October 25th, 2011
Embrace of the Damned Cover

A while back, I blogged here about my new series The Brotherhood of the Damned. Well, here’s the cover for the first book, Embrace of the Damned (May, 2012). They let me keep the title, yay!

It’s a bit different than the covers for my Elemental Witches and Dark Magick series, right? Dude, not a lady. And quite a dude he is. Cover artist Tony Mauro has portrayed Broder Calderson well, I think. He even got Broder’s leather coat, which is set with runes to help him sense the presence of Blight (no good at all).

Here’s the official blurb for the book:

A damned Viking warrior.

Centuries ago Broder Calderson committed murder. As punishment, he was given over to the dominion of Loki, the Trickster God, made part of the Brotherhood of the Damned and condemned to an immortal life of battle against the Blight, blood-drinkers from Hel.

A mysterious woman he can’t resist.

One thousand years to the day he was damned, Loki allows him a woman as reward for his good service and repentance of his crimes. Once Broder sees Jessamine Hamilton, he is overcome with need. But Jessa is no ordinary woman, and the truth of who—and what—she is could have dangerous consequences.

A tormented man she can’t deny.

Though a future together is impossible, the warrior’s touch ignites an irresistible passion in Jessa. But every heated kiss pushes them closer to destruction. Forced to return to the brutality of his Viking past to protect her, will Broder surrender forever to his darkest impulses?


I love my kick-ass chick covers, but I’m happy to go in another direction with this series. Other than The Chosen Sin, I’ve never had guys on my covers. I’m kind of interested to see how people react. What do you think?

What are your favorite elements on book covers? Can you name a few of your favorite covers, or does the content of the book trump all for you?

6 comments to “Embrace of the Damned Cover”

  1. I love it! I love the pop of pink in the title too.

  2. I love it! Glad you got the title you wanted.
    The Chosen Sin cover is still one of my all time favorites!

  3. Hmmmm… Hot but I think I gravitate toward the kick ass chick covers. Not sure why. The title effects are fantastic.

    Two of my favorite covers are: Fallen by Lauren Kate and Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

  4. The contents of the book does it for me but I have to say that’s a nice cover!

  5. Looks Great!! I can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for sharing!

  6. It’s awesome! I really like it. For whatever reason I don’t think I’ve ever seen this angle on a cover before.

    I won’t subject everyone to one of my cover rants 🙂 But I do wish publishing companies would listen more to the authors and fans.

    A cover isn’t a make or break for me if I love the story. But I do love when there are actual elements of the story on the cover. One of my recent favorite covers is Rhiannon Frater’s The First Days.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!