October 2nd, 2014
Contest: Capturing Caroline

All right…who wants to win a $100 GC to Amazon.com? Of course you do! It’s very simple to enter. I’m going to ask three questions and you answer one of them in the comments on my blog. Check back on October 15th to see who won (the winner will have five days to contact me and collect his or her prize). Good Luck!*

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1.) If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

2.) What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

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Capturing Caroline is now available for pre-order from Amazon.com and will release on October 10th. It will release from other ebook retailers on the 10th or shortly thereafter.


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Grief-stricken by the strange disappearance of her two sisters, Caroline Gannett tries to go on with life…until one day she mysteriously vanishes from the world too.

Pulled through “the veil,” Caroline finds herself in an alien world and is swiftly drawn into an adventure with the sexiest man she’s ever met. Together they are an unstoppable force, sparking desire off each other from the first time they meet.

Torrent had hoped this would never happen. He has lived his life under a dark prophecy that is about to come true. Even so, the temptation Caroline presents is irresistible. He seduces Caroline’s body as surely as he binds her heart to his. They are a perfect match.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the prophecy proclaims he is destined to die. There is no denying it. There is no escaping it.

And if there’s one woman in the universe who makes him want to live, it’s Caroline.

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*Void where prohibited. (Some assembly required. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. Batteries not included. If rash, irritation, redness, or swelling develops, see your physician. Ect… Ect…)

338 comments to “Contest: Capturing Caroline”

  1. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is taking charge of my health and improving my quality of life.

  2. These are great questions!!
    1. I will write a romantic suspence and it will be called Devin’s Deal.
    2. My C-section was the scariest thing I have been through, I have had several broken bones and close calls but never have I been as scared of anything as I was that day for both of us.
    3. Raising my son and loving my husbad of seven years 🙂

  3. One of the scariest things I’ve done is white water rafting, which did turn out somewhat fun, tho my friend didn’t think so. You wear life jackets but I’m not entirely comfortable with water after nearly drowning when I was little. I took beginning swimming in my 20’s but I wouldn’t guarantee my competence.

  4. I would like to write a book about my adventures as a social worker (mental health and Child Protective Services). Tentative title: Never argue with a naked crazy man…

  5. I’m most proud of my education. I got my masters degree in 2001 and have been at the same job for 13 years. Wowza!! My college degree was in French with an Art History minor and a concentration in Chemistry. I received a scholarship and I received an assistant-ship for grad school where I got free tuition and a small stipend! It was demanding but great! I miss school but am doing some online classes with Universal Class through the public library. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  6. I’m actually having trouble coming up with the name for the MS I’m working on. I keep coming up with titles that just seem to fit. I wish I could answer that question for you… it’s been driving me crazy for awhile now lol.

    I’ve done a TON of things that are scary to me because I’m been borderline agoraphobic since I was six years old. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was sixteen years old and it’s been rough. I’m a lot better now but have moments of terror that pop up whenever my anxiety wants to. Could be at Target or going to an aunts house… never know when it’s going to rear it’s ugly head. I will say that the hardest thing I’ve ever done was also my most rewarding. Going to the UK to see my then fiance and meet his family. That was almost 13 years ago now.

    My accomplishments all fall in line with my anxiety. Everyday is an accomplishment. It’s the little things that allow me a chance to appreciate the bigger things. Anxiety and all. I would say I’m thankful for my anxiety because it’s allowed me to see life, people and love differently, but it’s only different for me, it’s the only thing that I know. 🙂

    Thank you SO much for the chance.

  7. Going back to school and getting a degree so I could go to work and support my kids and myself.

  8. If I wrote a book I would call it “This Is The Book I Wrote” and it would be the tale of a person who surprised themselves by writing a best selling book. It’s a dream (a pipe dream) of mine.

  9. 1) A Taste of the Wild and it would definitely involve alpha shifter males who can wield a bit of magic who find their mates with powerful witches in a battle of magic , sex, and dominance a serious magical battle of wills but it would be scorching hot!!

    2) the scariest thing I’ve done is stay calm and act unaffected when I had a gun pointed at my face.

    3) My beautiful miracles my kids <3 I was told I'd never have any and thank god I was blessed in my life with 3 beautiful babies one of which is Autistic. I wouldn't trade them for anything!!

  10. Oh and Anya I loved your books! I’ve got several on paperback and I reread them often! And I’m glad you are on the mend!! Breast cancer is scary any cancer is. My sister got cancer when she was 11 it was horrible. But she is now almost 33 and has 2 kids. She’s scared every day it will come back but thank god it hasn’t!! Bless you Anya!! <3

  11. If I was going to write a book it would be called
    “One Girls Journey to Finding Herself”.
    It would be a story of my life but with fictional characters and events all while bringing some of the realistic road blocks and speed bumps I encountered during my early twenties.
    I’d base it on the heroine struggling with finding a good job, renting her own place, bills, boys, beer, and drama.
    How some friends last and some you find are just temporary but for the reason of learning.
    There would be lots of partying, mistakes, and heartache but it would be awesome to hear my story played out with twist and turns to make it more interesting.
    I’ve thought about writing a book quite often but again, I’m the only one holding me back.
    Thank you for the Chance at this giveaway!
    Awesome Idea for an entry into the contest!

  12. 2. White water rafting down the Snake River in WY was the scariest thing for me. I can’t swim or even float, but that was the best time with my fambam. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! (Then want to throw up when I’m back on land.)

  13. One of the scariest things I have ever done is remarrying a THIRD time before I was 30. However, 34 years later, I have proved that the 3rd time is a charm!!

  14. Moving from where I had lived all my life. Glad your back. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. The things that scare me the most are in my dreams. You know the ones that are just a little too close to becoming being real even though you know it to be a dream. Such as my daughter just had a baby and I am a grandma for the first time. He is great and sleeps through the night like a champ. His room is full of new toys and other new baby things that just want to come alive at night while he’s sleeping. Not to attack him but the other grown ups in the house so they can have him all to themselves. I really hate this dream.

  16. The scariest thing I ever did was divorce my husband. I had no money, nowhere to go, no other family. I completely started over.

    I love your books! Thanks for the contest!

  17. I guess my biggest accomplishment is surviving open heart surgery, cancer and being married to the same man for 61 years.

  18. My biggest accomplishment would be getting a masters in civil engineering and passing my Professional Engineering license

  19. It’s so great to see you back!

    One of the scariest things I’ve done was when I was 22 and I moved across country from Michigan to Seattle, WA, away from friends and family. It was very hard – first time living away from my home. But it ended up being the best thing I’d ever done!


  20. the scariest thing i ever did was go into the hospital and have surgery when i was a kid.

  21. My biggest accomplishment to date is my daughter, the light of my life! Four miscarriages later, she finally graced us with herelf!

  22. I am actually trying to finish up my first book. The title is You & Me & Tequila Makes Three and I always have a hard time explaining it. Basically, it is a story about love and fate.

    Laney, Kat, and Hayden are best friends. The three of them have been like the three musketeers since they were in preschool. At their high school graduation party, Laney and Hayden have too much to drink and end up in bed together. Afterwards, both parties confess their feelings for the other to Kat but make her swear her secrecy. The girls go to one college and Hayden goes to another one hundreds of miles away and neither of his friends ever tell him that Laney ended up pregnant. Fast forward six years, Hayden moves into the town where Laney lives and finds out that he has three sons he never knew about.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Kismet,a fate deity in charge of overlooking the tapestry woven by the Moirae (Greek Fates) has found a problem in the trio’s predictions and she has to fix the snag before the tapestry ravels and destroys mankind. She enlists the help of Cupid and they go undercover in the mortal world to make sure things work out the way fate intended.

    This is meant to be the beginning of a series and I have plans for at least 3 more books to go along with it.

  23. I want to write a book called Berengaria of Navarre, who was the wife of Richard I (the Lionheart)

  24. What accomplishment am I most proud of? I would have to say raising my daughter to be an amazing girl. I am a single Mom (have been since she was 11 weeks old) and not only do I work, but I am going back to school full time (5 classes). My daughter (Ashleigh) is 9 years old and is one of the happiest kids I know. We are an amazing team together and she is the biggest light in my life. I constantly tell her that the greatest job I have is having the chance to raise her.

  25. If I would write a book it be a series called “Mixed-Up Mates” with the first book titled “One for You, Or Maybe Two”. Would be about a Paranormal Dating Agency run by a Fairy Godmother who tries to match up paranormal with their soul mate or mates, with a some humor to finding their true mate or mates.

  26. The scariest thing I ever did was leave my husband. He was controlling and both physically and verbally abusive. During a period when he was distracted by an extramarital relationship, I packed my stuff and moved in with my parents. He agreed to the divorce only because he was more interested in getting the other woman further into his clutches. I shudder to think what he might have done to me had I stayed.

  27. The scariest thing I have done I think is when I went to visit a friend in Colorado and she took me to a waterfall. It was winter and the waterfall was frozen but in order to see its beauty you had to take these steep stairs and stand on a bridge. I am afraid of heights and really did not want to do it but she convinced me it would be ok. I did it and lived to tell about it! I loved the view and will never forget the experience.

  28. I think my second idea for a book would be called “Life Affirming” It would be a collection of stories by men and woman regarding their lives.

    After reading all these answers, i would have to say there is already a good book in the making.

    Stand up and applaude yourselves. For every one of your lives and stories have meaning now to someone who you’ve never met, heard of or will probably hear from again. Your stories have been heard.

  29. I would write “The Biggest Fight Of My Life” about an mma fighter who is hurt and told not to fight but continues to. His wife leaves him because of this. On the night of the biggest fight of his career he gets a message that his wife was in a wreak. That’s all your getting… Lol my biggest accomplishment is my son. After way to many miscarriages I didn’t think I’d ever have a child. When I gave up I finally got one! He’s 7 in two weeks and has Autism but he is my biggest joy and I love him more than anything..

  30. 3.) What accomplishment are you most proud of? Pretty simple – being happily married for 26 years. Every year fewer and fewer people seem to be able to say that.
    We’ve had ups and downs, but have worked on it and I am proud of us.

  31. I am most proud of doing my master’s degree while pregnant for one year, then with an infant the second year, while I had two older kids at home. And a full-time job. Could not be prouder of completing. 🙂

  32. Scariest thing I did recently was go zip-lining and swimming in the water-falls in Jamaica!

    P.S.>>Welcome back! I am glad to hear you are doing much better. You’ve been missed!

  33. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is something I’m currently in the middle of working on. I am creating my very own author/reader conference (happening a year from now, in Denver, CO). I’ve gone to about half a dozen conferences myself – and wanted to go to dozens more. I love going and meeting my favorite authors, meeting other readers, and just hanging out with the people in the book community. I can’t afford to go to every single conference out there, so I decided to create my own and bring all my favorite authors to me.

    By the way, I would be so, so honored if you came. I can email you all of the details if you want. Thank you for the contest! <3

  34. If I were to write a book it would be about the stupid, dangerous, and immature things teenagers do. I would name it “You’re Not Invincible”.
    One of the many scary things I did as a teen was go to parties where I didn’t know anybody and do the drugs, booze and whatever else they did. I had taken some unknown drugs at one party, of course I trusted everybody, and was making out with a guy (didn’t know his name). It was fun until he wouldn’t stop when I said “NO”. I ended up fighting to get away and did, but as I was running I ran into a barbed wire fence and ripped my leg open. I had to keep going to get away from him even though I was in pain. I didn’t know where I was and had nobody except my parents to call. I didn’t call them though. I found my way home, fixed up my leg ( still have the scar) and went to bed. Never told anybody about it because I’d just get in trouble! I didn’t stop though. I kept doing dangerous things until I was 23yrs old. I started this when I was 11yrs old. I’m 58yrs old now and wonder how I survived.
    I wish there was a way to tell kids not to do it but I wouldn’t have listened and I know there are still kids out there that won’t either.
    My biggest accomplishment is being married, having 4 adult married children who have given us 7 and 1/2 grandkids, and trying to be the best wife, mom, and grandma I can be.

  35. I’m so sorry to hear you are recovering from Breast Cancer ! I have just reached my 5th year since I had it and thank God every day it doesn’t come back !! I wish you all the luck in the world !!

  36. I was wondering who won this contest.

  37. Misty Gee –
    I was wondering the same thing. I clicked on here to see if the winner was listed, and there is a tab to the winner’s name (“By random drawing, the winner of the $100 gift certificate to Amazon is….Sarah T.”) at the bottom right (it says “And the winner is…>>”).

  38. Hi guys — I made a separate post to my blog about the winner. Here is a copy/paste:

    By random drawing, the winner of the $100 gift certificate to Amazon is….Sarah T., who wrote, “The scariest thing I ever did was divorce my husband. I had no money, nowhere to go, no other family. I completely started over.”

    That DOES sound scary, Sarah. Please contact me within five day to collect your prize.

    Thank you, everyone, for participating in the contest!