July 17th, 2012

Well, we’re back from a wonderful vacation in Florida. I feel energized and refreshed from my time near the ocean. We went to the beach every day we were there and played in the waves. The water was clear and we could see fish swimming around us and could gather shells from the sand under the waves. It was really, really nice. That’s a picture of my daughter above, feeding the seagulls.

Of course, I’m glad to be back home. I missed my furbabies a ton.
We weren’t there alone. We were visiting old family friends. Two families, in fact. One family that lives in Florida, but came from Belgium. The other family came from Belgium, originally, but actually live in Niger. The family that lives in Niger comes to Florida for three weeks of every summer. 
Altogether there were 5 kids my daughter’s age and all of them speak French. It’s a good exercise for her. She’s learning French from her father (also Belgian), but we’ve been kind of lazy about it. Her Chinese is actually better than her French at this point. I spoke a lot of French when I was there, too. So much that my brain is still a bit in “French Mode”.
We all went out one day to be dolphin paparazzi, trying to spot them wild in the ocean. We were lucky and saw many of them. At one point an entire pod swam alongside our boat. My husband jumped in and swam with them. He was close enough to touch them (but he didn’t. You should never touch a wild dolphin).  
I never fail to feel awe when I see them. I don’t even need to be in the water with them. Seeing them from the boat is enough.
Of course, I’m awed by most everything on the beach and in the ocean. Seeing schools of big fish swimming around me is impressive to this normally landlocked lady. Even the seagulls and pelicans make my heart beat faster. 
Below is one of the pictures I managed to snap of the dolphins we saw. They’re not easy to get pictures of, so I guess I’ll just have to cherish the memory in my mind. 

Now I’m home and ready to go back to work. My fingers are itchy to get back to writing. How was your week?

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  1. So glad you enjoyed yourselves, you certainly had great weather.
    Nothing happening here, quiet.

  2. i have an eye appointment today and im taking Midnight and Dark enchantment with me or maybe Wicked and Cruel havent made my choice yet or maybe i’ll take the whole elemental witch series *sigh* choosing a book is such hard work teehee ;D <3