January 24th, 2012
Book of the Day: The Twisted Kiss

The winner of Wicked Enchantment is Joder! Congrats! Please email me at anyabast(at)gmail.com.

Today is the release day of The Twisted Kiss!

Sometimes it takes just one kiss…

Kylie Mitchell lives in a world of monsters. Thanks to a military experiment gone viral, over half the population is gone and most of what remains has mutated into storybook werewolves and vampires. In this new Earth, only the tough survive, and Kylie has more than enough reason to want to be left alone.

When the Council of the Wise decrees that she must mate with a potent vampire and a powerful werewolf, Kylie resents their intrusion into her self-imposed exile. As one of the last humans on Earth, she always assumed she’d be safe from the super-psychics’ machinations, and she’s not ready to trust her heart to anyone.

Michael and Christian share no great love for each other, but they have one thing in common—their long-time desire for Kylie. Determined to ensure she doesn’t spend the rest of her lonely life wallowing in needless guilt, they choose to put aside their differences and work together, never allowing her time to think as they seduce her body and mind, hoping their love will tempt her heart to open to them.

Yet just as she begins to bloom under their fiercely protective attention, a twisted and monstrous figure from the past rises up, threatening to destroy everything…

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Product Warnings:

Features a sexy werewolf, a motorcycle-riding vamp, and one very lucky woman who is tough enough to take care of herself. Watch out for sizzling hot sex scenes, two alpha males, undeniable love, and a twisted monster that might end it all.

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If the world has gone to hell in a handbasket, how prepared are you to handle it? What precautions would you take if a sudden apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) should occur? A little light query for you on this lovely apocalypse-less Tuesday. ;)

76 comments to “Book of the Day: The Twisted Kiss”

  1. I am prepared for lots of things but whether I can put my hands on needed items in a timely manner is questionable. I have plenty of reading material and water but someone is going to have to prepare meals since I have issues if I can’t heat something in the microwave. So lots of supplies, but very little ability to fend for myself if there is no electricity.

  2. i don’t think i’m prepared… mentally sure ^^ but for the rest no ( and with my health i won’t life long i guess^^;;)


  3. I’m well prepared to hunker down in my home for a long time, as I am one of those annoying people who buys in bulk at Costco, and stocks up on toilet paper when it’s on sale. I have enough bottled water, Kraft Dinner and toilet paper to last until the end of time, and really, what else do ya need? :wink:

  4. I’m not well-prepared since I admit its my Mom who always prepared everything, not me. I’m more like impulsive planner, I plan when I remember, LOL!. If there are apocalypse, I’ll made sure to bring books, my pillow and lot of noodles w/ me

  5. If there was a sudden disaster, I’d grad my kids and iPhone (there will still be 3G, right?) and charger and head for my folks.

  6. Due to the fact that I live in Buffalo, I am always prepared for a storm with food blankets & clean clothes. I even have candles, a kids potty, clothes, blanket & food in my car., people around here get stuck on the thruway for a LONG time. As far as a vombie attack I guess my knowledge on how to board up windows will be tested & I would use all my garden tools as weapons. —Rachel

  7. I am definitely not prepared. I guess I would need to gather lots of weapons for defense, food, water, candles, blankets, wood to build a fire, and a collection of books.

  8. We are in the process of moving, and so we’re purging less-needed items. 2 days ago in the garage, my husband hefted an ax and said, “You’ll be sorry we got rid of this if the zombies come!”

  9. Since I grew up on a farm that was 2 hours away from a big city, we tended to stock up on everything and that has carried through all through my life. My husband always says we could survive 6 months with what we have in the freezer and the pantry, including candles, batteries and a few items that can be used as weapons

  10. I don’t think I would do well in a zombie apocalypse but I do have lots of emergency supplies. I have freeze dried meals, a portable stove and lots of camping supplies.

  11. My preparedness is problem about medium. I live in Mississippi, so guns and bladed weapons are covered. For me AND a few friends. I like in a small apartment though, so I don’t have many supplies. The supply runs might be fun though…

  12. I could take on the world. Growing up my father taught me to be able to live outside of todays common luxuries. I know how to hunt, fish, cook on an open fire, and I have tons of camping supplies. It is one of the perks of growing up a mountains girl. If a zombie thing happen however I have the ability to run fast and hide alone is places for long periods of time. I would have to find a way to lock myself in a grocery store tho so I don’t starve to soon in the war.

  13. I’m not prepared at all. BUT, as long as I have books (yours definitely as well as a few others), I’ll be all right. Of course, a furry creature or two might help to pass the time. NO vampires for me – I need a nice warm body wrapped around me. :D

  14. I live in the middle of no where so hopefully the zombies would leave me alone and go for the more populated areas!!


  15. Not prepared at all! Maybe I should start stocking up on things haha.

  16. I’d be sooooo screwed. Yes, I am reasonably well-stocked as far as grocery items go, but if utilities/communication were interrupted, I’d be in bad shape. Arthritis in the knees so can’t run fast, either.

  17. I am prepared, somewhat, with the fact that as a Civil War re-enactor I know how to cook meals over a fire and can live in a tent if I needed to. I have cots, cooking supplies, and other items. As for zombies, I don’t know how I would react until I face them.

  18. I have enough food to last awhile in the cabinets. I have no wood to board up the windows though, haha. I have never taken any classes that would teach me how to fight against a zombie either, so I would be in trouble.

  19. Congratulations on your new release! I don’t really think I’m very well prepared for any kind of apocalypse. We have some food in the pantry but it’s not where near as full as it should be and we only have a small freezer. So I would have to say that I’m not ready and I’m in trouble…lol

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Not quite sure about the whole zombie thing, but I have some stuff stocked in the pantry. Hopefully it would happen right after a Costco trip. My mom though is a planner, so she is always prepared and she lives close by, so luckily I could just go there.

  21. In general, I wouldn’t be very prepared if there was an apocalypse. Right after 9/11 my family got very prepared, we had meet up spots and my parents stocked up on perishable foods, enough for everyone. But we haven’t maintained it, so if the apocalypse comes, we are in trouble! of course our cats would be ok, as I always have plenty of cat food n hand :)

  22. Congrats on the new release :grin:
    I am so NOT prepared for any kind of apocalypse, although if it’s zombies, I have read about what to do, no practical experience but since when do you need that? I’ll just run for my life, in a tank with a change of underwear. :wink:
    No, seriously, I would run!

    Thanks for the giveaway. :cool:

  23. I think the best weapon is a machete, you can’t run out of bullets with one of those :) I live out in a rural area so it will be easy to avoid zombies while we forged for food. The best thing is to wait it out. Of course there is the issue of the worlds nuclear reactors being left unchecked so we will all die from the meltdowns….just saying…

  24. With my health and physical limitations-NO WAY! I’d have to rely on my very strong 17 year old son for protection :smile: But we’ll eat well for a good long while, my pantry is well stocked.

  25. My family is prepared… we are stocked up on food items, water, candles… we would have no problem defending ourselves… our cockatoo and smallest dog can be very aggressive… we could have them help keep the baddies away! :grin:
    Loving the sound of your newest release!

  26. I am not prepared.I’d just have to fly by the seat of my pants and deal with stuff as it happened :)

  27. Honestly, I am NOT prepared for anything!! If anything like that was mentioned in the question was to happen I would be the biggest crybaby in the neighborhood!!! :lol:
    Now if I was being chased by a sexy hot vampire then I would just stop and say ” Bite Me! I’m yours!!!!” :wink:

  28. I am not prepared…food and weapons,,yeah. I have plenty…water, no….my basement would be a great place to hide…looks more like a dungeon..

  29. I would be kind of prepared. I always have lots of extra food and water in the house. I would take my family and my supplies and head to a rural location away from everyone. I guess the first thing I would do would be to get ot the store as quick as possible and get everything I could. I already have tents, camp stove etc

  30. I guess I would be some what prepared…candles, lighters, weapons, food, and plenty of books. Just barricade the doors and windows. I guess when supplies run out I would venture out, maybe join the zombies lol

  31. I have absolutely no clue what I would do. Better hope it never happens I guess. LOL

  32. I am not sure I would b ready for an apocolypse of any kind…I would prolly just hunker down and see what happens

  33. I am not prepared. But boy do I wish werewolves would come. yummy!

  34. i am not prepared but thats whats great about my hubby. he would be for the both of us, he knows you have to stock up on food, supplies, all the good stuff.

  35. I am prepared with food, water and supplies. As for weapons and fortifications, not so much.

  36. cky15: I have been preparing for something where we need to do without of things we take for granted.
    I think that I would be the calm one trying to help others to accept what is happening.
    I have training in being prepared. I am so glad that I have it.
    It would be like camping doing without electric and all. LOL

  37. I have plenty of stuff laying around but I don’t think I could ever be prepared enough for something like that! I would be able to avoid reality for awhile because I certainly have enough books on my TBR pile to last me a few months!

  38. P.S. Congrats on the release!

  39. Well I know I’m not prepared. But if I had to do something like this I would stock up on items that we would need ton see us through. I’d make sure I had plenty of books and my family with me. :razz: :wink:

  40. I would so be ready! Not that I want it to happen to prove it.
    Is it sad that my sister and I have actually had more than one conversation about how we would do things if some sort of apocalypse would happen? I choose to think not. :grin:

  41. If the world suddenly went to shit – I’m screwed! I’m just not the prepared type :)

  42. We have a lot of bottled water and canned goods so we’re prepared in that regard, but not so prepared if we have to fight the zombies.

  43. I am not prepared at all… and I’m not really sure what I would do to prepare lol

  44. Ugh, not prepared at all! But we do have a bunch of canned goods and a big TBR, so assuming the front door holds, we ought to be OK for a bit… ;)

  45. I’d be fairly prepared. I’m just learning how to shot a gun and crossbow, guess i should speed that training up just in case lol. I’ve also taken a survival course and a herbology course, to recognize plants and their uses, medicinal and food wise. but i’d probably freak if a zombie was coming for me….unless he was super cute and promised not to bite me :wink:

  46. Hmm, I can’t say that my cupboards would be well stocked the day an apocolypse were to happen, given that I have teenagers scavenging through them daily. However, I do have a garage full of hubby’s tools and building materials, so my home would be secured, I’d be ready to kick ass with plenty of unlikely “weapons”, and the new world would be a new adventure and challenge; not my demise.

  47. I’d be prepared with food, can opener, water, candles, portable radio, batteries, candles, blankets, tools, weapons, plenty of books to read and a full tank of gas and extra, to get out of Dodge if the zombies came. I’d try to ward them off with firecrackers and loud music and some pepper spray and take my chances…hopefully, that would ward them off to get away!!!

  48. We have a garage full of camping equipment and supplies, so could probably hold out for awhile. And I definitely have enough books to read while we are hunkered down.

  49. I’d be running around gathering everything at the last minute and heading for the basement. I have everything I need to survive for awhile. Fighting zombies or something off, would be mind-boggling on what to try first. But a garden shovel over the head would be my first inclination, then a rope to tie him up, and the shovel would come in handy, again, to bury him. Hope he doesn’t have to many friends to follow….or I am in trouble, if I’m outnumbered! Then it’s time to run (maybe to a neighbors house)!

  50. We have 2 freezers full to the brim, bottled water, canned goods and a camping stove anld all kind of equipment. We can be safe for a couple of weeks at least; we have games, cards and books. lanterns oil and battery. Now how long will this apocalypse last?

  51. OK Zombies! I have a set of golf clubs and a whole shed full of carpentry tools (heaps of heavy, blunt, metal objects). Im set for weapons but I would probably have to break in to the supermarket for supplys on my into the bush/national park (family has a house up there). Plus there is more space and less people to run into, which helps in running away from further attacks.

  52. I have no weapons, except for a couple of cooking knives. I have plenty of booze, though.

    If I’m lucky, zombies won’t like pickled humans.

  53. Yikes! That’s a thought question. I am not prepared at all, but I have an awesome shoe collection, so I would look good on my way out:) :grin:

  54. Well, I am mentally prepared, but would be in deep trouble physically as I have no emergency food or water, no weapons, and no generators. I have a feeling I would be a early casualty. :)

  55. I tell you what, I would go out with a bang!! Get my good friends and some music. Have many adult drinks!

    Try to check off a thing or two on that bucket list!!!

    Thanks for the contest Anya!!


  56. I wouldn’t be prepared at all and as far as what I would do … probably nothing. I’d most likely just stay home and wait it out. I’m sure if it came down to being attacked by zombies, I’d fight as best I could, of course, but I’m sure it would do no good.

  57. I’m totally not prepared. I don’t know how I’d survive without AC or my phone. But if it’s a zombie apocolypse, I played softball for 16 years and can totally swing a bat at their heads if needed. Other than that, all I know is that I would probably complain a lot.

  58. I wouldn’t be prepared at all. Good thing my mother in law is.

  59. We have a big food storage, we call it the food shed but it is actually an old large walk in fridge unit that did not work anymore but we have enough food in there to sustain us for at least 6 months to a year.

    My hubby also seem to collect amo for for his guns. He thinks we need a nice stockpile just in case.

    And if we do end the world with vampires and werewolves and zombies, if they are anything like the men in your books I would be ok with the end of the world!!

  60. I’ll figure something out. Cheryl M. how do I get to your house don’t want you to have to eat all that mac & cheese by yourself. :)

  61. I am very well stocked as far as reading material goes! Food…probably 2 weeks. Weapons…definitely! Batteries for the kids’ MP3 players…I think we are OK for a couple weeks too! Mentally prepared…ummmm…yes. We could do it! Don’t want to but will if we have to. Hey…as long as Mommma has her reading material, I think we’re alright! lol

  62. Is this a slow moving, give me time to prepare apocalypse or an all of a sudden kaboom kind of thing? I mean, it makes a difference. Don’t you think? I would like to think that I am a survivor and that I could deal with whatever comes my way. I could probably deal with the hiding, running, finding food etc. What would really cause me problems is being cut off from my loved ones who live far away.

  63. I am not prepared. So I would hide.

  64. I do have enough supplies like toothpaste and toiletries. If I have pen & paper I think I can let my imagination run wild. I’m pretty resourceful on my pantry products too.

  65. I’m not prepared at all. If the end happened tomorrow, it would just be the end. I wouldn’t even know how to go about trying to be prepared. Maybe a few good books to throw at the zombies to keep them occupied while I tried to run.

  66. I would not even begin to know what prep needs to be done to be ready for a Zombie apocalypse. I would just try to build an underground bomb shelter and make sure there are plenty of supplies. Weapons… lots and lots of weapons:)

  67. My parents are the prepared ones so I’d go to their farm if things got bad. The have a basement full of canned goods and toilet paper along with guns to protect ourselves. I feel safe knowing I have them as a back-up.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  68. First – I need to find some friends that have weapons & good martial arts skills. They seem to last long, as well as some MacGyver skills to build all kinds of devices.

    Plus, some kind of bomb shelter will lots of food & water.


  69. I would probably be a little prepared for it since I have some food and water stocked up. If a sudden apocalypse were to occur, I’d probably look for some food, water, and shelter.

  70. Reading material wise we’re probably more then prepared but when it might come to surviving an apocalypse we’d probably be surviving mostly on canned food and tap water.

    We have quite a bit of junk around the house and we can be pretty creative when it’s needed so we might be able to survive, but there’s no guarantees!


  71. I would not be prepared at all. Gotta make a plan. Thanks for the post. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  72. I’m not even prepared for tomorrow! I am one of those take it like it comes and hope for the best! I’ll have books I can hide in.. :mrgreen:

  73. If things went haywire, I would gather my family in one location, stock up on nonperishable foods & water, dvds and cds, generators and gasoline/kerosine & batteries, barricade the doors and windows, pray and leave the rest in God’s hands.

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