February 1st, 2012
Book of the Day: Winner’s Choice

The winner of Witch Heart is Savannah M! Congrats! Please email me at anyabast(at)gmail.com.

Today’s book……

Your choice of any of these titles. Sorry I couldn’t offer them all. I go by the stock on my shelf.

Answer in the comments for a shot at a winning your choice from the above set of books. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you won.

Tell me one thing that’s awesome in your life, something or someone you cherish, an event you’re looking forward to, anything that you absolutely love.

60 comments to “Book of the Day: Winner’s Choice”

  1. Two of the closest friends of mine.
    I can’t help it .After my family they’re the two people I cherish the most.
    Life’s incomplete without a fair regular dose of my girlfriends . <3

  2. My kids are what I cherish the most. Sometimes I don’t appreciate them enough, and then I look around at other kids their age or they will do or say something that makes me proud, and I realize what great kids and what great people, they are! I’m lucky to be their mom :smile:

  3. My dog because he saved my life and always know when i’m depressed. hen i’m hurting he spent the day next to me to help me and rassure me….

    he is the best ever

  4. The one thins is awesome is my boyfriend. After 3,5 years together I can’t still get enough of him. I do love him with every fiber of my soul

  5. My husband, daughter and granddaughters are the people who mean the most in my life.

  6. I love my job! It allows me to do something I enjoy while also allowing me to read in my downtime. Win win :)

  7. I absolutely love my family. I have 7 and 8 year old girls, and now I have a 6 week old baby boy.

  8. My family’s awesome! As crazy as they drive me sometimes I know that I’d probably be in a pretty bad place without them!


  9. My son!!! He changed my life and I will forever be grateful for him. It’s amazing how much a child will change your life. My child has autism. I learn so much from him each day and I would never change that for the world!!!


  10. i love my husband marty more than anything in the world we have been married for 20 years this august and i still feel giddy as a school girl when he gives me this smile that melts my heart every time we have 3 children together who claim we act like teenagers in love (which they are all teenagers so they would know)

  11. I just became a grandmother for the first time and I am thrilled beyond belief…I cannot wait to see Destiny Rose!

  12. What I’m looking forward to is being finished with my radiation treatments on the 7th!!!

  13. My kids & my husband. I had a terrible pregnancy with both kids I was on bed rest & had morning sickness everyday with them up until the day I delivered. It was rough getting them into this world, but I would do it all over again to see those georgous little faces. They are 10 & 5 now & I love them more everyday.—Rachel

  14. My friend, Heather, is made of awesome. It’s almost like we have some kind of psychic connection. If I feel overwhelmingly angry or incredibly sad she seems to know and never fails to check on me to make sure everything is okay. I can’t think of one moment in our 18 year friendship that she hasn’t been by my side to help me through all the bad stuff. She’s the best friend I ever hoped to have and the sister I always wanted. She is my chosen family and I’d be lost without her.

  15. My family, they are there when I need them, they love me unconditionally, they respect my space.

  16. this may make me sound crazy, but for the last 2 years ive had no menstration cycle. not having one means no getting pregnant. i miss carried in 2008 and have had problems ever since with my monthly, thanks to my hubby he bought me some herbal pills and as of today, i have a cycle. so to answer the question, im sooo looking forward and excited to be able to try and get pregnant.

  17. I cherish my husband, my family, and my good friends.

  18. I absolutely adore my job as a journalist. I am out to give journalists a good name (rather than the one we are known by). I truly want to make a difference in the journalism field, and then one day settle down with a family and write novels.

  19. I am looking forward to graduating law school in May!!!! FINALLY, haha :)

  20. I am going on a mission trip to Costa Rica in May with Soles for Souls.

  21. love to have a 67 camarao , metallic color/ 1 day i share have!

  22. My family is AWESOME! Especially “little love” who brings sunshine to every day. And I love finding time to myself to indulge in things that I love which obviously includes reading romances :)

  23. My kids! My son is turning 15 in 6 days I’m so excited. I wouldn’t know what to do without my children!

  24. The thing I am most looking forward to is for my cousin’s brithday (2/23) and my birthday (2/25) we are going to see Beauty and the Beast at the theater on stage. My 2 sisters, 1 sister’s boyfriend, my cousin, her boyfriend, my husband and I are all going. Before the musical we are going to go out to dinner. This is going to be a wonderful evening, oh and we are going on my birthday day, what a special day.

  25. Forgot to add Raven’s Quest to that answer

  26. I am getting married this year, and I am looking forward to it :)

  27. I cherish my little nephew… even when he tries my patience, he is the best thing in my life. :grin:

  28. My 5 month old nephew, Mason. My sister went through a terrible ordeal, but found her happy ending with a husband who loves her, and a baby boy who bring out the best in all of us. As someone who never thought about having children, I can honestly say my nephew has enriched my life.

  29. My children – I love to celebrate their lives – especially at their birthdays. This week by second oldest (and older girl) is turning 9!

  30. I adore and cherish my cat. I adopted her when she was 9 years old and she’s always brought a smile to my face. She can be a little demanding at times, but I’ll always love her.
    On an eerie side note, she was named Anya and I kept that name for her.

  31. The most awesome thing in my life is my husband. He has umpteen things wrong with him health wise and yet he is still able to make me laugh and is generous to a fault.
    He also gave me five almost as awesome children :D

  32. I cherish all my kids and grandkids, but I can’t wait until it’s just my husband and I left at home lol.

  33. My mom and my best friend. They’ve helped me through more bad times then I ever should have had. I love them to pieces. :)

  34. I absolutely adore the women that both my son’s have in their lives right now. They are smart and funny, a joy to be around, and keep my boys hopping. I love it…

  35. My parents and sister. They are the most amazing, supporting family ever. I seriously do not know what I would have done these past few years without them. When everything else is falling apart around you, family is what holds you together.

  36. My family is pretty great.

  37. would have to pick my kids. They are so beautiful and smart :)

  38. My Mother. She is currently in the hospital fighting not to get pneumonia. We almost lost her Sunday when she fell and cracked her head and almost bled out. She’s stable now but her dementia has exponentially increased from the stress. I will miss her when she’s gone. She’s been my best friend all my life.

  39. The most awesome thing in my life right now is my kitten St. John (sometimes I spell it as SynDjinn!). He’s a polydactyl Snow Leopard/Desert Lynx mix.

    I’ve lost four cats over the last two years and it has been over six years since I’ve had a kitten. I’d forgotten just how much entertainment a kitten provides! The fact that his feet are so huge (six toes on each foot) with a bob tail makes even his walk so funny that I laugh out loud!

    I’m pretty much a recluse, so the animals in my life provide my companionship and entertainment. Thank goodness for their sweet affections.

  40. My wonderful husband, who is my rock.

  41. I would say the best things in my life are my cat Miranda who keeps me company every day and night. Also awesome is the new iPad 2 I won recently. I’m a quadriplegic who doesn’t get out very often and since I’m in bed a lot it has helped me stay connected with people so much easier and keeps me entertained.

  42. My family means the most to me and I just adore my niece.

  43. My 3 children means the most to me!! Don’t get me wrong I love my husband but my daughters and son light up my whole world!! If I am feeling upset or down all it takes is a simple “I love you, Mom” and I feel better instantly!!! :grin:

  44. I am looking forward to my birthday this month. I am taking some time off to visit some of my elderly relatives. I have been unable to do this for the past two years, so this year will be extra special.

  45. I love my dog, Geisha. She is the sweetest, most loving puppy anyone could have. She isn’t afraid of anyone or any animal. She just wants to make friends with everyone.

  46. :roll: I love that I am finally retired and no longer have to work, and I now have time to do the things I love in all my spare time! I can now have time for reading more books than before, which puts a smile on my face! I think what I cherish most is my three grown children and their accomplishments in life, and of course, my one and only grandchild. My cute little Shi-Tzu and buddy I had for nearly 16 yrs., I miss, and today is the one-yr. anniversary of her passing, and I can’t help but think of her, especially, today.

  47. I love my little family…my partner Iris, and our 3 pups: Gabby, Harley, & Gizmo. No matter how tough work is…they always make me smile. They are my support.

  48. I love my husband and son ( and the rest of our crazy family). I’m getting ready to turn 39 next week and I just enrolled in school. Looking forward to finishing it hopefully. :eek:

  49. As a family every year we go on at least one vacation, and that is to Disneyland :) we all look forward to that va action because it’s a time for all of us to be kids and just enjoy each other and our time away for life!

  50. I just graduated as a Vet Tech. I can finally work in a job I love and not just one I do for money!

  51. Right now I am looking forward to Sunday. It will be my only day off.

  52. I cherish my parents, they have been supportive of me and my sisters through good times and bad and I know I’m lucky to have them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Dork answer! My husband and kids. Even when they are driving me crazy I know it’s because I love them so much. Now I am sitting here smiling thinking about them!

  54. my boys and my hubby. hands down.

  55. absolutely love my family, wouldn’t last a second without them!!
    Love my amazing boyfriend and my babies(dogs)

  56. I love my family, as much as sometimes I also could wring their necks with my bare hands ;) And well, that’s part of what family’s all about, isn’t it? :)

    And I adore my new bookshelves–it’s a wall of them, floor-to-ceiling :)

  57. My family is people who I love beyond anything. Funny I realize it when I live far away from them. Another people I love is my boyfriend.

    My pick is Dark Enchantment, thanks!

  58. everyday i wake up if eel blessed more so becase of my fabulous family my fiancee our kids my beautiful neices one thing i can say is fantasticly awesome is my 2yr odl neice gabby any bad day u have go see her and she makes everything so much better to see the world threw a childs eyes is priceless

  59. I cherish my family. We’ve went through a lot of rough times, and they’re the one thing that got me through it.

  60. Looking forward to RWA