characters. They are quirky and fun, and I can’t wait for the many more to come. Thank you!

  18. I’ll admit it. I’m a bookworm..whether it be electronic or paper. I’m also addicted to Piefferburg. Once I get one of your books in my hands, I can’t put it down. :!: I have both Wicked Enchantment & Cruel Enchantment. I absolutely loved them both. So much so that it makes one wonder…exactly who has fallen under the enchantment :question: Now I’m looking forward to the continuation of the story…and the suspense is delicious.

  19. I want to read it because I love your books and I can’t wait to read this book.

  20. I want to read Dark Enchantment because I love stories where the hero and heroine are at odds with each other. They are usually adversaries that are forced to work together. I like the tension that creates between them. I also want to know about the danger that was mentioned in the blurb.

  21. I’d like to read Dark Enchantment because I read I read the excerpt and now I need to know what happens.

  22. I really enjoyed what little I have read by Anya Bast. The title and describition shows me that this book is one I really want to read\own but being a full time student and single mom doesn’t leave much in the way of extra money to buy anything for myself.

  23. Because all of your other books rocked! Why would i want to miss out on this one??

    Taylor Z

  24. I’ve read the others in this series and can’t wait to read this one!

  25. I need a new book of yours to read so I want this one :D

  26. want? No need to read this book :) I love this series and can’t wait to read what happens next.

  27. I not only want, crave and desire to read this book…..I NEED to read it. I am adicted to your writing and am in need of a fix..LOL :wink:

    Seriously, I love your books and have all so far…there is an empty lonely spot on my bookshelf waiting for it to join its sisters!

  28. Are you freaking kidding me… I have read all the other books and I WANT THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!! This series freaking rocks!! IF you have not read it yet… I demand you to go out now and get them and read them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh gosh, please include me in this one!!!!!!!

  29. I love your imagination and your world building, Anya. Your stories are always a treat to read.

  30. Well, that one is quite easy. Considering that I’ve read all the other books, I would love to read the next in the series. Added to that is that I love your work, your imagination, the worlds your books are set in, and the fact that when I finish reading one and cannot wait until I can get my hands on the next.

  31. I’ve read and enjoyed your other books and I know I would enjoy this one too.

  32. I’m sure its hard keeping up with the demands of readers wanting the next book today, not tomorrow or in a few months or a year. I would love to have a signed copy of Dark Enchantment. It would appease the need for the next book that is coming down the road! Keep-em coming! :mrgreen:

  33. That’s an easy question! I’ve read the first one and loved it so want to continue reading the series :-)

    smaccall @

  34. It’s you who wrote it;-)

    I love the cover and I cannot wait to read this book, thank you so much for the opportunity.
    Of cause I also always love to have more books to review on my blog.

  35. I love to get lost in one of your books! I have never been disappointed with any of your stories.

  36. Ah…well I’ve read the first two and have been dying for more story! And the excerpt that we had at the end of Cruel Enchantment was such a cruel, cruel tease :grin: . I loved the first ones and am sure this one will be no different.

  37. Why do you want to win/read this book?
    Easy peesy! I love the way you write and have read the Elemental Witch series, Jeweled, and a few assorted other stories in anthologies and I want to start the Dark Magic series. What better way to get my butt in gear than to win a copy of book three. :cool:

  38. Because I need some GREAT books to help me get through these lonely days. Homework is killing me right now but in 6 weeks im going back home (The Netherlands). Ive been here in the USA since September, and I miss my family and friends.

    PS: I love your books :)

  39. Because you’re books are just filled with awesomeness and I look forward to reading them :)

  40. I loved the Elemental Witches series and on the back of that I bought Wicked Enchantment even though I hate Fae books… or rather I did! Aislinn quickly won me over and I devoured her story in one sitting. I really admired the way she could pick herself up and carry on no matter what life through at her. I desperately want to read this one, to find out whay happens next in the story. I’ve been off work on maternity leave for almost 10 months now and have been cut off from my bookstore. I’ll be buying this one in 3wks when I’m back in town… Even better is the fact that I won’t need to wait that long to read book 3! :)

  41. The first two books in the series are on my wish list, so it would be an added bonus to win the third one!

  42. I read the elemental witches series and loved them so I just ordered Wicked Enchantment and Cruel Enchantment. I need dark enchatment to finish off my collection for now.

  43. I loved your elemental witch series, I haven’t started this series yet & would love to win this book.

  44. Because I’ve heard so many awesome things about all of your books but have never read any……am dying to, just don’t have the money right now & nobody in my little town has any…..including our public library.

  45. Because I love to read and I love finding new paranormal stories. And, of course, because Dark Enchantment sounds amazing. :mrgreen:

  46. I have a lot of authors I read. I like to catch up on whole sereis when I find a new author I love. I have read a couple of your books and now I’m hooked. I would love to win this because I plan to read the whole series.

  47. I just bought the first 2 books this past weekend and would love the complete set before I start reading. I can’t wait to start reading them.

  48. I’d like to win/read this book because I read the excerpt & immediately identified with Charlotte. Where I worked, I was that dependable and hard-working woman with hardly any make-up. I’d like to see how she evolves.

  49. I LOVE your books! I also spread the word as much as I can! Please pick me. :)

  50. Because I love love love all of your books!!!!

    (I am not above bribing someone for this book…You know, with my everlast gratitude or my eternal soul…either way, I want this book!)

  51. Because I love love love all of your books!!!!

    (I am not above bribing someone for this book…You know, with my everlast gratitude or my eternal soul …either way, I want this book!) :mrgreen:

  52. because it’s the latest in this series and this is my all time favorite series of yours. and that’s saying something lol. And I can’t believe I missed the last book. I’ll have to remedy that soon.

  53. I want this book because I love your Dark Magick series. Plus I’m on medical leave and I have no money for books right now. I really want to read this book.

  54. I wish I were a witch. Nothing magical about me I’m afraid. You hold all the power with your words & wit & wonder. I would appreciate you sending some my way in the form of ‘Dark Enchantment’.

  55. I’ve read quite a few of your books and have enjoyed them all. I don’t see why that would change with this one, so getting it free would just be the icing on the cake.

  56. Love this series and will place on my shelf after reading.

  57. I’ve read each book in the series and enjoyed them but I truly thought Cruel Enchantment was amazing. Aeric & Emmaline’s story was gut wrenching but I have a sense that Kieren & Charlotte will be right up there. I’ve been fortunate to have read most of your books & I’ve never been disappointed. :)

  58. Because I can’t wait to read it and it would be one less book for my wallet to scream in agony over. ;)

  59. Sounds like a wickedly wonderful book to read.

  60. Hi Anya!
    I would love to win/read this book because I just love your books!! You are an awesome author!!

  61. I want to win this book because my friend Cecile did a review on it and I am absolutely excited to read it. I had no clue who Anya Bast was until she introduced me to you and now I cant get enough.

  62. Why would I want to read this book? Ummmm only because every single book I have read by you has been great. I mean, sit down and read cover to cover in one sitting great. I wanna know what happens!! I have to get it whether I win it or buy it.

  63. becuz elemental witches serie was good so I ordered this series to read can’t wait for them to come in so I will need this one to add to my wonderful collection.

  64. i want to win dark enchantment because i love the other in the series. i want to read it for the same reason, and your books help me escape from a depressing, and stressful life. i read your books and i feel as though im right there in the story. its wonderful. the very first book i picked up was blood witch. then i was caught, ive read so many of your books, i also love jeweld. i love the characters in all your storys, especially the sexy men. but when i read your books its as if i can feel the love, the pain, fear, and sexual desires that are being told. your a wonderful writer

  65. have read elmental witches and ordered this series so I need Dark Enchantment to had to my wonderful collection. And did I mention The elmental witches series rocked. So you know this series will too. :grin:

  66. I haven’t read any of your books yet but I would like to. They all sound very good. Please enter me in contest.

  67. I love how your story gives me hours of peace and enjoyment of the story.

  68. I love your books and would feel great to have a signed copy to add to my collection.

  69. I have read several of your books, and would like to have this one. The chance of having a signed copy of one of your books is enough to make me drive my fiance crazy.

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