January 3rd, 2012
So, it’s another year…

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So, it’s another year…
…I don’t usually make resolutions at the beginning of the year. I guess I’ve made too many and broken them for me to take them seriously. Now if I want to do something or change something, I just do it any old time. Sometimes I succeed at doing or changing that thing, sometimes not.

Last year was a year of ups and downs for me and for my family, but although not everything went smoothly, nothing truly awful happened. Everyone is healthy and happy. I won’t ask for anything more than that and be thankful for every small (and large) blessing we have.

In 2012 I’m looking forward to writing, an occupation I never seem grow tired of. It’s an addiction for me. If I don’t write for a week, I get itchy and depressed. I believe I will always write, no matter what, as I have always written since about the age of twenty or so.

I do have a couple goals, though I don’t consider them resolutions because these goals are constant. One is to always find joy and peace in what I do and in my daily life. If you can’t find joy and peace in what you do every day, life gets pretty monotonous. If ever I stop enjoying writing (really don’t see that happening), I’ll move on to something else.

The other is to live in the moment, a constant challenge for me. I don’t mean this in a “stop to smell the roses” kind of way, although that is important. I mean to live in a mindful state, to always be completely present in everything I do, even if it’s only tying my shoe laces. It’s harder than it sounds.

How about you? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Or do you have any goals-to-live-by, like me?

4 comments to “So, it’s another year…”

  1. NO like you I’be broken so many I stopped making them a few years back; now I just do my best on what I think needs to be done, without the guilt.

  2. hi !! I do the goals thing too. I stopped making the a couple years ago, too. Never really kept them . See no point in making them if im Not going to keep it. Im a big fan . I enjoy your books. 🙂

  3. I have goals I’ve promised to keep for myself this year as well. Resolutions tend to be not as good for me? Although I guess they’d be about the same… calling them goals however seems to make me a bit more dedicated.

    Getting back into healthier habits, spending more time with family, becoming better organized, and finding more web/graphic design work are my goals —also reading and reviewing as much as I can :D!

    Happy New Year Anya!

  4. Never tally tried resolutions why at new years wii not any other day? I don’t believe in that tradition, I’m more like yoiuu