April 1st, 2011
Book of the Day: What Happens in Vegas…After Dark


The winner of yesterday’s book, Raven’s Quest, is Casey H., who said, “I have so many, many, many favorite books on my shelf but I’m going to have to go with The Last Bachelor by Betina Krahn simply because it was the first romance novel I ever read and every girl should always remember her first.” Congrats! Please drop me an email, Casey! Anyabast (at) gmail.com.

Today’s book……

Anya Bast’s story in this anthology is called THE PROMISE. It’s a prequel to THE DEAL, (WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS… the first anthology, released in 2008), and tells Damian’s story and how/why he came to jilt Cassidy at the altar on their wedding day.

Las Vegas… it’s the town that lives up to the promise of its nickname, Sin City. A gamblers’ paradise for innocent tourists, it conceals a darker, sexual world where the ethereal and wraithlike meet to play a different game….

If there’s one thing succubus Deitre understands it’s revenge. That, and enticing men into arousing, exciting and, okay, perilous sex (for him). Beautiful on the outside, demon on the inside, she’s going to get back at the naughty firefighter in Darkness…unless he plays his cards right.

Bounty hunter Nell is a hell of a tracker. Now she’s in Vegas on the tail of the witch who dared to steal from her clan. She’s going to get the unsavory harlot through the woman’s ex-finance, and nothing about their charged encounters will be shallow, quick or friendly.

When the half-blood fae male comes to Club Darkness, Elena can’t resist acting on the mind-blowing heat coursing between them. She might be betrothed to another, but fae culture says sex with other men until marriage is most definitely foretold.

Tattoo artist Devi is the latent vampire the warlocks need to heal all wounds. But taking her power is a sexually exhausting and dangerous task requiring dark deception…and gambling on her life.

Read the first chapter of The Promise.

Answer in the comments for a shot at a copy of What Happens in Vegas…After Dark. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you won.

Vegas is an exciting town and a great place to take a vacation. Where’s the best place you ever took a vacation?

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  1. I haven’t been to too many places but my dad’s place is a favorite with not only me but my girls. He has 90 acres out by Panama City and it is beautiful and peaceful.

  2. That is a tough question. I’ve been fortunate to visit many beautiful cities in Europe but for best vacation, I would have to go with the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Gorgeous, peaceful and very friendly people.

  3. A small town in Massachusetts. I went to see a friend I hadn’t seen in 17 years. It was just like old times. We giggled like we were in our 20s again. We had lost touch for about 12 years & she found me through Facebook. She had gotten remarried & I didn’t know her new last name so all of my searching was fruitless. So 3 weeks after she found me, I was on a plane to Massachusetts to see her. They were the best 3 weeks I’ve had in a long time. Her house is crazy! Not a dull moment but we saw humor in everything.

  4. My favorite place is chincoteague island. We took a family vacation there a couple of years ago and it is wonderful. We have been going back every chance we get.

  5. Amsterdam is the best place I have ever vacationed. I would love to move there! Beautiful buildings and amazing art. And lots of great things to eat.

  6. Hi

    Several years ago we took a family vacation to Cancun and had a great time. My son loved it and still talks about it.

  7. Oh man, best vacation… I did spring break at Padre Island in the Gulf Coast the year that all the colleges had beach brawls. Before the fighting started it was a crazy awesome trip. Our group wasn’t the party wild kind of crowd, but we did spend way too much time on the beach getting into trouble.

  8. My favorite place is Istanbul, Turkey. Have a lot of family living there and it is such a beautiful city with a lot of history/culture!

  9. Maui – was so much fun!!! Beautiful, and the fruit was delish!

  10. My favorite place to visit was Antalya, Turkey. I have my dad’s family living there so we have a place to stay. There’s amazing food there, and great beaches. What more could you ask for?

  11. My favorite places to visit are always in the Caribbean. My family is from Puerto Rico, and I never get tired of going home to visit, eating lots of good food and lounging on the beaches.

    I’ve also gone to St. Kitts, St. Maartin, Dominca, Barbados, St. Lucia and a few other places in the Caribbean — people are nice and friendly and you can’t beat that perfect weather!

    I’m also moving to Okinawa in May, so I’m sure that’s going to be at the top of my list of awesome places too!

  12. I haven’t been on too many vacations but I’d have to say when me & good friend of mine took our kids to San Antonio to Sea World. My children had so much fun seeing all the animals and watching the shows. As a mother it brought my heart great joy.

  13. I got married 9-9-99 and we had our honeymoon in Niagara Falls Canada, The museums were alot of fun & the view of the usa falls is beautiful. We took a nice drive on River road & stopped off at a farmers market type store & bought fresh fruits & jelly. I need to update my passport this gets me thinking and I want to go back.

  14. My favorite holiday so far has been the three weeks I spent in Spain. Lots of lazy days wandering the cobbled streets of Sevilla, seeing Gaudi’s magical buildings in Barcelona. Lots of fun sightseeing and generally butchering the Spanish language – much to the amusement of the locals 🙂 Can’t wait to go back.

  15. When I was 16, we went to Wales to visit my Dad’s family. It was great touring all the castles, eating in pubs and shopping in Cardiff. I can’t wait to go back with my kids.

  16. The best place I’ve ever been to on vacation is Vegas and that’s why we go back every year. There is always something new to see and something to do that we haven’t done before.

  17. The best place I took a vacation was Paris, it was an amazing experience.

  18. Through the pages of a book 😉 Have not traveled much, but I loved visiting some islands in the Carribean during a cruise… the atmosphere, the colors, the people… amazing!

  19. Hmmm. My favorite place where I vacationed?

    Well honestly I haven’t been to too many vacation spots but I think the one that sticks out most in my mind is the time I went to see my dad in Kentucky, it was during my summer vacation and I was with my brothers.

    Kentucky is so pretty, it’s also pretty big. It was a bit of a shock but it was still nice to get away from the small city where I live.

    The best thing I liked about it was that I got to have some time with my dad, we don’t see each other very often except when he comes for birthdays and holidays.

    I also got to be in a new place for a change!

  20. Best vacation? My week in Paris. I’ve always loved French language and culture. So, when I got the chance (2 weeks notice and during finals in my last semester of law school) to go, I took it. Fortunately it worked out I only had 1 final, 2 days before we were to fly out and 2 papers to do that semester. So, busted my butt, got the papers done, took the final and had the time of my life! It wasn’t nearly enough time, so hoping to go back again :).

  21. I totally adores St. Maarten… we sat on a nude beach all day long and drank cocktails and people watched. Heaven even with the resulting sunburn.

  22. Well since I’ve only been to two places,both in Canada (Winnipeg and Halifax) I’d have to say Halifax,Nova Scotia.Halifax Harbor had tons of stuff going on,they had the tall ships coming in. We did some site seeing. It was mostly to visit family,we all had a great time.

  23. Best vacation was when my sisters and I did a roadtrip to Portland. It was our first and a whole lot of fun. We really bonded that weekend. 🙂

  24. Ohh I love vegas! It a great place to just get away for a weekend! However, there is no way id be able to just pick one place! I love travel and each place has special memories.
    Hopefully ill be traveling to ireland this summer and that will be one of one of my favorite vacation spots. I’ve been wanting to go there forever and feel the magic in the air!

  25. I’ve actually never really been on vacation. I’ve been to a couple other states other than where I live, but not for vacation. But I will say that I have been to Melbourne, Florida and it is nice.

  26. Haven’t been to many places. My favorite vacations are camping. I love being somewhere quiet, with water and nature, getting away from everything and just relaxing with a good book.

  27. For my daughter’s sweet sixteen, we took her on a cruise. It was the best vacation. She was so happy and we all had such a good time.

  28. I’ve never been on a real vacation…but I did go camping once at a beautiful campground here in WI. If I could pick a vacation spot, I’d pick Ireland though 🙂

  29. My husband and I went on a Caribbean cruise and it was fantastic. The food was plentiful and fantastic and we stopped at various islands where we could go on tours. It was so relaxing and the weather was amazing plus while you were on the ship you could be as busy or as lazy as you wanted. We can’t wait to take another cruise…we loved being spoiled!

  30. I went to Ireland as a graduation present. I loved seeing family and the environment.

  31. Never been but I’m guessing not much stays there. It always comes back to bite you in the ass.

  32. I live in Las Vegas and still think this is the best town to take a vacation in. I cam ehere when I was a little kid and there was plenty to see and do when I was here.

  33. I prefer quiet, peaceful places.

    My favourite place is a small island in the English channel close to England’s coast. It’s called the Isle of Wight and is the birthplace of my father. It was our second home and we spent many a summer holiday at my Grandparents house. It’s a beautful island, like stepping back into history….it’s gorgeous.

    in Germany

  34. the best place to vacation is vegas, theres so many lights, and tons of fun stuff to do at night, the city never sleeps!

  35. Ireland was by far the best place I have ever been on vacation. It was amazing, beautiful, and the people were so nice. I also have to say that Dublin is the first big city that I have visited that I wanted to stay longer in, I usually am more of a country girl:)

  36. When I was studying abroad in Italy, the group of us took a weekend in Northern Italy in a series of towns called Cinque Terre. Five towns with hiking trails and trains connecting them. They were very picturesque and welcoming. It was a very relaxing weekend, even having to deal with most of the group becoming too drunk during the evening.

  37. The most exciting place I’ve ever been to would have to be Chicago. I should probably add, I was about 18 months old at the time and can barely remember anything about it. My family never traveled, and I don’t have the money to do so now. But I’m saving up, so hopefully I can travel the world soon!!

  38. I went to France with a school group a long time ago. We saw a lot of castles, wineries, etc. We ended with a few days in Paris. I loved it. It was spring and the weather was perfect. We saw all the tourist sights. It was a fun, care-free time for a group of teenagers and it left lots of happy memories.

  39. Last summer my dad and I went out west for about 4 weeks, we went to almost 30 national parks/ monuments in less than 20 days and then spent the last 4 days in Vegas. out of all the places we went was Carlsbad Caverns. It was raining and dad insisted we still take the walk down into the caverns. I’m glad he insisted, the caverns were overwhelming and intense. The fact that these huge spaces were so far under ground was amazing and breath taking.

  40. Tough question. I have to say our trip to Switzerland was the best. It was before kids and we had 2 whole weeks off work. Bliss!

  41. Walt Disney World in Orlando was fun.

  42. We went to Puerto Plata, DR for a week on a “group honeymoon” (as the groom called it! There were about 25 of us, many of us meeting for the first time, We went out on a catamaran to go snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, 4 wheeling, as well as just lazing around in the sun. The food was great (usually an all you can eat buffet) and the drinks were plentiful. A good time was had by all, and the plan is to do it again for their 5th anniversary!

  43. I think the land tour and cruise in Alaska was the best vacation I had so far. Seeing the glaciers was amazing!

  44. Las Vegas is the best place I’ve visited on vacation. I love that city! Always something going on, so much to do, and always fun. I’ve been 3 times and I’m itching to go back. Everytime I go back there is something new.

  45. My parents home: it’s better than time travel. My Mother forgets I’m a grownup & makes my favorite meals & spoils me. It’s restorative reaffirming.