March 23rd, 2011
Dark Enchantment Celebration!!!


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A sultry dream can become a real-life nightmare…

Tax consultant Charlotte Bennett isn’t the type to lose control. Until she’s seduced in a dream by a handsome, rugged man named Kieran. In her dream state, she decides to let loose, letting pleasure and desire lead the way. But she quickly discovers her “safe” night of passion has dangerous repercussions.

The lust-driven dream was in fact a magick illusion that’s left Charlotte indefinitely bound to a controlling fae named Kieran. Under his order, she must find the last piece of a powerful relic. Only Charlotte knows the location of the bosca fadbh, but the knowledge is hidden deep within her bloodline—and only wicked magick can draw it out.

Forced to work with the enticing Kieran, she finds it hard to escape their seductive chemistry. Even though he’s harboring a deadly curse, one that puts Charlotte in danger—and could make this attraction fatal…

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Publisher’s Weekly about Dark Enchantment: “a sexy thrill ride…with dastardly betrayals, complex subplots, and skillful world building… Bast’s writing packs a punch, offering humorous lines even in the blackest moments….the tale weaves a sinuous spell that will leave readers eager for more.”

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Question to answer to be entered for a shot at the Grand Prize:

The overall theme in Dark Enchantment goes something like this: Sometimes you find exactly what you always needed in the place (or in the person) where you least expected to find it. Life is funny that way, don’t you think? But if we keep our hearts and our minds open, sometimes fate leads us right where we need to be and we end up all the happier for it.

Have you ever had an experience like that? Have you ever ended up in a place where you didn’t want to be, yet found you were right where you should be? Or have you ended up paired with a person you really didn’t like at first, but then they ended up a good friend?

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  1. I wonder..hard question. Well, ok when I first saw a picture of my boyfriend I was not impressed, he looked angry. But then I met him and he was so sweet and gorgeus 😀

  2. My husband and I were living far away from all of our family and friends. I was a first time mom and severely over my head, not even having babysat before. I was introduced to a woman who had just experienced the same situation that I was going through. She pitched in with helpful hints, books, cooked meals and we have been there for each other ever since.

  3. Yes, after I retired from a job of 22 years, I worked part-time at the library. I made several new friends, one of whom I have lunch every week even though I don’t work there anymore.

  4. OH YES! I worked with a lady who had been telling me she had the PERFECT man for me. For 2 years I heard this daily. Finally, to shut her up, I agreed to go on a blind date with her nephew. 6 months and 1 week later we were married. This year will be 18 years with the love of my life.

  5. When I met Mike I was currently in a serious relationship that was going downhill fast. Mike asked me to dance while I was waiting for X who had recently been less and less dependable. I throughly enjoyed the dance and the talk with Mike but regretfully had to turn him down when he asked for my number. Fast forward a couple of months. Out again with friends but single and free when who comes up to ask me out but Mike again. We went to a movie and out to eat. Turns out he was in the exact same business as X so as I was already use to the late nites and often missed appointments, I was less than pleased to realize that I had let myself in for more of the same. Luckily Mike was able to convince me to give him a shot and 30+ years we still are together.

  6. Hi, Anya…
    I had a very negative feeling about on-line dating, yet I felt the need to join a site. It led to a 4 1/2 year relationship. Unfortunately, he was not who he portrayed himself as, but that is okay; it was a learning opportunity and I am happier now than I have been in a very long time. If all goes well, the angels have led me to my next relationship, and it is certainly not someone I would have chosen, although he has all the qualities I have been asking for in a man.

  7. I did not want to go to my first staff party at my new job. I went, anyway. We had a limo ride and as soon at the driver spoke…it familiar… felt like home. I didn’t even see his face. When he opened the door to let us out, I put my hand out and he took it. It was a powerful hold….our eyes. Two months later, I saw him again, at a pub. We talked and have been together since. Things like this happen in real life too. We have been together for 7 years and we act like we just fell in love. I am very, very, glad I went to the staff party and the pub, as well. :blush:

  8. A year after my daughter was born I lost my job, I found a job but had to move an 1 1/2 hours away from my family. At the job, I was introduced to a man who went to the same college I did. It turns out he was in a fraternity and knew some of my sorority sisters. Meeting him gave me the courage to get out of a awful relationship. We will be married 10 years this year and we are extremely happy. It even turned out that our college sweethearts ended up marrying each other. We had so many chances to have met but I think we met when it was truly the right time.

  9. I had twin boys delivered at 26 weeks and my one son died 6 days later. About 2 months later while visiting my son in the NICU, the doctor asked me to speak with another mom who had just gone through the same experience but with twin girls. I realized then that my pain was something that I had shared with other parents and I was able to provide some support for someone who needed it then.


  10. When I worked in fast food as a supervisor, I met an assistant manager from another location, who began joining our “breakfast group” after we closed our restaurant every night. We got along pretty well, until my manager and I got transferred to the location where this man worked. Neither my manager nor I could work with this man. I talked to our district manager, encouraging him to transfer, promote, or fire this assistant manager. He wouldn’t – we had to work things out. He must have known what he was doing – we got engaged 5 months later, and have now been married over 22 years. Love works in mysterious ways, and the fates have a sense of humor!

  11. Well, like most of the people who have posted, my right place was in meeting The Love of My Life.

    I was working in a gas station, that I did NOT want to work at! I wanted a ‘real’, better job! But it was a time similar to this in our country, when jobs were hard to find and the economy wasn’t doing so well. One day in walked this tall, dark hair gorgeous man driving this ‘souped up’ Firebird. Mmmmmmm……. 😉

    We met in May and married in August. Yep, three months!! That was 30 years ago this year! August 1981. We have a beautiful 20 1/2 year old daughter(nope, we didn’t have to marry because I was pregnant, like most of his family thought!! :smile:) And we have a handsome 17 year old son! He is my best friend and the love of my life….STILL!! That gas station was the best place for me! 😀

  12. My friend Wayla and I met in college. We talked to each other the first days of a class but we were not friends until we came to realize we study the same way when it came to exams so we came study partners for the class. We have been friends since 2000 and her move to Lousianna and my decision to stay in Michigan with my family. We still keep in touch through e-mail.

  13. It seems to be one of those things that effects everything in my life from the decisions I make to the place I’m in. I’ve learned not to question it and go with the flow.

  14. I have been around people I didn’t think i’d get on with but then we become friends and the other way around.Of course when it comes to men it happens all the time

  15. I would have to say my husband when I first meet him is not someone I ever thought I would marry…we actually were friends and then roommates first and then when we went our separate ways did I realize that I loved him…he of course knew it all along. I do believe us becoming friends first has strengthened our relationship

  16. I have the story at goodreads but i guess I’ll copy and paste.

    Yeah i do believe i feel this way, even on most days. It’s like when something is lost, a piece of a puzzle for example, and you look everywhere and that piece is missing. Your mind makes you miss the one object which has insured the loss of a piece of yourself, hidden and yet in plain sight. Emptiness is upon you and whenever you believe all is gone, an answer is found.

    What i think fits the question is this: I was around 11, shy and rather depreased child with no friends. My life was on the verge of hopelessness with nobody believeing in me. Still in my years from then I will remember whose hand gave me a choice, a choice of a lifetime. A teacher who I had always thought as somewhat mean and evil, with no life out of torching children, gave me a life. She actually gave me a chance to express my true feelings through my art work and other things. A canvas of thoughts opening, like how the sunrise on a new day brights with colors even when the rain clouds loom in the sky. This teacher even with her strictness and unlikely personallity gave me hope, hope that maybe life is not just a thing to truge on through, but something to enjoy along the way with others.

    I hope that was inspiring enough! =^.^= kitty~

  17. I had this happen to me when i was 25 i was home visiting my little sister after being out of state for the last 6 years. My husband was army at the time and we spent a lot of time moving around the different bases that he was stationed. I was in the grocery store with my sister buying groceries for a dinner that i was cooking for everyone. i stopped at the magazine stand and reached for one of those gossip rags something to help me sleep at night when my hand collided with another womans. I looked up into this ladies face. and BAM it was my best friend from Jr. High and high school we lost touch after graduation. this girl i had lost touch with. i missed her so much. i seriously felt broken without her in my life and there she was. make a long story short we talk everyday. I’m thankful that she is in my life again and the past 7 years have been awesome

  18. yes well many years ago i was supposed to go to vanier college with a friend but she ended going to dawson so i went to vanier anyway. there i met a boy who i became friends with and through him i got a job at a place where his mother worked. once at that place i met another boy who became my husband and still is after 35 years!! so if i hadn’t stayed at vanier and gone to dawson with my friend i would never have met my husband!!

  19. In high school I was sent everywhere, along with a guy friend, to represent the school. He was nice, smart, but totally engrossed in sports & school. Not at all my type. Senior year I told him he blew it by not dating me for the last four years, and he said he knew it. Stayed friends in college, through my engagement and subsequent breakup. He finally asked me out end of sophomore year. 37 years, two daughters, and two grandchildren later, we’re still married and crazy for each other!

  20. Hey Anya,

    Yes I have found myself in a similar situation before. My hubby and I were really good friends for a long time and every time something bad happened we would always end up going to one another for help and one day we ended up saying to eachother “maybe we should give us a try?” Well we did and 13 yrs later we are happily married 🙂 Something just kept pushing us together!

  21. Two and a half years ago I was forced to resign from a good job; the economy had tanked and I couldn’t find new work. Within about a week, one of my cats–a sweet, rescued Persian who’d been through a great deal already–became very ill, requiring round-the clock care/tube feeding, and frequent vet hospital visits. Because I was home 24-7 that month, I was able to care for him during the last phase of his life, and extend his time with us a little. If I’d been working, I don’t see how it would have been possible. Being unemployed during that time was a blessing in disguise.

  22. “Have you ever ended up in a place where you didn’t want to be, yet found you were right where you should be?” OMG I’ve certainly been there! I ended up driving my Mother to a job interview..Not a place I wanted to be… For some reason I can’t fathom, Management asked me to come in with her.. Unheard of right…but that was the ‘80’s for you. During the interview while my Mother was being questioned, the man threw a few questions in my direction…and I absentmindedly answered… my mind was totally elsewhere… like in my car with my friends.. Shopping…anywhere but there. Anyway, a week later a call came to the house and it was the company calling. I asked him to hold while I got my Mother on the line and he said “Actually, your mother is over qualified.. I wanted to offer you the position if you’re interested?”. I ended up in the International Department ..long story short I was dating an Army brat who was in Germany at the time.. my now best friend who I met and worked there at the time was trying in the worst way to get me interested in the Comptroller of the company and I was committed and running away in every direction but HIS and NOT interested.. He caught me..eventually ..and now I’ve known him for 26 years… and we have been happily married for 19 of those years.

  23. I met a guy at his cousins house. It was dark, dusty and full of people smoking. Just horrible! I decided to leave, he came after me….

    We went someplace, had a cup of tea and our intended date. It was one of the best conversations ever. We didn’t work out, that’s ok, his life was to different from mineanyway. But the talk was enlightning and something I really needed.

    This was 5 years ago but occasionally I still think of our meeting as meant to be.

  24. Yes, I have been there, many times…
    Six years ago I finally was watching my youngest daughter , (I have three, )graduate from high school and that summer she would be heading off to college..I did it, I managed to get them out of school and living on their own. It was now time for Mom to start doing something she wanted to do. I was going to start writing again, get that book finally published and do some traveling.. I was thrilled.. Don’t get me wrong I loved being Mom and doing all for my kids but I was really looking for that time.
    So what happens, in all the joy of having the house to ourselves again, God has a twisted sense of humor sometimes…He decides it now time for that extra baby we wanted oh say 16 years ago.. So now I have one leaving and we are redoing the nursery for the new one who turned out to be that boy we didn’t have the first time around..
    SO there is my time where something happened I din’t really want to but you go with it and I wouldn’t give him up for nothing…Being an older mother has been wonder and stressing at times…and its been great to hve that little boy. He has been a blessing in my life..He even calmed his Daddy down some too. He was always very stressed with 3 girls in the house but he not with the boy, go figure… :confused:

  25. I was told by a psychic that I would moved to FL and I laughed because it was the last place I would ever have lived. Three years later my husband and I moved to FL, where I spent twenty of the best years.

  26. I have had that kind of situation before. It was highly weird. I told myself that I would never work for Wal-mart, but it caused me to meet the man of my dreams. We didn’t work together, but he was a regular customer who always ended up coming to me for help. Now, we are getting married next January.

  27. absolutely, there was this super quiet girl in my 7th grade class and i didnt know her very well and it was kind of hard to talk to her, and since i didn’t know much people either, we became really close and still have been

  28. I met a girl in one of my classes last year and my first impression of her was a crazy, obnoxious party girl but we started talking and she’s now a close friend of mine!

  29. I was with a group that worked with disablied people and I meant the ownwer of the stable and she is my best friend . She was what I needed at the time and she saved my life with her friendship’

  30. I met my hubs at. A young age when the fact that he is two years younger than me really made a difference to me so he. Waited for me to grow up and relised he was the one meant for me and im so glad he that such faith in me to wait

  31. Great topic Anya as well as theme for the series :).

    I have ended up stuck in a place I didn’t want to be but then found out if I hadn’t been I could have been in a terrible accident.

    I have been paired with people for work etc I thought I wouldn’t mesh well only to find out things turned out he opposite.

    It’s amazin how life works out that way sometimes.

    pams00 @

  32. I couldn’t stand two girl’s from high school when I first met them. But they ended up becoming my dearest friends, and 30 years later, we still talk at least once a month by phone, and even more often by email, and they have loved and supported me through some crazy ass moments. They always make me laugh, and I’ve loved having them in my life.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  33. While on a trip to California years ago I was asked to stop and say ‘Hi’ to someone who owned a bar for a good friend of mine. I really didn’t care to stop in a strange place by myself, but did it for my friend and met a fella who became a good friend of mine for over 40 years now. Although we live far apart and each have our own families now we have kept in touch all this time and enjoy knowing how each other is doing and having a few laughs when we talk to each other.

  34. My sister Anna and I did not get along as young girls. There came a time we needed to ether work together or kill each other. Since that time Anna has been an incredible part of my coping network and are great friends.

  35. When I was younger I used to take dance. We started out as a whole class but slowly, others started dropping out until it was just me and one other girl. The girl and I never really talked, and I never in a million years thought we would hit it off. But we did. We turned out group dance into a duet and kicked serious butt at the competitions. And along the way, became best friends. As we still are to this day 🙂

  36. This year I decided to take a ceremaics class. I don’t really talk much to any body in my class. Then one day my teacher moved these two guys to my table (Derek and Caleb) they seemed like jerks at first, but we became friends and they inspired me to write a novel. So yeah I have been somewhere that I don’t care for and two things came out of it 😉

  37. I think this is totally true! It’s good to have a plan, but it’s also good to kind of go with the flow, because you never know what life has in store for you.

    I’m looking for a new job now, and I hate it when interviewers ask where you see yourself in 5 years, because you just don’t know what opportunities may come your way.

    Congrats on the new book!

  38. My husband and I meet when we were both 11 years old. I didn’t think about him as boyfriend material, because he never talked, until we were both 18. We were really good friends and took classes together at college. It took me some time to realize that romance and love may not look like how I thought it would. It was more a slow seduction than a sweep-me-off-my-feet romance. Here we are 13 years and 2 kids later, something to be said for romance in unexpected places:)

  39. I moved to a new town and was feeling really lonely and wondered if my move was a mistake. I made a friend finally and she invited me over for a picnic. Her husbands best friend (my soon to be husband) told me I needed to find myself a real man. For the next six months we fought like cats and dogs whenever we seen each other at our friends house. When our friends finally had enough they called each of us up and said that the other wanted to get together to play cards. My answer was all we do is fight are you sure? My friend assured me that he wanted to spend more time with me. We didn’t fight that night and have been married 15 years now.

  40. I’ve met wonderful friends who I never would’ve thought would be fantastic if it hadn’t been for a chance assignment that went really well. I think it’s true that most things happen for a darn good reason.

  41. I’ve had the experience where when I met someone I didn’t like them at first but when I got to know her she turned out to be my best friend. When we got to know each other better there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for me. We would run around after work, on our days off. When I was broke she would by me some food. I changed jobs and we didn’t spend as much time with each other and it was one of the saddest days of my life last year when my sister called and told me that she had died. For the next couple of days every time I would think of her all I would do is cry. I still miss her so much and think about calling her before I remember that she’s not here anymore.

  42. Oh yes, it’s fate or whatever one wants to call it, but it did happened, to ME too. I like to think it’s preordained or fate that I made a move about 10 yrs ago to the most unlikely place and at the worst time possible that no one in her/his right mind would do. But I did it, and to most unlikely place, out in the stick, knew no one nor the place I moved to. Then, things started to happen to me, I mean things “out of this world”, you would know what I meant by this. And I ended up found the family I didn’t know I’d had all this time, it’s the happiest memory I have so far and the happiest time I can ever remember. It’s just like everything was geared up for that event to happen, no rational explanation could justify the move and everything that led up to it. It’s out of this world experience, truly heaven!! 😀 😛

  43. Oh, definately.
    My best friend and i met after my parents separated. I absolutely didn’t want to be in the state I was in, let alone the school gym next to this loudmouthed, bossy girl. But we got to talking, became fast friends, and i couldn’t ask for a better friend. 😀

  44. I’ve def had one of these experiences. I met my ex (we were together for 9 years and are still good friends) like that. I was in college, had worked late and almost didn’t go to a party. I went, and when I walked in him and another guy were talking to 2 of my sorority sisters. I went up to say hi to the girls, and ended up going back to his place to another party. We were together almost everyday after that…for those 9 years ;).

  45. Yes! One of my closest friends is someone I didn’t think I’d like being around the first time I met her. I thought, “Geez, we have absolutely nothing in common.” But I turned out to be completely wrong, and now we can talk about almost anything. I guess people are like books – you shouldn’t judge them by their cover!

  46. I had just recently moved into a new apartment complex in a new town. Hadn’t wanted to move but my prior landlord was raising the rent, so I moved closer to where my mom was. I was a single mom with a three year old. Still hadn’t really made any friends there after a couple months. Then all of us living there had to move into the apartments that had been remodeled recent so that our current ones could be done. The lady who was moving into the one next to my new one, one of her relatives that was helping, well…
    Within a year, he and I had a daughter. 😀
    I lost him to cancer almost 12 years later, but it was the best twelve years of my life. Missed him a lot last summer when our first grandchild was born.

  47. actually i find that this happens alot to me. i am a very shy person and i am uncomfortable around new people or large groups so i usually don’t want to be in them. however i have also had some of the best relationships and made some of my best friends by forcing myself to open up to these types of experiences and to focuse on and appreciate them for the opportunities they are and the joy they can bring to my life .

  48. I had a blog for a long time that I reviewed bands on. It was fairly popular for the local Texas bands and I did really well as far as pulling in hits and comments. I had one person post in the comments who took several things I said out of context, made rash generalizations about me and proceeded to be a great big butt head on my blog. I politely rebuffed what he was saying, pointing to the factual evidence of what was really going on. Eventually it got personal and I stopped paying attention to this person. A month goes by and we happen to meet up at a concert and I’m never one to be considered shy! This person and I had a very long, sit down ‘come to Jesus’ conversation. We were best friends for years after that, and there I was ready to hate the guy!