January 26th, 2012
Book of the Day: Jaded

The winner of Cruel Enchantment is Melissa Cahall! Congrats! Please email me at anyabast(at)gmail.com.

Today’s book…

One woman who’s sworn never to love again.

Two men who can’t help but desire her.

And the magic and passion that binds them together…

Haunted by a traumatic attack when she was eighteen, Lilya Orensdaughter has become a courtesan in the Temple of Dreams, determined to never again lose control. But she will do anything for Byron Andropov, the man who nursed her back to health all those years ago—and who now wants her to help his friend Alek Chaikoveii come to terms with the powerful magick he possesses.

In Alek, Lilya finds a kindred spirit. The attraction between them is immediate, and soon Lilya surrenders to nights of unimaginable ecstasy. But she can’t forget Byron, who’s concealed his feelings for Lilya because he believed she would never love again. As tensions escalate between the two men who are vying for Lilya’s heart, Lilya finds herself torn between her desire for the man who saved her, and the man whose soul resembles her own—only to discover that in the world of unrestrained passion there are no boundaries. If only you’re willing to give up control…

“Sexy and dark, Jaded is the intriguing follow-up to Jeweled. Bast has created a trio of tortured survivors who find love and healing in this historical gem.” — RT BOOKreviews

Read the first chapter here.

Answer in the comments for a shot at a copy of Jeweled. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you won.

The Oscars nominations were just announced, but forget those. What movie did you see last year that you LOVED?

56 comments to “Book of the Day: Jaded”

  1. Rise of the Planet of Apes was one movie I really enjoyed in 2011.

  2. Gnomeo and Juliet was probably my number 1 pick and Water for Elephants but I liked the book better

  3. I loved Green Lantern ^^

    thanks you again for the giveaway
    all the best

  4. breaking dawn ;)

  5. I am a big Steven Spielberg fan and loved Super 8. I can’t wait to see War Horse. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. I saw Cars 2 with my 5 year son. I enjoyed spending time with him so it was a great time. That day my hubby took my 10 year old to see Planet of the apes & he said that was his favorite.—Rachel

  7. Rise of the Planet of the Apes :grin:

  8. The adventure of Tin Tin! Spielberg show his class, and even that movie is animation and for family, I enjoy it till the end =)

  9. Immortals!! I love epic movies like that and I got to see it in 3D !!!!

  10. Crazy, Stupid Love! I just loved that movie! Steve Carell is very funny and Ryan Gosling…need I say more? Great funny, romantic movie with a good ending. It can be an awesome movie but if the end is incomplete in some way, then that ruins the entire movie! You know what I mean?

  11. Breaking Dawn ♥

  12. Sherlock Holmes 2 but I may have been scarred for life seeing Robert Downy Jr. in drag. Thor had great eye candy.

  13. well i only went to see one movie and that was the last and final harry potter which of course was great took the kids and everything

  14. I don’t really watch a lot of movies but I did catch up on TV shows. Dr. Who is my newest addiction, but Firefly was my favorite.

  15. I loved the last Harry Potter. On the other end of the spectrum I really enjoyed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

  16. I think the only movie I saw in a theater last year was Kung Fu Panda 2, and I loved it mainly because it was something our family enjoyed together–it was a hoot! (And really, kung fu fighting animals? Hee! ;p)

  17. Harry Potter is the most notable movie for me.

  18. I loved The Help. Even my husband enjoyed it. With characters that could make your stomach turn and those that you laughed with and felt their pain. It was a great cast.

  19. I don’t think that I really got see any new movies last year, although I think one of my favorites that I’ve watched repeatedly and still love to this day is Despicable Me.

    I saw that with my family a week or so after it came out in theaters and we all loved it! It was a really sweet family movie.


  20. Definitely Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a terrific end to an amazing series.

  21. I enjoyed the super hero movies last year, but I did not really LOVE them. Out of the movies I saw last year, nothing truly stood out for me…

  22. CAPTAIN AMERICA was such fun and he made a great hero. I like adventure, super-hero type movies :-) Thanks for the giveaway~it’s been fun!

  23. Captain America and Thor were my favorites last year. I also really enjoyed the last of the Harry Potter movies…
    Captain America was just awesome in general.
    Thor has some fantastic eye candy.
    And I just like Harry Potter. Books and movies.

  24. Hmm, don’t think I saw any movies in theater last year. But as for new to me, I was introduced to Firefly and Serenity, and those are definitely top picks now. :mrgreen:

  25. Never watch films in the Cinema but wait for them to come out on DVD or on TV.

    Best one I remember from last year that I watched on TV was The Green Hornet. I loved it.

  26. I also loved to see Immortals!

  27. I would have to say Breaking Dawn. Thanks for the contest.

  28. i loved alice in wonderland, the fantasy and action was wonderful, but johnny depp made it sexy.

  29. Only saw one movie at the theater last year, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which I loved.

  30. Breaking Dawn!

  31. Crazy, Stupid Love starring Steve Carell and
    Ryan Gosling was the best and funniest movie with a hilarious gut-splitting ending, that I watched. I also enjoyed Gulliver starring Jack Black. Enjoy a good laugh and these did just that!

  32. Breaking Dawn: Part 1

  33. I loved Bridesmaids and Captain America.

  34. OMG THOR!!!

  35. I didn’t see any movies last year! Unfortunately, I never got the time to see one.

  36. There are several…
    Tangled (love kids movies), Mechanic, Breaking Dawn, etc

  37. The Harry Potter movie!! I was very Pleased with how they did it and followed the book!!

  38. I know I saw a lot of good movies, but the first one that popped in my head was Super 8. So Good!

  39. I saw quite few movies that I really enjoyed last year: Burlesque, Horrible Bosses, The Help, Thor, Friends With Benefits, Rise of The Planet of the Apes…
    One I was really looking forward to coming out was the last Harry Potter – though the movie wasnt as good as the book, it was still a good end to the series.

  40. I didn’t get to see many movies, but I did see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. It was great. I enjoyed the books and I enjoyed all the movies as well. :smile:

  41. I loved Bridesmaids.

  42. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2, I was glad they stuck to the book as much as they did.

  43. I saw a lot of movies last year. A couple of standouts were Super 8 and Sherlock Holmes. I even enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens. It was bad but fun!

  44. I see very few movies. The last one was the last Harry Potter and I really enjoyed it.

  45. Lets see… what movie that I watched last year that I loved… well theres a lot haha.

    1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn (dont be haters people)
    2. Transformers 3
    3. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

    I like these 3 the best! :] thanks!!! :wink:

  46. I only watched one movie in the theater last year: Despicable Me. it was very cute!

  47. I absolutely loved “The Help”, I think it was the best movie I’d seen in a long time. I got angry, laughed and felt joy during many of the scenes. I love movies where women get to bond and the characters in that movie really did bond – the characters who didn’t deserved what happened to them and more!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. I LOVED 50/50!!!!! Great balance between humor and drama. A spot-on portrayal of male friendship as well as some surprisingly good acting from Seth Rogan.

  49. Hmmm, I have to try and remember, and that’s pretty hard to do. LOL…
    Captain America was pretty good.

  50. There were a number of movies that I loved and they are Breaking Dawn, Water For Elephants and The Help!

  51. I liked Harry Potter

  52. I’ve gotta get out more. The only new movie I saw in 2011 was the second half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I love the visual effects!

  53. I loved Horrible Bosses! I laughed and laughed all through the movie, it was fantastic.

  54. I liked Super 8 and Harry Potter wrapped a great run of movies.

  55. Oh that’s an easy one… Breaking Dawn: part 1

    Even stood in line for about 4 hours to go to the midnight showing (a double feature of it and Eclipse), did not get home tell 2am, and still went to work at 8 the next morning ;)

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