January 20th, 2012
Book of the Day: Witch Blood

The winner from yesterday’s contest is Julianne. Congrats, Julianne! Please drop me an email ~ anyabast(at)gmail.com

Today’s book……

A water witch, Isabelle Novak has always led a chaotic, nomadic existence. But her life spins out of control when her sister—her only friend and emotional anchor—is killed by a demon. Driven by grief and a desire for revenge, she turns her back on the Coven and the rede they hold sacred: Harm thee none…

When Isabelle first encounters Thomas Monahan, she’s running on pure rage and sorrow, channeling her pain into power—and trying to freeze the life out of a warlock she holds responsible for her sister’s death. Together, they form an uneasy alliance to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power. As head of the Coven, earth witch Thomas must thwart Isabelle’s dark impulses, but his very presence stirs deeper desires she never knew she had…

Read the first chapter and/or watch the book video.

Answer in the comments for a shot at a copy of Witch Blood. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you won.

Isabelle is definitely a kick ass kind of girl. Are you pretty assertive, or not so much? (I’m pretty type B, just for the record. I’m easy-going until you push me too far, then rawr! How about you?

36 comments to “Book of the Day: Witch Blood”

  1. I am proud to embrace my Type A personality 🙂

  2. I am not very assertive but am trying to be more balanced about it. Would hate to live my life as a doormat.

  3. I’m pretty easy going, but if you push my buttons… watch out!
    christina_92 at yahoo.com

  4. Pretty easy going til I get crossed, then watch out.

  5. I am an easy going personality, but sometimes I can go all out there if I feel I need to defend.

  6. I’m an easy going person but when pushed and given no choice – then yeah, I’ll get assertive and maybe even aggressive

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Hi Anya!

    i think for me, I’m pretty easy going ad well. I dont really get mad or anything until u screw with me then hell break loose. But like I said dont mess with me and everything will be smooth as pie(: haha

  8. i can only take so much the i blowup like a bomb

  9. I honestly don’t know I think I’m a little bit of both!! Thanks for posting!

  10. I don’t like to be pushed around, I won’t have it, but I do know when to hold my tongue and sit back and wait it out.

  11. Anya you said it best…

    “I’m pretty type B, just for the record. I’m easy-going until you push me too far, then rawr!”



  12. i guess i’m type B too^^;;

    that’s one of the book i want ^^ and the heroine as the same first name as me too^^

    so great

    all the best and thanks you for the giveaway


  13. Easy going and laid back. Prefer to find my way around obstacles rather than confront head on.

  14. I’m pretty laid back until pushed to my limit. Then my bitch side makes an apperance.

    raonaid at gmail dot com

  15. I’m pretty mellow and I guess I’m like you. I’ll push back if you go too far.

  16. I tell myself i am pretty kickass 🙂
    I can control my anger, but sometimes I can’t, and i can get pretty mean.
    I am a very honest person.

  17. I’m fairly laid back now. When I was younger I was pretty intense.

  18. I’m the same way.I’m easy going.But cross me and look out.I’ll give you a piece of my mind and then some.

  19. I’m type A for sure!

  20. I try to be easy going and laid back but when you’ve rubbed me the wrong, watch out. You’re on my “list” for life!

  21. I’m pretty much type B too, but when people make me angry, watch the bomb! I’ll explode!

  22. I am more kickass when someone comes after my friends and family more than to protect myself. Don’t mess with my loved ones.

  23. I am a laid back, easy kinda going girl. I like most everyone!! Just don’t wrong me. Trust is hard to earn with me. DO me wrong and there are no more chances!!!

    Thank you for the contest!!


  24. I am a natural peace maker but I have learned to assert myself. Let’s face it, getting walked all over sucks!

  25. I am fairly easy going, there is some of my personality is “type a” like being a perfectionist, or a mama bear and confrontational when it comes to my family and loved ones, I am stubborn and set in my ways, but I will make people laugh, feel loved, and I enjoy suprises. Maybe there is a type c which is the combination of the two.

  26. I’m very easy going except if you are hurting my family, then I become a tigress!

  27. I can be both. You can only push me just so far and then I cannot be pushed at all

  28. I am very assertive according to my friends and family. Personally I think I am more type B, but majority rules…

  29. I am very easy going. I love for everyone to get along and I hate frame, even tho my husband seems to disagree with me, lol.

    Even once I am finally pissed off I tend to keep it bottled inside so I don’t affect those around me. Unless you are the one that got me pissed and then there is no second chances!! 😉

  30. Hate drama … Sorry should double check my auto correct!! Lol

  31. I definitely have my shy moments, but I can be a real in your face, stand up kinda girl when I need to be 😎 😉

  32. I’m easy going & have a long fuse but can explode if pushed beyond limits…

    Michelle B. aka koshkalady

  33. I would say type B, but type A when I need to be.

  34. When I was younger I was definitely more meek. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely become more assertive. Life has harden me I guess.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  35. I’m more of the first: very assertive; but can be easy going as well.

  36. I’m pretty laid-back, but assertive when I need to be—I’ve learned to pick my battles!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com