January 16th, 2012
Midnight Enchantment Celebration


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A quest for freedom may be derailed by their intense attraction…

Niall Quinn, mage and the finest thief in the Black Tower, is the fae’s best hope for freedom. Only he stands a chance of tracking down and retrieving the missing bosca fadbh pieces from the Summer Queen. But he meets his match in Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn, who has taken control of the pieces on the Summer Queen’s behalf—and has refused to give them up.

Elizabeth is an asrai, a rare English water fae, and she may be the only fae in Piefferburg stealthier than Niall. She has her own reasons for guarding the two pieces and wanting the walls of Piefferburg to remain intact—even if it means denying her fae sisters and brothers their freedom. Her mother’s life depends on it.

Torn between his duty to obtain the pieces at any cost—and the shocking lust Elizabeth has stirred in him—Niall must convince Elizabeth to surrender the pieces, or else he may have no choice but to destroy her and all she holds dear…


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Question to answer to be entered for a shot at the Grand Prize:

The overall theme Midnight Enchantment is doing something you know is wrong for a noble reason–love.

What’s the craziest (or worst) thing you’ve done for love?

Let me know in the comments for a shot at winning one of the gift certificates!

184 comments to “Midnight Enchantment Celebration”

  1. Hello Anya!!!

    I think everyone at sometime or another has done something crazy for love. I have taken classes just to be near that guy. Changed the way that I have dressed. I believe that you have to go through those kind of things in life to learn who you really are and what love really is!!!

    Thanks for the contest Anya!!!
    A Blessed Day to you.

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    Thank you Again!!!

  3. Hello Anya!

    I agree some most of us have done something crazy in our lives for love. As I look back at my life, I really haven’t done anything crazy.

    Thanks for the contest!!

  4. Crazy thing I ever done last year when I agree to do job interview at Jakarta, a big city which take 2 hrs by plane from my home, but the cost so expensive. But then, I never regret this craziness, because I have job now, finally!

    Thanks for the chance to win, Anya!

  5. Went skinny-dipping in the public swimming pool after hours???…..

  6. Yes we all have done crazy things for love. Me, I moved half way across the country to be near the guy. Luckily it worked out!
    Thanks for the great contest Anya.

  7. i must be a boring person cause i havnt done anything crazy for love :)

  8. :grin:I got married in just 5 days, no advance notice, full ceremony with family and friends, then moved to a new state in just one week! If you go, go all the way!

  9. For me it was completly crazy but i sure you will think it’s just normal…i was honest…ok i still plan to be honest but sometimes i think things should be keep secret or at least until you are sure.
    I wanted him to love me and i didn’t to lie but since i could act strange i thought i was better to tell him one secret…..

    stupid idea, it just took advantage of it and destroyed me.

    but i still hope to find my soulemate the one who will love me for myself with all that i am

    thanks you for the ginternational giveaéway really

  10. I’m I really reserved person and not one to act out for anything, not even love.
    Well I was dating another guy when I start to hang out and become friends with someone else. I ended up breaking up with the boyfriend and started dating the new guy. To be fair, the boyfriend wasn’t a good boyfriend, he pissed me off and we were only dating for 1.5 months and I ended up marrying the new guy, it all worked out for the best.

  11. Hi Anya,

    I have to say that I haven’t really done anything crazy for love. Not sure I have really been in that kind of love that would inspire you to act crazy. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and congrats on your releases this month and next!

  12. I think the craziest would be flying to NC for a weekend to meet a guy I’d only spoken to on the phone. As soon as we saw each other we knew it was a no go. We were friend material not lovers.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Great giveaway.I can’t wait to read Midnight Enchantment

    To answer you question,I haven’t done anything crazy for love.Could be why I’m still single..LOL.

  14. I retweeted one of your tweets

  15. Craziest or worse thing for love, hmmm..There are a few crazy things I’ve done all with my DH, but the one that was the funniest was when we just started dating and we went with another couple to park in a remote area on Lake Michigan and suddenly we hear a noise and it’s a cop. Asking out friends (who were sitting outside on the rocks) if that was another couple or a dog in the car! :blush: 37 years later, we’re still steaming up the windows :wink:

  16. Craziest thing for love?
    Unfortunately, i have yet to be in love, so no crazy things yet. Soon, hopefully <3

    -Taylor Z

  17. The crazier thing I have probably ever done for love is opening my heart to a guy after having it broken and toyed with by another. I’m so glad I opened my heart up to this guy, he is amazing and I couldn’t ask for better :)

  18. I fell in love with a guy who wouldn’t notice me. So I spent three years becoming his best friend. We’ve been married for 9 years now :)

  19. Oh. My. Look at that cover! I love it, Anya!
    Congratulations on the upcoming release! :D

    As for the craziest/worst thing I’ve done for love… gah. What comes to mind is high school. (Because when is a person crazier and stupider?) It… wasn’t actually “That Bad” in the scheme of things, but the result(s) were. I went to prom with a guy I’d been like secretly in love with forever. The problem was one of my best friends had a crush on him too. Needless to say I am (and was) no longer friends with that girl. And… she was the center of our social circle/activities. Ah well. At least college followed shortly. ;X

  20. Made love in a public park.

  21. Oh also? Cuz that makes me seem so bitchy… *he* asked *me.* And… I asked him to ask the other girl because I knew she liked him… but he wouldn’t. >.> Oops. (She kinda stalked him so… can’t blame him but it was just all awkward and horrible all around.)

  22. I guess the craziest thing I have ever done is fly to Florida to get married to a guy I had been having an internet fling with since I was 16. Needless to say I didn’t get married but it was a learning experience.

    Never just go on a man’s word that he is military without full proof and a uniform.

  23. ive been with my better half for 8 yrs or so now and i got angry one night becaus eppl were trashing long distance relationships so we got married on line first and had the certificate noterized so we got married before we everlived together just to show that we ment what we felt been together ever since and that was over six yrs ago

  24. the craziest thing ive ever done for love, well when my hubby and i first got together, i didnt want him knowing i smoked. so for a long time i would “go for a walk” and be out of sight. i was so in love with him i didnt want lose him over it. but found out he was doing the exact same thing as me for the exact same reason. been together now going on 7 years, married 3 going on 4 years

  25. i shared your post about the contest on my facebook

  26. I sort of started dating my best friend’s boyfriend when they broke up. What she didn’t know, we had been talking and getting to know each other before they broke up.

    I posted on my facebook and twitter about the contest.



  27. In thinking back, I have done some crazy things but not in the name of love. Theo nly thing I can think of is when I first met my husband, we could never get together for a date. It was a lot of work.

  28. Yes, we have all done crazy things but my greatest was to marry after only knowing him for only 3 months. You really can’t know a man in that short of time. He rushed me and pushed me and I gave in.. Bad me, so bad. He mentally abused me and our children but after 23 yrs we divorced. It was to late for our children and they still have scars. I gave up on men yrs ago so if my prince charming is out there he will have to knock on my door. lol Now that I am retired I really don’t expect to find love.

  29. Oh boy… I remember one time in High School, I had this crush on a guy… he was in my English class… one day we were having a test… the teacher walked out of the room and he calls across the room to me for answers… well I was dumb enough to call back the answers… we were never caught, but the crush lasted until I found out he had a girlfriend and she was someone I did not like… oh well…

  30. I wrote my mom a text message and told her I was going to Baveria for the weekend to spend time with this guy. At this time I was living in Germany.

  31. I honestly haven’t done anything crazy for love. Maybe just broken a few speeding laws? :) Thanks,
    shared- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1463087417&ref=tn_tnmn
    Twitter- https://twitter.com/#!/VampedChik/status/159001319380750336
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  32. I have only been in love once and it was quite a fun time. I think the craziest thing I did was all the little white lies to my family. They did pile up but were worth all of them.

  33. I’ve had crushes before but nothing serious enough to warrant something crazy. Maybe someday I find the sort of crazy situation, unfortunately right now nothing to report.

    Thanks for the great contest Ms. Bast!

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  35. I haven’t done anything crazy, but I have suppressed my feelings and changed my personality to be with them.

  36. i have not done anything particularly crazy for love, I think. I got married at 20 which some would think is crazy, but it has been 13 years and we are sill going strong :)

    I have done the general teenage stuff, sneaking out and lying to my parents about where we were going. That is one regret, is losing my mom’s trust for a time from lying to her for a guy, so I will call that crazy.

  37. Okay, I have always been the type of person who defends my family and friends, along with people who couldn’t to it themselves (like a good friend who is in a wheelchair in school). After years of being the bigger person in most situations I did something really stupid, in a way. My brother didn’t like the fact that my Hubby (at that time boyfriend) is a few years older than me, and decided to say some really bad things about him. I lost my head and fought my brother! He has always been short and stocky… Really stupid of me, though he didn’t hurt me (he isn’t like that). But the good thing that came out of all that was my brother and the rest of my family saw that I already thought of my boyfriend as family and things turned out great =D

  38. The craziest thing I ever did for love was in my senior year in high school, I had a crush on a guy in one of my classes and that I’d also met at a school dance. When I found out we both drove the same kind of car, I decided to put a phony parking ticket under his windshield wiper, before school ended for the day. I wondered if he’d pay the fine…which was he had to take me to the root beer stand for a mug of root beer. I was shocked when he pulled up in front of my house on a Ducati motorcycle to follow through with payment! We liked each other after that, dated and got married. However, 25 yrs. later our happy marriage ended, due to a co-worker of his, who couldn’t keep her hands off him, even though she, too, was married. Now, they’re married!

  39. I guess the craziest thing I’ve done was work “under the table” while being illegally in my fiance’s country while he finished college.

  40. HmMmm well i remember in high school i had some really ‘catty’ friends. So basically i told my 3 best friends i thought this guy in my class was cute. We became quick friends since he knew some of my friends too. Apparently one of them wasn’t listening because later in the school year she asked me to hook them up. I was completely shocked! But i didn’t wanna fight over a guy i barely knew, so i told her ‘sure, why not?’ worst decision of my life. It turned out he’s been liking me for a while and so when i asked him about my friend, he looked at me shocked and shrugged off a, ‘well i dont really know her’ answer. A couple of months later he asked me how i felt about him and i gave him a ‘well, your my friend’ kind of answer. The next day he asked me to go kick it with him and i said i’ll go if my ‘friend’ the one that liked him, went too. He told me he thought she was mad at him because he told her he only seen her as a friend. And i was like, she wouldn’t get mad over that, i mean she might be a little sad but i dont think shes mad. Little did i know i was soooo wrong. While i was on the phone with him, she called me and i told him ill call him back later. So she called me mad AF! Very long story short, It all became a huge mess, she got mad at me because he liked me and he got mad at me because i told him i couldn’t date someone that my friend had a ‘serious’ crush on. I mean i know she wasn’t that much of a friend but she was still my friend. At the end i still have a rocky friendship with the both of them but they hate each others guts. -____- She claims he was an Ahole that lead her on and he claims that it was her fault he never had a chance with me. I was actually pretty flabbergasted, i mean, i as much to blame as them, since apparently i was the middleman -___-

  41. Craziest thing was going to Las Vegas for the first time in my life with the first and only guy I’ve ever dated…and fortunately I’ve gotten my HEA (-:

  42. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, but I have yet to commit a wrong although with noble reason act for love. It just hasn’t happened for me yet… still holding out hope though:)


  43. The craziest thing I ever did for love was get engaged and married at a very young age. I had no idea what I wanted out of life. It could have been a total disaster.

  44. Have led a tame life, never done anything crazy in the name of love, darn.

  45. Havent realy done anything too crazy other than that I met my man at 15 I married him at 17 and have been together for the past 18 years .


  46. I have never done something crazy for love. I started dating my husband when I was 17 so I didn’t really have a chance too :grin: If it counts I’m crazy in love with my husband! Thanks for the chance to win


  47. I totally changed my personality for what I thought was love. I was not happy with the person I had become and neither were my family and friends.

    Lesson learned…..

  48. When you’re truly in love, crazy things are bound to happen. We had a shotgun wedding two days before my husband left for basic training in the army. He was gone for four months, and then we moved half way across the country to Texas for the next five years to live at Fort Hood. I gave up a lot for the man I love, but totally worth it.

  49. Never really did anything crazy for love…

    Not that I can remember anyways…

    Raonaid at gmail dot com

  50. Maybe I’m selfish in a way…I love openly. I won’t do anything illegal or immoral. Other than that…I’m the glowing with love kinda girl :wink:

  51. Went camping in the mountains, in a tent, with temps of 22 degrees at night and 80’s during the day…drove a 4-wheeler by myself for the 1st time in my life up to 13,000ft and loved every minute of it…all at the age of 47:-)

  52. The craziest thing I ever did for love was consent to play an MMORPG. My husband and I were on the edge of divorce because of his incessant gaming. He begged me to try a 10-day trial of his favorite game just to see what it was like. I was hooked! Whenever I have time, we still play Everquest 2 and, of course, World of Warcraft. Our marriage is quite solid now….

  53. Thanks for the contest, Anya!

    Craziest thing I ever did for love? When I was dating, way back when, I joined an ice hockey team to be with my current guy. It was fun, and great exercise, but I ended up with a broken knee, and spent four weeks sidelined and off my skates.

    nancyg5997 at gmail dot com

  54. My boyfriend was deployed and I sent him goodie boxes…snacks, silly toys (slinky, wheel-O, radio controlled cars). Guess it worked. Been married 22 years and love still going and growing!

    Thanks for the contests! Have enjoyed reading other responses.

  55. The craziest thing I’ve done for love is pack up two small children 3 and 5 and move 1000 miles away from everything I knew to be with my now 2nd hubby.
    We’ve been together for almost 20 years.
    Thanks for the contest and congrats on your success.
    musicalfrog at comcast.net

  56. The worst thing I did for love was stay. I was with a person set on self destruction and I stayed. I thought my love could save them and our relationship. I did stay, and he has relapses, and years of my life can feel wasted. All for love. As Othello said, I have loved not wisely, but all too well.

  57. The craziest thing I did for love is to have my twin sister talk to my boyfriend on the phone while I was getting ready. Our voices are really alike so he never knew it wasn’t me. I was running late and she kept talking to him so I could get ready. He still never knew what we had done. I still laugh about it.

  58. TWEET>>>TWEET! https://twitter.com/#!/CLMcCUNE/status/159058549752860672 :grin:

  59. The craziest thing I’ve ever done for love was quit my job and college at aged 18 and move from my home in England to the US… It was probably the stupidest thing I’ve done also as it didnt last… lol ce la vie

  60. When mu hubby lost his job it took him 8 months to find another one; unfortunately it was 3 hours away from where we lived. He decided to get a small rental room but that was very hard on all of us; then we decided that for the sake of our relationship and marriage living separately was not a good thing. So we sold our home, left all our family and moved. It was and still is very hard but our marriage is now stronger than ever.

  61. https://twitter.com/shroudedheart/status/159068730536632320 Tweeted :)

  62. Me and my boyfriend got up one morning and decided to get married. Even though we’d been dating two years no one thought it would last. That was 25 years ago last may.

  63. The craziest thing I’ve done for love…. hmmmmmm. I think that would be getting into my first fight. :)
    Thanks for the great contest!

  64. I submitted the contest to my twitter account: https://twitter.com/#!/rhondadennis

  65. I wish I did have a crazy thing I did. I lack creativity to do anything crazy and probably haven’t found anyone worth doing something crazy for.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  66. I learned how to play the sousaphone for love. I was in marching band in high school and my instrument was the clarinet. I had a crush on the guy who played the sousaphone and I convinced him to teach me how to play it. I even ended up played a solo for concert band! We’ve been married now for 14 years!

  67. I posted the giveaway on twitter… https://twitter.com/#!/jone402/status/159075457613037568

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  68. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything crazy for love. I’ve never been with someone I’ve been ‘in love’ enough to do something crazy. (guess that kinda counts me out, huh?)

  69. Mine is simple… I moved 13 hours away… 5 states away from my home of 36 years… To be with the man of my dreams!!!!
    Was it worth it… Yes!

  70. I think the craziest thing I did for love was run away to vegas to elope with my husband and then tell my family we were married… lol

  71. Flew all the way to italy

  72. Hi Anya…

    I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t done something crazy for love. After I graduated high school I was going to go to one of our states universities and I had been accepted with scholarships to both. The man I dated was younger then me so I went to the closest school to our home town instead which was just a 2 yr college.

  73. Hi Anya…

    I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t done something crazy for love. After I graduated high school I was going to go to one of our states universities and I had been accepted with scholarships to both. The man I dated was younger then me so I went to the closest school to our home town instead which was just a 2 yr college and only an hour away. Needless to say it did not work out, but that decision changed the rest of my life. A few years later I met my husband, we have been married for almost 6 years and we have 1 amazing daughter. I would never be where I am now with my family if it wasn’t for that crazy decision made over young love.


  74. My best friend and I planned our honeymoon and we weren’t even dating. Then we got engaged. Then we dated. I know, a little backward but it worked for us. He and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary.

  75. I can’t think of any crazy things I’ve ever done for love – I can’t decide if that makes me boring or forgetful!

  76. I was pretty, um, conservative several years ago, so this was really out of character for me. My hubby and I were going through some serious issues, so I decided to be the “best wife ever”. I took him out of town to a strip club, where we both got drunk and I got a lap dance. When we left there, we had some hot and heavy in-the-car and outside-the-hotel-room smex. Who knows how many people saw us? What a moron! :blush:

  77. I haven’t done anything crazy for love. Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. I let my boyfriend teach me to water ski and I couldn’t even swim.

  79. I was a very silly teenager. I called out to the guy in the newspaper for everyone to see.

  80. I haven’t done anything really crazy for love. As a teenager, I would sneak around and lie to my mother in order to be with the almost four years older boy I loved. That was quite awhile ago and things didn’t work out between us but I don’t regret a thing!

  81. LOL, I think getting married at 18 to a guy I had only known for a couple of months. I know, I know really stuuuuupid of me. Marriage didn’t last, but have 3 beautiful children because of it.

  82. I once dated a guy for three months, for the sole purpose of getting to know his best friend whom I had a huge crush on. After dumping guy #1, I then dated his friend for 2 years. I still cringe at the memory of that :sad:

  83. Well here it goes I married a young man that I had really only talked to through letters. We talked for about 6 months then when he got back to the states I flew to meet him we got engaged then and I had to go home. so 6 months later after writing again he flew to me and we got married while driving to his home of record. Though it lasted 23 years it is now over and I really don’t suggest it to anyone.

  84. Brought my parents to visit my boyfriend’s parents when they don’t even speak the same language! My boyfriend and I had to interpret all their conversations! We are now happily married for 29 years! :o)

  85. I’ve have taken classes in college to be near a guy I thought was handsome.

  86. got married!! this year will be 20 years together and we after two kids we are both crazy now :)
    thanks for the chance!

  87. The craziest thing I ever did for love was to travel 14 hours by Greyhound to meet up with my fiance for one day when he was in Air Force tech school, then 14 hours back home. There are some, shall we say, interesting people that travel on the bus! :lol:

  88. The craziest (yet best) thing I ever did for love was let myself fall in love with a man who had terminal cancer. We had dated before and neither of us were happy apart but he was sick and I knew I’d lose him so I kept my distance. In the end I knew I was in love with him so I put on my big girl panties and pursued a relationship with him even though I knew he would die. The few months I had with him were some of the best of my life and he loved me in a way I’ll never know again. It was crazy, scary and it hurt like hell but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. People search their whole lives to have what I shared with Ben. He made me feel whole and I miss him more than words could ever express.

  89. What turned out to be the worst date was when I was in college my twin sister and I switched dates. It was a disaster-we kept seeing friends of ours who knew which twin we were and they actually upset the evening for us. Needless to say, we learned our lesson and never did that again. We did have the guys fooled for awhile though.

  90. Getting married 4 months after my husband and I met. We’ve been married 8 years.

  91. Probably the craziest thing I did was fly to Mexico to meet a guy I had met on vacation, and known only about 24 hrs, a couple months before. I was only 18 and I wasnt sure he’d even be at the airport to pick me up. He was and we had a great 4 days, which I still remember fondly.

  92. I was dating a guy who had lost everything but a couch, tv and bed in his divorce. I was so in love, that I completely furnished his home for him, including a bedroom set for his daughter who he saw two weekends a month. In addition, I provided him with groceries, toilet paper, etc.. When I found out he was still in love with his ex-wife and was using me, I stripped that house down, including taking the toilet paper off the rolls, and leaving juice cartons emptying in his sink. I even took the trash bag out of the can because I had bought the box of trash bags.

  93. I went against my better judgement once, all in the name of love. But thankfully, quickly got over that! lol

  94. Shared the link for contest and book of the day on my facebook page: Angela L Perry.

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  96. Silliest thing I have done in the name of Love – or a crush – “following” him on Facebook – LOL – duh – my thanks, too, Anya, for the chance to win!

  97. The wildest thing (at least for me) I did for love was manipulate my future husband to give me rides to church and class functions. I didn’t have a working car (I wasn’t in a hurry to fix it :wink:) at the time I wanted to start dating him. So I got brave and asked him to give me a ride. Be advised he had a Triumph Spitfire convertible sports car and is a leg man. I made sure I wore my best mini-skirts and he was a gentleman and helped me into the car…

  98. A guy I loved and admired invited me and a couple of other friends to go hiking in a national forest. When the day rolled around to go, it was rainy and stormy. We went anyway, but took a big blue tarp with us. So the 4 of us hiked the trails of this forest looking like a giant blue caterpillar. The only one who could see the forest was the guy leading…The rest of us got a view of the backside ahead of us! That is still one of my favorite dates! This same guy took me out for a lovely dinner (where other patrons asked us how long we had been married, even though we were only dating!), then we hiked through a cemetery, and ended up making out on the grass in the cemetery (but not on any headstones!). He later became a catholic priest. To this day, he is still the most ALIVE person I have ever encountered! He is still near and dear to my heart, even though I have been married to my husband for 21 years, and I love him dearly.

  99. Well the crazy us thing I’ve done for love is stay married to a woman that put me $2,500 in debt with bad checks and gambling. Been married four years. I even got arrested for the checks because she forged my name. But I’m the type of man that believes in the “For Better or Worse” part of marriage. We have been married now going on 19 years and I still love this woman. Ya it’s still been hard and sometime, I just want to say forget it. Then I grab one of your books and I’m transported to a world that sometimes I laugh, I get misty eyed, and even angry. Love all your books especially Raven’s Quest.

  100. The worst thing I have ever done for love was lie..to myself and everyone around me. I lied to myself everyday of the relationship in order become what I felt that he needed me to be so I wouldn’t lose his love. I lied to him about who I really was, I lied to his parents about who I really was, as well. I became a pale, washed out, miserable version of myself, just to feel like someone loved me. I lied to my friends and family about who he was and how happy I was being with him. Love allows us to dream that we are better people, but sometimes, just sometimes, love allows us to be the worst people in our dreams.

  101. This is my second entry. I tweeted the giveaway here:


  102. Many a teenager has done something they knew they shouldn’t in the name of love. Dating someone your parents hate even though they told you not to is a perfect example. I was a very serious teenager so thankfully didn’t do anything I regret.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  103. Tweeted about the giveaway here…. https://twitter.com/#!/jone402/status/159437586354552832

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  104. It’s a good thing that my parents never knew what I used to do when I went out!

  105. Quit my job and travelled to Hong Kong with my newish boyfriend because he was going to be working there for a couple of months.

  106. Well, just like Little Lamb, I also quite my job abroad and be back home for the wedding and settled down with my long time boyfriend now, a husband and our cutie baby boy :grin:Mia Loveless

  107. The overall theme Midnight Enchantment is doing something you know is wrong for a noble reason–love . . . I suddenly go back to my memories and find something for Midnight Enchantment theme. Then, I giggled….. well, it will remain as my top secret :smile:Mia Loveless

  108. Hi Anya, thanks for sharing this post. I’m looking forward to receive the Grand Prize :) As you see I posted thrice already and trying hard to answers your questions :lol:Mia Loveless

  109. After I thought about it, I don’t think I’ve ever done anyhting crazy for love.
    That’s not to say I don’t do crazy things in life at all. In fact, I do crazy stuff quite frequently (or so I’m told)
    I suppose I could have become desensitized, to my personal brand of crazy, but I really can’t think of a crazy thing I’ve done for love.

  110. I tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/Pamk258/status/159752377199632384

  111. The craziest thing that I ever did was move from Michigan to New Orleans, when I was 18 to be with a guy that I had been in love with for three years. I was still a virgin, I had no money and had never been away from home for any length of time. I made it two weeks, but the good thing was I was there during Mardi Gras!!!

  112. I really havent done anything crazy for love, I’ve done things dispite being in love. I left my then BF and 1st love to follow my dream of studying in Italy for a semester. He supported me the whole time and when I got back we were stronger then ever. Regrettably, it didnt work out long term for us but almost 10 years later we are still friends and he is one of my most favorite people in the world. =)

    -Amanda P
    Paranormal Romance

  113. Anya! I twitted your contest and mentioned you on the tweet. I’m @pararomance01

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  114. hmm craziest thing i’ve done for love was completely change who i was…. :cry: turns out it wasn’t love and i like being me better :grin: thanks for the contest!!!

  115. The craziest thing I’ve ever done for love was get married without my mom’s permission. I was a minor when it happened. I was so in love with him and we’ve been together for 18 years. I was very very young when it happened.

  116. Congrats Anya!

    The craziest thing I’ve done for love…hmmm. I can’t really think of anything, but I don’t think that means I’ve loved less, just with both my head and my heart :)

  117. retweeted your original tweet @booklover1335 and also shared on Facebook here:

  118. Great contest – I can not WAIT for this book!

    Anyways, I moved to another country for a year to be with my ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out . . . Now I am back home and still looking for my soulmate :)

  119. Wish I had done something crazy for love but can’t think of a single crazy or terrible thing I have done for love.

  120. I posted about your book and your contest on my Facebook page with a link back your blog ;)


  121. Hi Anya!

    Let me just start by saying I love your books! They are so much fun to read! I think the craziest thing I’ve ever done for love is, make over a thousand paper cranes. I know that sounds cheesy but I remember reading a story when I was young about this girl in Japan saying how when someone makes a thousand paper cranes, a wish can be granted. So it took me 2 months to make it all to make a wish. I wished for that guy to give me the answer I’ve been waiting for. At the end, my wish didn’t come true. I broke up with him because I felt that we didnt match together. I guess my mind made a wish to stay together forever while my heart made the wish of knowing what the right decision is. So thats the craziest thing I’ve ever done for love. hahhaa congratz on ur new release soon! :] :roll: :roll:

  122. I also posted the contest on my facebook wall and sent it to my fd! :]

    link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=597693096

  123. have never really done anything crazy for love. Still looking for the right guy to be crazy about. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  124. Craziest thing I ever did for love is… I drove to town at night when the roads were covered in snow to meet a guy for the first time. We pretty much had the movie theater to ourselves. I was so scared I would slide off in a ditch. The date didn’t work out, but I had fun.

  125. I also posted this to facebook http://www.facebook.com/christina.vanderford :cool:

  126. Just stupid things :-(

  127. Craziest thing was put up with his on-line flirting, but when it came to his get pics and vids of women doing intimate things to themselves and he refused to put a halt to it, I packed my bags. :neutral:

  128. Craziest thing for love? hmm that is hard cause I’ve done some really crazy things. One of the things was that I was probably about 14 and me and my friend walked 8 miles on a curvy road at 12 oclock at night to see a guy that I was “in love with” while I had a sprained ankle. Ended up with cops being called and my father taking away my bedroom door lol.

  129. I became a vegan for a year and a half because the guy I was dating was one. Even bought clothes that were made of hemp (which is incredibly uncomfortable by the way).

  130. I haven’t done anything TOO crazy for love, but I suppose the worst thing I’ve done is put my life on hold hoping that love would be returned. I’ve got this habit of holding on and praying that someone will love me instead of living my life and letting love come in its own time.

  131. The craziest thing I did for love was moving from New Orleans to Shreveport, leaving my family and friends to be with the man that ended up as my first husband. We were married for 10 years before we grew apart and ended up divorcing. We remain friends.

  132. Craziest thing for love, hmm, since I’m not really someone who does crazy things (or at least things others think are crazy). I did meet my now husband online, which my family all thought was crazy at the time. My mom didn’t think it was safe that I was meeting someone I’d only met online.

    Of course she didn’t realize I’d demanded a bunch of information about him, shared it with a friend, told the friend when and where I was meeting and when I would call her to check in. I’d also not given him any info other than my first name and insisted we meet at the coffee shop rather than telling him where I live. I’d also been talking to him online for over a year.

  133. I wish I could tell you some great story about what I did for love but sadly I can’t. I am “good girl” . :lol: Even in my teenage years I was the best friend to all the guys that I was considered “one of the guys”. Now don’t get me wrong, I had boyfriends but nothing lasting till I meet my husband and we have been married for 15 years now and have 3 wonderful kids.

  134. I don’t think I have ever done anything crazy for love. That could explain why I am single? :sad:

  135. Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/JuneAnnM/status/161867193120858112

  136. I met a guy on line, we talked for about 1 month, and he moved in with me. Even though I knew he was HIV positive. Needless to say my family was pissed. Our 7th wedding anniversary is coming up in April. And I’m still HIV negative ♥

    Thanks for the give away :)

  137. Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/derna4u


  138. It would have to b what I am doing right now…my boyfriend who is also a friend from my past is under-employed so I am helpin to keep him afloat financially even though I live in another state and drive 18 wheeler.

  139. cky15:
    the worst thing or crazy thing you decide – I did for love was walk away. I had been with this guy for a long time and walking away I thought was the best.
    But I look back and wonder what if things all worked out.
    I guess I am afraid to commit – seeing my sisters fail in their marriage. I don’t want to fail if I was to marry. So walking away is the best for me right now.

  140. The craziest thing I’ve done for love was show up on the door stop of an ex-boyfriend, my first true love, weeks before his wedding to a girl he didn’t love; VERY long story short, it was a marriage of convenience for his family. I profressed my feelings for him and my concerns for his upcoming nuptials. Hell, I even suggested the two of us run off together so he could live his own life, not the one his family planned out for him. Sadly, his fear of being cast out by his family and his obedience to their will won, but not without him sharing his feelings for me and leaving me with the most passionate, emotion filled kiss that we ever shared. I was heartbroken, but in some way assured that our story wasn’t finished and our future paths would cross again.

  141. Congrats on the release Anya!
    The craziest thing I ever did, was assume I was in love and got married. It was the worst decision I could have made. Still waiting for Prince Charming to come along so I can do something crazy for love.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    your1chef at aol dot com

  142. i got married yeah it may not sound crazy to some but it was crazy for me



  144. Now this is hard! I have never been in love to the point that I would do something drastic. Hopefully, one day, I can say that I have :blush:

  145. The craziest (& worst) thing I have done for love was to marry a man who was very bad for me, despite what others warned me about. Thankfully, I wised up early on & got out before things got really bad.

  146. Can’t say that I’ve ever done anything crazy for love. Sure when I was in high school I had a serious crush on a guy for 3 years and did stupid little things to try to get his attention to no avail but otherwise, nothing. I tend to think that I’m unlovable or that I’m not good enough to be loved :cry:

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!


  147. Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/VanillaOrchids/status/161963292577890306

  148. I don’t know if it was crazy or stupid. Stayed in a bad marriage kept thinking I could change/help him.

  149. Back in the day, some of my sibs and I were at a party. The DJ took an intermission and a bunch of us sat down. One lone young man was left standing, and being the nurturing person that I am,
    I invited him to share my chair. He did, we introduced ourselves, and danced when the music started up again. When the party ended, he told the friend he was with that he ( my chair sharer) was going
    to marry me one day. Two years later, we
    did marry and in April we will celebrate
    our 51st anniversary!

    Pat Cochran

  150. I had feeling my husband needed me and I needed to get to him. He was working about in Miami 100 miles from home. At midnight Collected my 2 small children and drove to Dodge Island. About 2am stopped at traffic light on deserted street and noticed a woman starting toward my car talking to me. About to roll window down when I saw someone hiding behind bush close to her. I was scared and put the pedal to medal. For end of Lois and David’s story read Book 2. :grin:

  151. I haven’t loved a guy, but I know I’ve done a ton of stupid things to get a guy’s attention – good or bad. The most extreme thing I did (and it isn’t even that bad) is cut my hair b/c the guy I was interested in liked shorter hair.

  152. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything really crazy. I did help a friend once by dressing up like a flower delivery person and giving her crush a floral delivery. Kind of silly at the time – it was in high school.


  153. Drove an extra 6 hours roundtrip one night to pick him up. After already driving 6 hours to get home in the first place. Total drive time that day – 12 hours.

  154. have call everyday to someone
    made a nice tshirt that siaid property of my name
    congrats ont he book and great contest whoo

  155. Lied & snuck around to see him. 12 years of marriage & going strong.

  156. absolutely nothing thats the crazy thing

  157. The craziest thing I’ve done for love is marry him after the police showed up at my parents house to show us his rap sheet. But I don’t think it was that crazy, since he hadn’t done anything bad in the past 5 years.

  158. I got married in Vegas. Although, I’m not sure it counts as crazy since we planned it and there were about 60 people that went with us, but it sure was fun!

  159. Worst thing I have ever done for love is lie to myself.
    Pretending feelings were more than they really were.
    On both our sides.
    Because I so desparately wanted them to be real.
    Which to me is the worst kind of lie and also the saddest.

  160. Crazy, oh I am lame and have done nothing crazy at all. Craziest thing is something like giving him a pat on his ass in public lol

  161. I posted about the contest on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/katemarcille

  162. Hmm craziest thing for love? Would have to be in one weekend deciding to leave my home, friends and family to move 300 miles north to be with my soul mate and now husband. 15 years on we are still going strong :)

  163. Oh I seem to have retweeted too ;)


  164. as nicole kidman said it pratical magic, WHAT WOULDNT I DO FOR LOVE

  165. Hier…

    […]Midnight Enchantment Celebration | Anya Bast[…]…

  166. Hmm… call up a crush, pretending to be an opinion pollster? ;p

    Sooooo glad to be past that!

  167. I told my entire book club about this contest today!!! I love my book club friends like they were like my sisters, and they were very excited to learn about the contest because I have turned them all on to your writing!!! I just finished rereading the first three books to this series, and it is a good thing I did because I loaned my copies out today. I am hoping that next month we will be reading this installment of the series as our book club book.

    Only one more week!!!! YAY!!!

  168. 1. After receiving a letter from my sweetheart, I drove all night just to see him.
    2. Another time, I took a Final Exam in College in 10 minutes so I could leave to see him. The professor wanted me to stay the entire hour…said it would take an hour to complete the exam…by the way I made 98 on exam. lol
    We’ve been married 40 years & he’s still my sweetheart.

  169. I got married!! Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  170. This is my second entry. I emailed a friend and told her come enter. I hope she does it.

  171. I’ve not yet fallen in love, but if I were to, I’m afraid I’d be one of the crazies who would do absolutely anything to keep it :smile:

  172. Congrats on your latest Anya – hate that I’ve missed your celebration for the most part. Looks like you’ve been blessed by the bookcover gods again :) – I love all of your covers !

    The craziest thing I did for love… hmm…. driving 6 hours for anniversary with my ex after just being released from the ER for food poisoning would be it I think.

    tweeted – https://twitter.com/#!/pams00/status/166181270274056195

  173. The craziest thing I did for love was get married as a teenager. Been together for 37 years now, and I still adore the man.

  174. Never done anything crazy for love(yet)…never been in love.

  175. The craziest thing i’ve done for love… I just bought half of my partners car, so that he has enough money to continue modifying/upgrading it.

  176. Craziest thing…hmm. That would be just being patient and proving I care. When you know both people care and one is trying to push the other away, just being there can go a long way ;).

    Thanks for the contest and 1 more day til release!!!

  177. Craziest thing I did for love?

    Hubs and I drove the Gatlinburg,TN New Years wkend 13yrs ago and eloped. It was our lil secret for 2 wks when it was finally announced in the paper – that is exactly how my dad found out about it too. lol

    Stupidest thing I ever did (BEFORE HUBS)- I took a train across the country (from AL to Cali) to meet up w/ my ex. at the end of the trip…he was still an ex. BUT on an UP side, I got to see parts of the country I had never seen before and Tijuana.

  178. I have opted to finish my masters in my home country instead of continuing the last of my courses overseas. By doing so, I had lost countless opportunities and experiences. But my BF from home was pressuring me to come back. So, I gave in for “love” so we can be together. In hindsight, I should’ve stayed abroad. he turned out to be a two timing loser. :sad:

  179. I tweeted your contest!


  180. Loving someone enough to not go back to University so that I could stay with them and loving them enough to let them go when they needed to fly without me :(

  181. Posted on Facebook!
    [ idk how to get the proof link;/ ]

  182. I think I’m too young to have done anything crazy for love. I’ve not even done anything crazy for a crush! If we’re not talking romantic love, well… I did ride 34 hours in the backseat of a Mustang to help my sister and her fiance move to Moscow, Idaho (of all places). That was certainly crazy, but also a lot of fun!

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