May 26th, 2011
Today’s Book: Wicked Burn

The winner of yesterday book, JADED, is Wendy T., who said, “I’m looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn, it won’t be out till Nov. but that’s the one I can’t wait to see. I love everything about the movie and they made it for all ages is the best part.”

He wanted all of her…

Vic Savian knows what he wants when he sees it. And what he wants is his sexy neighbor, Niall Chandler. So when he sees her in the hallway of their building being harassed by an aggressive suitor, Vic makes his move—and finds himself greatly rewarded…

And did she ever let him have it…

Sleeping with her gorgeous neighbor—when she didn’t even know his last name—was the craziest thing Niall’s ever done. Now, she can’t seem to get enough of Vic—or the uninhibited passion he stirs in her. Suddenly, with his help, she’s opening to sensual pleasures she’s never known before. But when Niall’s past comes back to haunt her, will she and Vic let themselves venture beyond the bedroom and explore the possibility of love that’s in their hearts?

Read an excerpt.

Answer in the comments for a shot at a copy of WICKED BURN. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you won.

What new-to-you author have you discovered lately that you love?

52 comments to “Today’s Book: Wicked Burn”

  1. Hello Beth!
    Loved the blurb for Wicked Burn!

    I’m halfway through the Masters of the Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair. I hadn’t read this author before but I adore this series. I have two Shadowlands books left to read and then I might tackle her other series.

  2. Hi

    I just read J.N. Duncan’s Deadworld and I loved it.


  3. Shiloh Walker. i loved her book “A Forever Kind Of Love”. it was a wonderful book, and her hunter series is fast becoming a favorite of mine also.

  4. Barbara Allan, a husband and wife duo, who write cozy mysteries. They’re quick, fun reads and I was in the mood for them.

    Would not say they are a must read though.

  5. I’m going to agree with Pam B. and say that J.N. Duncan’s is my favorite new author.

  6. I just discovered Karin Tabke, I recently read her new book Blood Law, which is book one in the Blood Moon Trilogy and can’t wait for Books 2 and 3. And because I enjoyed the book so much, I will also be checking out her other novels.

  7. I haven’t really found a new author lately. I have been trying to catch up with reading the books I have, since school keeps me busy.

  8. I’ve recently discovered Laura Wright and love her books.

  9. I just read a book by Lorelei James and absolutely love it. I can’t wait to read the rest of her books.

  10. Deborah Cooke. Love her dragon books.

  11. I recently discovered Rachel Caine. I am reading the Morganville vamp books.


  12. I recently read a review for ‘The Greyfriar’, The Vampire Empire by Susan & Clay Griffith, not being a huge fan of Steampunk, but intrigued by the review I read the book. Wow, I was so surprised; it was really a good read. Now I can’t wait for book 2. :smile:

  13. Mira Grant. Horror is not my usual genre but Feed was great. Just picked up Deadline.

  14. Sarah MacLean has become a very exciting go-to author for me. Her writing style is very reminiscent of Julia Quinn and her books are wonderfully relaxing. I look forward to more of her books.

  15. Olivia Cunning and her Sinners on Tour Series: Backstage Pass and Rock Hard both are awesome books and can’t wait for more from her ;)

    Loved the Beth Kery blurb and excerpt.


  16. I recently started reading Cherry Adair and enjoyed the one book so much I bought 4 more! :grin:

  17. I recently discovered Chloe Neill and reading her Chicagoland Vampires series.

  18. Two months ago I found Lynsay Sands and I love her. Her vampires are so funny. I’m slowly getting through the series and then will try her other books.

  19. J.R. Ward! The Black Dagger Brotherhood books are compulsive to read, love them! :grin:

  20. Love the blurb!

    The newest to me author that I really like is Suzanne McLeod. I really liked her book The Sweet Scent Of Blood and am looking ofrward to finding more by her soon (well as soon as it’s free in my local library at least :D)

  21. Julia Quinn. I resisted picking her books for awhile now. Finally I picked up The Duke and I and I loved it. Now I can’t wait to read the rest of her books.

  22. I recently discovered Sophia Jordan. I’m enjoying her historicals.

  23. Ok, I don’t want any rotten tomatoes or eggs from the peanut gallery please, but I discovered Meljean Brook last year and she is my new author goddess!!!!!

    in Germany

  24. Jennifer Ashley and her Shifters series. I won a free copy of Primal Bonds, the second in the series. I’m slowly working my way through her other works.

  25. Niki Green loved her breaking brent and the Kiel brothers. Hope she writes more about them and about Murphy James.

  26. I just finished Bertrice Small’s “The Boreder Lord and the Lady” I loved it, and it was over 400 pages. The book was also very very well written, lots of going on, and emotional :mrgreen:

  27. I just finished Christine Feehan’s newest novel, it was really good :)

  28. I just read my first book from Shelly Laurenston’s Pride Stories series. I love paranormal romance with a big dose of humor. The next book in the series is already on it’s way to me.

  29. I discovered Lorraine Bartlett…she is writing a new mystery series and I tried the first one and loved it and now have to wait for the next book…’s a different genre for me but I enjoyed it.

  30. I won a copy of Mariah Stewart’s Coming Home, and loved it so much I had to go out and buy the rest of the series!

  31. Dianne Sylvan who wrote Queen of Shadows and is coming out with a new book in in July, Shadowflame.

  32. Viv Andrews. I am reading her Karmic Series. Very funny!

  33. I have just found Jenna Black and her Demon series.

  34. I have been exploring author websites and blogsites and have actually found a number of new-to-me authors; picking just one is difficult, but I’m going to go with C.J. Lyons. She writes medical thrillers that pull you in and keep you on the edge of your seat. She’s just started a new suspense series with Erin Brockovich, too.

    The Wicked Burn cover is hot and the blurb has left me wanting more … Thanks!

  35. My new-to-me author is Lora Leigh and her series “The Breed”. When I first started reading it I accidently read the 20th book. oops! But then I made it my mission to collect the rest of the series and start reading them. I’m glad that I did because her world is truly amazing. I love reading her books and I can’t wait for more.

  36. Larissa Ione. I picked up Passion Unleashed on a whim while browsing the shelves of my local bookstore and loved it. I bought Sin Undone and Eternal Rider the next day! Finishing up the first series now before I start on Eternal Rider.

  37. I have recently been reading Linda Winfree. I’m making my way through her series, Hearts of the South. I also really like Eve Silver and her Sins series.

  38. I recently discovered Terry Spear and her Highland Wolves. I love them! Always love to find new authors because I read way too fast!

  39. The new authors that I am adoring is Savannah Jordan who wrote “Vengeance Moon”, Selena Kitt’s “Modern Wicked Fairytale” and Gary Ponzo’s “Touch of Deceit”. My fall back authors that I love are Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole and J.R. Ward.

  40. I know this is going to sound really hokey, but the newest author I’ve discovered that I love is Anya Bast. I just finished reading Dark Enchantment and I love reading her take on the fae.

  41. I only just discovered Pamela Clare’s I-Team series. They’re amazing!

  42. Gillian Bradshaw!

  43. My daughter introduced me to TERRY PRATCHETT. She practically thrust WYRD SISTERS at me to read. I’m hooked. The writing is witty & clever & extremely interesting and just great fun to read.

  44. I just a couple of months ago read my first Shiloh Walker book and since then have been getting my hands on every one of her books that I can

  45. Kristine Grayson
    I read Wickedly Charming and I absolutely love it and now I want all of her books.

  46. Dyranda jones for sure rocks Keristin Hamilton
    newest one im enjoying is rachel caine man i soooo love her morganville vamp series

  47. I would say Courtney Milan, Unveiled was a great book.

  48. I have recently discovered Eve Langlais and her works. DAG, I must be living under a rock to have missed her numerous works! I’ve bought several books and look forward in starting them this weekend.


  50. A new to me author is Meg Benjamin. LOVE her stuff!!

  51. I have really been into ghost stories lately. I’ve downloaded a couple books by Scott Nicholson that I really like.

  52. buying books…

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