October 2nd, 2014
Contest: Capturing Caroline

All right…who wants to win a $100 GC to Amazon.com? Of course you do! It’s very simple to enter. I’m going to ask three questions and you answer one of them in the comments on my blog. Check back on October 15th to see who won (the winner will have five days to contact me and collect his or her prize). Good Luck!*

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1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

2.) What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

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Capturing Caroline is now available for pre-order from Amazon.com and will release on October 10th. It will release from other ebook retailers on the 10th or shortly thereafter.


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Grief-stricken by the strange disappearance of her two sisters, Caroline Gannett tries to go on with life…until one day she mysteriously vanishes from the world too.

Pulled through “the veil,” Caroline finds herself in an alien world and is swiftly drawn into an adventure with the sexiest man she’s ever met. Together they are an unstoppable force, sparking desire off each other from the first time they meet.

Torrent had hoped this would never happen. He has lived his life under a dark prophecy that is about to come true. Even so, the temptation Caroline presents is irresistible. He seduces Caroline’s body as surely as he binds her heart to his. They are a perfect match.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the prophecy proclaims he is destined to die. There is no denying it. There is no escaping it.

And if there’s one woman in the universe who makes him want to live, it’s Caroline.

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*Void where prohibited. (Some assembly required. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. Batteries not included. If rash, irritation, redness, or swelling develops, see your physician. Ect… Ect…)

349 comments to “Contest: Capturing Caroline”

  1. I have been trying to write a book I call Musical Chairs… My experience in a home for unwed mothers in the middle 1970’s!

  2. I am most proud of being a Mom…..raising two kids who turned out to be great human beings!

  3. been writing a book called Kendra’s Acceptance its about a alternate earth with no humans at all, just paranormals.

  4. Scariest thing? Probably a tie between going to the doctor/dentist when I was a kid and public speaking even in front of a class or group of coworkers.

  5. I am most proud of receiving my college degree.

  6. i don’t have the title of the book yet but it would be a kind of fantasy/ sci-fi story

    i’m proud to have my diploma ( on teh first attempt)

    thank you for your generosity and i’m happy to see you re better^^

  7. Most proud of being married for 55 years and having the greatest children and grandchildren.

  8. 3. i am now the head of my department at my company, i am very proud of that and the job i do :)

  9. I am most proud of my son. At 4, he’s bright, inquisitive and courteous. I love the enthusiasm he has for life and want to encourage that zest and excitement.

  10. Since, my native tongue is French, two years ago, I started to read books in English and I became a reviewer. I’m so proud of that, I’m fluently bilingual! Sometimes, authors ask my help to translate, I love it! thank you for this great contest, it could help me buy more books! :wink:

  11. Actually I’ll answer all three for ya

    1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

    —- Actually I am in the process of going through the second round of edits on my current WIP named “MOON WARRIORS”. I am in the process of showing rather than telling, strengthening up characters and plot, plus tone down some of the wordage (I have 180,000 words – and according to my beta off on a good start). What’s the story about… about a quarter elven paladin learning to embrace her elven nature and heart… and from the most unlikelist of people: a womanizer thief (think of him like Robin Hood except he doesn’t give to the poor but uses it to take care of his camp members)

    2.) What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?
    —– I was so tired of my husband saying I never take chances. So when we were at this small local amusement park thanks to his company for it’s annual celebration. I decided to go on thsi elevator drop ride. I really do not do well on fast rides or ones that go up. My youngest son went on it with me, he sat next to me, and I held his hand because I already figured out he was not going to like it. The two of us did it… We didn’t go on it again, but we could damn well say we rode it.

    3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of?
    —– Finally finishing the manuscript/work in progress that I had been working off and on for over ten years. I often wondered if I could EVER get it done but I proved to myself that I could and did finish the writing on it.

  12. The scariest thing I ever did was retire.

  13. 1.) I honestly don’t know that I’d call it, but if I ever do get around to writing that book I’ve been thinking about for years, it will be about Berserkers. I love the mythology surrounding them and there aren’t nearly enough books about them to keep me satisfied.

    2.) The scariest thing I’ve ever done was sticking by my boyfriends side when he was dying of cancer. It is by far the hardest and most painful experience of my life but I wouldn’t change a thing. Being with him in his final days, showering him with love, and helping to make him more comfortable was scary and emotional but I know he’s in a better place now.

    3.) I am most proud of coming off of my depression and anxiety meds after being on them for over 16 years. I chose to take my life back and a year later, I’m thriving. I won’t say that the past year hasn’t been a struggle, because it has been. I still have bad days, but I can now feel emotions that were suppressed for years. I’m sooooo very proud of that accomplishment.

  14. My greatest accomplishment is my son, he is a wonderful, considerate man who is my pride and joy. Scariest thing has to be when I was left by my former husband while I was pregnant, thousand miles away from family, I couldn’t move home at that time and went through pregnancy with co-workers, delivered alone and went home alone with a newborn. I moved back to my family home 6 months later and was the best thing I did for my son and I and my parents as well.

  15. The scariest thing I’ve ever done, is actually what I’m about to do here in about a year. I’m getting married and moving 8 hrs away from home in the country to the city. Not sure how everything is going to work out, just scared about everything and the unknown lol

  16. Glad to see you back!

    2. I travelled outside the country for the first time when I went to England to student teach for 7 weeks. I flew out out of Texas almost a month after 9/11.

  17. Book: Coming Back, the trials that the everyday person faces and those they hide just to make it through a day

    Scariest: going to court

    Proudest: Being a single Mom and rocking it

  18. Scariest thing I’ve ever done? Is when I first started living alone (without BF I moved in with when I was 18) so I’m about 20. And in an apartment that had a LOT of freaking carpet crawling spiders. My cat would get most of them, but sometimes I had my boyfriend do it if I found one. I’m really phobic. When I broke up with him, I had to learn how to kill giant, aggressive, brown hairy scary spiders without freaking the heck out and climbing the walls to get away. ^_^;

    I’m really phobic. LOL

  19. scariest thing was a 28 day train trip with Mom thru the southern USA

  20. I have never even thought about writing a book. I love to read but know that I don´t have the talent to match the ones I read.

    The scariest thing, was when we left England to come and live in Spain and run our own bar. Neither of us had ever even worked behind a bar before. but we wanted a new life.

    The biggest accomplishment is making a success of that bar for 18 years.

  21. Scariest thing I’ve ever done is sell most of what I own, right down to family jewelry, pack up what’s left and move somewhere else on my own to pursue a dream.

  22. Scariest moment for me was getting on the giant water slide at the Mall of America with my nephew who was maybe 8 at the time. I don’t do rollercoasters or rides that drop down, they terrify me. The photos they take showed me looking pale and ready to bolt. After the drop (I thought it was the only one) I started to relax and then we started climbing again. At that point I started to desperately look for a way off. My nephew loved it and wanted to go again, but I just couldn’t do it and my mom said she was too old.

  23. the scaries thing I ever did was to ride the roller coaster at New York New York in Las Vegas! Between not liking hights and not being a fan of roller coasters, I had a few drinks beforehand but survived!

  24. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

    Well … I would say raising my daughter to be a smart, beautiful (inside & out) & inspiring individual. My daughter became a United States Marine and will be deploying in the near future to allow each of us to continue to have our freedom. It is a scary thing, each and every day, to think about what she faces for all of the citizens of the United States.

  25. I am most proud of my children and the lives they are leading. Daughter is a kindergarten teacher in her 13th year of teaching and son is an engineer with Rolls-Royce jet engine division. My goal was to have them graduate from college and become contributing members to society. I thankfully have accomplished that. :-P

  26. The accomplishment I am the MOST proud of is being Tyler’s mom! He is such a well mannered, driven young man. He is 15 and he is an honor student as well as commander of his JROTC.

    Second would be getting my degree. I was an unwed 16 year old mother. I graduated high school early and after MANY delays, I received not one but two degrees!

  27. I think my biggest accomplishment is raising my son that has many neurological disorders all on my own. I have had to be his biggest advocator and stand up for both our rights. Somehow I have managed to find the strength, even with my own physical limitations (fallout from car accident) to fight for him when necessary.

  28. What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

    Watched my 29 y/o (former) husband get wheeled in to the OR for surgery to relocate a temporal artery to the top of his brain after he had 2 major strokes due to lack of blood flow.

  29. The accomplishment that i am most proud of is going to college and obtaining my education degree after I had my son in high school.

  30. If I wrote a book it would be “Going on 16″ and it would be about teen depression and suicide.

  31. The scariest moments relate to my kids. My youngest contracted the hard flu when 6 and suffered thru symptoms normally only seen in adults. In 3 weeks time,she lost 10% of her body weight and yes our family gets annual flu shots.

  32. If I were going to write a book,it would called Upside down,,the story of my life,,married at age 17 to a abusive man,,2 kids 10yrs apart and a 30yr horrible marriage,,a sudden life changing illness ,an running away after the divorce,,finding love on the internet,,long distance relationship for 2 yrs and then marrying this wonderful person and adopting a foster child,,life with grown step children,,and now 13 beautiful grandchildren,,yeah it would fill a book

  33. the scariest thing I ever did was get a divorce from a abusive man after 30yrs of marriage and move 1200 miles away so he couldn’t find me,,that was so scarey

  34. I self published a title back in 2007 entitled Between these Caramel Thighs, an erotic title under a pen name so my mom would not be offended of course. It was an accomplishment because it was a long time coming but my current greatest accomplishment is completing graduate school while working one full time and one part time job.

  35. what I am most proud of are the results of being a Nurse for over 20 yrs..seeing my grown children work and be great parents,that makes me the proudest of all,after all they saw of abuse to me they still turned out to be wonderful productive adults with no signs of their father in them at all,,they are wonderful ppl that give back so much

  36. A book set in a dairy with the adventures of life wth a herd of cows. Title Milkmaid.

  37. Welcome back Anya! I wish you a speedy and total recovery!

    One of my greatest accomplishments was going back to college and getting my degree!

  38. The scariest thing I’ve ever done was to go to court with my ex alone, no brothers or sisters with me. Facing the ex and dealing with all his shenigans.

    Continued well wishes for your health.

  39. Scariest thing ever was being notified by the State Police that my 18 y.o. daughter had been in an accident; driving to the scene with my husband; being able to see the van on its side while being stuck in a line of cars backed up by the accident! Hopped out and ran the shoulder til I could see her, and thank God, she was shaken up & bruised, but okay!

  40. After raising two kids to adulthood the thing I’m most proud of is going back to college. Though 14 years of night school to obtain my AA while working full time, raising a family and all the trimmings that go with that :wink:

  41. I am most proud of my 5 daughters and how caring and loving they are, besides that I am proud that I was able to work, be a mom, and go to school and I now have a job that made it all worthwhile. I am also proud of the woman I am becoming.

  42. #1 – I f I was going to write a book it would be a kid’s book about a little princess who was born premature and all the obstacles she had to overcome and she meets her prince in pre-school.
    #2 – scariest thing I have ever done would be going in the woods for a hike with my husband and his brother and family and we came across a huge snake sunning itself in the middle of the bridge. My sister-in-law and her kids ran so fast back out of the woods.
    #3 – My greatest accomplishment is having four wonderful kids who now gave me five wonderful grandchildren.

  43. 2. My fear in it at the time had a lot of people I knew chiding me for being upset about it but in August of 2001 I moved to Europe (as a military spouse) with just my baby and my husband. I’d never been farther East than Montana and it was utterly terrifying to leave everything familiar for my husband’s career. It wound up being quite the adventure with many more scary parts (the events of 9.11 less than a month after I arrived there were especially scary) but I grew from it a lot.

  44. I’m working on several books, but the current one is called Garden Skein. It’s about a Fey Lord of Chaos who decides to play match maker with his brothers in order to help them adjust to the changes in our world.

  45. I am most proud of my children, Kenny 27, Jon 25 and Taylor 21. They are my greatest achievement and the best gift God has given me! Getting them raised as a single parent was tough at times but seeing them as adults has been worth it!!!!!

  46. 1. All the Right Reasons and it would be about a woman who secretly desires to be with 2 men at the same time. She tries to convince the man she loves that although he has her heart she desperately wants to be with another.

    2. I was most afraid of filing for divorce and worrying if I would be able to support my kids on my own.

    3. Greatest accomplishment is the exact same thing. Filing for divorce from an abusive husband and being able to support my family on my own.

  47. My most scariest and biggest accomplishment is getting off drugs and staying clean off them for over 13 years.

  48. I am most proud of my kids but also that I went back to college at 40. Made it part way until health issues hit. I am disabled. However I am back at it and determined to get my Bachelor’s. I am about 3/4’s of the way.there!!!

  49. Ok so name for a book I have no idea but it would be a shifter book for sure!

    One of the scariest things was find out if I had a tumor in my brain…with two small kids at home I didn’t want that diagnosis! Fortunately no tumor detected!

    Greatest accomplishment would be being a mom! I don t always succeed but I try everyday!

  50. I am most proud of my accomplishment of raising two wonderful Children! I am very proud of both of them!

  51. I love to read but seriously doubt I could write a book.
    One of the scariest things I have ever done was get back on my horse after two serious riding accidents. The fear was all in my mind but as you get older it seems harder to brush the little things off.
    I am very proud of all the things I have accomplished with my family and our involvement in horse breeding.

  52. The accomplishment of which I am most proud is I have written, directed, stared in, edited and mastered three belly dance instructional DVDs! Just having one available was a dream of mine and now I’m working on the 4th!

  53. edysicecreamlover18@gmail DOT com I am most proud of beating an eating disorder without any outside help. Thank you for the contest!

  54. Love to read but could not be brave enough to write one. I overcome a fear of moving – downsizing and very proud of that as well as my 3 kidlets – now grown and my hubby of 33 plus years – still growning – still challenging each other & that’s what it is all about.

    Glad to hear of your recovery – get well

  55. I’m an extremely shy person and this past August I took myself off to NYC meeting up with 3 others who I’ve never met except online to share a room and discuss books and have fun!!

  56. I am so happy that you are recovering and getting better!! I am also thrilled that Capturing Caroline is finally coming out!! October 11th can’t get here fast enough!!!

  57. I’m proud of how strong I’ve stayed through my mother’s death from cancer and my sister’s many illnesses and surgeries.

  58. I am the only female in a male hockey league. It’s a great accomplishment to go out there every week… and an even more awesome accomplishment when I was leading the league in points ;-) Not bad for a girl!

  59. Book Title – Wrong Turns to the Right Place
    It would be a memoir. I took the scenic route and sometimes the wrong way in life to get where I am – content and happy in my own skin and choosy about who is around, blessed with love.

  60. Hi Anya,
    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! Here are my answers to your questions starting with number one :

    1. I would call the book : Love Endures and it would be about a woman who is always wants love but doesn’t think she is worthy of love! Sheone day runs Into a guy who makes her feel worthy and she begins to step out on the faith of love for the first time! Realizing that love has more to do with it than thinking she isnt worthy!

    2.The scariest thing to me was flying an airplane !

    3.i am proud to be a graduate!

  61. Actually, although I have written quite a few fantasy/sci fi romance type short stories – the book – or one of the main ones I want to write would be about soulmates. I want to travel the US – or maybe the world and talk to soulmates. Find out if they both knew before through dreams and knowledge – like my best friend who happens to just know things anyway…that there is no way to just know. She is with the man she dreamed about since very young…the one she wrote letters to and the one – although he was far away in another state – and for years not born (as he is younger then her) the one she named to her mother as the one she would marry. This is the woman who chatted about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan two weeks before. And other things that unfold as time passes. The one who will tell the person fixing her fence about his grandfather that just died recently and give him specific details so he know she is really in contact …

    one who told her home remodeler, Ronny about her best friend Amy who is his soulmate – and born close together as it turns out – in a yankee state…not southern where we both ended up – that he has seen them together. She didn’t mention that she had named him to me years ago – when i was wrapped up in an abusive marraige and about to go into surgery for tumours. Long before she knew he was here in Corpus Christi….fairlly close to her – and now to me as I left my husband and wanted to be near the public montessori – which is closer to his house then my own apartment…and turned out to be close to my best friend as well. I don’t drive and have no sense of direction lol

    So I think I will start mine if something unfolds…she didn’t tell him she saw us spending every lifetime before together – or most – doesn’t always happen – there are different kinds and levels of soulmates and life between life….I’ve only met him once – with my best friend and her husband – after i had just asked his dad in law’s name – who it turned out – is her hubby’s boss and there he was….and just likea book – I swear the world faded around him – so it was black and white and him the only thing of colour. He saw Maria and gave her a big hug – his wife watched curiously as this is not usual behaviour I would guess for someone her husband just did some remodeling for – he’s my soulmate though and like people in her life and myself – they are connected. They did something they never did – didn’t introduce me – thinking it would be awkward….He shot glances over at me and I watched him twirl his hair nervously…we matched – both dressed in bohemian style his wife was beautiful and tiny and much more of the elegant sort. Not artsy. I would step between two people – even though to me its like a movie where someone is in love and gets amnesia – and is married or promised and very much in love with someone else….but doesn’t know and marries someone else. The connection may be deeper and kind of a first dibs thing but the ethics are gray. so if they fall apart on their own which maria sees happening he will give her a call or show up or fate will have him run into me – at just the right time. I have just left an abusive relationship and not ready to give myself to someone else until I am fully independent and healed – even a soulmate. So my book will start there…maybe with just the idea and I will go and interview people – this is how I see it while my own story unfolds.

  62. If I were to write a book,I would call it “Come Hell or High Water,it would be about my life …and my greatest fear and challenges I faced was being primary caregiver for my Mom as she battled her lung cancer,I did this for 7 yrs before she passed in 2009,and the patience I had to learn to do this for her,and the day she passed,I became caregiver for my Dad til he passed in 2010…I loved them and was able to spend more time with them, as I had worked since I was 16.. my greatest accomplishment was to be able to go back to work and be able to stand on my own again,which for a while I didn’t think it would happen after not working for 81/2 years… hopefully life continues to get better from here on out…

  63. I’m most proud of giving several lectures at conferences, because public speaking TERRIFIES ME

  64. If i wrote a book it would be about werewolves. It would have mpreg and lots of hot sexy men. I would call it Shifters Surprise.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  65. there are other things I would find out about of course – did you pray for eachother…were you married at the time…what does one do when faced with a comfortable marraige – with someone not a soulmate but comfortable – not volitile or like in my case – abusive …and you meet soulmate – do you wait for the next life? I would find out if they had like twin souls are purported to – a lot of challenges – like one not being able to take the intensity and backing away or creating drama – etc…so many questions to find the common threads but also to root out the unique stories

  66. My accomplishments and scariest thing are the same – they are my children. Being a mother. Having my heart explode with a love a had never known or experienced all the sudden. Even now at their age (college and high school) – I am in awe. They are my heart walking outside of my body – that is crazy and scary, and every day I work hard to be the best parent, sometimes it is the worst job- jailor, cleaner, chef, chauffeur, banker, etc – especially the moral compass – but they are my greatest accomplishment because they will become their own accomplishment- I am just a proud piece of the circle.

  67. 1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

    I would probably write about shifters, either big cats or dragons, I have no idea about a title though.

    2.) What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done? Giving birth, definitely.

    3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of? I am proudest of my daughter. It took me 14 years to get pregnant and she has been worth all of it.

  68. 1.) I am currently working on a WIP called Murder and Fries. A cozy mystery about a girl who manages her parents’ restaurant and stumbles upon the murder of the restaurant’s chef.

    2.) Taking a trip by myself by train to see my best friend. Something most people don’t think twice about but with my anxiety issues things like that can be an ordeal.

    3.) I’m most proud of my children…I haven’t accomplished much in my life BUT I do have great kids and stepkids.

  69. What I am most proud of is having the courage to take on raising my beautiful granddaughter. The thought of raising another child has been frightening. And to find out she is special needs as well….

  70. The scariest thing I have ever done…have children. They are also my biggest accomplishments. What a blessed life!

  71. Very proud of learning how to sew and quilt.

  72. The accomplishment I am the most proud of right now is staying married for over 17 years, 4 years (including 2 months after we got married) of those while my husband was deployed/stationed overseas in combat zones, and dealing with all the emotional aftermath of those deployments and his identity crisis when he retired after 20+ years in the military. The last 14 months have been absolutely hellacious and it would have been so much easier just to walk away…but we stuck it out together and I’m proud to say that we are closer now than ever before.

  73. One of the scariest things I’ve done was get a tattoo, because I hate needles. Plus, I didn’t think my parents would be too happy. However, I love it, and am looking forward to getting another. :)

  74. I think my best accomplishment was teaching my three children (now adults) to know and be themselves. I am happy to say that I didn’t have to teach them to be loving, generous, supportive people–they just are. I was more concerned that they find inner happiness than to be monetarily successful so that they would be content within themselves never wishing they had done something differently.

  75. #3 my proudest accomplishment was that I went back to school at the age of 45 and graduated 2 years later . I got my degree, I passed my state license test and proved to myself that I could accomplish anything I put my mind too.

  76. I would have to say my greatest accomplishment would be raising my boys. It’s not easy raising a child on the spectrum and not run out of the house screaming. lol But I think I’m doing pretty good if I do say so myself.

  77. Scariest thing I have done is bungee jumping!

  78. One of the scariest things I’ve ever done.. Changing my life around and deciding to become a better person. It was drastic and needed. I was on a downward spiral. But after having my daughter I decided to change for her, for me. It was scary because I was raised to be the way I have been. So it wasn’t easy, but the best thing I’ve ever done.
    Thank you for the chance !!

    stamper_sierra [at] yahoo [dot] com

  79. I am most proud of the fact that at 65 I am starting a new job, and have moved closer to my grandkids. New chapter of my life. Exciting.

  80. I am not a creative person so I wouldn’t attempt to write a book. My proudest accomplishments are my children. They are the absolute best!

  81. I have been a regular volunteer in church for over fifty years. I have served on committies, and taught Sunday School for many years. I have been the church pianist/organist for over fifty years. There is no pay, but the retirement benefits are out of this world.

  82. The most scarying thing? Buying a house *nods* But still, it´s the one thing I´m really proud of doing, as well LOL
    If I wrote a book, I´d name it Smutty fluff and fill it with lots of short, smutty reads. *nods* All with a HEA, of course.
    Happy Friday!

  83. Anya – I’m so sorry to hear about all that you’ve gone through!!! You sound like such a strong person and I’m sure that you’re sounded by awesome people. I’ve loved your books for like forever now and I’m definitely looking forward to your newest release! Even though I don’t feel like I did any of the “heavy” lifting, I give my mom and my doctors most of the credit, I’m proud that I too, survived a cancer diagnosis. I had a rare form of leukemia and the treatment is even harsher than “normal”. Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you and your family!

  84. The scariest thing I ever did was leaving my abusive husband and stealing my own car back from the parking lot at his job site. Never looked back and never spoke to him or saw him again. This was back in the 1980s.

  85. Scariest thing I ever did was buy a plane ticket and actually get on and fly somewhere. I am very terrified of flying.
    I am most proud of the fact that at age 67 with physical limitations I went on a cruise and went swimming with the dolphins. I completed everything just like everyone else. Many firsts and I DID IT!

  86. I am most proud of my children.

  87. Tobacco Christmas (title is explained in the story). It’s a love story and a woman’s journey. 3/4 done.

    rappelled off the side of a building

    my three sons

  88. proud of graduating from college

  89. The scariest thing I have ever done is quit my job as an Oncology RN to be a stay at home mom. It is also the most amazing, frustrating and wonderful thing I have ever done:) 2 years in and I have finally realized that I don’t have to justify it to anyone; it is my choice and works for me.

    I am so happy to “hear” from you and to know that you are doing well and on your way to recovery! May this be the first of many new books:)

  90. Well done on coming through the operation and scary ordeal. I hope you are completely well soon and get back to writing in your own time.
    Dining Out Around The Solar System. An alternative future look at London. Published independently – one of the scariest things to do!
    Also one I am very proud of, although just being self-employed for years and buying my own home gradually (now with my husband) has to be my strongest achievement.

  91. First, I hope you are feeling better and we are happy you have felt good enough to give us another story.

    Second, I am most proud of my children. They are an awesome bunch, even if they drive me nuts sometimes ;)

  92. I’m glad you’re feeling better. My thoughts are with you while you recover.

    One of the scariest things I’ve done is the first time I went to Six Flags Great Adventure. I was maybe 10 but probably younger and my best friend’s brother and fiance convinced us to do that huge drop. It was exhilarating, but because I had never done anything like that before, it was so incredibly scary.

  93. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is going back to school to get my degree and raising my kids alone. They are my whole world and without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.

  94. I am most proud of the strong twin daughters I raised. One is a street cop in a really scary city-surprises people -almost 6′, thin & looks like a model..lol – and she has raised a strong son with great values! Her twin is an accountant for a tele com company- she is incredibly strong -her son, now 17 has been battling cancer since just before he turned 7. it has been a hard road and she and he remain so positive it helps the rest of us! I am so proud of all of their values and strengths and like to believe the all came from me, ha!

  95. I’m most proud of completing college and obtaining my nursing license when I was 20 years old. I had promised my grandmother when I was 4 that I was going to be a nurse and she would never have to go to a nursing home. I fulfilled and upheld that promise. When both my grandmother’s passed away this year, I can honestly say that they were both able to stay at home where they wanted to be before they passed away.

  96. This goes back a lot of years, but one of the scariest things I have ever done (and I didn’t even think of it until I was in the middle of it!) was taking a cross country trip by myself, for the very first time, in the middle of January to enter Officer’s Indoctrination for the Navy right after accompanying my mother to watch Psycho. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been for the fact that New York was having a VERY hard winter, and I ended up staying in some motels that were maybe a little less upscale! More than 50 years later, I can laugh about it now, but some of those nights were a little worrisome, especially in the shower!

  97. One of the scariest things I have ever done?
    So glad your back, and I hope you are doing much better! Stay strong!

    Probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done is drive on the turnpike for the first time! It really nerves me! But I’ve gotten better at staying calm, thank goodness!

    If I ever wrote a book it would be like your books! It would most likely be about witches, and defiantly a romance! I don’t know what I would call it though! That’s a lot of thought to put into a title!

  98. Scariest thing was bungee jumping tied with my husband and brother-in-law. It was exciting scary and so much fun.

  99. 3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of? I am most proud of my accomplishment to serve… yes sounds odd but I came from an abused home. After growing up in several different foster homes and finally on my own I was able to stay drug and alcohol. I watched so many children turn to drugs and alcohol, my siblings included. I found taking charge of my own life and excepting what had happened to to me as a child doesn’t have to keep happening to me as a grown up. I am proud to say I have two teenage daughters and a husband who loves me and would NEVER treat our kids the way I was treated as a child. I have everything my birth parents never had. A family/husband that loves me and child that respect me, what more could a girl ask for.

  100. I think I would write a book about just an average guy and the girl next door falling in love but i’d call it The Boy On the Lawnmower. The scariest thing I’ve done is a ride at Six Flags over Georgia…it was like a zero gravity type fall..and my most proud accomplishment was getting my masters degree. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  101. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is raising two wonderful children. They are hard workers, kind and honest. When you are a young mother you wonder if you are doing things right. Now that they are grown I can say “yes, I did a good job”. Raising good children is the most rewarding job a mother can have.

  102. Glad you’re on the mend – look forward to the book.

  103. I’m proud of the way my Daughter and son grew up to be a good Father and Mother worked hard by getting their Master degrees hold down full time jobs and be there for their family..

  104. I would write a Children’s Book about my dog LiLi, who I rescued from the Humane society. She fills my heart with love every day. Dogs from the pound are grateful from the time you look at them, until you give them a forever home, filled with love.

  105. My book would be about witches and I would call it THE KITCHEN WITCH. It would be about a witch that bakes with spells and makes people happy healthy. Whatever they need at the time that they see her. My accomplishment, is my children. I feel proud every time I see them being gentleman. Praying for your health—Rae

  106. 8) I am proud of myself that I can be a caregiver to my elderly father and be a source for him to rely on me and not be scared to do it on my own, even though this time in my life is not the greatest and I am encountering many different difficulties and sometimes I feel all alone!!

  107. Well, I think the scariest thing I’ve done is the same as the thing I am most proud of…being a mom. Sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. Everyday is filled with terrifying, gratifying, satisfying moments that are impactful in myriad ways. Sometimes the simplest things hold the most truth and that is what I have found with motherhood…equal parts sheer terror and exquisite love. Thanks for this great contest and it’s good to hear you are re-emerging from your battle with strength and generosity. Best of luck to you…

  108. 8) I find pride in the fact that when I was in High School I won a scholastic award for water colors. The award included a class at our local museum of art. I no longer do water colors. Eventually my favorite media ended up being in pen & ink and pencil. I find I like the detail. Water color isn’t very detailed.

  109. Been writing for more than half my life now. Hope to get published one day. My current project is tentatively called RuneBound

  110. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is raising two great kids! They’re grown now and living wonderful, productive lives. :)

  111. I am most proud of my horse and my relationship with him. I had always wanted a horse, and finally brought him home when I was 27. But he was rescued after being abused and abandoned. It took a while to earn his trust, and even longer to start working together well enough to anticipate each other. I have always responded to him with gentleness and patience, even while making it clear that a certain action is unacceptable. After a year and a half, we started training for Mounted Games, Mounted Archery, and Jousting.

  112. 1. I would call it The life and times of my best friend and I. It would be about the carzy experiences my best friend and i have had through life, including running away to a different country.
    2. The scariest thing i have ever done is get lost in Chicago.
    3. I am most proud of my 3 kids.

  113. The scariest thing I ever did was jump out of an airplane at 13,000 feet. I’m deathly afraid of heights (won’t even go to the top of the Stratosphere in Vegas) but I let my co-workers talk me into it when we were there to watch on of them do it for his birthday. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I don’t think I would do it again but I’m glad I can say I did it!

  114. Answer to question 3: I’d say the accomplishment I am most proud of are my kids! While they do test me, allot LOL!, they are good kids, funny and smart! I haven’t done much in my life, but having them is my best/greatest accomplisment!

  115. I am most proud of my daughter’s. They are wonderful girls . If I wrote a book it would be a love story… Maybe Paranormal.. called Mate Of Mine. And the most scary thing would be riding a glass elevator.. I don’t like elevators.
    Happy you are doing well…many prayers and positive vibes coming your way !


  116. The accomplishment that I am most proud of is my rescue work. I’ve rescued kittens, birds, lots and lots of dogs, rabbits, and even a lizard. It isn’t easy but it is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. Especially when the pet parents send me pictures of their rescue baby.

  117. The scariest thing I did was scuba diving since I had almost drowned twice so had to over come that fear.

  118. Proudest thing:
    Helping my best friend raise 3 wonderful children after their father died 14 years ago.

  119. I have three grown children who are wonderful and responsible adults. Two sons are married, have children and have great careers – one a draftsman for the city in which we live, the other an architectural engineer. My daughter is a single mom to a 14 year old with juvenile diabetes and she is a terrific mom who is an assistant to the director of finance at her company. I like to believe that we as their parents had a little something to do with that.

  120. I am most proud of my family. My children are all grown, working, and either working on bachelor’s or master’s degrees (I never got either). My husband, who is also my best friend and the love of my life, has always been supportive of anything I’ve wanted to do, and never critical. I am one blessed woman.

  121. Glad you are doing better now Anya. It is a complete understatement to say cancer is never easy. Wishing you the best of luck in no recurrences.

    I loved the excerpt in your newsletter very intense!

    As for what accomplishments I’m most proud of: my two children. They are now in college and have turned out pretty well. They are not perfect by any means, but they are intelligent, well rounded young adults with a lot of common sense. I was a stay at home mom and like to think I helped influence them a bit. At the very least I can say I donated help their DNA and gave birth to them so I did play a part in their existence. ;-D

  122. Proudest accomplishment was raising two wonderful children who are now 22 and 19. I love them very much. :-D

  123. First I would like to say I am glad to hear about your recovery! My current greatest accomplishment I am proud of is that I just graduated from Nursing school.

  124. The book I’m currently working on is called Sanea’s Triumph and it’s about a tribe of Skinwalkers facing extermination by an evil man and his followers, and a young girl with powerful magic who has been chosen by the Great Spirit to save her people.

  125. I love your books and so happy that you have this book finished

  126. My favorite accomplishment is graduating college in the timeframe I wanted. Although I wish I could’ve done more, I had a set timeline in my head and I stuck to it, even through all the tough times I had dealt with during that time.

  127. In ’92 my ob/gyn found a solid mass above my navel and told me I had to have an ultrasound. It took me a while to get it done because my bosses didn’t want me to take more time off. Finally, I put my foot down and went. A cabbage ball sized mass was found and they immediately sent the results to my doctor. I walked over immediately and waited to talk to him between patients. He had not seen the results yet but was PO’d I had waited so long. I had memorized the dimensions and info as soon as I heard it, so I repeated it to him. This was a Thursday. He told me he would have me in an operating room by Tuesday even if they had to “bump someone.” The last thing he said before turning his back on me was “Let’s just hope it’s not cancer.”
    I am poly-cystic and my Mom had cervical cancer at 21. That week was the scariest of my life. I thought the wait would kill me.
    But everything turned out ok. My saving grace was my husband of less than a year who survived that baptism of fire and is still with me today.

  128. Scariest thing? Probably filing for divorce. I have a daughter and special needs son, and my ex-has anger management issues. I didn’t even mention what I was doing to him until he got served with the papers because I was afraid he’d try to keep the kids when he went to visit his family with them. And, we didn’t tell the kids until it was final because I wasn’t sure how badly my son would react to the news.

    Almost 3 yrs after it was final things still aren’t completely “normal”, but I’m happier and feel my kids are in a better situation overall. Yes, money is tight, and no, I don’t always have as much time to spend with them as I’d like, but I make sure when we are together that it counts as much as I am able to make it count.

  129. 2.) What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

    Walking out on a drainpipe over a body of water. Had no idea how deep the water was and can’t swim. I was young and someone dared me. . . . As I was turning around to walk back I slipped and fell in.

  130. I’m most proud of the 25-year career I had as a freelance court reporter, before I had to file for disability. It’s a profession many don’t hear/think about and of those who do, only a quarter actually finish school and even work all that long in the field. It’s lucrative, but it’s also quite difficult – phonetically taking sworn testimony to produce an accurate transcript for the court. So much more than you’d think goes into it before that end product. It was a terrific ride, and I’d do it all over again if I could.

  131. It is wonderful to see you back online Anya! :-D
    The scariest thing I ever did… being on my own…

  132. I’ve never thought about writing a book, so I don’t know what title I’d choose. Knowing me, probably something snarky.
    Scariest thing I’ve ever done was assist an animal trainer walk an adult tiger through a HS gym during a full assembly. It’s one thing to risk myself working with the animals, a whole ‘nother thing risking others.
    Proudest accomplishment, being considered so competent on my job that 1.5 years after leaving, they were still calling and asking me questions on details of when I worked there (and not because I got it wrong ;-)

  133. Writing a book? Well I tried to write a fantasy about a guy called Jaxom which had the working title of Jaxom’s Adventure (if I remember correctly) and it was awful.
    My proudest achievement is to have raised five wonderful children to be responsible and loving adults.
    My scariest thing is living without my life mate since his death last year. I always thought he’d be by my side until we both left this world but now I have to cope alone and it’s very scary.

  134. The scariest thing I have ever done was to go on my husband’s journey with cancer for 1-1/2 years, the ups and downs, and finally becoming a widow.

  135. 1.) I’m actually already writing a book. Well, a trilogy. The names of the first two are still up in the air, but the third is Amethyst Awakening. It’s about a woman who’s possessed by a symbiote–not an alien symbiote, one that’s existed on Earth for millenia–and has to learn to control it, the abilities that come with it, and the enemies that want to destroy it. Along the way, she discovers others like her–there are less than fifty with symbiotes left–and falls in love with one of them. There’s shifter elements as well, as each symbiote has the ability to turn their host into one creature. I have NO idea when I’ll finish it. x.x; (By the way: the reasoning behind the title is that purple is the symbiote’s color…the stronger the symbiote, the more purple the eyes of the host in their native form, and the more purple that is on their animal form. The main character’s animal form is strongly purple-hued.)

    2.) Scariest thing I’ve ever done would have to be moving to Utah on a whim, following a friend who lived there, and had been visiting me in Missouri. Overall, it turned out to be a wonderful decision, but without a definite place to stay, or any type of job, it was most assuredly a terrifying experience.

    3.) The accomplishment I’m most proud of would have to be the creation of my tabletop role-playing game. I’ve spent…a very long time on this thing–more than twenty years–and poured so much of myself into it I sometimes feel it’s more me than I am, and I feel kinda hollow. I might be getting it published within the next year–I’m tentatively talking to a couple people about it–and it’s both completely petrifying and extremely gratifying to know someone’s interested in publishing it for me. It would be out of my hands, but it would be made public, and…I just cannot wrap my mind around that just yet. @_@

  136. The scariest thing I have ever done was Zip lining in a Costa Rican jungle.

  137. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is, as a single mother, raising my three children to be caring and successful adults.

  138. Scariest? It’s a tie between going to a foreign country alone and public speaking… each scary in it’s own way :D

    PS: I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. I missed your books, you are an amazing writer.

  139. The scariest thing I have ever done was become an “exotic dancer” or stripper if you prefer lol. I was completely broke and my sister had thrown me out because her boyfriend didn’t like me. I had no money and my friend who happened to be an exotic dancer told me she would show me how. All those men staring at me the first time I swear I was in terror mode. All my clothes came off my first song and I had 2 more to finish dancing too. Lets just say it was not my most stellar move in life.

  140. The scariest thing I’ve done was to quit my job before having another lined up.

  141. I’m proud of the published writing (fiction) I’ve done. Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. If I were to write a book….Actually I’ve started one so many times. I married a man 20 yrs my senior (not for everyone, but if you knew him, you’d understand), and we’ve been married for 21 years now. 10 years into our life together, I almost lost him in a horrific way that has changed our lives completely.
    We have a story to tell and it’s a great love story that we’d like to share, but somewhere along the way it gets so heart breaking it’s hard to figure out how to put down on paper.
    So, if I were to ever write a book, it would be about a love that is so great and so consuming it’s almost like a fairy tale.
    Unbelievable I know, but true.
    And Anya, I’m so sorry to hear of your struggles, I’ve lost a sister-in-law to that nasty disease. I am so happy that you were strong enough to fight and say…F*ck you cancer. So happy you’re on the mend.

  143. The scariest thing I ever did was to divorce my husband after 19 years together. I was afraid to be on my own and raise my daughter. When I realized I was doing it all alone while being married, I told him I wanted out. I’m happily single and he’s on wife #3.
    Hope you are feeling much better.

  144. 1. i did write a book.Nonfiction. Called Angels of hope and peace. No one was interested.

    2. When we were stationed in Bangkok, Thailand orver 30 years ago, I sat on a Water Buffalo for a picture. That was pretty scarry.

    3. I’m happy to say that I raised 2 boys who are nice young men now. I also figured out how to put my music from practices and things I sang at on a CD for friends. Can’t do it now because I have no sound on my computer yet.

  145. My proudest accomplishment is having both my kids, both 9 lbs 8 oz, naturally with no epidural.

  146. I thing the scariest thing I have ever done is fly! I have vertigo and heights freaking terrify me!! It took my ex husband a bit of work and a lot of running (I saw the plane from the windows of the lounge n left!) but I did get on the plane. I could do it again if I HAD to but would rather not beard that dragon again!

  147. I am most proud of being a wife, mom to 3 and a cancer survivor. Nothing earth shattering, but they all mean the world to me.

  148. Skydiving! Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. One of the scariest things I’ve ever done is rapelling down mountains. I’m terrified of heights, but made myself learn how to do this & have done it a few times.

  150. My greatest accomplishment is my daughter. I went into premature ovulation in my early 20’s. got married ,tried for children,found out could not have kids. Got eggs from sister,sperm from hubby,2 IVF treatments later got pregnant.She is now 22 and a joy.goes to college,works full time,lives on her own,which mama not too happy about,saves her money. She is spoiled but the good kind of spoilt.She will help out anyone who needs it but will not be taken advantage of.I think god everyday for my miracle baby and my sister also for giving me my lifetime dream of being a mama.

  151. An accomplishment I’m most proud of is having one of my poems I wrote in highschool published. I was not only shocked but excited and of course my family bought their own books to show their support. Thank you for this chance :)

  152. Walking away from my job so I could be my mother’s health care advocate. The six months were stressful, but I have some lovely memories.

  153. 1. The Path to my Alpha
    About struggles, adventure, passion and love for her shifter mate.
    2. Starting a new job

    3. Raising 3 boys, being married 31 years, and being the best grandma to my 4 grandsons.

  154. Scariest thing? For me that would be getting up the nerve to actually attend an RT Convention a few years ago. Why would that be scary? Because I have a “thing” about crowds, but I did it and had fun.

  155. The scariest thing I have ever done was go through Cancer. I had breast cancer in 2010 and also now. I am going through chemo now and had a mastectomy . I had chemo, radiation and lumpectomy in 2010 also. This is scary for me because I have the BRCA Gene and now my daughter has had the BRCA Gene test and she is positive. So far they have not found anything and I Do Not want her to go through Cancer.

  156. I am most proud of my two amazing sons. They are not perfect in any way, but they are caring and loving men who will help other people in any way that they can and don’t expect anything in return.

  157. I am most proud of my master’s degree in business. I was married, mother of two young children, working, and attending post-graduate school. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it!

  158. Most proud of my kids!!

  159. I’d write about a family run winery along the Lake Michigan coastline, so many great places to tie into the storyline. Ski lodges, boating, restaurants, historical sights

  160. Welcome Back. I have read a lot of your books and enjoyed them.
    If I were to write a book, it would have to be a story with twins in it since I am one myself. I could write with competence about the trials and tribulations of being a twin. Of course, it would also have a tall, dark and handsome…..(you get the idea0

  161. The scariest thing I’ve ever done was sky diving. For my 30th birthday I made a resolution that I would do something that scares me or that’s on my bucket list every year for my Birthday. For 30 it was sky diving and 31 was deep sea snorkeling.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. :-D

  162. Scariest thing I ever did was a tandem parachute jump on my 35th birthday.

  163. One of the scariest things I’ve ever done is driving a stock car at Daytona International Speedway.

  164. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is getting my Master’s Degree. I’m a single mom and have been for about 7 years now, and I work full time. So I knew doing school full time on top of that would be difficult. But I made it through and have been very proud of myself for it.

  165. The accomplishment that I am most proud of is completing my master’s thesis. It required thinking up a good project, doing a lot of field work, doing a lot of laboratory work, and then the hardest part was writing the thesis.

  166. My scariest opportunity was bungie jumping. But watching my hubby almost fall off a roof last year I think scared me worse.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Congrats on being back in action, Anya!

  167. My best accomplishment is my precious family; my hubby of 21 years and our 6 children and 1 grandson :)
    Happy Halloween

  168. Scariest is difficult to choose but all medically related, complicated pregnancy with my daughter and ovarian cancer diagnosis @ 34 incl. multiple surgeries, complications & chemo. :(

    Accomplishment would be getting my Assoc. Degree at 45 with a 4.0 GPA. :D

    Thanks for the giveaway and ROCK ON SURVIVOR!

  169. My political recall.
    Study law

  170. I have a book written and it is a love at first sight contemporary… with a bit of suspense thrown in. I have not yet gotten the guts to send to a publisher. Maybe that will be the bravest thing I have ever done … when I do it.

  171. The mosy scarest thing I ever did was I started to drive a car when I was 44 years old I was tought by 16 year old daughter and I did it I was proud of myself and her she had the right touch

  172. I wrote a book called ” NEO ” that I sent to a publisher in Canada. The publisher rejected the book, returning it. My only, older sister, called Denise, read my book, praising the story after finishing reading the story about a terrorist called Diana, who wanted a new economic order (NEO) in her country.

  173. My greatest accomplishment is my daughter! She’s beautiful both inside and out ~ She and I have been a team & been through some rough times, but she’ll be 22 this month and I’m so proud of the awesome young lady she’s become. “It Takes A Village” to raise someone as lovely and wonderful as she is, but I still swell with pride every time I look at her, like I did all myself!

  174. 1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

    Well the book I really want to write might possibly maybe be about this person/spirit/entity/soul that judges & is responsible for testing humans on the last day of their lives on whether they deserve to go to heaven or hell. Twist is that the “it” is not aware of that task while “in” the person. It’s only when they die that “it” is released to pronounce it’s judgement and is self aware. If I were to add a romantic turn to the plot “it” would become self aware while in a person and fall in love with them for who they are, the good the bad and everything in between.

    Not actually sure this could be a book. Depending on how long “it” is in the peoples bodies a potential title is “In the life of one day”. Alternatively “Lives of others” would work too

  175. What is the scariest thing I have ever done?
    When I was younger, & decidely dumber, on a dare crossed the Mo River in KC, Mo over an I-beam that was going to be part of I-435. A couple of other brave souls were supposed to go but they chickened out abt 3yds out I didn’t. Thank God it was dark & didn’t see how far down the river was under me. I made it across & back w/out incident. I think over it now the road is finished & think God & his angels were really watching over me that night!

  176. What I am most proud of is two fold. I am proud of my wonderful daughter who I raised as a single parent and did a pretty good job of it plus she gave me a beautiful granddaughter too. The second is returning to college and getting my degree. :-D

  177. Hi Anya!

    Glad you are back and feeling better, my prayers and thoughts have been with you!

    Capturing Caroline sounds great and I can’t wait to read it!

    If I was going to write a book, the one I have in mind is about a young woman who has no idea the paranormal exists accidentally stumbles into the middle of a shifter battle between 4 different clans and get bite by one of each and when she survives the council steps in to decide which clan gets her but it won’t be as easy as that.

    Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  178. So glad you are back with us, it’s been a long time
    1) will never write a book, just a reader.
    2) Scariest??? Getting married
    3) 2 of the best chidren anyone can ever have!

  179. The accomplishment I am most proud of is getting my bachelor degree and getting my first teaching job! :)

  180. I am most proud of serving my country in the US Army. That is also one of my scariest things. Not because I saw any action or anything. But being a female in the Army in the mid seventies – that could be scary.

  181. I have the premise for a book/series. Some scenes that continue to play out in my head and a few characters that have not left me alone for some time now. Not sure if I would consider it PNR or UF. Guess it would depend on how much romance there was ;)

    Don’t have a title for it since it is the barest of an idea. Perhaps one day the rest will come together for me.

  182. I’m most proud of having my two boys because it took medical assistance to happen.

  183. First let me say,it was wonderful to hear you are well now. You were missed.

    The most frightening thing I have ever done was standing up and speaking at my grandmothers funeral. Between my innate shyness ans the emotional impact, I was terrified I would not be able to honor her properly.

  184. I think I’m most proud of the life that I’ve lived to date, married my HS sweetheart, had a beautiful daughter. We raised her while both working full time. I’m proud of her accomplishments, which include Master degrees and is teaching school.
    I’ve thought of writing a book over the years, no title, but it would be a romantic urban fantasy with a bit of a mystery. :)
    ~ Capturing Caroline sounds like a great read. Thanks for the pre-order info.

  185. scariest thing i have ever done is probably repelling down the side of an office building while I was an EMT to provide first aid to a window washer who had a heart attack.

  186. Scariest..talking in front of a crowd.

  187. I am most proud of my 3 beautiful girls that are growing up to be wonderful young ladies. God has blessed me so much!

  188. Hmmmm, scariest thing….I suppose it was pulling up my big girl panties and leaving a mentally draining relationship and moving on with my life. That may not sound scary to most however it would have been the first time I actually stood on my own. That was many years ago and I’ve made many life-changing decisions over the years. I couldn’t have done it without that first step. SO glad you are feeling better! Good health to you from now on!

  189. I’m so glad you’re doing better.

    I think the scariest thing I ever did was when I became pregnant for a second time after my first child was stillborn. We didn’t know what had happened when Katie was stillborn and I was terrified that it would happen again. Kelly was born in March of 1979 and is a beautiful and smart woman. She definitely has the brains of the family.

  190. If I had the talent to write a book instead of being an avid reader ,I would title it Jacqueline ‘ s choice after my beautiful daughter.

  191. I am most proud of my son. He is 14 now and is growing up into such a fine young man. Time is flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital.

  192. one of the scariest things I’ve done is also one of the best — buying a house on my own. going into such debt after several years of working so hard to get out of debt and build a little savings was scary, but having a place of my own is great

  193. The SCARIEST thing I have ever done was sit on a bus for 18 hours to meet someone I had only talked to over the phone and email! They were one of my closest friends for years but we never met in person. Took a Greyhound from San Francisco to Portland.. Long story short it was worth it, we got married in the end. 8)

  194. Scariest thing in my life happened last night. I ended up driving dark country roads in the middle of a horrific thunderstorm with no safe place to pull over and stop. Beyond heavy rain, hail, 60mph winds, and tons of lightning – including a few that hit too close for comfort. Thunderstorms are fun to watch from the safety of the house – don’t ever want to drive in one like that again.

  195. Thank you for the chance of winning!

    1. I actually writing my very first story, still early chapters, because I’m a snail-slow writer. It’s a romance, NA, with a chubby heroine and popular (plus annoying and arrogant) Hero. Cliche, I know, but I don’t really care. I’m planning to call it Frienemy. What do you think? I have never read a good NA story about chubby (not just ‘curvy’) heroine and my mum said to me, “write what you want to read”. So, I hope it’s gonna finish soon. I doubt it, though.

    2. When I forgot to do my homework and face the teacher tomorrow. Trust me, I have a very veeeeery flat life and I’m a good girl too. So forgetting homework and to explain the teacher why I forgot it was like the scariest moment in my entire adult life.

    3. My greatest accomplishment is when I got accepted in this famous university in my country. I doubt myself a lot and I know that even my mum had her doubt too. But I got in and I can’t believe it. I guess it’s true that ‘if you never try, you’ll never know’. Courtesy by Coldplay. :)

  196. I am proud of my kids and going back to work after raising them

  197. The scariest thing I did was parasailing even though I’m scared of heights.

  198. I’ve always wanted to write a PNR from the fairytale villainess’ point of view – similar to the newest Maleficent movie (which I thought was absolutely fabulous). I don’t have a title yet because I want it to be humerous too so it will have an almost ‘cozy’ mystery title plus I haven’t decided which character is ready for me to tell her side of the story yet…LOL!

  199. I’m most proud of going back to college and getting my degree. I graduated with a triple major, on the dean’s list, and as a member of the honor society. I was proud to show my kids that it is never to late to reach for the stars and accomplish your dreams.

  200. 8 years ago I grabbed my kids and left my abusive (now ex) husband. I left with only the clothes on our backs and $400. I’ve gone to college, gotten a degree and a good job that I’ve been working at for 5.5 years.

  201. I am terrified of leaving my home after dark and having a flat tire on a deserted road. My cell phone would have been left at home and my children would be crying along with me. I’d be a frazzled mess and my husband would be MIA.

  202. Title : Life with Lupus
    Over 190,000 women and about 500 men get lupus every year. It is a woman’s disease. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this disease.

  203. You ask “What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?” and immediately I flash back to July 7, 1985, the day I died! Due to poorly managed asthma and some other contributing factors, my breathing became more and more laboured until I could no longer get any oxygen into my body. Just as paramedics were coming down the road, I collapsed. I WAS DEAD. After several minutes, they were able to revive me though I spent nearly 3 weeks in a coma in critical condition. Doctors told my family it was unlikely I would survive and if I did, the lack of oxygen would cause severe mental damage. They were WRONG. I am in a wheelchair now but that is the only damage I suffered.
    You’re probably wondering why I consider this one of the scariest things I have done. It was not the dying part that was the scariest, it was the journey back. I had to relearn how to speak, feed myself, write, basically everything we learn as a child. Everything was in my head but my nerves and muscles had to be taught how to handle the information coming from my brain. It was a long, difficult journey and I feared daily that I would never again experience anything close to a “normal” life.

    On a side note, I am very sorry to hear about your health struggles. Your news hits very close to home as I lost my mother at the end of August after a 4 year battle with breast cancer. Stay tough, fight hard and live life like there’s no tomorrow! That’s one thing I was able to teach my Mom because we never know what life has in store for us. :)

  204. If I were to write a book, I would call it “The Technician” and it would be about a mild mannered behind the scenes tech worker that saves the world and vanquishes evil with nothing but a few keystrokes and mouse clicks all while dealing with hostile and incompetent co-workers and a sinister boss who will stop at nothing to destroy his life.


  206. What accomplishment are you most proud of? What I am proud of is, when I was 29 I had a back injury which left me paralized and the doctors told me I would never walk again, I worked hard to prove them wrong and I do walk, not the fastest but I am able to get around. I also raised my son on my own, took whatever jobs I could get or was able to do. Today at 52 I own my home- which I never though would ever happen but with lots of hard work and saving over the years we have our own home.

  207. Welcome back! and I hope things are going fine with you now.
    I can’t write anything but if I’m going to write a book, it will be a romance story about “gifted” humans and how they try to live/integrate with the normal humans. The book would be titled “Gifted”. See? No imagination! :o)

  208. I am very proud of my beautiful daughter. At 34 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through the surgery and treatments and afterwards changed her lifestyle so she would be there for her son. I am amazed at her strength in not letting cancer beat her.

  209. My greatest accomplishment was getting my college degree. It took forever and honestly, not many people thought I’d even get it…but I did; first one in my family.

    I hope everything is well with you know! Thank you for the giveaway!

  210. If I could write a book it would be about Dragons.

  211. Most proud of my two teenage sons and marriage of almost 24 years to my best friend. I am also proud of all my musical accomplishments in High school, and that my children are following in my (and husbands) footsteps!

  212. 1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

    Well I”ve had ideas for several of them since Middle/High School. Called the Chronicles of Hartage: A Dreamer’s Adventure and be about a group of teenagers and folks who are the last remnants & Colony/descendants of King Arthur and his Court etc. One of the main places would be a Calvary/Military Academy and the training of the next leader (s) of the Riders and the wieldier of a Sword that can open gateways/portals amongst other things; Called Dreamer’s Sight.

    The main heroine’s a bookish fan of all things fantasy especially Arthurian legend. Who naturally has some to be discovered connections to the various cast. While dealing with not just the typical teenage things but navigating and learning to love this magical world hidden away from the larger world and help to protect it from the Dark forces that would try and take it over from within.

  213. One of the scariest things I’ve ever done is
    ride in the pace car at Iowa Speedway. The
    ride was part of a Nascar contest in which I was a finalist. One of my favorite drivers took us from 40 mph to 115 miles per hour in a matter of seconds! We circled the track for two laps at 115 mph !! I didn’t scream or cry, but I’m sure the seat cushion still retains my fingerprints, deeply embedded in it! I don’t think I breathed comfortably until he brought the car back to a stop!

  214. That thing I am most proud of is completing my Bachelors with a 3.96 GPA while working full-time and attending school full-time and receiving the Chancellors Award for Classified Service for the exceptional service I have provided to the students in the College at work at.

  215. I have started writing a book, Just Sex. Two people meet playing an online game and over the 3 years they play, they’ve also talked through chats.
    He’s single and younger, she’s married but not happy. They decide to meet up with no attachments, just sex.

  216. The scariest and hardest thing I had to do was rush to my 40 year old brother’s side when he was diagnosed with cancer. I’d been depressed to the point of rarely leaving the house for some time and yet I found myself in another country, having to take care of all the needs of my brother who became bed ridden and his elderly cat which I later learned also had cancer. The first time I stepped into my brother’s house I found debris all over the floors, the fallout from incomplete renovations which had resulted in a fire. So I was also tasked with the care of the house. My brother died a year later. A lot of things happened in that last year of my brother’s life that seem too private to share here.

  217. 1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?
    If I were to write a book it would probably be a fairy tale retelling, perhaps about Beauty and the Beast. Another option I might take would be a book about a witch. I have no idea what their titles would be though.

    3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of?
    I graduated from college in 4 years.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  218. I wish I could write about ghosts and other scary things that go bump in the night.
    Maybe call it , A Ghost in the basement. :-?

  219. The scariest thing I ever did was move 2000 miles away from home. Married only 3 years, we had been trying to have a baby. We gave up and decided to work on our careers which took us from Chicago to Phoenix. We quit our jobs and 1 week from moving day, I found out I was pregnant. Moving to a new state, a new job, no family and pregnant was the scariest thing I ever did. But everything worked out great and my greatest accomplishment was my two sons!

  220. I am most proud of finally paying off my house!!

  221. The scariest thing I’ve ever done was have surgery on my hip. I was perfectly happy to have major pain and be lopsided if I couldn’t be convinced that surgery would be helpful. It was and I no longer list to the right on a leg shortened by a degenerating hip.
    I was once asked what was I most frightened by as a child. Not the things that startle you because you weren’t expecting them, like insects or snakes or clowns. I couldn’t remember any. Some things make me nervous, but nothing caused deep fear, that I remember.

  222. I am proud of being a mom and wife to three of the most amazing people on the planet.lol

  223. I am a divorced mother of three and I put myself through college and graduate school! I also kept my family together by working and keeping a roof over our heads! It was hard work but through gods help we made it!

    I’m glad you are back!

  224. :lol: I am very happy that you are back writing and will continue to pray for you.
    The two most important things in my life are that I am with the same man for the last 30 years and our son, who is now a grown man.

  225. I have Cerebral Palsy. The thing that I am most proud of is working so hard to walk up the aisle at my 4 siblings weddings. In order to walk I have to use crutches and braces. It took me about 6 weeks of walking 3 times a week increasing the distance I walked each time to finally walk the 100 ft. up the aisle but I did it!

  226. 3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

    My children: I not only love my children , as you do, but I really, really like them too. I did a damn fine job, if I say so myself.

  227. First of all continued blessings as you courageously stand up fight against breast cancer, as unfortunately I have seen firsthand how devastating this can be to all involved!!! Congratulations on finishing your latest book as the excerpt sounds extremely intriguing & can’t wait to dive right in!!! Left a comment on another of your blog entries for the contest then realized afterwards that it was probably in the wrong place!!! My answer to your question though is unwavering, my greatest achievement of all by far hands down has to be being a single mother to two glorious teenagers!!! At the end of the day they make all life’s ups & downs worth it, wouldn’t trade it for anything!!! Thank you for the chance to win & good luck to all who enter!!!:)

  228. I hope you’re getting stronger every day. Thank you for sharing your very personal story with us. If I wrote a book it would be called Petunia and General and it would be about a girl and her adventures with her rescue cat.

  229. 1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about? – It would be a political thriller with some romance set in a fictional utopian society. The title would be ‘Drop by Drop’ which would have several meanings within the novel. Then I’m thinking about a prequel novel and a novelette set in the same world. I don’t want to think I’ll never write these, but currently I’m not skilled yet to make them as interesting in writing as I’m imagining them in my head.

    2.) What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done? – Jumping off a jumping board set a few meters high. It went against all my instincts to jump off from so high, but after the first time I went back for more:)

    3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of? – Redecorating my apartment: choosing different wallpapers for the rooms, kitchen and bathroom tiles, all new furniture items for the kitchen, etc etc, making them all match the color scheme for each room that I had to decide upon, even doing some of the work myself. I love the result:)

  230. 3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

    I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was 3 and I’m proud that I have been able to work for over 32 years now and have been married for 25. I’m proud to have not let my disability rule my life. Thanks for the contest and good luck to all!

  231. I’m most proud of raising my family. When all is said and done, it’s the only thing that really matters.

  232. I would write a dragon shifter and call it A Dragon Divided. I am most proud of marrying my best friend and celebrating 17 years of marriage.

  233. The scariest thing I’ve ever done is probably the one I’m also most proud of. I joined the US Army Reserves at 32 (almost 33). I made it through basic and 13 years of service including a tour on the Iraq border. It has changed me in many ways.

  234. The scariest thing I’ve ever done is gone skydiving. It wasn’t too bad when I did the tandem jump with the instructor but the first solo jump was a bit nerve racking. My chute was almost too big for me and I couldn’t loose altitude. There were thermals coming up off the nearby road that would lift me back up. Everyone was yelling at me to come down. LOL!!! Obviously I made it down just fine.

  235. I think the scariest thing I’ve ever done was get married. I mean it was scary and exciting but also perfect. We both decided that if we were getting married that it would only be this once, that we would do our best and work at it. It was pretty much an elopement and we had to get married during a break in our work schedule so we, and our witnesses, were in ACUs. It was scary then, but we’re still together 5 years later – good start I’d say.

  236. if i wrote a book I might call it, “Most Beloved”. It would be about lovers who missed their chances the first time, and are trying to take the 2nd chance.

  237. I will try to answer the first question : my title of book will be “the son of sun”. I have an epilogue but until now still have not continue it, your question just remind to try to write it someday :)

  238. The scariest thing I ever did was traveling by myself to Antarctica, I had never traveled far from home and I kept telling myself that it would be an adventure of a lifetime and it was so glad I got the nerve up to go.

  239. I finally started a Master’s Degree program in Library Science

  240. The accomplishment I am most proud of is my college degree, coming very soon!!

  241. 1) I have so many stories in my head but I am a reader not a writer so I will have to tell someone someday what is going on in my head and then they have to put it down in writing…
    2)I jumped out of a perfectly fine functioning plane strapped to a man I pretty much had met just 60 min before.
    3)The marriage to my husband and the following move from Germany to Australia (16000 km), settling down in a foreign country with a foreign language and they all drive on the left side of the road.
    :roll: :wink:

  242. I am currently writing several books, so question one is easy for me. One of them is called Forgotten Magic and is about a woman who has to remember her repressed magic in order to save her son from a modern-day sorcerer.

  243. I’ve thought about writing a book about my life but I’d have to sell it as fiction because no one would believe that it all happened to one person. I’d call it “To The Bitter End”

  244. The scariest thing ive done was admit I was have problems and ask for help.

  245. I’ll make mine short and sweet.
    I’m most proud of how I raised my little sister to be a strong and independent woman with a loving heart.

  246. Welcome back Anya! I’m so glad you’re doing better and are back with us. My prayers and thoughts have been with you. Thank you! for the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

    01. If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

    - I would call it, Beat the Fear Habit.
    - It would be a biography about Agoraphobics. To let others with this problem know they are not alone. That there is help and hope for a better way of life.

    02. What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

    - Stepping outside my home. It went against all my instincts. But after years of allowing my fears to confine me, inside my home, I finally took that first step.

    03. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

    - Taking that first step to find out what was wrong with me and getting the help I needed. :)

  247. The best thing I ever did in my life was become a mother. Of all the things I’ve accomplished in life, having my daughters is the most noteworthy to me.

  248. One of the scariest things I’ve ever done was – walk around at dusk in the basement of a real castle by the Rhein River and seeing a man come may way. No electricity, only the fading light through the “windows” (no glass, just openings to shoot out of). He appeared to not see me but I was nearly scared out of my mind!

  249. 1. my book would be called the Unknown
    2. the scariest thing i did was give birth to my daughter
    3. I’m most proud of being able to walk again after a brutal accident, it took 4 years and lots of surgeries and physical therapy but i proved the dr.’s wrong.

  250. The scariest experience I went through would be when I went skydiving. I’m semi afraid of heights and the feeling of anxiety with a mixture of excitement was overwhelming.
    Staring out of the doorway saying yes I’m going to jump off was intense and crazy. It was very scary

  251. The thing that I am most proud of is my granddaughter. Even though she is only 2 and has not accomplished anything worldly she is my shining light.
    I wish you well as you continue to recover.

  252. I would call my book “Alpha Geek Stitches”
    about a female IT technician that likes needllework computer gaming and cats

  253. My greatest accomplishment is my beautiful daughter. She was my miracle.

  254. Welcome back and overcoming all that you had to handle. I would have to go with my greatest accomplishment and that would be I have had RSD which is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy for 34 years and what it is is a nerve disease that has gone thru my entire body. I met a guy who lives in Iowa when I lived in Calif 11 years ago and moved away from my kids and 2 grandkids. It was the hardest decision I had to make but the way my life was going was not good at all. So he asked me to marry him and I did. So I now live in Iowa and see my kids and grandkids every 2 or so years mail them packages at least 2 a month and my kids were never that close to me as they got into things that they thought was right and I flipped about it. They are mid 30’s and 29 and they haven’t chged. Someday I hope they become the loving kids they used to be at 15 or less but since then it has been terrible .

  255. 1. I have an unfinished work in progress that I started in high school, that i have lost and found and rewritten and lost again. I am on the newest attempt at re-writing it. Its about a family legacy, a long lost rose and the curse that goes a long with it. Its a combination of beauty and the beast meets Barbies take on some of the classic fairy tales.

    2. I am most proud of my family encouraging me to go back to school which put me on the path I am on now to get my masters degree.

    3. The scariest thing I have ever done was over coming my fear of water and learning how to swim.

  256. My proudest accomplishment is starting my own business. I always loved antiques and vintage treasures, and it is such a pleasure to work with them every day … especially putting them in the hands of people who also will enjoy them.

  257. Scariest thing – marry someone I met on the internet, move half way across the country, leave behind everything and everyone I have ever known. Thirteen years later wouldn’t have changed anything.

  258. Book~ Finding Happiness ~ about a girl who gets lost on the streets and tries to find her way back home

    Scariest~ learning to be on my own after my Husband of 28 years died

    Proudest~ having a amazing Daughter

  259. hmm my very 1st flight was to Australia :oops:
    that was kinda scary
    I have fear of heights
    and my friend and I went up in a lighthouse
    and walked around an OLD rusty rickety tiny ledge – hugging the wall for dear life

    preordered Carolyn
    Welcome Back

  260. The scariest thing that I’ve ever done was to let my real feelings be known to someone through an email. I know that this can sometimes backfire, but I was anticipating the gold on the other side.

  261. Scariest but amazing too for me was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. The last two days were the worst but I made it to the top along with 15 others. I turned 50 years of age while on the climb. My birthday challenge and gift to myself.

  262. oooh the worst beatings of my life were about the dentist!! I have HUGE dental fear
    my permanent teeth came in but baby teeth still hanging on — so I had to have them pulled — by S/M sadistic dentist

  263. 1.) The book title could be “A Dysfunctional Family”. It would be about the guilt, misconceptions, and redemption within a family.

    2.) The scariest things I’ve ever done was to learn how to swim. I had a near-drowning experience when I was little and have avoided the water like crazy. I couldn’t kayak or be in the water without panicking. It took me a 1 1/2 to finally be able to swim.

    3.) The accomplishment I’m proud of is able to buy and own my house. It may seemed like a small thing but it is a big thing to me.

  264. I am most proud of quitting a good paying job, going back to school, and getting my degree to create a career that I loved!

  265. The time in my life that I am most proud of is when I am in public and someone comments on how well mannered and polite my children are. Me being a single mother with MS raising a 16 year old daughter and a 8 year old son (he has Asperger Syndrome) you never know what the day will be until you get up and greet it. So for me this is the most scary thing I can do but it also the one thing I’m most proud of. P.S. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis,surgery,and recovery. I hope all is slowly doing better and may writing help speed your recovery.

  266. The scariest thing I ever did was move from Ohio to Florida at 20 years old by myself. Considering I was an only child it was especially hard on my parents, but they were behind me 100%. I had a tough couple of years, but my parents always supported me emotionally. I will never forget their support.

  267. I would write about life lessons I myself have learned. The title would be ‘No Regrets’. The scariest thing I’ve done would be when I nearly died bleeding out after birth of my daughter. And my children are my greatest accomplishment. Thank you for the opportunity.

  268. One of the scariest things I’ve ever done is get married. I was 19 and nowhere in my life plan did I think of doing it that early, but it was right and it scared the hell out of me! 13 years in and it’s still one of the scariest memories I have

  269. I am most proud of having raised my son alone. He would have been on the autism spectrum had it existed when he was young. Instead he was diagnosed as ADHD and OCD. We had lots of ups and downs. More downs than ups. Through it all he manged to have picked up manners, respect for others, the ability to do laundry, cook and clean…all of which showed up after he turned 21. At 30, he is the kindest man you would want to know. Married for 6 years and oh, so patient.
    But, yes, he still has his OCD and ADHD problems. He just works through them.

  270. Scariest thing I ever did was go solo (not tandem) sky diving. My husband talked me into it. Actually, the SECOND jump was harder because you knew what was coming!

  271. Scariest thing I ever did? Had a baby and became a mom. She is now 15 and I can proudly say she has turned out pretty darn good!

  272. I’m going to have to say the scariest thing I’ve ever done is have to tell my 3 young daughters that I have melanoma, and them knowing that, that’s what my dad died from at age 51.

  273. :lol:

    1)Book – I would write (well, am currently writing) a book called ‘Good Samaritan” about a man and woman who both meet during hard times, help each other, separate and then meet up again with their life changes. I was encouraged to continue writing, as I tend to scrap things I assume might fail. Maybe this one will be something special!

    2) Scariest – saying goodbye to my twin when she moved to live with her husband in the UK. It’s been 3 years, but she’s finally coming home in the Spring 2015!

    3) Proudest accomplishment – going back to school after getting my undergrad from University. I thought it was a waste to go back, but I learned so much and I could tell my mom was so proud of me!

    Get well soon! Hope your recovery goes well!

  274. I’m working on a book “Safe From The Ravages Of Men”. It’s historical fiction :)

  275. If I were to write a book it would be about a woman’s fantasy love affair with the Alpha male characters she reads in other books. How she gets so caught up in the books and believe the main character and her are destined to be together. Then when she starts to read a new book she becomes so in love with the main character that at some point she becomes a part of the book. It is about their love story and their struggle to find each other in the real world. How he is desperate to find her. I have not decided how to end it yet….do they find each other…does she run out of pages… does the book lead her to him but outside the pages he does not know her…or maybe after a grand adventure of searching, they finally find each other outside the book. So many dilemmas.

  276. Ho yeah…it’s called Find Me.

  277. If I were to write a book it would be about a woman’s fantasy love affair with the Alpha male characters she reads in other books. It’s called Find Me. It’s about how she gets so caught up in the books and believe the main character and her are destined to be together. Then when she starts to read a new book she becomes so in love with the main character that at some point she becomes a part of the book. It is about their love story and their struggle to find each other in the real world. How he is desperate to find her. I have not decided how to end it yet….do they find each other…does she run out of pages… does the book lead her to him but outside the pages he does not know her…or maybe after a grand adventure of searching, they finally find each other outside the book. So many dilemmas.

  278. The scariest thing I have ever done was see the movie The Exorcist. I had read the book and when the movie came out, I waited in line (something I never do) to buy a ticket. I remember telling my friends from college, “If this movie doesn’t scare the $%&* out of me, I am going to be disappointed.” HA! I was terrified. I had my feet up in the seat, my head in my knees and my hands over my ears for most of the movie. I cannot even listen to Tubular Bells, the theme song, to this day. I have never watched another scary movie since that night forty-one years ago.

  279. One of my proudest accomplishments is going back to school after 35 years and earning a 4.0! It just shows you that when you want something bad enough to work hard you can accomplish so much!

  280. I think if I wrote a book I would have to title it. “Life Threw me Lemons, I”m Opening a Chain of Juice Bars”. I have been threw many rough times the loss of a young child, another diagnosed with juvenile diabetes…through it I eventually pulled myself and perservered maybe alittle battle worn but ready for the next crop of lemons.

  281. My book would be called Assorted Lies, a mystery about the suspects in the murder of a con artist.

  282. My book would be a mystery called Which Twin Did It? in a small town of 4 sets of twins who are all suspect, which twin committed murder?

  283. 1) A book? I am not a writer but if I was I would write one about a strong, independant woman who is swept off of her feet by a sexy alpha man who makes her his priority. They share the same sarcasm, have great banter and love to make each other their best oh and have lots of hot sex! I would call it It’s not a Dream! ;)
    2. The scariest thing I have ever done is gone rockclimbing and stepped off of a cliff. of course I was harnised in but it was so freaky for me!
    3) I am most proud of the woman my daughter has become!

  284. I’m sure you can appreciate this…The scariest thing I ever did was to help my husband through cancer treatment. He’s now an eighteen month survivor!
    I’m thrilled to see you’ve become one of the many who can join the survivors’ group with today’s fantastic medical knowledge:)

  285. 1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?
    I am actually writing a book right now, it is a menage story about a dragon sifter, a witch/phoenix, and an Incubus. those are the good guys! LOL! i haven’t got a title yet but my “working title”is: Loving Hell in a Dragon’s Fire.

    2.) What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?
    Had to have a hysterectomy.

    3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of?
    all of the kids i have helped to raise over the years.

    tammy ramey
    * * *

  286. The scariest thing I ever did was jump from a plane – not sure I’d do it again

  287. So glad you are back and doing well!
    I would write a horror book if I had a creative talent with writing. I love horror and to this day believe that reading IT as a pre-teen was the scariest thing I have every read!!

  288. The scariest thing that I have ever done, I think it would have to be to fly out of Laguardia airport in NYC about 5 months after 9/11. It was my first time flying and the runway is so short. I cried and my 3 year old held my hand telling me that it was okay. I smiled at him and told him that I was fine.
    As for what I am most proud of, it would be the same little man, who is now 16. He is a wonderful young man, has a good head on his shoulders, stands up for others, stays true to his beliefs, helps my hubby and I with his little brother and more.

  289. Hope you’re feeling better!

    My best accomplishment, bar none, is the great kid I raised. She’s a good mom, and I’m pretty proud of that one. :D

  290. My accomplishment I am most proud of is my children I have two boys who have grown into wonderful men now 20 & 26. My youngest has autism and he has never let it get in the way of his dreams and I am so proud of his strength and courage

  291. What accomplishment am I most proud of?

    I’m proud of becoming a book editor!

  292. What i’m most proud of is getting a boiler license. I found this the hardest as I knew nothing about it but was required for working at the school

  293. The answer to question 2 & 3 are actually the same….I went traveled by myself last May to attend my first RT Convention. I’ve never traveled by myself before. I’m also pretty much an introvert. So my first trip to something with lots of folks I don’t know. But I had such a BLAST that I’m so glad that I went. So it was scary, but I’m proud of myself for doing it.

  294. I’m most proud of my family. I always wanted to be a homemaker and stay at home mom. These days, it seems like if you don’t have a career you’re looked down upon, but this IS my career and my path, and I’m proud of it! :)

  295. Id write about surviving. As an 11 yr old who went from a happy no worries child and a split second of inattention is hit by a car. The trauma for the suffering of people who acquire a severe head injury. For those of us trapped in a physically “normal” body but what we are able to communicate are totally different and at times inappropriate. That life is a collage that just takes a while of re-educating and evaluating.

    I’ve tried so hard to write my story, but have never managed to be able to express what’s in my head that i know others have suffered and sometimes we are the lucky ones.

  296. The book name would be The Dragon Sisters. It would be about twins that have the power to balance the chaotic world. The scariest thing i ever done was go to a haunted warehouse with friends. The accomplishment i am most proud of is graduating college.

  297. First, I want to say I am glad you are doing well both emotionally and physically with your breast cancer, and I hope you continue to stay positive and strong, while continuing to empress us with your literary talent.

    What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

    The scariest thing I have ever done, is what I am doing right now. I am embarking on a totally new career. Due to a lay-off in administrative work for 20 plus years; I am now going back to school for nuclear medicine. It is a challenge to work part-time, go to school full-time, and get my daughter through her senior year and on to college, but I will persevere, because failure is not an option.

  298. The thing I am most proud of is that I went back to college in my thirties and finished college and graduated with a cum laude nearly by a small percentage point made magnum caum laude. Glad your health is better.

  299. My book would be : Almost Undead. It would describe my romance and life with my vampire husband.

  300. The scariest thing I every accomplished would have to be wild caving with my husband. I have a phobia concerning heights and you can’t tell how high up you are in the dark with a small light to see by.

  301. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is taking charge of my health and improving my quality of life.

  302. These are great questions!!
    1. I will write a romantic suspence and it will be called Devin’s Deal.
    2. My C-section was the scariest thing I have been through, I have had several broken bones and close calls but never have I been as scared of anything as I was that day for both of us.
    3. Raising my son and loving my husbad of seven years :-)

  303. One of the scariest things I’ve done is white water rafting, which did turn out somewhat fun, tho my friend didn’t think so. You wear life jackets but I’m not entirely comfortable with water after nearly drowning when I was little. I took beginning swimming in my 20’s but I wouldn’t guarantee my competence.

  304. I would like to write a book about my adventures as a social worker (mental health and Child Protective Services). Tentative title: Never argue with a naked crazy man…

  305. I’m most proud of my education. I got my masters degree in 2001 and have been at the same job for 13 years. Wowza!! My college degree was in French with an Art History minor and a concentration in Chemistry. I received a scholarship and I received an assistant-ship for grad school where I got free tuition and a small stipend! It was demanding but great! I miss school but am doing some online classes with Universal Class through the public library. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  306. I’m actually having trouble coming up with the name for the MS I’m working on. I keep coming up with titles that just seem to fit. I wish I could answer that question for you… it’s been driving me crazy for awhile now lol.

    I’ve done a TON of things that are scary to me because I’m been borderline agoraphobic since I was six years old. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was sixteen years old and it’s been rough. I’m a lot better now but have moments of terror that pop up whenever my anxiety wants to. Could be at Target or going to an aunts house… never know when it’s going to rear it’s ugly head. I will say that the hardest thing I’ve ever done was also my most rewarding. Going to the UK to see my then fiance and meet his family. That was almost 13 years ago now.

    My accomplishments all fall in line with my anxiety. Everyday is an accomplishment. It’s the little things that allow me a chance to appreciate the bigger things. Anxiety and all. I would say I’m thankful for my anxiety because it’s allowed me to see life, people and love differently, but it’s only different for me, it’s the only thing that I know. :)

    Thank you SO much for the chance.

  307. Going back to school and getting a degree so I could go to work and support my kids and myself.

  308. If I wrote a book I would call it “This Is The Book I Wrote” and it would be the tale of a person who surprised themselves by writing a best selling book. It’s a dream (a pipe dream) of mine.

  309. 1) A Taste of the Wild and it would definitely involve alpha shifter males who can wield a bit of magic who find their mates with powerful witches in a battle of magic , sex, and dominance a serious magical battle of wills but it would be scorching hot!!

    2) the scariest thing I’ve done is stay calm and act unaffected when I had a gun pointed at my face.

    3) My beautiful miracles my kids <3 I was told I'd never have any and thank god I was blessed in my life with 3 beautiful babies one of which is Autistic. I wouldn't trade them for anything!!

  310. Oh and Anya I loved your books! I’ve got several on paperback and I reread them often! And I’m glad you are on the mend!! Breast cancer is scary any cancer is. My sister got cancer when she was 11 it was horrible. But she is now almost 33 and has 2 kids. She’s scared every day it will come back but thank god it hasn’t!! Bless you Anya!! <3

  311. If I was going to write a book it would be called
    “One Girls Journey to Finding Herself”.
    It would be a story of my life but with fictional characters and events all while bringing some of the realistic road blocks and speed bumps I encountered during my early twenties.
    I’d base it on the heroine struggling with finding a good job, renting her own place, bills, boys, beer, and drama.
    How some friends last and some you find are just temporary but for the reason of learning.
    There would be lots of partying, mistakes, and heartache but it would be awesome to hear my story played out with twist and turns to make it more interesting.
    I’ve thought about writing a book quite often but again, I’m the only one holding me back.
    Thank you for the Chance at this giveaway!
    Awesome Idea for an entry into the contest!

  312. 2. White water rafting down the Snake River in WY was the scariest thing for me. I can’t swim or even float, but that was the best time with my fambam. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! (Then want to throw up when I’m back on land.)

  313. One of the scariest things I have ever done is remarrying a THIRD time before I was 30. However, 34 years later, I have proved that the 3rd time is a charm!!

  314. Moving from where I had lived all my life. Glad your back. Thanks for the giveaway.

  315. The things that scare me the most are in my dreams. You know the ones that are just a little too close to becoming being real even though you know it to be a dream. Such as my daughter just had a baby and I am a grandma for the first time. He is great and sleeps through the night like a champ. His room is full of new toys and other new baby things that just want to come alive at night while he’s sleeping. Not to attack him but the other grown ups in the house so they can have him all to themselves. I really hate this dream.

  316. The scariest thing I ever did was divorce my husband. I had no money, nowhere to go, no other family. I completely started over.

    I love your books! Thanks for the contest!

  317. I guess my biggest accomplishment is surviving open heart surgery, cancer and being married to the same man for 61 years.

  318. My biggest accomplishment would be getting a masters in civil engineering and passing my Professional Engineering license

  319. It’s so great to see you back!

    One of the scariest things I’ve done was when I was 22 and I moved across country from Michigan to Seattle, WA, away from friends and family. It was very hard – first time living away from my home. But it ended up being the best thing I’d ever done!


  320. Good info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve bookmarked it for later!

  321. My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was totally right.

    This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much
    time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  322. the scariest thing i ever did was go into the hospital and have surgery when i was a kid.

  323. My biggest accomplishment to date is my daughter, the light of my life! Four miscarriages later, she finally graced us with herelf!

  324. I am actually trying to finish up my first book. The title is You & Me & Tequila Makes Three and I always have a hard time explaining it. Basically, it is a story about love and fate.

    Laney, Kat, and Hayden are best friends. The three of them have been like the three musketeers since they were in preschool. At their high school graduation party, Laney and Hayden have too much to drink and end up in bed together. Afterwards, both parties confess their feelings for the other to Kat but make her swear her secrecy. The girls go to one college and Hayden goes to another one hundreds of miles away and neither of his friends ever tell him that Laney ended up pregnant. Fast forward six years, Hayden moves into the town where Laney lives and finds out that he has three sons he never knew about.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Kismet,a fate deity in charge of overlooking the tapestry woven by the Moirae (Greek Fates) has found a problem in the trio’s predictions and she has to fix the snag before the tapestry ravels and destroys mankind. She enlists the help of Cupid and they go undercover in the mortal world to make sure things work out the way fate intended.

    This is meant to be the beginning of a series and I have plans for at least 3 more books to go along with it.

  325. I want to write a book called Berengaria of Navarre, who was the wife of Richard I (the Lionheart)

  326. What accomplishment am I most proud of? I would have to say raising my daughter to be an amazing girl. I am a single Mom (have been since she was 11 weeks old) and not only do I work, but I am going back to school full time (5 classes). My daughter (Ashleigh) is 9 years old and is one of the happiest kids I know. We are an amazing team together and she is the biggest light in my life. I constantly tell her that the greatest job I have is having the chance to raise her.

  327. If I would write a book it be a series called “Mixed-Up Mates” with the first book titled “One for You, Or Maybe Two”. Would be about a Paranormal Dating Agency run by a Fairy Godmother who tries to match up paranormal with their soul mate or mates, with a some humor to finding their true mate or mates.

  328. The scariest thing I ever did was leave my husband. He was controlling and both physically and verbally abusive. During a period when he was distracted by an extramarital relationship, I packed my stuff and moved in with my parents. He agreed to the divorce only because he was more interested in getting the other woman further into his clutches. I shudder to think what he might have done to me had I stayed.

  329. The scariest thing I have done I think is when I went to visit a friend in Colorado and she took me to a waterfall. It was winter and the waterfall was frozen but in order to see its beauty you had to take these steep stairs and stand on a bridge. I am afraid of heights and really did not want to do it but she convinced me it would be ok. I did it and lived to tell about it! I loved the view and will never forget the experience.

  330. I think my second idea for a book would be called “Life Affirming” It would be a collection of stories by men and woman regarding their lives.

    After reading all these answers, i would have to say there is already a good book in the making.

    Stand up and applaude yourselves. For every one of your lives and stories have meaning now to someone who you’ve never met, heard of or will probably hear from again. Your stories have been heard.

  331. I would write “The Biggest Fight Of My Life” about an mma fighter who is hurt and told not to fight but continues to. His wife leaves him because of this. On the night of the biggest fight of his career he gets a message that his wife was in a wreak. That’s all your getting… Lol my biggest accomplishment is my son. After way to many miscarriages I didn’t think I’d ever have a child. When I gave up I finally got one! He’s 7 in two weeks and has Autism but he is my biggest joy and I love him more than anything..

  332. 3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of? Pretty simple – being happily married for 26 years. Every year fewer and fewer people seem to be able to say that.
    We’ve had ups and downs, but have worked on it and I am proud of us.

  333. I am most proud of doing my master’s degree while pregnant for one year, then with an infant the second year, while I had two older kids at home. And a full-time job. Could not be prouder of completing. :-)

  334. Scariest thing I did recently was go zip-lining and swimming in the water-falls in Jamaica!

    P.S.>>Welcome back! I am glad to hear you are doing much better. You’ve been missed!

  335. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is something I’m currently in the middle of working on. I am creating my very own author/reader conference (happening a year from now, in Denver, CO). I’ve gone to about half a dozen conferences myself – and wanted to go to dozens more. I love going and meeting my favorite authors, meeting other readers, and just hanging out with the people in the book community. I can’t afford to go to every single conference out there, so I decided to create my own and bring all my favorite authors to me.

    By the way, I would be so, so honored if you came. I can email you all of the details if you want. Thank you for the contest! <3

  336. If I were to write a book it would be about the stupid, dangerous, and immature things teenagers do. I would name it “You’re Not Invincible”.
    One of the many scary things I did as a teen was go to parties where I didn’t know anybody and do the drugs, booze and whatever else they did. I had taken some unknown drugs at one party, of course I trusted everybody, and was making out with a guy (didn’t know his name). It was fun until he wouldn’t stop when I said “NO”. I ended up fighting to get away and did, but as I was running I ran into a barbed wire fence and ripped my leg open. I had to keep going to get away from him even though I was in pain. I didn’t know where I was and had nobody except my parents to call. I didn’t call them though. I found my way home, fixed up my leg ( still have the scar) and went to bed. Never told anybody about it because I’d just get in trouble! I didn’t stop though. I kept doing dangerous things until I was 23yrs old. I started this when I was 11yrs old. I’m 58yrs old now and wonder how I survived.
    I wish there was a way to tell kids not to do it but I wouldn’t have listened and I know there are still kids out there that won’t either.
    My biggest accomplishment is being married, having 4 adult married children who have given us 7 and 1/2 grandkids, and trying to be the best wife, mom, and grandma I can be.

  337. I’m so sorry to hear you are recovering from Breast Cancer ! I have just reached my 5th year since I had it and thank God every day it doesn’t come back !! I wish you all the luck in the world !!

  338. I was wondering who won this contest.

  339. Misty Gee –
    I was wondering the same thing. I clicked on here to see if the winner was listed, and there is a tab to the winner’s name (“By random drawing, the winner of the $100 gift certificate to Amazon is….Sarah T.”) at the bottom right (it says “And the winner is…>>”).

  340. Hi guys — I made a separate post to my blog about the winner. Here is a copy/paste:

    By random drawing, the winner of the $100 gift certificate to Amazon is….Sarah T., who wrote, “The scariest thing I ever did was divorce my husband. I had no money, nowhere to go, no other family. I completely started over.”

    That DOES sound scary, Sarah. Please contact me within five day to collect your prize.

    Thank you, everyone, for participating in the contest!

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