May 11th, 2012

There’s only three more weeks left of school. Summer approaches. It already feels like early July here some days, so it’s not exactly sneaking up on us this year.

I have my daughter in a swim class, trying desperately to get her to learn how to swim before the hot weather is upon us. She’ll be going to camp for most of the summer (where there will be swimming) and I want her to be confident in the water (and for me not to worry about her). Her favored activity is figure skating. The water thing is not so hot with her, but we’re getting through it.

We don’t really have any special plans for this summer. We did consider Disney, but I have a health thing happening and can’t set any concrete dates at this point. It would probably be unbearably hot anyway. Florida is like a steam bath on steroids in the summer. It’s probably better to go in the fall. So we’ll wait (impatiently).

I plan to do some fishing (yes, I love fishing), much sitting by the pool, and taking the occasional day trip somewhere. Other than that, we’re playing it fast and loose.

I don’t much like the heat, so summer isn’t my favorite time of the year. I actually like winter better (snow! hot chocolate! warm, comforting fires!). I know that goes against most people’s preferences, although once in a while I’m run into someone who also prefers winter and he or she will act like we’re long lost soul mates. 🙂 It’s just not a commonly held opinion.

So, how about you? Have any interesting plans for this summer? Do you like the heat or prefer the cooler weather?

7 comments to “Summer!”

  1. I am not a Summer person… not a fan of the heat especially where I live… give me cooler weather anytime! As for plans… my sister mentioned maybe taking us and her kids to Lego land… otherwise it will be some pool time and plenty of reading time in between watching my nephew during the day…

  2. summer is very hard on the arthritis, my fingers get so swollen and winter makes me ache everywhere; so I enjoy this time right now, spring or fall is good too!

  3. I LOVE hot summer weather! Well, as I get older, more mild warm summer weather! I have the summers off and we drive from the East Coast to visit my folks in Michigan (lake and family fun!). We try to visits friends (I grew up there). My biggest plans for the summer are going to AAD con in New Orleans this August – cannot wait!!!

  4. Hope you have a fun summer but stay cool ! May I ask what your health issue is ? I have no fun plans for this summer I have to move so that is not going to be fun in this California heat . I perfer Spring actually all the new flowers budding , the cool breeze and rain . But if I had to chose between summer and winter it would be winter 🙂 I agree with you snow, hot chocolate and cuddling with my man .

  5. We live in Florida so I guess I don’t mind the heat so much…moved here as a child….I would wait for the cooler weather for the trip to Disney…. heat +sweat=smelly people…waiting in line doesn’t help…..We are going to try to get to Chicago this baby on the way ( my husbands sister) ..our daughters 16yrs and 14 yrs…want to go to the city….hope the weather there is never know..enjoy your summer. 🙂

  6. Here in New England, the humidity is what you have to be watchful of. The heat is only mild and the cool breezes that dance about are plenty refreshing. I live in mountain country, so there is hiking through beautiful forests, river tubing in icy waters, fishing in some of the cleanest lakes, and then there is always a small run to the ocean…. which there will be plenty of this summer! 😉

  7. i prefer Fall and winter less pollen means less allergies for me unlike Spring and early summer when everything pollenates and my water bill goes up by like a few hundred dollars cause im taking like so many hot showers i love fall because the weather is best for bike riding and winter cause…..well like i said barely any pollen+Barely any allergies =