May 23rd, 2011
Jaded & Jeweled Jubilee


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Plus chances to win books every day until June 7th.

Read about JEWELED here.

Read about JADED here.

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Question to answer to be entered for a shot at the Grand Prize and Runner-up Prize:

Both JEWELED and JADED are menage a trois romances. They are very hot, but also extremely emotional and romantic reads. Some people shy from menages because of the unusual aspect of having two male leads. JEWELED and JADED are also historical fantasy, a subgenre rarely seen in romance. Therefore JEWELED and JADED are books much different than what is usually seen in the romance genre.

Tell me, when is the last time you tried something new? A new food, a new way of wearing your hair, a new place to take a vacation, a book in a new subgenre? Do branch out once in a while, or do you pretty much stick to the tried and true?

Let me know in the comments for a shot at winning one of the gift certificates!

250 comments to “Jaded & Jeweled Jubilee”

  1. I’m grew up in a home where we ate the same thing on the same night every week throughout my childhood, always vacationed in the same place the same 2 weeks every year, etc.

    As an adult and mother, I have branched out and love the thrill of new experiences and my children do too. We are always trying new foods, new cuisines, new activities, etc. just to see what we like.

  2. I am fairly experimental…lol…I last tried a new hairstyle on May 6th – when I had a lot of my hair cut off…went from shoulder length to very, very short…..haven’t tried anything new food wise in a couple of months though- mostly because I need to find some new restaurants but I do like to experiment…lol…I did just try what I’m calling a “mashup” romance that is a combination contemporary and historical- A Courtesan’s Guide to Getting your Man and it was very, very good!

  3. I get tired of eating the same thing over all of the time, so I try things at least once a week. I get Taste of Home magazine and I try recipes out of it all of the time. If I like it, I will have it again. I am also reading books that are new to me. I find new authors on blogs that I follow and try their books to see if I like them or not.

  4. I love to try new authors, since I love to read but need to switch genres so I don’t burn out on one type. Other things I’m not usually good about trying. I do try new foods fairly often, just for different tastes, and because I work as a cook, and I’m always trying to find new stuff for my residents to eat. The last new one I tried was a star fruit. First I had to google HOW to eat it lol. Gotta admit, I was not impressed. It was kinda like a granny smith apple, but less flavor. Even the hubby and the dog didn’t like it. I think it’s the frist fruit I’ve seen my dog not eat!

  5. I usually eat the same foods and have been reluctant to try new ones. My kids always tease me and say I have only 1 taste bud. So I got brave and tried sushi. I’m glad I tried it, but am not a big fan.

  6. I am constantly trying new things, I always say I will try something at at least once. The last new thing I tried was a new dish. I have a food allergy and I am very limited so I try new recipes fairly often. And I am always up for a new author.


  7. I’m getting a divorce so I’m try to learn how to live single again,like go out with friends and have fun just for me.Like dancing and stuff but i still like setting in my chair and reading a good romance. I don’t now if thats what you mean but it is new to me, like a new start.

  8. I would like to think I’m fairly easy-going and adventurous person. I like to try new things and mostly have no problems.

    Well one summer a few years ago my best friend and I tried do due something new and crazy. We decided to challenge ourselves and see if we could write a Romance/Erotika ebook. Well we wrote them in about a month and a half and by the end of summer we nervously sent them in.

    I was in shock. I could not believe I had actually written something and completed it and then sent it off. It was a huge accomplishment for me and one of the best experiences that I could have ever tried. Sadly, I didn’t win contest but it hasn’t stopped me at all. I keep on writing and hopefully one day it’ll stick.

  9. Well I’m not a very confident cook, I can make simple things. So every now and then I will try something completely different that I have never even had or attempted to make. Sometimes it comes out fantastic other times its decent and I make notes on how to tweak it next time.

  10. Lately, my trying something new has been lacking, I have small children and they seem to thrive on routine. But I am planning a vacation with my husband and I plan to throw caution to the wind!

  11. I try books by new authors all the time and I just went to an Indian restaurant last night had had palak paneer (spinach with cheese, considered an entree) for the first time.

  12. I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted a change of scenery. I’ve decided to pick up and move across the country. I imagine I will be relocated by the end of the summer. I’ve been in a rut and this will shake things up. New home, job and friends. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.

  13. I, usually, enjoy the tried and true in most aspects of my life, but I like variety in my reading. I usually require a HEA, though. I did get a new hairstyle recently.

  14. I try everything once. The last interesting thing I tried (food wise) was kangaroo meat. I never try it again. My husband or I will come up with an idea and try this idea, regardless of what it iss. makes life interesting.

  15. I enjoy branching out. I love trying new foods. I enjoy reading new genres. I’m particularly fond of Steampunk right now. I can’t remember when I did something new…oh wait…for the first time last year, I had to do a running translation at a wedding. I’m in Germany and the groom was English and had a lot of English relatives visiting for the wedding…so at the ceremony, I had to translate.

    I was a bit nervous, but it went well!!

    in Germany
    who loves!!!

  16. I’ve learned to try new foods and new ways to make the tried and true through necessity and found so many great ways to eat. Can’t do spicey still but I love my alternative for the sweets :mrgreen:

  17. I am a very picky person… but I will branch out every so often… past few years I have branched out reading different romance genres, gone to California for the first time, started reading e-books, going to new places to eat… still love my norm, but something new every so often is nice! Thanks for the chances to win and congrats on your upcoming release! :grin:

  18. I like to try new authors any chance I get and new restaurants any time I can drag someone with me. I suppose that the last time I tried anything different was one of the last times I cooked, I changed little things with the recipe rather than just sticking with what we always do.

  19. I love trying new foods and a few weeks ago I tried a new vegetarian dish. It was surprisingly tasty and not bland as I thought it would be.

  20. I like trying new authors to read different stories. but i must say i haven”t tried horror. But food i”m a picky eater and drag my feet about trying new stuff. I”ve been surprised a couple of times of liking a new dish i thought i would never like. like spinach and artichoke dip it looked gross and didn”t sound good. But my SIL convinced me to try it and i love it.

  21. I think the *last* time I tried something new… was at a library event. I had signed up for a whole foods cooking class, and the instructor brought samples of cooked quinoa. I have never eaten quinoa, and not very familiar with any whole grains other than wheat. It was very tasty! I bought some and plan to make up a batch for dinner some night (just need to buy an onion, sundried tomato flakes, and a clove of garlic. It is a very healthy and delicious alternative to rice pilaf. Normally, I tend to stick to the tried and true – I can pretty much eat the same thing for lunch for months on end (at least until my coworkers start making fun of me!). I don’t think I’m a stick in the mud, but in general I prefer the comfort of the familiar over the adrenaline rush of anything new.

    @Jane – I’ve been a vegetarian myself for over 5 years now. It was difficult at first, trying to plan meals around “side items” but now it’s a breeze. I have actually tried a lot of new foods since I went veg, because you really have to eat a wider variety of vegetables, grains and so forth to be healthy (and not get too bored).

    In the USA
    Who loves


  22. Well, since my hubby retired, he has been having a blast being Mr. Chef, and I am definitely reaping the benefits. His latest creations have been foods and cooking styles we haven’t tried before, and his Indian Curry dish has got me hooked on a cuisine I’ve never had the pleasure of trying before. Next up are Vietnamese dishes…

  23. I have three young children, so we try to eat different or new foods. I was such a picky watter as a child, I want the kids to be more well rounded.

    Try to pick up new authors or genres everytime I go to the bookstore/library.


  24. I love to read and finding new authors is such a fun past time to explore for me. Each day I try to carve out one hour to go find new authors and nine times out of ten I end up buying books by these new authors I find. Latest author I found is Caris Roane and I fell in love with her winged vampire guardian series.

  25. I usually eat the same foods and have been reluctant to try new ones.

  26. I am trying a new approach with my hubby, not talking to him for a week, so he will appreciate it when i do talk to him (he is the talker of our relationship!)

  27. I love trying new things whether it’s new foods (a new to me sushi last week) or recipes ( also last week). My daughter loves baking and we’re always the testers for her. Having some friends over for a luncheon with a french theme in a couple of weeks ..
    I’m currently trying new for me reading genres – historicals, general fiction, etc., and new authors – what fun it is!!
    We don’t really vacation that often, but we did go to Arizona last year and loved it. Going to Arkansas later in the year. My husband and I view life as an adventure and take on a new adventure as often as we can.

  28. My latest NEW thing is Ebooks. It took me a while because my hands, and probably my head, told me I should be holding paper & flipping pages. I am now a devotee. I will always enjoy hard copies, but this cyber revolution has swept me up and I embrace it.

  29. It really depends on my mood. I think I do try new things a lot of the time but sometimes nothing but the same will do lol. As to books, I rarely go out and buy a totally different genre but luckily loans from friends or winning a contest, gets me interested in someone/or something new. The last new genre for me was fantasy and I found a new author that I loved1

  30. I stick to what I know usually. But a few weeks ago, I was checking out upcoming releases on Amazon and saw a cover for a book , unknown author to me, that I don’t know, just called to me. I checked for a release date and when the time came I ordered the book. Loved it! I don’t take chances very often but this one was worth it. And I already have her second book on my wish list! Hope I enjoy the second one as much as the first one.

  31. Something new that I’ve been doing is walking.I hate exercise but my niece is doing a 5-10 km walk in October for Breast Cancer research and ask her mom and me to join her.So we had to start walking daily so we can get up to 5km or she may want us to go for the 10 so by the time the event comes around we need to be able to do it.I find I have a lot more energy throughout the day now.I should have started this years ago :)

  32. I don’t branch out as much as I should anymore. I guess that’s why I try so many different kinds of books. Via suggestions or randomness. And who doesn’t love books?! :grin:

    But I guess one little thing was yesterday. I certainly didn’t expect my day to go the way that it did.

    My local bookstore was having an all day event. I ended up petting a 40 lb. African Porcupine for one. Then I ended up being only one of two adults who had face painting done. (The other was my sister) :grin: It was pretty elaborate makeup too and I have to say very cool! The woman who did it was awesome and really talented. I certainly didn’t have any of that on my Sunday to do list!

  33. Two weeks ago, I’ve decided to dye my dark brown hair, blond. I really like it. But pretty much I stick with things I know. I really don’t branch out much.

  34. I can’t really remember the last time I tried something new. I did get a new variation of my old haircut a month ago, though. I try reading new genres of books whenever I can. I have phases where I’ll read a certain type of book, usually when it’s a series, before I move on to a different genre.

  35. We try new foods and restaurants all the time–that’s one our family’s favorite things to do. We had lobster rolls for the first time a couple months ago, and those were incredibly delicious :) No new hair for us this year–DD and I are in the growing out phase… And tried a new-to-me inspirational author yesterday, and liked her!

  36. I do not usually branch out. I might try a new author if I am somewhat interested, but I usually stick to the tried and true.

  37. I am always up to trying something new. I love that excited feeling of discovering and liking something and dying to tell people about it. Whether it be just opened restaurants or a new hairstyle, I love going out of what’s expected.

  38. i just got my hair cut a week ago it is a pixie cut and is colored white minx. that is a blonde so light it look almost white. i love it !

  39. I love trying something new. I don’t do it often, but when I do I go big. As in, I used to have really long black hair, but then one day I cut it above my shoulders and dyed it red. Big change. And I loved it.

  40. I tried Ethiopian food just this past weekend and I loved it! I love trying new things at times if they look interesting.

  41. I recently decided to start embracing life. So, my entire family is going to try rock climbing this summer. I know, crazy. I do stick to the tried and true when I need to stay on schedule. But, once in a while I go wild and try something off the wall. I am currently researching the local Indian restaurants so I can try one out. I have never had Indian food!

  42. I love to branch out and try new things food wise. You really never know what you will like until you try it. Reading wise though I recently did just try out my first historical. I am not a full on historical reader yet, but I will definitely be trying some more.

  43. i branch out everyday. i LOVE to cook, and everytime i can get my fingers on a new recipe, i try it. i also create my own. im terrified everytime if it will taste bad, will it make someone sick. but i got so so tired of bologna and top romen as a child. i didnt really want to try new things till i met my hubby. he encouraged me to do it, with a smile on his face even though everytime he took a bite, it could taste nasty. thanks to my hubby i love tryin new things all the time

  44. I’m actually pretty good at branching out. I kinda live by the rule “How do you know unless you try it?”
    Congratulations on your uncoming release! I adore the cover– both it and Jeweled are stunning.

  45. I like to try new things, but sometimes I need to push myself to do so. I like to change my hair; it will grow back, or I can always dye it :ohh: My DH is not someone who does not like change so I have to be a bit covert to change things in the house. My Daughter & I changed the furniture once when he was traveling for work and the look of shock on his face was priceless when he returned. He wanted us to change it back. Fat chance :lol:
    I like to read all types of romance, menages, erotic, contempory. I’m also a huge urban fantasy & paranomral fan. I also enjoy a good mystery from time to time. Ive also been know to read a biography :wink:

  46. Although I usually prefer to stick to the tried and true, I do sometimes branch out to try different things. I’m actually in the process of planning a new hair style change soon lol

  47. When I was growing up, my family always went on “educational” vacations where we visited historic places and landmarks, or on outdoorsy kind of treks. I always said that that’s what I’d do with my kids as well and swore I’d never fall into the commercialized “theme park” trap. This spring, after much begging and pleading from the girls, we ended up going to both Disney World and Universal Studios-Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to be exact ;-)- and I swear that I had more fun than the kids :lol:
    We have already planned to go back next spring!

  48. I recent have read some steampunk novels and enjoyed them. I love to cook so I like to try new recipes to add variety to the menu.
    Thank you for the awesome contest.

  49. I have had back surgery and I’ve tried something new every day it seems! I walked 3 blocks and that improved my yesterdays 2
    blocks! Yea me!

  50. The last time I tried something new was yesterday when my friend forced me to eat squirrel when I thought it was chicken…does taste like chicken. I hated being tricked though.

  51. I am a creature of habit and rarely EVER try something new. Once I find something I like that’s it. But that said, I did try a new sub-genre of reading a couple months ago. I pretty much stick to paranormal romance unless I already love the author. One of the blogs I follow had a review of a paranormal book with a very submissive lead. I’d never read this genre because I don’t relate to being submissive. Still I gave it a shot. I had a difficult time but the story and writing were so good that I finished the book. I may try this again sometime but not right now.

  52. I am a creature of habit, have anxiety issues and don’t like to step outside of my comfort zone. That being said, I haven’t had a cigarette since Saturday. It’s difficult but I’m hanging in there. Thank the gods for xanex and a very large TBR stack of books. Distraction is a must right now. Looking forward to Jaded.

  53. -I dont really ever try new things…
    -I always wear the same makeup, bcuz it works for me :)
    -We usually have the same thing for dinner atleast twice a month. But i do like to try new things and new spices.
    -I usually drink the same things too, but i have been trying to get into drinking more water, which is very new to me.
    -I like to shop at the same place for clothes, but sometimes i do try different stores.
    Walmart is the place for everything else:)
    -I don’t really switch around on authors I usually just read all Anya Bast, Charlaine Harris (Sookie Novels) & Michele Bardsley.
    I do have a nook, and i got 2 free books that are really good so far, and they are from different authors, Aprilynne Pike and Alicia Dean.
    -I do love to go to new places…places I have never been b4, I love seeing new things.

    -I did try something new awhile back.
    I started going to church with my boyfriend, i hadnt been since i was about 4, but now i go every sunday and i really enjoy going.

    -Other than that my life is pretty much always the same but i love it this way:)

  54. I try to be adventurous with food that way the body stays intact. My 14 year old had me try fried pickles reciently. answer me this who fries pickles? they were ok but not my favorite. i have a kindle so I’m moving into the electronic generation. and trying to relax for driving lessons to start with my teen age son

  55. I got a new haircut just last week. Had 8 inches cut off and it was a big change. We try to go on vacations to different places at least every couple of years if not every year and we try new foods occasionally if I can find a recipe I like the sounds of .
    Pretty much open to change all the time. Sometimes I like and sometimes I don’t lol.

  56. I am trying to stick to a new and better lifestyle – I just joined Weight Watchers and I hope to get healthier!

  57. I am a creature of habit, not big on change! Probably why I’m bored all the time lmao!

  58. I like to try new things whenever possible. I’ll be starting Jewellery making taster classes soon. I’ve also joined a creative writing group meeting once a week where I finally unlocked my mind in order to write poetry, after being unable to since I was a teenager.
    Also, thanks to your books I’ve branched out in my reading which means my ‘to be read’ list is growing at a rollercoaster pace! :grin:

  59. I travel a lot so I love trying new restaurants and foods. I celebrated the possible end of the world with friends at a place that makes their own exotic sausages and frames lederhosen on the wall!

  60. I open to try anything new !! This year I decided to spread my wings and broaden my horizon in the genre department of books,, I now love historical romance, even read a m/m which I would never have thought I would. I am enjoying my new found freedom, I find Im enjoying almost every genre I read ;) with added benefits from some ;) **lustywink **

    Thanks for the great giveaway ;) kat
    :grin: :razz:

  61. I just got off my long hair so I could donate it and now it is a cute pixie cut.
    I like to cook and am always trying out new recipes that I find on my family.
    I read constantly and although I have my favorites I do branch out and read anything that is suggested from time to time.

  62. I just cut got off my long hair so I could donate it and now it is a cute pixie cut.
    I like to cook and am always trying out new recipes that I find on my family.
    I read constantly and although I have my favorites I do branch out and read anything that is suggested from time to time.

  63. Ohhh, I do not like change, but I do live on the wild side occasionally. Last year I went to AAD which was my first trip alone. It was exciting, terrifying and very relaxing. :)

  64. I love trying new things out especially if it concerns reading. I am such a big reader that I’m always on the look out for a new author, series, genre to read since staying with the same thing over and over can become boring. In the last year I’ve come across Ellora’s Cave romances and they have become a favorite of mine. What I really like is that Ellora’s Cave has also introduced me to some fantastic new authors like Shiloh Walker and Jaid Black that I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

  65. I like to think i’m flexible. I try different foods when we go to restaurants just to get a different taste of the menu. My reading is usually my fav authors in several different genre’s. I follow blogs and e-mails from authors that have friends or new to them authors that they talk about. If the genre interests me or i’m looking for something different i’ll give them a try. I haven’t tried anything new lately though. Just having personal issues and haven’t had a lot ot time to myself lately. Hopefully things will calm down soon and I can get back to exploring life.

  66. I was the reading some of the new things people try, and i have to agree with alot of them “I am a creature of habit”. While new things, or surprises are nice, i like to know before hand what’s going to happen. I guess the last “new” thing i tried was ….i guess my new diet. Working good so far! lol.

    Taylor Z

  67. Last Sat. my friends thought it would be fun to teach me how to do tequila shots. After two I got sick, but hey at least I tried something new. :grin:

  68. I’m generally a tried and true person,
    however, if an opportunity for something amazing but unexpected falls into my lap I will go with it.

  69. I am pretty boring in that I tend to stick with the “tried and true” stuff. I’ll eat the same stuff and a restaurant, buy the same authors/clothes/music/etc. However, occasionally I try to branch out. I’ll buy a book in the hopes of finding a new author. The best way for me to try a subgenre is if one of my “always buy” authors writes in it. Then I’ll get read it b/c it’s my authors and if I like it, search for similar (and find new authors!). Or, my sister forces me to try something. Food’s really tricky for me so I only try food it someone else orders it and lets me try it. Recently I went big and had my hair styled differently. It freaked me out at first, but now I’m used to it. I’m still not positive I like it though. Books are way easier to take a risk and branch out. :)

  70. The last new food I tried was yesterday. My boyfriend made cowboy fried rice. (We were out of soy sauce.) The last time I tried a new hairstyle was last week when I made an attempt at Elizabethan hair taping. I went on my very first vacation last summer. I mostly read paranormal romance but not long ago I read my very first Terry Pratchett novel.

  71. I tried a lot of new things…I moved away from home for grad school, never thought I’d do it…tried new foods, started eating meat again (I was a vegetarian for 5 years). I’d love to win a gift certificate to a book store, it’s my biggest weakness (buying books).

  72. ooh new foods and new restaurants i try all the time, it’s exciting. and we for our once a year vacation we try to go to new place, see new sights and try everything there. but then i usually don’t change harido at all, or for new authors i wait for one of my friends to recommend them, otherwise if i go to a bookstore i buy what i know and most probably don’t pick something new. so habit sometimes and adventuresome in some other aspects

  73. I took a dancing class at our local church and learned a lot of new dance methods. It has been great fun.

  74. My life seems to go one steadily. My main hobby is working with rescue cats, and the actual cats I have at home changes. As one gets adopted, another one arrives

  75. The last thing I did that was new was going from mid-length hair to a short shag two weeks ago.

    I also tried mead for the first time and really liked it ;)

  76. I started a new full time job a month and a half ago. It was really scary for me, because I did like my previous job, but the new one was a better opportunity. I get very afraid of change when it comes to big things like that, but I am even more happy with my new job, so I am glad that I took the plunge!

  77. It is definitely easier to stick with the tried and true. I have been trying out different recipes lately but it takes a while to find a recipe I like since they have to be easy but something my whole family will like

  78. Tell me, when is the last time you tried something new? A new food, a new way of wearing your hair, a new place to take a vacation, a book in a new subgenre? Do branch out once in a while, or do you pretty much stick to the tried and true?

    Gosh, I can’t remember the last time that I tried something new?! I guess that means I do pretty much stick to the tried and true!!

  79. I recently tried coloring my hair differently, using two different colors for a more natural effect. It came out great. I love to try new things, especially when it comes to reading.

  80. Anya,
    My daughter likes to check out cookbooks from the library featuring foreign dishes so every once and a while she makes a dish she wants us to try. In reading I have tried a few subgenres that I didn’t think I’d like mostly sci-fi and shape shifters, just didn’t see how they could be romantic but after reading a few I’m hooked and now I read just about anything except Zombies…I’m not sure if I’m ready for a romantic book about Zombies.
    Zina :grin:

  81. I am always willing to try something new. Whether it be a new food, haircut, clothing style or book. I am always telling my kids “You never know if you are going to like something until you try it.” I recently tried fried tofu and discovered I really like it.

  82. Once a week, at least, I pick a new recipe to try out on the family. And every dinner with my husband cooking is a new adventure. He is a great cook and doesn’t use you never know what you will have. I try new products at the store with coupons a few times a week as well. And I love traveling to places I have never been to before.

  83. Hi Anya, I am a adventurous person except when it comes to my reading. I mean give a new food, music, even a new look and it’s all goo, but reading it scares me.
    So just 2 books ago, a friend said branch out try “Historical Romance”. She gave my the name of a series, “Brothers In Arms” its at Elloras Cave. OMW! First off it’s Historical but so much more, its M/M, M/F/M…amazing connection between all the characters.
    I just finished book #2, I am heading into book #3.
    K- ran on about that a bit, I tend to do that …LOL! But truly I am here to say that I have read every genre out there now, and Historical ranks up there as one of my Favorites.

  84. tried mangos cause my cousin said it would relieve heart burn and acid indigestion and they were right. i like htme now, had never tried them before.

  85. I try new things all the time – new books, new foods, new experiences. My motto is you only live once! So why not? As long as it’s not hurting someone or myself. Life is to be enjoyed so it’s great to have new experiences in this great world we live in.

  86. Thinking of changing my hair style…I did this about 2 years ago and had a reddish highlight added, not sure it was for me but everyone said it looked great

  87. I just tried a new author, and wasn’t too impressed. thanks for a chance to win.

  88. Last time I really took a chance and branched out…it was when I got my kindle. I am one of those people the LOVE everything about a book, the texture of the papers, the smell of the book, the cover art…all of it. I decied to switch to a kindle when I saw it was actually cheaper for me to maintain my reading habit…I read a book a day at least.
    So I got my kindle, since then I have branched out to read several different sub genres in romance, and I haven’t looked back. If I still get anxious to actually read a bound book, I have over 2000 I can grab and re read any day I want.

  89. Getting a dog would by my new thing. I’ve always had a lot of infants and small children around but never an animal.

  90. Well I love your books for starters, I change things alot ,I like to try new things for you dont know what you might like intill you try it right ? I have changed my hair style every seaon since my dad passed away some say its crazy but I say its fresh and new with each season that passes I Change with it, I love new books and music and new foods ,I think you need togo out of your comfort zone and live each day to its fullest .Thanks for the chance to win this Awesome prize .

  91. For the last 30+ years my hair has been butt length and I finally cut it it SHORT

  92. Recently I read a book called Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee. She is a new-to-me author and the book was different than anything I’ve read before. It was about a demon who tells his story to a writer, basically – but there’s a whole lot going on that I wouldn’t want to spoil for anyone who might read it. I loved it though! So I’m always happy to try new stuff. Sometimes new food is scary to me, however. :eek:

  93. I spent last semester trying out African literature. Which for me was more radical than trying another romance sub-genre.
    Food is one of my go to categories for new experiments. My collection of specialty ethnic ingredients goes up regularly (next up for this summer, Mexican guava candy).

  94. Tried the chunky style of highlights last night on my hair. Not a success. I think the next time I will have to use a professional or stay with the tried and true of going gray.

  95. The last time I tried something new was actually last saturday for Earthfest. I didn’t use my cell phone or internet or watch TV/movies for more than 12 hours starting at 730AM when I woke up until 9PM although I admit to caving for the last 2 hours before bed (11PM).

  96. The last time I tried something new was two weeks ago when I got a new haircut. I had this appointment for quite some time and was convinced I will get the same cut as every time before. But two days before that I was browsing through a magazine and saw a picture of a woman with a beatuiful haircut, so I took it with me to the hairdresser and together we worked something out that would fit my style and hair. And I love it! :) It usually takes me some time to change things and I’m really surprised by myself that I didn’t have to think about that for weeks. lol

  97. I’m not much of a leader. I am usually a follower. This past month I have turned over a new leaf and decided to try my hand at taking the reins for once. I am heading up a committe for a summer event. So far it has been scary to propose ideas and drum up interest and talk with group leaders. It is exciting and exhausting at the same time. I am hoping that I don’t disgrace myself trying to coordinate a committee and run the event. I have never had the opportunity before but everyday I learn something new and grow stronger. In the end I can only pray it is a success. If nothing else I think I will have learned more about myself than anything else and what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it.

  98. its been awhile since i have tried or done anything new & different…I do enjoy trying new foods…love international buffets with all different types…but adventurous i am not..

  99. Tough to answer. There are several things that I stick with the old tried and true that I know; however, other areas of life I’m all about trying something new. You have to be open to change because it’s the only thing in life that is constant. Craziest new thing I tried recently was the tradition Peruian dish of Guinea Pig.

  100. I am a creature of habit. I rarely try new foods, but I love to prepare new foods for my family to try. I do love to explore and as a family we vacation somewhere new every year. The new real variety I have in my everyday life is reading. I read everyday a large variety.

  101. I divorced last year after 21yrs of marriage so everything has been a new experience lately. It wasn’t anything I went looking for but here I am and it has been quite interesting. Going out as a single person again. A first date, my last one was when I was 19, now I am 45. I am very far out of my comfort zone but adjusting and learning quite a bit about myself in the process.

  102. I wish I branched out more often…I will read different subgenres of romance and am very open there…but when it comes to changing my style or hair or whatever…I am a creature of habit.

    Great giveaway!! Thanks ;)

    Katiewalthall AT ymail DOT com

  103. I try new shades of red hair color all the time. I like the differnent shades for different seasons. I also recently got into reading YA books and am really loving them. I would try more different things if I had the money and opportunity because I love being spontaneous. Life just seems to get in the way.

  104. I tend to be a creature of habit–I like my routines! However, sometimes my routines hold me back. I end up in a situation that’s actually uncomfortable because I’m not reaching my goals out of fear of the unknown of change. One of my habits that I’m working on changing is the habit of NOT researching and writing (I’m a college professor so it’s necessary for my profession). By writing and facing those fears, I find that little by little reaching my goals is far more rewarding than maintaining the old ways.

  105. I took a vacation all by myself for the first time in my life. I never thought I would do that and I admit that at first I was terrified. I got over the fear though and felt like me again, the person before I became a mom and wife.

  106. I don’t try new things very often, but this question and others’ responses are inspiring me. Maybe I will try out a new recipe this weekend–or even a new route home.

  107. I went from waist length hair to a short bob – it still fills a little strange!

  108. I am fairly predictable, but do try new things on a regular basis. My latest venture is jewelry-making. I took a beading class a couple weeks ago and loved it, and am working on a couple new creations now.

  109. As far as my hair I let my stylist do what she wants to it. I figure she is the professional and I trust her. I like to try new desserts and sweets. I kind of stick to the same ole same ole as for real food.
    I do give new genre of books a try.
    I like to read all kinds. And over the past 30 years I have read just about everything out there. Sometimes I am just in the mood for something a bit more spicy than usual. :lol

    I wish I were more adventuresome I used to be, but after raising two kids (they are both in college now) I seem to have lost a part of me somewhere along the way.

  110. I think that trying new things IS the norm for me…it’s sticking to something that would be a change of pace. :grin: My hair has been pink, purple, orange, and most recently a natural brown, all in the last 3 months. I recently tried a vietnamese sandwich, which would have been great except for the slice of some kind of pepper that actually made my lip red and puffy! Hot stuff lol…I do usually stick to romance novels, but recently grabbed a copy of Portrait of Dorian Gray, and I like to leaf through various philosophy books sometimes… Buffy once said, seize the day, cuz tomorrow, you might be dead. :P

  111. The most recent thing I done was to take a job cross-country where I knew no one and have no family there. Yes, I was scared but all and all, everything turns out fine. I’m glad I took chance of doing something outside my comfort zone.

  112. I find that I’m trying new things now that I’m married and have a toddler. Let’s see, the last new thing I tried was a new restaraunt. My husband took me to Claimjumper, which I’d never been to before, and it was GOOD!

  113. Since I do not like to cook, I stay pretty much the same, but hairdos have change a lot, colors too. In my reading , there is no habits, since I read everything and anythings. How would I have find you if I did not try something new?
    And for this year, my biggest endeavor is that I am launching a new business. Now that is my biggest and most frightening thing I ever done.

  114. I always willing to try something new. The last new thing I tried (other than food) is Korean television series. My sister got me started me on them and now I’m hooked. The romantic comedies are absolutely hilarious.

  115. i love the new movies when they come out, but sometimes i can’t find anyone to go with me, so i tried going on my own. it was nice, i didn’t have to worry if the other person was going to be late and i would miss the start of the movie. i have even tried to go to a resturant by myself, it wasn’t half bad.

  116. I just got a Sony eReader so that is new for me. I also had my hair cut short after having it half way down my back for years. I’m loving it short! :grin:

  117. i got a new haircut, i always have my hair in the middle now its on the side with bangs

  118. I love trying new things especially if it involves traveling :) Most recently though the biggest thing I’ve done is color my own hair I know this sounds ridiculous but I have been going to the same hair dresser since I was 12 and that was a loooong time ago. I moved and it’s now a two hour drive to get to the hair dresser. I couldn’t make the trip this month, so I had to color my own hair, I swear it felt a bit like a betrayal. Thank goodness it looks okay!

  119. Last year was the first time the family and I decided to go to a new place for vacation. My hubby did not get to go with me and the boys when we accompanied my mom and step dad down to south Carolina. We hated that he couldn’t come but made up for it in August when we went back down.

  120. I wear the same earrings all the time …I will others that I already have

  121. Once upon a time I was a free spirit who lived life on the edge. I had one night stands and passionate affairs. I traveled from one end of the country to another. Then I became a single mother whose life took on a daily routine of parenting and working to pay bills. I do my best to try new things and to liven my life up a bit even if its a new haircut which I just got and a new wardrobe courtesy of local yard sales.

  122. I love real paper & ink books, so I’ve been resisting the e-reader craze – until I got a Kindle for Mother’s Day. I have to say I’m rather addicted to it now. :)

  123. Last week I tried a new shampoo. I was kind of forced to try it because I had to use something that targeted my hair care needs and it worked out :razz:

  124. I tried a new hair color a golden honey color it looks good I love it.

  125. I have been trying new kinds of food as I need to lose weight and get my sugar count down..different fruits , vegatables and nuts and such..i’m surprised how many things i like..i usually pretty much stick to the same old thing, but i’m trying to change..

  126. I have been growing my hair out ever I got engaged 4 1/2 years ago. After getting married I kept it the same out of habit. I recently saw a movie in which the female lead had short hair, and I ended up getting mine cut on a whim. I’m glad I did it because it’s nice to have a change, but I also miss my long hair!

    As for whether or not we do different things alot, sadly the answer is no! My husband and I are really a couple of homebodies, and we love just hanging out. The only thing we’re really adventurous with is food!

  127. Since I’ve been reading all of my paranormal romance books….I’ve been introduced to quite a few fun things to shake up the bedroom with my husband! I love the ideas that my books give me! Keeps things HAWT and STEAMY! I have you to thank!! :O) Rawr!! :O)

  128. :grin: I’ve recently tried YA books, and book about the ocean

  129. I tend to stick to my tried and true favorite things, but sometimes I love to try a new restaurant, or a new hairstyle. Also, books featuring menage a trois are some of my very favorite types of books. Thank you for writing them.

  130. I like to change things around, and I love to travel to different locations. My family nicknamed me the gypsy, we would take a family vacation to a different beach each year. I love to research different places and learn their local history. I can’t read a book twice or see a movie twice.

  131. I tried Ethiopian food for the first time and it was so good :razz:

  132. The last new thing I tried was a milkshake – not very adventurous, I know, but I haven’t made one for over 5 years so I had to make sure it was really good (and it was!).

  133. I’ve tried many new things in my life. I love going to new places & learning new things. Right now I’ve decided I’m going to be a crazy coupon person to see how much money I can actually save in a year. I think it might be enough to travel through Europe next summer & take a few month vacation.

  134. In August of last year I finally got brave enough to do pink streaks through my hair. I love it! I have done it once since but this week I also had my sister chop my medium long hair to shoulder lenght for the summer!

  135. I often go the tried-and-true route, more through lack of time (or laziness!) than any particular aversion to new things… sometimes it’s a lot of work to find something different I want to try! But I almost always have fun when I do – even if I ultimately decide not to eat/read/wear/whatever the new thing again.

    So, I find when it’s easy, I branch out more – like when we go out to a restaurant I pick a dish I haven’t had before from the menu.

  136. I try to do or learn something new everyday. I think it’s a good way of keeping my brain active and fresh! I often try new foods I haven’t had before, and sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but it’s always an experience. The most interesting new thing I think I’ve done lately is when I went on a guided salmon fishing trip….I caught two huge fish, and found out I could actually wait to pee for an entire day! I don’t recommend that part, but the rest was a blast!

  137. I love new experiences and I never shy away from tasting new food unless I am allergic to ingredients.
    you could say the last new thing I tried was organic vanilla coffee syrup my mum brought me for my birthday, It is the most delicious one I have ever had.
    But the biggest new thing will start next Tuesday.
    I am starting in a seminar for young women like me in my area. There will be few of us less then ten I imagine because it is a small country.
    I guess another new experience was week ago trying to go through ash cloud, closing all windows and stuff everything with wet towels so the ash would not come so much into the house. Poor dog was not allowed much outside for 2 days.

  138. I realized that though I think of myself as a “same-old-same-old” person, I actually change frequently. We’ve moved all over the county in 16 years and I’ve brought new foods from each place. Also of course, I shop at new stores and pick up new hobbies. I actually have only been reading romance for 3 years and have picked up many new sub-genres starting with paranormal romance and moving through contemporary, suspense, erotic and some historical. I like anthologies. That’s how I’ve picked up on many new authors. I’m always happy to find something new by an author I love.

  139. For years I have always ‘lived within the lines.’ Did the same things I learned as a child, not trying new foods, not going new places until I looked around and all my nearest and dearest were gone and I was the only one left – alone and lonely. So, I took stock of myself, saw things I had never tried and decided to try them. I have found my life has now been enriched beyond belief. Because I know know that life outside of the lines can be wonderful, but mostly it is what is inside of you that makes it so.

  140. I often try new things whe it comes to food and tea. Clothes and romance novels. Yesterday I baked a new recipe of cupcakes with coconut and walnuts in it. They where delicious! and today I mixed cammomile and mint tea. Also very refreshing.

    Tomorrow I’ll wear my new pink and grey striped cardigan combined with a print t-shirt, black skinny jeans and beige and black heels + plus red purse. A new and intersting combination I think. Already picked it out and like I said will wear it tomorrow when I’m visiting my sister. And I’ll start a new romance novel this evening… :grin:

  141. The last time I tried something new was when my BIL and SIL were visiting from Japan earlier this month. They brought with them several packaged/instant Japanese dishes. I admit, I love sushi, miso soup, tempura, etc but I hadn’t tried Japanese curry or some of the other instant dishes they brought. I can’t say I’m a fan, but I don’t regret trying.

    It’s good to attempt something new. Next month I’m trying Pilates for the first time with a trainer. Life’s an adventure. I want to take an active role in that adventure.

  142. I am pretty much a person who keeps to the same old grind- i have started to read more Urban Fantasy because most of my life I have been a historical Romance Girl.

  143. I am not one to try new things often…but I did try sushi the other day for the first time! Didn’t care for it…but tried it! I like trying new foods and would love to travel…other than that I will keep my life as it is!

  144. I honestly can’t remember the last time I tried something new. I tried Belgian chocolates 2 weeks ago and tried Schwan’s ice cream at the same time, but they’re both foods I love. I usually don’t get the chance to branch out and try something new. When I try something new, I usually remember it so it must have been a while for me!

  145. Last night, I took my wife to her ‘favorite’ restaurant for her birthday. Against my better judgement, she convinced me to try fried eel as an entree! I ‘definitely’ won’t be trying it again, but I give myself an A+ for open-mindedness and my willingness to explore new things!

  146. Even though I love to read paranormal romance I also read other genres especially books by some of my favorite authors. I tend to stick to the same types of food, and junk food especially CHOCOLATE. :wink:

  147. I tried dried mulberries yesterday for the first time in a trail mix by Navitas Naturals!

  148. I’m usually on for sticking with what I know. Food, books, hair, clothes. I do change my hair up now and then, but if I find something I like, it takes a lot longer for me to switch than before. Books are where I’m most likely to branch out. I started with romances, then Vampire romances, then paranormal romances and quite a few sub-genres. Since I do most of my shopping online these days, it’s often recommendations from Amazon or Barnes and Noble based on what I read or buy that encourage my willingness to read something new.

  149. i pretty much stick to the tried and true, however, i do notice that as i am getting older i am more open to trying new things in certain areas. i’ve opened myself up to a bit more international travel, ethnic foods and the like.

  150. i love tea but usually stick to regular green.After going to our local market i decided to try some exotic flavors and i love them all!
    i enjoy trying new things!

  151. I love to travel to new places and will always try a new food no matter how wild and weird. In my book genres I am a bit more set in my ways. Though that is mostly because by TBR pile is so large already and each new genre brings a new list of authors to try. I only recently branched out into urban fantasy. Historical fantasy is one of my favorite genres but like you have pointed out, Anya, it is very hard to find so I’d love to see it become more popular!

  152. I’ve been trying out books in new subgenres because my neighbor did a thorough spring cleaning and brought me a huge carton of books that wouldn’t fit into her many bookshelves as she’s been constandly buying and keeping books over the years. She brought me dozens of large hardcover books which I’ve been reading instead of taking out the usual library books in the unusal genres.

  153. I love trying different types of puzzles, reading different genres of books, and trying new foods. Last month I ate at Outback Steakhouse. I know it has been around for awhile, but it’s the first time I ate there.

  154. I tried lamb for the first time back around thanks giving i like to try new generas of books and new tv shows i think that as a person you grow more if you try new things even if its a small babystep of a new thing

  155. About 2 months ago I tried a new author – Tim Downs. Picked up the 3rd in his Bugman series, a mystery put out by a religious publisher, at a used booksale. Ordered the 1st to get started & just zipped thru all of them. Not normally what I would pick up to read, but love the series & his character Nick.

  156. I change things up all the time- I have an extremely low boredom threshold and so I read many genres, eat a wide variety of cuisines and try new things all the time most recent being a new way of eating to lose weight and feel better- so far, very happy with the results.

  157. I use to only read thriller books but tried the fantasy novels and I’m now in love with them. I can’t get enough of them. lol Thank you!

  158. I tried playing a new game yesterday. It was ladder golf, and I had never played it before.

  159. I have tried the fathom 27 for dinner.

  160. I always try to do new things, taste new foods, and generally not shy away.can’t hurt to do anything once and see if you like it!

    Now this is not how I’ve always been,it started a little over a yr. Ago when I gave my dad a kidney, I realized how short life could really be and how much I miss out on by being shy,nervous or scared to do new things. So now I get out and do it and think about it after instead of before!

  161. I always try to do new things, taste new foods, and generally not shy away.can’t hurt to do anything once and see if you like it!

    Now this is not how I’ve always been,it started a little over a yr. Ago when I gave my dad a kidney, I realized how short life could really be and how much I miss out on by being shy,nervous or scared to do new things. So now I get out and do it and think about it after instead of before!


  162. I mainly try new things when it comes to food or hairstyles. As far as food goes, I’m always trying out new combinations of things to see what they taste like. If I don’t like it, well hey at least now I know. As far as hairstyles, my mother does hair for a living so I enjoy being her guinea pig. If I don’t like what she did, then oh well. It’s just hair, it will grow back. Almost nothing is irreversible so I say why not go for it?

  163. DH is a chef so we are always experimenting :-) in food :-D this week was tougne tacos and ma po dofu! Yum!

  164. I like to try new recipes – sometimes they work well and sometimes they’re just “okay”. Last night I tried some sushi in a new Chinese restaurant and it was quite good. I’ll be visiting there again.

  165. I always like to try new places to eat. I have also found that trying new things in the bedroom can be LOTS of fun with someone you love and trust:)

  166. I’m always game to try anything new. How do you know if you are going to like something or not unless you try it?

  167. Okay, to be honest…I can get easily annoyed and can overreact to things sometimes. I’ve been trying hard to not be like that and sometimes see that I don’t have to be that way. It just makes things harder for everyone and myself. I can’t help it sometimes, because I’m stressed about work and life a lot. :confused: (at) gmail

  168. I have always been a creature of habit, I can eat the same thing every morning and still want it tomorrow, I like things running smoothe so I try not to change things with my boys. But when it comes to reading, as long as it’s good and not a teeny-bopper than I’ll try it out!

  169. like to experiment each year with a new cookie recipe. make it my own cuz of all the alterations.

  170. My husband is a creature of habit, so I have to push him to try new things. I love traveling to new places. I love soaking up the ambiance and atmosphere of a new place. I think it’s important to venture out and expand your horizons.

  171. Went on vcation to the US VIRGIN ISLANDS.

  172. The new thing I am trying right now is to let my youngest (he’s 3) spend the holiday weekend with his papa 3 hours away.

    On the reading side, I recently read the Body Farm series my Jefferson Bass. So totally out of my normal reading zone. Mainly everything falls into some category of romance or erotica.

  173. I absolutely love trying new things! I try to do something new every week. Either eating new food, going to a new place, reading a book by a new author, meeting a new person, etc. It makes life very interesting :)

  174. First of all… Anya your the best!! Love the contest!!

    Ok with that out of the way I have been dying to read your latest and it is awesome that soon it will be in my hands… as to your ?’s, here goes:

    When was the last time I tried something new?

    Last Friday I tried cactus salad… it was Delicious!!!

    As to menage romances… Love them.. more love to go around I say… ;)

    take care,

    Helen G.

  175. I tried something new today, BBQ chicken pizza it was great!

  176. I’m trying to break out of my “box”, so I tried a zumba class this week to physically get the energy going and try to get over my shyness and self-consciousness about how I look.

  177. For years, I have gone to the same beautician..since I was her flower girl! She knows my hair better than I do. For years my hair has been chemically treated. So now, my dear friend has decided to retire in August…and I’ve decided to grow my hair out and go “natural.” So this is going to be very new for me…and exciting.

    It’s time for me to try something new and step out of my comfort zone.

  178. I like trying new and exciting things.

  179. I have had alot of fisical changes over the last few years. I lost 76 pounds, changed my hair style form naturaly curly to straight. I have gotten two tattoos. I have even started to exercise more. Along with the changes you can see the internal changes have out weighed the fisical ones

  180. My somehing new will be my first vacation out of the US.

  181. Last year, at the age of 56, I went to Camp for the first time since I was 10 years old! This time, it was as the camp Nurse,though. Found out that I really enjoyed the experience (except for the whole missing the husband thing). In fact, I’m going back again this year.

  182. I think for me and trying new things I love trying new to me authors. As for when I did it last I am right now reading an author I had not read before and completely loving the book. :mrgreen: I also like to try new foods and drinks (like sodas and juices) which I do all the time. :mrgreen:

  183. I generally stick tried and true. But I will occasionally try something new. I prefer to try new foods on a cruise or all-inclusive resort. If I don’t like the food I can always get something else. I’ve tried caviar and escargot on a cruise.
    As far as books I’m much more adventurous. I will try just about anything but I general stick to paranormal romance.

  184. I am a Military Wife so change is the only constant. I have 2 little ones so I tend to try to stick to things I feel comfortable with. Yesterday I did buy roller blades for us all, so that is my new thing for now!
    As for my books I love para romance but will try any romance.

  185. Tell me, when is the last time you tried something new? A new food, a new way of wearing your hair, a new place to take a vacation, a book in a new subgenre? Do branch out once in a while, or do you pretty much stick to the tried and true?

    Well I don’t consider myself all that adventurous, but I’d like to get to that point in my life someday.

    As for reading genres? Well I recently finished reading this really good Urban Fantasy novel by Adrian Phoenix.

    Ya see I’d been trying to branch out reading wise in Urban Fantasy for awhile and I hadn’t successfully read one yet. Until I a got a copy of Adrian Phoenix’s novel of A Rush of Wings, I couldn’t put it down!

    So now I’m looking for more interesting Urban Fantasy novels or just more interesting novels or genres in general!

  186. I am fairly new to romance reads, around 6 months ago when I got my e reader I grabbed a couple of inexpensive romance/para romance reads just to see if I might like them and I am so hooked. I have read nearly nothing else since february. The style is really outside my comfort zone but I am really enjoying all the books and the growing list of awesome authors that go with it !

  187. I just recently tried Thai food for the first time. I moved out West where it is much more common than on the East coast so I was anxious to give it a try. I found that I love it!

  188. When it comes to trying new things, I make a New Year’s resolution every year to read books in a genre I’m either unaccustomed to, or otherwise have an aversion.

    For food, I’m a man of simple tastes, but I do enjoy trying out a new recipe every now and then. Turns out I’m not terrible in the kitchen.

  189. I try new foods all the time. I love to try new recipes.

  190. My newness quotient taken care of by my ever-changing group of foster cats & kittens

  191. I absolutely love to try new things; ie. food, getaways, new books.

  192. I tried a new recipe yesterday and it was fabulous!

  193. I’m not really into astrology, but I am a Gemini so I don’t know if that plays into my reading habits or not because I love both the tried and true and trying something new. There are some things that I love to keep the same…favorite foods, holiday traditions, but I also crave new horizons.

    I am an avid romance reader and have branched out and tried things I never really thought I would like, but with the right author I am so there! I also like when an author tries something outside of the box as it seems you have with Jaded and Jeweled. I haven’t read them, but after reading more about them I’m going to have to check them out. I love historical romances, and menage stories (with two male heroes)…fantasy is something that I don’t naturally gravitate to, but these are intriguing enough to get me to give it a try. Congrats on your new book!

  194. I am all for trying new things in most areas of my life. My reading is all over the place – though I have fav authors, I’m alway picking up new to me authors and read all genres/heat levels. Latest new thing for me hmm… my hair. I went from length just at my shoulder blades to layered above the chin.

  195. I got the chance to review Jeweled and loved it so much so that I have already pre-ordered my Nook copy of Jaded and am looking forward to it being available next week.

    Trying something new…well here this last week I picked up a new kind of salad from Walmart and they were actually pretty good.

    New things are not always easy for me, I know what I like and usually stick to it. I am always willing to try a new author though…but then I am always on the prowl for something really good to read.

    I did just purchase the Nook Color so in a way that is a new try for me…I had the Sony E-reader which I liked but I find that I like the Nook Color so much more. So much so, in fact, that I intend to purchase a Nook, generation 2, for my 16 year old nephew to give him for Christmas. He is autistic with ausbergers syndrome and absolutely loves all things electronic and to read. With such a combination I cannot see how he would not enjoy his own Nook to read all the books he could want to on. Plus such an easy way to keep your library at hand.

  196. I like to be in control so I don’t try new things that new foods in a restaurant I don’t want to pay for something I don’t like..unless they let me sample it first. I do however try new authors all the time especially if they are suggested from other authors.My husband does want to move out of this state to a cooler climate and I am excited about that if it happens ..go figure.

  197. I tried a new brand of mayo – wasn’t a fave but at least I tried lol.

  198. We are having some friends over for a luncheon on Sunday and the menu has a French theme. Some of the dishes we’re trying include – Camembert Cheese & Broccoli Quiche, Thinly sliced chicken with Roquefort sauce, and Basil Palmiers. For dessert we are having Chocolate Madelines, Coconut Macaroons, and Pear Tarlets. A number of new things for us!!

  199. i’m very adventurous but my hubby isn’
    – i changed my hair length and style about 1 yr ago, i alway wore long and how short with weave
    – as for foods, i’ll try just about anything once but nothing stands out that i have tried different recently
    – we generally do the same vacations each year, my hubby only gets to see his father once a year if we can afford the trip but, i was exploring an option for us in washington the other night.. they have a bavarian village type area up there and it sound really fun, you can take the kids and you rent chalets etc in the mountains.. AHH yes this would be great and always wanted to go to sea world…

    -as for book genres, i love menage’, parnormal, shapeshifter, historical hot cowboy, indian, and contemporary.. if find that when i read one genre too long i get bored with it and they seem to all be the same (even from different authors) so YES i do switch and mix them up, like i threw in some mm not to long ago, and i just finished elizabeth vaughan’s warprize… not my normal read but was good enough i had to buy the rest of the series so i could finish so yes, i do mix up alot of my reading like bdsm, spanking, mmf, some gay, and they don’t all have to be erotic either, sometimes i just like a romantic or suspense… basically if something on my bookshelf doesn’t jump out at me i go find something new to read. Reading is my passion and escape to not being here. And sometimes you learn alot of natural history in them as well. (cuz that was my worst

  200. :grin: I love the adventure of trying something new. Love menages & more as well as trying various cultural dishes. When the chance presents I greatly love immersing myself in another culture to get the full experience. I’ve had the chance to do this in Russia, England, Japan, France & Finland and greatly enjoyed the experience.

    Michelle B. aka Koshkalady

  201. I love trying new things as mush as possible. I just tried Thai food and absolutely love it. I would love to read these books as I never have. Thanks.

  202. I will try new food, usually in the form of visiting a new restaurant. I started reading UF this year and have been through all of Illona Andrews backlist. With unlimited funds I would visit a new country every year and spend at least a month to have lots of new experiences to savor.

  203. I pretty much stick to the same old stuff, but a few weeks ago, I did get a radically different haircut (blame it on the heat, rather than adventurousness, though )

  204. My son has a 4 year old daughter. He takes her to different restaurants to try different things and he HATES fast food. Today we tried a crepe restaurant and it was very good. My crepe had hot sauce on it which was VERY hot. I did not eat the sauce once I realized what it was. The crepe was very good.

  205. WE just went to New York. We went to a restaurant in Chinatown and just pointed at the menu and ate whatever came.

  206. I somehow don’t think that watching a new movie every week is technically doing something new, but I do enjoy reading books by authors I’ve never read before and trying new foods. :razz:

  207. I do like to try new things, most times, however, sometimes it takes me a little time to ease into it (kind of like walking into the pool rather than jumping in all at once). I do like to try different genres of books though. I would love to try both of the books in your series. (fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms, hairs crossed…hoping I win…. :lol:

  208. i am trying cookkin lol trying new recipes
    great contest thanks

  209. I tried a new brand of yogurt this weekend when my husband accidentally bought the wrong brand of yogurt. I didn’t like it.

  210. I’m a big bookworm and received my Kindle just over 2 years ago. At first, I didn’t realize the wealth of free readings available. Now, I use the weekly offerings to find new authors to add to my existing favorites – so, many weeks I’m reading someone new or a genre that I otherwise would not have considered if I were browsing in a physical store. I am grateful for the diversity I would otherwise not have been exposed to. Being so busy outside of reading, it can take me a while to try a new food or restaurant as many times I just go with old favorites to save time. ~smile~

  211. I am one of those that when I fine something I like I stick with it, I am to old to try new things, GOD BLESS YA’LL

  212. I like trying new foods, restaurants, and things of that nature.

  213. i try new things all the time.. i tried a new recipe tonight, a new vacation spot last month.. and am trying a new vacation spot in a couple of weeks

  214. To be quite honest, I hate change. I mean, I will try to wear my hear in a new style, or buy new clothes, etc. but I’ve lived in the same house for the past 14 years because I don’t want to move.

  215. I love to try new food, adventures and try to meet new people every chance I get.

  216. the last time I tried something new was yesterday. I tried tea mixed with fruit drink and loved it

  217. I went out to eat with my Bible study ladies a couples of weeks ago and I tried a new soup and wish I hadn’t, ha ha, GOD BLESS YA’LL

  218. I went out and bought a digital camera today, even though our local camera store will still process film from our old camera.

  219. I’ll admit it, I like my routine. Change is hard for me. However, lately I have been trying a range of new things. I just got my hair cut in a new style and have started wearing a new style of clothes thrown in with my usual jeans and t-shirts. I also used to be a strict true crime and horror reader, but last year I branched out to other genres and I am so glad I did! I also have been trying out new foods, which is where I have the hardest time. I’m working on it though!

  220. I love trying new things especially when they are out of my comfort zone. This is the way I found new authors, new foods, new friends and so many other things I would never have discoverd!

  221. I dislike doing everything the same way all the time we always are switching things up in whatever we do whether its playing with the kids or keeping to our own room.

  222. I like trying new foods. I tried Edamame (boiled immature soybeans) last week. They are actually pretty good.

  223. I love to try new things, though I wasn’t always this way. The latest “new thing” that I tried was a new chicken dish that didn’t turn out so great, but it was fun giving it a shot. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  224. I just cut my hair and actually fix it now. I’ve pretty much always worn it it a ponytail ( it was about in the middle of back, to above shoulders now).

  225. I tried broccolini last night!

  226. I usually stick to the tried and true but recently have been learning to try (and enjoy) seafood :)

  227. I love to eat the same foods but I do love to read and find different books to read! I have found so many great new reads this year look forward to so many more!

  228. I just tried a new food a couple of days ago…hibachi grill! Yum!

  229. I actually had a “new” weekend these last few days because we tried new restaurants three days in a row. I like exploring new things!

  230. When I first moved to Hawaii my husband’s friend would take us out to eat. I’m from Indiana so I wasn’t used to so much variety. We ate Mongolian BBQ and Korean food and it was gross! As far as food goes I prefer to stick to what I know.

  231. The last time I tried something new was when I decided to include pocket squares (ok, handkerchiefs) with my sport jackets trying to match them with my ties. [That’s about as daring as I’ve gotten recently.] But I pretty much stick to the tried and true.

  232. I tried this new pourable frosting/glaze recently. It was awful..
    I try something new every so often when it looks like it will taste good.

  233. I tried a new hair do last month. I didn’t like it at first but got a lot of compliments on it so I think I will keep it for a bit longer.

  234. i tried a new hairstyle of a braided bun

  235. I tried Ethiopian food last week, it was wonderful! I hate that I spent so much time without it, lol!

  236. i do not try new things very often but the other day i tried a new coffee at starbucks and really liked it.

  237. I love trying new things in the bedroom…though I don’t always end up in there ;)

  238. I <3 trying new things.

    Last new food was a while ago and that was Indian – Yum!

    Always try to do something new for vacation.

    New hair – I did my hair Hot Pink a couple wks ago and LOVE It!

    New workout – I am on wk 5 of couch to 5k (before this, would would NOT catch me jogging or running).

  239. I am more likely to try a new book genre than to change a lot of other things. But to prove I am not too stuck in the mud, I am seriously considering changing my hair style a little!

  240. I love romance novels and am looking for a change… so I am excited to try this genre!

  241. I typically stick to tried and true but occasionally i branch out and try/do something different. I do like to try new foods and lately I have been trying out new hairstyles :)

  242. I love trying new clothes and accessories. I recently bought a new handbag. I love to change my home decor very often.

  243. I have always wanted to be a redhead, so recently I went out and got my hair done at a salon so it looks almost natural. I love it!

  244. I tried on an A line dress even though I always pictured myself in a trumpet, mermaid style gown. I LOVED the A line. it was so flattering. I can’t say the same for the trumpet, it accentuated the tummy flab.
    imnotarunner at

  245. I like routine in my daily life, but adventure in books. I’ll read anything someone recommends or a book in the library that looks interesting. I’ll try your books for sure.
    Thanks for the contest.

  246. I’m always trying new things. I went from hair down to my waist to very, very short.
    We are always trying new food. In fact, when my children were growing up we usually visited a different ethnic restaurant every week.
    My reading choices go in spurts. I will usually stick with one genre for a few months than switch to something new.

  247. :confused:I dies my hair black about a year ago it wasn’t bad.

  248. died that is, ugh.

  249. nice to have ty.

  250. restylane lip…

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